Can we still be friends if I tell you something?

Just between us?


Nothing makes me happier than a really good wreath.

What is it about wreaths? They are just a circle with a bunch of stuff on it.

I hang them everywhere. I put them on mirrors and add them to bookcases and put them inside picture frames and hang them on stands and decorate the front door with a wreath.

And somehow, someway, they just make everything a little brighter.

Especially Christmas.

So today here are seven creative think-outside-the-box wreath ideas (one of them is almost free to make) for you to pin and pull out on December 1.

Let’s go.

1. DIY twig wreath (almost free to make)

Hello back yard.

I’m looking at you.

We have tons of twigs all over our yard especially when fall storms show up.

Collect the twigs, let them dry out, spray paint them and make a wreath out of them.

You can see the DIY here.

2. DIY magnolia wreath

I’ve been making these magnolia wreaths for years.

They are so easy to make and I just keep reusing the same wreath forms every year.

If you spritz them every so often, they’ll hold up for the entire Christmas season.

You can see how to make the wreaths here.

And here’s a fun post on how I use magnolia to decorate for Christmas.

3. DIY mini pinecone wreath

This wreath can take you all the way from when the leaves start falling until Santa comes down the chimney at Christmas.

All you need is a wire wreath form and some pincones.

I made mini ones of these for the family room, but you could make larger ones by just changing the size of the wreath form.

These do keep from year to year if you pack them well.

Here’s how to make a pinecone wreath.

4. DIY dropcloth wreath

This is one of my most popular pinned wreaths.

And it’s just made out of drop cloths.

You could even dye the drop cloth if you wanted to make the wreath different colors.

Here are the easy and simple directions for the wreath.

5. Pine and magnolia wreath

Remember when we discussed Christmas trees on Monday and I mentioned adding fresh magnolia to dollar store trees?

This is a version of that.

You can update any wreath from last year in a hot minute.

Just fluff and add magnolia leaves.

Such a game changer.

6. Merry Christmas banner wreath

Make any wreath cuter with a banner like this one.

Print off Merry Christmas on your computer.

Cut into squares.

Punch holes through the top and add ribbon.

Then tie onto the front of a wreath.

7. Picture frame wreath

I saved my favorite for last.

This is a wreath of pictures. It’s the perfect wreath for Christmas because it makes the perfect gift for someone special.

The key to this wreath is finding these picture frames.

Start looking now because sometimes they are hard to find. Quick tip, look in the wedding clearance section for “place card holders” and you can sometimes find these for .50 apiece. I’ve also had good luck at the dollar store, too.

You’ll need between 30-35 picture frames for this wreath. Just make black and white copies of pictures, add them to the frames and use floral wire to attach them to a grapevine wreath.

As long as we are on the wreath discussion?

Here’s one last idea for the road.

Tie them onto the back of a chair with burlap ribbon.


I am getting so excited about Christmas writing this series.

Be sure and pin these ideas so you are ready for your Christmas decorating.

Christmas is 171 days away.

But who’s counting? 🙂

Merry Christmas in July to you

(come back tomorrow where I’ll show you simple ideas for Christmas decorating using what you already have)

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  1. Image for Dee Turk Dee Turk

    I have loved your Christmas in July series, KariAnne! I also have enjoyed all the wreaths when they were originally shared, and now.! What a fantastic refresher, so full of AMAZING diy's!! I've made the Magnolia leaf wreath, so cute! I know I can always be inspired by you, KariAnne! Love these all!

  2. Image for Frances Hurst Frances Hurst

    Christmas is on my mind all year and I love making wreaths. Like you, I use them everywhere and seem to make more each year.

  3. Image for Lyn Lyn

    Last year I made two of your twig wreaths - one for me and one for our daughter. I used little white/beige owls because our granddaughters love them. Our friend next door asked if my husband had found what he had lost in the woods behind our homes - I laughed because he was out there gathering a couple buckets of twigs for the wreaths!! I have a too-large collection of wreaths hanging in my basement already, so I used my wreath propped up on my mantel with my other winter wonderland items. Love it!

  4. Image for Colormesoft Colormesoft

    I don't know if anyone has thanked you for your ideas, but I thank you for the many craft ideas the year round. Thank you.

  5. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, Years ago as a single parent, who was always short on cash, I promised myself that one day I would have wreaths for every occasion. At the time I only had few Christmas wreaths that I had made. Now, I do have wreaths galore, thanks to our good God!

  6. Image for Peg Peg

    I made the dried twig wreath when I first started following you several years ago!! It hangs on my door to this day!!! xoxo

  7. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

    Love this series, KariAnne---I'm a sucker for all things Christmas, and on the 25th of every month of the calendar year, I'm mentally calculating how many months left until next Christmas. Here's a possible Question of the Day for your readers: when is it "acceptable" to start decorating one's home for Christmas?---I have a neighbor whose Christmas tree and Christmas lights are on display 24/7/52!

  8. Image for Katharine Moore Katharine Moore

    I made a wreath of photos very similar to yours, but it was to be layered over greens for my father's burial at Arlington Cemetery. Endless conversations with the florist, sent the framed photos via Fed Ex in advance, and they botched it! They didn't check the lobby of their building for packages for a week or so and apparently never wondered about the package we had discussed at length. Can you imagine?! I just needed someone to appreciate my disappointment (and fury!). Perhaps creating a Christmas wreath using your idea will make the memory fade...fingers crossed!

  9. Image for Diane Hinnant Diane Hinnant

    KariAnne, I also share your love of magnolia leaves! Years ago, I was decorating my sister's home for my niece's engagement party. I had seen a picture of a mantle decorated from end to end with magnolia leaves and varying heights of thick white candles glowing beautifully. I reproduced the "look" and it was stunning! While it was simple, easy and inexpensive, the best part was the smile it brought to my niece's face!

  10. Image for JC JC

    You are getting me so excited for Christmas too, KariAnne! In fact, today while we are away from home on a sort of vacation.....we are also remodeling our cabin kitchen,.... it's a work and play vacation...😁 I slipped away to go vintage store shopping and picked up a few Christmas gifts! My Mom used to shop for Christmas gifts all year and even sometimes wrapped them months in advance. I know because I found the place she hide them when I was a little girl. I may or may not have peeked. 😉

  11. Image for Kas Kas

    Can someone please tell me what kind of berries are on the little wreaths in the last photo? I see them used on a lot of Christmas greenery all over Pinterest and desperately want to buy some to add to my existing Christmas greenery because hello, budget, but nothing I've found online looks similar!

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