Limes make a fantastic centerpiece, surprised?

Did you know there are over 1000 posts on this blog?

I know, right?

Just between us I’m as surprised as you.

Four and a half years ago I sat down at the computer and clicked publish on the first one and I never looked back.  In between basketball and cheerleading and baseball and PTO and dogs and cats and kids….

….I wrote.

And wrote a little more.

And you left me a comment and I laughed when I read it and wrote more.

Until one day in July I started researching centerpieces for a free-lance article I’m working on and searched the blog to see if I had any blog posts that I’d written on tables and flowers and centerpieces I had created before.

And 32 posts came up.  


A good centerpiece makes a difference in your space

Apparently centerpieces are a thing with me.

And I never even knew it.

There was picture after glorious picture (total aside:  can you tell I’m in love with the word glorious lately) just lurking around in the depths of this blog.  You’ve probably never seen them before or if you did, you’ve had coffee since then.

So I’ve brought them out and dusted a few of my favorites off and given them fancy names and decided today was centerpiece inspiration day.

Here are five centerpieces that take you from summer to Thanksgiving.

Here are a variety of colorful centerpiece ideas

1.  Magnolia and Lime Celebration

I created this centerpiece with simple log vases and layered flowers and hydrangea and fruit.

My dining room doesn’t have a lot of color so I love, love, love the brilliant color of the arrangement.

Quick tip:  With flowers anything goes.  I like mixing colors together that normally I would never put next to each other like that red and the purple of the hydrangea.

This garden inspired centerpiece for the dining room is stunning with the color

2.  Summer Burst of Color

This arrangement was at the height of peony season.

I love peonies.

I just wish peony season lasted for more than a minute.

This gorgeous peony centerpiece is great for summer

The flowers are arranged in a handmade wooden box on a burlap table runner.

Quick tip:  mason jars are your friend for a long vertical arrangement like this.

Simply fill mason jars with flowers and the narrow opening on top of the jars helps keep the flowers upright.

A subtle centerpiece has as much impact as a colorful one

3.  Shop the Yard Arrangement

This centerpiece is perfect for the event that you forgot you were having at your house.

It’s easy and simple and takes five minutes.

And looks like you planned it all week.

Different size bottles can be used for your centerpiece

Collect different size bottles with narrow openings at the top.

Add them all to the center of the box and add a single bloom to each one of them.

Quick tip:  You could add greenery from the yard or twigs from a tree.

These branches came from right outside the dining room window.

This fruit and vegetable medley centerpiece is unique and fun

4.  Fruit and Vegetable Medley

Ummm.  Hello grocery store.

I needed a last minute arrangement and I called up the produce aisle.

Here's a detail of the vegetable centerpiece

I hollowed out the center of some of the vegetables (like the cabbages), used them as a vase and filled them with leaves from the yard.

Quick tip:  Think outside the box for table runner ideas.  This arrangement uses chalkboards as a runner.

Lastly, I tossed in a few jute pumpkins for texture.

Thanksgiving centerpiece inspiration for your home

5.  The Thankful Table

This was my arrangement one year for Thanksgiving.

It was so easy and it all started with a wire container with a lid.

I placed a vase in the center of the container and tucked dried hydrangea around it.

A gorgeous table linen is a perfect accent for the centerpiece

Quick tip:  Using a box with a lid can give you an instant backdrop for an arrangement.

I added twigs for height and filled the vase with leaves and wood slices.

Then I added monogrammed linens and white dishes.

I love the color of hydrangea when they dry.

This gorgeous pallet table is another great accent piece

Thank you for taking a trip down centerpiece lane with me.

Thank you for reading and commenting and listening to my total asides and produce aisle shopping trips.

And thank you for being here for historic post 1081.

The blog wouldn’t be the same without you. 🙂

PS  This last picture isn’t a centerpiece, but it’s my all time favorite picture on the blog.


At least until post 1082 comes along. 🙂

Five simple and inexpensive centerpiece ideas

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  1. Image for Barbara Zuleski Barbara Zuleski

    We have enjoyed every one of the more than 100 posts. such beautiful compositions, fantastic photos, such great inspirations. Thank you.

  2. Image for Mari Mari

    Love the ideas, did I notice wood trunks in one of the pictures? I always see nice size stumps in my neighborhood park but I just don't know what is required to make them useful in my home.

  3. Image for Sandi Dogget Sandi Dogget

    You are the best blogger ever. You have a great ability to find words that suit just what one might want to say! I have only been w. you just less than a year, I think, but I am not leaving soon! Thanks for your insights.

  4. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Glorious, just glorious! (I wished someone a Glorious Birthday today-what a coincidence!) Let us know when you reach 2000 posts- love every one♥

  5. Image for DeAnna DeAnna

    KariAnne, I love your writing style. I so enjoy reading your blog...your pictures are always beautiful. And I do not have one neutral thing in my own home! ;)

  6. Image for Ellen Ellen

    I've only been following your glorious blog for a little over a year, so I really love when you revisit past posts. These centerpieces are beautiful and seem fairly easy for most everyone. I must add that it amazes me that you have been able to create over a 1000 posts and still come up with inspired material that is always so delightful! Your wit and humor are only matched by your beauty- inside and out. Thank-you for a lovely post, can't wait for the next 1000.

  7. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I love ALL the arrangements -- the flowers, as well as the fillers (twigs and such) and the color combinations. Your monochromatic farmhouse decorating style makes an absolutely perfect and 'glorious' backdrop, too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very first post and every post thereafter!

  8. Image for Taste of France Taste of France

    Congratulations on 1K! That's dedication. I notice that many of your centerpieces are on side tables or tables not being used for dinner. It depends on what and how you are serving, but if you are doing family style (as opposed to a buffet or plating in the kitchen), then you need room on the table. And any decoration needs to be low enough to allow the diners to see each other. Your examples add beautifully (even gloriously!) to the rooms' decor. At dinner, though, less is more.

  9. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    What a glorious post with lots of glorious flowers and ideas!! And I am amazed -- 1000 posts. That is great and quite a feat. That means you've had a lot to talk about and I simply love to listen. And isn't it simply wonderful (glorious) that you can put a bunch of flowers together and they never clash :-) I love that. Have a simply glorious day!!

  10. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    How fun!! Love centerpeices. And vignettes that add interest and color and life to the room. Congrats on passing the 1000 mark! Simply wonderful!!

  11. Image for maureen mawby maureen mawby

    There is that amazing wreath in the last picture Again! Did you make it or purchase it? I so want to make one of these!

  12. Image for Eilis Eilis

    And I thought limes were just for margaritas. Now I will use them in a centerpiece first! Win win. Thank you for every inspiration you've shared, both the beautiful photos and your uplifting words.

  13. Image for Loryl Fisher Loryl Fisher

    What a beautiful post! Love me a good centerpiece and especially this time of year when I can shop my yard and garden. Congrats on a wonderful blog;-)

  14. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    Always love your posts.......and I really love your centerpieces!! I not only love your ideas, but also love that they can be assembled easily and most of them are from your house and yard (with the exception of the grocery store produce aisle)! Thanks for sharing.....Wednesday blessings to you!


    Congrats on all those wonderful posts, Karianne! I am new to your website but I am really enjoying reading them! They are fabulous! You are such a talented gal! May God continue to bless you as you share your posts with us all! Just love flowers and always have some on our island. Your arrangements are gorgeous and have given me some inspiration for the ones I make! Thanks, so much, Karianne!

  16. Image for Susan Susan

    1000 posts, eh? Blog posts really fly by when you're having fun...and *YOU*, m'dear, are a ton of fun! Here's to 1000 x a gazillion bajillion more posts by our favourite blogger and I'll be here for every single one of 'em...wouldn't miss any of 'em for the world! I lurve all of your glorious (I really dig that word, too) centrepieces...I love that there are sooo many elements, textures, heights, and colours to all of use things that some wouldn't expect, but I think that lends a fresh feeling to all of your centrepieces! I have to say, though, my absolute favourite of the ones you've described here is the Magnolia and Lime's like bringing a tropical isle right to your table...the colours are magnificent!

  17. Image for Mich Mich

    Hi. Thank you for all the inspiring centerpieces! I love looking around my house and wondering "what would Karianne do?" I'd love your creative thoughts on front door wreaths. I'm not a fan of local craft store varieties and yet when I see creatively quality wreaths online they cost a fortune. Maybe this is blog idea #2000. Way to go.

  18. Image for Rosemary Rosemary

    Congratulations on your 1000 posts! What an accomplishment! I have so enjoyed reading each one of them, and look forward to many more... They are a delight!

  19. Image for karen karen

    So excited for you....congrats!! Look forward to hearing from you each and every day....and cannot begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to your book. All your stories, you've shared with us, together. I'm guessing the book will be wrapped in a cute little ribbon, right?? So glad I have found your blog!!!

  20. Image for Jemma Jemma

    I love them all, I am a nut over flowers and arrangements in all shapes, sizes and colors. So very happy to have you join us at TOHOT! Jemma

  21. Image for Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Congratulations on hitting over 1000 posts! That's awesome. I love these arrangements - so gorgeous. I don't know which centerpiece is my favourite! Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop). I hope you can stop by tomorrow! xoxo

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