I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet today…

…but you are amazing.


Yes.  YOU.

The one drinking coffee or diet coke or sparkling water eating a blueberry muffin or bowl of oatmeal or piece of watermelon sitting there with your amazing self.

And the best part?

Today is your day.

Today is the day you are going to do great things and find solutions and solve problems and bring joy and make someone laugh and be the friend they write about in books.

Today the world will smile because YOU showed up.

And to celebrate you and your day….

…I want to give away a little amazing.

Today I want to give away 10 copies of So Close to Amazing.

I wrote my heart on every single one of these pages.

I wrote about my struggles.  I wrote about my mistakes.  I wrote about my challenges and my missteps and my Achilles hip.

Because that’s me.  Always trying.  Always striving.  Always planning and dreaming and brilliant-ideaing it.  I’m the embodiment of hope springing eternal.  I wake up every morning with big plans and creative projects and giant mountains to climb.  I’m valiantly striving to put my best foot forward every day.

Sometimes I succeed beyond my wildest dreams.

And sometimes…

….not so much.

But even when I fail.  Even when I’m not my best.  Even when I slide down a hill at a conference in front of 200 people or hold up the line at Target looking at my hair in the security camera or bring a roast to garden club and make an entire county laugh.

Even then.

The amazing is still there.

Waiting for its next moment to shine.

I have 10 copies of this amazing book just waiting to be shared.

So Close To Amazing is full of stories of triumph and grace and discovering that amazing that’s just below the surface.

There are total asides and photos of my home and hand-drawn DIY’s at the end of each chapter from a story in the book.

And the best part?

This book makes a perfect gift of encouragement for a friend.

So today, leave a comment below with the name of someone you think is amazing.

Someone who you believe in.

Someone who is special and wonderful and incredible.

Someone who has made your life the better for knowing them.

I’ll select 10 names by random number draw from the comments at 8:00 CST Monday, October 30 2017 and give away a copy of So Close To Amazing to each amazing name I draw with a message from the person who nominated them.

Happy Amazing Day to you. 🙂

Please note this giveaway is now closed.

PS  You can check out the book, read reviews, order a copy or even read the first chapter for FREE by clicking here.

PPS  It makes a perfect Christmas gift, too. 🙂

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  1. Image for Betsy Battaglia Betsy Battaglia

    My daughter is amazing, she has dedicated her life to teaching children with autism and is wonderful at her profession. She truly loves her students and sees them making amazing accomplishments, she never gives up on them. I'm so very proud of her.

  2. Image for Sandra Vigil Sandra Vigil

    I have So Close to Amazing and I would love to send it to a friend who recently experienced some health concerns. I love the book and can’t wait for the next book😊

  3. Image for Mercy Destefani Mercy Destefani

    I'd nominate my best friend, my mom, but she passed away last year. She was definitely AMAZING! But then, there's my sister-in-law, Allie Heston, because the woman is just nonstop--she's a nurse, a wife, and a mother, but I've always said to my brother that he married her for me so I could have the sister I never had! She wrestles kids and farm animals and gardening and decorating---I don't know when she sleeps!

  4. Image for Kim Jackson Kim Jackson

    Good morning! I love seeing your stories. You are an inspiration to me. My best friend Barbara is the amazing one I wish to write about here. Though we don't talk everyday, I know she's there. She is AMAZING! My email is kgjackson6@aol.com On another note, I have been subscribed to your blog for years and it just stopped showing up in my email a few weeks ago. I have tried subscribing again but I am still not receiving your emails. Any idea what I need to do to fix that? Is anyone else having this issue?

  5. Image for Brocanteuserose Brocanteuserose

    I nominate Kirsten Tallman, one of the best friends a girl could ask for! She is always on board when I call at the last minute cause I've found a treasure on craigslist 2 or more hours away, Always turns out to be up two flights of stairs and impossibly heavy, or in someone's basement, and barely fits through the door, Not to mention I always get lost driving anywhere!!! Great in all sorts of shenanigans, and with a smile, is my amazing bestie Kirsten Tallman.

  6. Image for Melanie Melanie

    My mom and sister are amazing. (They could and would share the book ; We share books in my family.) They are amazing for their selflessness and endless capacity to love. They have made the world a better place....as have you!

  7. Image for Melanie Melanie

    The most amazing person for me was my mom who passed away almost 10 years ago. I miss her every single day and wish so much that I could spend just one more amazing day with her. We grew up on a dairy farm and mom was the ultimate farmwife and mother. To this day I don’t know how she managed to do all that she did! I would truly love to win your wonderful book! I’ve always admired your writing style.

  8. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    I wish I could send a book to you! Amazing should be your middle name! I'm inspired every time I read your posts. Thanks for being you and telling us about it!

  9. Image for Karen Karen

    Just received my own copy in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to beginning to read it today. If my name is drawn, I'd like my daughter to have it. She's having our 5th grandbaby next spring and is working to finish her RN this fall. Talk about amazing, she is! "Course her Daddy and I have known that since the day she was born.

  10. Image for Kathy Anderson Kathy Anderson

    For my sister...She has had terrible health problems and is still one of the strongest people I know. She is a great inspiration.

  11. Image for Pam Pam

    My mom is the most positive, uplifting person I know. Every day she gives to others without expecting anything in return, Mom is amazing and she doesn't even know it!

  12. Image for Karen U Karen U

    I think I'd nominate my friend Barbara. She's my daughter's boyfriend's mom. And we have so much in common (aside from our amazing kids). We're kindred spirits! Karen

  13. Image for Pam Kaufman Pam Kaufman

    I would give the book to my daughter. She is an amazing 15 year old girl that has so much talent and goodness in her. I think this book could help her see that life isn't always perfect and things don't always go as planned but it's all in your attitude and how to deal with life's ups and downs with grace and humor.

  14. Image for Marie Marie

    I am not yet amazing, but with the help of your book, it would help me to bring some amazement in my presently challenging life!

  15. Image for Marie in AZ Marie in AZ

    My Aunt Lorraine! Beyond amazing. A good and true friend who always protected me from "monsters" and loved and encouraged me!

  16. Image for Mary Lou Kleveland Mary Lou Kleveland

    My best friend, Pam Darbonne, is truly amazing. She is fun, artistic, brave and simply awesome. She has blessed my life for over 35 years and she is truly a gift.

  17. Image for Robbin Robbin

    You ARE amazing dear lady, and don't let anybody tell you any different! I'd give a copy to my friend Crystal! She is an amazing single mom (ex-husband's choice, not hers) with two great kids!! She puts Jesus first in her life and is such a caring and giving person! I'm so excited to see what God has for you back in Texas!!

  18. Image for Kelly Kelly

    There are several people in my life that are amazing; however, the first name that came to my mind is Amber. She's a great friend and has definitely made my life better for knowing her!

  19. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Thank you for the inspiring post today! I truly needed it. My daughter Alexa Crowley is who I would nominate. She is one of my dearest friends!

  20. Image for Raquel Raquel

    My sister E is amazing—devoted single mom, gifted beloved teacher, caring daughter to my mom, tireless volunteer in her community. She is fierce and amazing, and I want her to have your book.

  21. Image for Karen Euhus Karen Euhus

    I love reading about your daily happenings. AND the last time I was at Target and used the self checkout...I just had to look up! All because of your writings. So amazing what you've done with your home, your children, and now your new home! so...I would love to read your book to learn about it all! Thank you!!!

    1. Image for Karen Karen

      And...I would definitely share with my friend, Debbie, she is truly amazing with all she has accomplished in her personal life and her with her two children.

  22. Image for Megan Law Brewer Megan Law Brewer

    I'm so proud of you!!! You put yourself out there and told your truth, your story. I'm thrilled to be a part of your virtual tribe. Can't wait to follow you on your journey of making over your childhood home and I can't wait to read your book! I hope I win a copy. Blessings to you dear soul- Megan

  23. Image for Carla Smith Carla Smith

    My husband Dan is the most amazing man I have ever met. And he continues with each passing day ❤️❤️

  24. Image for Julia Grayson Julia Grayson

    My best friend Susan is an amazing woman! We have been friends since we were both right out of high school, which was a few years ago! graysonjm@yahoo.com

  25. Image for Kristi Kristi

    My daughter, Kayla! She's the amazing par of me!!! My email is kristimriggs@yahoo.com Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

  26. Image for Jo Ann Bohannon Jo Ann Bohannon

    My precious daughter in love Linda. She makes life a joy, has magic in her fingertips, beauty in her soul and a smile that lights up a room. She deserves all life can give her. Her life is far from perfect but you’d not know. She is grateful every day because she is and has more than she ever dreamed coming from a third world country. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about her.

  27. Image for Sheri Sheri

    People you want to get this book! You will however need to remember not to drink coffee and read it at the same time. Especially if wearing a white shirt. 😊 Seriously it's like a warm hug in print. You'll love it!

  28. Image for Anne-Marie Anne-Marie

    I think just like Yvonne Shafer. And it's not to butter you up. You're a wonderful person. The only other amazing person I know is myself (but it seems I'm the only one to know that ..... !)

  29. Image for Stephanie Wethington Stephanie Wethington

    I want my daughter, Carie, to have your book. She is amazing and I know she would fall in love with you immediately. She is the mother of 3 and has made many sacrifices while raising my precious grandchildren. She is a full-time mom, coach, doctor (when needed), encourager, and all that goes into being a wonderful mother. In addition to all that she works full-time. Like I said, She is amazing and it would great for her to realize she is amazing and she would learn that from your book! Her name is Carie St. Laurent and her email address is cariemomof3@yahoo.com.

  30. Image for KarenAnn KarenAnn

    I would love for my beautiful daughter Angie Jackson to have this book! She teaches art in a school which is mostly low income. She gives so much of herself to her students and she is already amazing to me.

  31. Image for Lori Houghton Lori Houghton

    My sister, Diana Poliquin, is amazing! She is the reason i survived a rough childhood. She is an incredible person and friend! I couldnt have done a lot of things without her support,

  32. Image for Anna Arthur Anna Arthur

    To veer off the main subject for a second, it was ironic that today there were pictures of rubber stamps, hole punch, paper and twine; all objects that a long time paper crafter as myself can appreciate. Yesterday in my craft room to create some awesome cards, nothing went right. I cut the paper the wrong size, put the glue on the wrong side, the water coloring looked like mud....the list is endless. I finally got up and left wondering to myself " why can't I get it right and why bother?" Then I read your words about joy and what a great day it's going to be and it made my day. Today I'm going to try again! For the contest I nominate my sister, Charlotte, a long time educator, caregiver for my mom and dad, now deceased, and now when she should be enjoying her retirement is burdened with the care of her beloved husband who is afflicted with Alzeheimers. I say burdened, but she's not a complainer, just handles gracefully whatever life hands her. She could use some joy in her life and I know she would enjoy your book. Thanks for the chance!

  33. Image for Mary Kaiser Mary Kaiser

    I would nominate you, because I think you are amazing. I ordered your book and it should be delivered to my door tomorrow, so excited to read it!!! I know that you do not need a copy of it, so I would nominate my mother in law Mary Ann Kaiser. She has been amazing in taking care of my father-in-law with alhzheimers for a long time.

  34. Image for Ange Ange

    I would give the book to my sister-in-law, Alissa, to remind her how amazing she is and how grateful I am that she joined our family. My email is angemcalister@gmail.mom Thank you for filling my inbox daily with joy.

  35. Image for Susan Ronnfeldt Susan Ronnfeldt

    My good friend, Judy. She amazes me every day! She is battling cancer right now, and she is the bravest lady I know! She is inspirational as well. She would LOVE your book!!! As I do.

  36. Image for Julie Julie

    I would love to nominate my daughter, Dr. Rachel VandenBerg, who is a wife, mom to two little boys under the age of three and has a heart to help the underserve people in rural America. She is more than amazing in this Momma's heart.

  37. Image for Joan Sommerfield Joan Sommerfield

    My neighbor, Dorothy, who has continued to take care of her pretty yard and flowers at 90years old is Amazing and an inspiration to me!!!!

  38. Image for Mary Mary

    You are indeed amazing! Such a gifted storyteller! I look forward to your posts each day! My dear friend, Loretta, is also one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is a tower of strength for everyone around her. She is very creative, yet always humble. She is always the first to lend a helping hand and has a heart of gold. I am so blessed to call her my best friend. I just texted her last night saying “You are amazing!” .... and she truly is! My email is greymooser@aol.com . Thank you!

  39. Image for LInda Boyte LInda Boyte

    I have a cousin that is beyond amazing. She has been through more struggles than I can imagine. Also she is an extremely talented crafter. Her ideas are truly amazing. I am in the process of reading your book. You are amazing!!! I am planning on. uyingnseveral for gifts.

  40. Image for Rea Douglas Rea Douglas

    My daughter, Carrie, has a stressful job as a nurse in an Army hospital and I think your thoughts will give her some peace when she's needing it! Thanks for the offer!

  41. Image for Becky Jancosko Becky Jancosko

    Too many to nominate... my sister (twin), 2 great friends and then there’s my amazing daughter. I’m going with her, Elizabeth. She goes by Liz. She’s selfless, loving, doing an amazing job of raising an almost 3 year old and a 15 year old (step daughter part time) working a full time job, caring for her husband’s family, (immigrants from from Cambodia). She would love reading/ having your book! Love your writing and sweet transparency.

  42. Image for Dee Dee

    My birth-mom Anne for being brave and strong enough to have me and give me a chance she couldn't provide. And then being strong and open to having a relationship with me 40 years later. She's an amazing woman. My adoptive mom Carol Anne for being brave and strong enough to adopt and raise me when she couldn't have her own. For being strong and open to me searching and finding my birth-mom. She is also an amazing woman. I've been blessed to have two amazing moms that each have taught and loved me in their own way.

  43. Image for Alana Alana

    I am surrounded by so many amazing people, But I am so grateful for my sweet husband who is amazing. He is kind, helpful, considerate and so very supportive.

  44. Image for Vicki crandall Vicki crandall

    I have a daughter-in-law who struggles every day with chronic disease and she could use your AMAZING book! She is my hero! Thank you for your generosity!!

  45. Image for Lisa MacAndrew Lisa MacAndrew

    Definitely my mother - she is amazing! We talk everyday, and I am thankful we live so close. She is kind and generous, thoughtful, inspiring, and loving.

  46. Image for Cindy Wood Cindy Wood

    I would like to nominate a very dear and loving friend, Tammy Vincze. She has battled cancer for years and yet reminds me so much of you! She always has a smile on her face, a sweet thought to share, coffee brewing and a cozy sofa to dream and cry.. P.S. I wish I had your houses!

  47. Image for Heather Heather

    Hello! I have ordered my book and cannot wait to read it. You have a wonderful way with your stories and are such an encourager. I could not choose just 1 person, because I have 2 daughters who are each amazing in their own way. My oldest has courageously faced and endured many challenges in her life with endless faith and hope, and has such a sweet, gentle, and forgiving spirit. My youngest has always had the ability to seek out what others need and help them with it unselfishly. She also has a strong faith and is a great encourager and has such a strong work ethic. I am so blessed. Thank you for being a blessing to your readers! (if my post shows up twice, I am sorry! My computer kept saying it failed to send)

  48. Image for Pat Miller Pat Miller

    Alana, I hope you don't think I am copying you, but I, also, want to recognize my husband, as well. I have so many amazing family and friends in my life, but Bill is a true gem! I have a tendency to be bossy, a perfectionist, and always right! He calms me down, lets me know that everything doesn't always have to be perfect; and, that sometimes, HE can be right! I think your book would be the perfect gift after 48 years of putting up with me. Thanks for sharing/giving away your book. Haven't read it yet, but by the reviews, I know it must be AMAZING! Oh! and welcome back to Texas! BTW, your comment site has a place for your readers emails.

  49. Image for Tammy Tammy

    My friend Michelle is amazing! Always putting others first and always looking to better the lives of everyone around her in any way possible. Love her to death!

  50. Image for Amy Long Amy Long

    I think my grandmother is amazing. When she was a teenager, she took flying lessons. Her first job was a switchboard operator in San Angelo, Texas. She met my grandfather and they traveled the world, had 4 children and she loves her family! Very strong woman.

  51. Image for Deb Pelton Deb Pelton

    I have, and totally get your book, maybe a little too much. Case in point- I made 12 amazing cupcakes. Homemade cake, sour cream chocolate frosting. Then I decided prayed them using an idea I saw on Pinterest- striped straws for legs and 24, account them 24 little witch-poo shoes painstakingly cut out with these old arthritic fingers. Shoes with slated heels and rolled up toes. I made these for my granddaughter who is a supervisor at a bank. For her and her friends. That's the amazing part-here is the almost part. Picture this -pouring rain old lady, umbrella, huge handbag. Cupcakes in a carrier, heavy vestibule door, little black step. Opened said dor-not quite enough, umbrella gets caught, toe trips on little black step, cupcake carrier tumbles across floor landing upside down(thank you Murphy), meanwhile my right knee slams the floor, sliding rug burn, left shoulder hits the wall and I slide to the floor. Karianne i coulspd SEE the finuush line. Some how I think you might get and apore iate this. Thanks for listening. Deb,

  52. Image for Linda Linda

    We miss you!!!! I have twin amazing woman in my life - as do you! One is my daughter, Missy and the other is my daughter Mindy. They are both amazing in their own ways and could benefit from your book, just I have benefited by knowing you!

  53. Image for Rhonda S. Rhonda S.

    Certainly my daughter-in-law Amber is just amazing to me~what a gift she is to our family! She would enjoy this book and the encouraging things you share, Karianne. You would just love her too if you met her. She is a wonderful mommy to 2 beautiful little girls and a great wife for our son. Her youngest is special needs and brings challenging days sometimes, but Amber always has a smile! Thanks for the chance to give this to her.

  54. Image for Rose Rose

    My friend Jenelle is so amazing! She has such a hospitable way of doing life. About a year ago we had to leave our home for about a week and she offered and opened her door in the first 10 mins she heard of the need. Our 4 boys my husband and his nephew and myself all moved in for a week. She made us feel so welcome and comforted! She would pray with and over me and our situation. Such a perfect example of what living out your faith looks like!

  55. Image for Erin Quick Martin Erin Quick Martin

    Would love my daughter in law to have a copy of So Close to Amazing, because she is close to being amazing! Her name is Erin Quick Martin. Thanks KariAnne. Doris Earls Martin @ mammiedoris614@gmail.com

  56. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I am 76 and blessed to have a wonderful friend. She is 59 but our age difference has never meant anything. She is such a blessing to me. We do many things together and just have a great time. In a day when "old people" are sometimes passed over, she doesn't even notice my age. I know she would love your book!

  57. Image for Kami Shields Kami Shields

    My daughter is my hero. She is the mother of four boys - ages 19, 17, 11 and 8 months. Yes, 8 months....that is not a typo. She has managed to maintain her sense of humor, work as a school nurse and also at the local hospital as needed. She also stays involved with the boy's football and basketball games and dirt bike racing events. Maintains her home, cooks meals and has an on-going love/hate relationship with her washer and dryer. Yet when someone needs help, she is there. And did I say that she is 40 years old? I don't know how she manages but she does! She, like so many other mothers across the world, is the glue that keeps her home and family together and running, and I know she would love your book and appreciate your stories. She is simply - amazing!

  58. Image for beverly e beverly e

    My sister, Cheryl, is pretty amazing. She is kind and thoughtful and giving. She's my cheerleader, my partner in crime and my sounding board for all of my wackadoo projects. I love her dearly and my family is so blessed to have her in our lives.

  59. Image for Trina Christenson Trina Christenson

    My sister, Patti, is amazing. Over 6 years ago she and her husband invited our mom (then 83 years old) to come and live with them following mom's stroke earlier that year. Patti has cared for mom, taking her to doctor appointments, caring for her through illness and unexpected accidents, and been the companion that mom so needed at this time of her life. I so appreciate all that she does. She is caring, giving, creative. And a wonderful sister, daughter and friend! I believe she would love the encouragement that your book would give her. Thank you for this opportunity to honor my sister!

  60. Image for Susan Garland Susan Garland

    My daughter Susan Garland is pretty close to amazing in my book. Daughter, wife, mother, teacher, friend to many, pastors wife, just to name a few. Doris Earls Martin Mammiedoris614@gmail.com

  61. Image for Teresa George Teresa George

    I would love a copy for my friend, Donna G. She had a "start over" in her life and is doing so well with her 2 lovely daughters! Truly an amazing friend!

  62. Image for Kathy Green Kathy Green

    My daughter-in-law Sarah. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl after an incredibly difficult and anxiety-filled prenancy. She is an amazing mom!

  63. Image for Cindy Ball Cindy Ball

    My sweet friend Linda is someone who I believe in. She is someone who is special and wonderful and incredible. She has has made my life the better for knowing her.

  64. Image for Trudy Nickelson Trudy Nickelson

    I would love for my sister, Wendy Wenger to receive a free copy. She's the love of my life. We lost both of our parents within the past year and it's been very hard on both of us. I bought your book and plan on reading it this weekend. I would like it to bring a little bit of sunshine and inspiration to her life.

  65. Image for Teresea Teresea

    My best friend from grammar school, Sharon Yale, who drove 300 miles to help me during a very stressful time, when my own family let me down. She called and offered her assistance, without even knowing that I needed help and without being asked. I am so grateful to have her 50 year friendship.

  66. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    oh my...several amazing people popped into my head but I keep coming back to my daughter, Dana. She is an amazing woman of God, the same God who blessed and entrusted her to me, even though I never did anything to deserve her. She has the sweetest spirit, and can take even the most ugly situation and turn it around so that the positive in it...no matter how slight it might be...is just magnified and points out how it can, or has, or will glorify God! She is precious to me, but more importantly she is precious to God. What more could a Mother want for her daughter? Thanks, miz karianne for the opportunity to share her with you!

  67. Image for Jeanette Weaver Jeanette Weaver

    I would love my dear friend Melissa to have a copy. She is a fellow homeschooling Mom on the journey of teaching and raising her family. She is always there when I need her and is so caring and thoughtful to those around her. Jeanette Weaver weaver_67579@yahoo.com

  68. Image for Dorlyn Gilman Dorlyn Gilman

    My two daughters, Kirby and Lisa. Kirby works with First Nation folks and Lisa has home-schooled her 9 children who range in ages 22 to 7. They could share your book and I would pay the postage as I live in Canada. New to your blog and love it.

  69. Image for Sherry Sherry

    I nominate my daughter, Kristen. She is an amazing daughter, Christian, wife, mother, and friend. Her husband's job moves them every 2-3 years. She has always been just 4-6 hours from her dad and me so, we could visit often. Last year, they moved to upstate New York from Texas. Living far from anyone she knows, the brutal temperatures, the beautiful but rural surroundings, and the fact that most women in the area work have made for a difficult transition. In her usual friendly, out-going way, she has gotten involved in church, school, and community activities. I think the two of you would be fast friends. I know that she would enjoy reading your book. Blessings!

  70. Image for Darleen McGinnis Darleen McGinnis

    I nominate my mother, Helen Thomas, she is 90 years old and her motto is "don't fall". She would love your book!

  71. Image for Edwina Edwina

    Thank you for this giveaway and for your ongoing uplifting content! The most amazing person in my life is my husband of 34 years, Mike! I'd have to write a book myself to share all the ways he's amazing! :) eworban@gmail.com

  72. Image for Kim Lawrence Kim Lawrence

    I enjoy reading your blog everyday, and you help ignite the creative spark in me. To have a copy of your book would be wonderful, and I could pass it along to my mom who tries her hardest at being handy!

  73. Image for bobbie bobbie

    This may sound a little strange, but I would like to nominate my sweet hubby ~ he has always been my biggest cheerleader, even when my art didn't quite go the way I wanted it to! And he knows what 'happy dots' are!! Thanks for the chance ~

  74. Image for Mary Ann Mary Ann

    I so enjoy reading your blog and I know my dear friend, Jody, would be uplifted by reading your book! She is a source of inspiration to me and giving her this book would be a super way to show her how much I treasure her as a friend!

  75. Image for terie terie

    BOTH of my daughters are AWESOME! My youngest daughter is a pre Vet major, active in her sorority, works part-time at a kennel, and is the secretary of Best Buddies program ( which matches college students with special needs young adults) AND still manages to keep her scholarship :) :) :) My oldest daughter sustained a military career ending injury ( three weeks before her college graduation). She was unable to walk for THREE months and had to completely change her career direction... She now is a Director in her career field ( in two years) , an up and coming blogger and a Mommy to be..... Give their daddy ALL the credit!!!!!

  76. Image for Gina Gina

    My friend Lisa is amazing. You would really love her and she would love witnessing your amazing journey in your book. There's lots to laugh about and even moments to cry. I met Lisa when my son started kindergarten and next year our sons will be graduating high school. I am grateful to be on my journey with her.

  77. Image for Sandy Sandy

    My friend Carolyn is amazing. She is so giving of herself, has never met a stranger and always thinks of others first. Right now she is going through some health issues and is awaiting open heart surgery. I’m sure your “So close to Amazing” book would lift her spirits.

  78. Image for Cindy D. Cindy D.

    I nominate my daughter, Daniele. She put herself through college and worked a full time job while doing it. Never asked for help, but was always there when I needed it. She works hard and fights harder to succeed in life and in love. I have to pinch myself that I created that wonderful AMAZING human being.

  79. Image for Francis Moore Francis Moore

    I think my daughter is amazing. She is a second grade teacher and the mother of two girls ages 13 and 6.

  80. Image for Vallerie Vallerie

    I recently lost an amazing friend to ALS. I envied her gift of hosting people in her home. Even during her last few months while in a motorized chair and with very little voice left, she invited people to her home. Her smile revealed her beautiful spirit locked inside a body ravaged by a horrible disease. She is remembered by many.

  81. Image for Kaye Sullivan Kaye Sullivan

    My friend Joanne is going through some serious health issues right now, but she always wants to know how I am doing. I think your beautiful book would help lift her spirit and help her to laugh at how inperfect we all are, but we can still be perfect as a best friend. Thank you.

  82. Image for CathyAnn CathyAnn

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. My parents were the most AMAZING people in my life! Sadly they are not here to tell in person.

  83. Image for Rhonda Rhonda

    The first person on my list would be my beautiful sister, Ann. She's a true blue friend, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, encourager, believer, and a host of other titles. She's endured breast cancer twice, fighting like a warrior and never complaining. I truly admire and love her.

  84. Image for Theresa Van Eck Theresa Van Eck

    My daughter, Samantha, will graduate from University of Notre Dame this year. She is an amazing young woman, daughter and friend!

  85. Image for Denise Williams Denise Williams

    My sister Leasia Nelson sure could use a copy of your book. She has been through a lot this year and I want her to know she is so close to and at times Amazing. Thank you

  86. Image for Liz Thomas Liz Thomas

    I’m so happy to see all the things you are doing to your home. I still think back to my childhood home and “redecorate it” using my current style!! I’m so thrilled for you that you can actually do it!! And it is such a lovely home!!! Always wishing you all the best for you and your family!! You ARE amazing!!

  87. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    My girlfriend Carole Ann is Amazing. She has held strong through multiple job losses, son with leukemia (now in remission) and personnel health issues! She deserves to feel that she is AMAZING!!!

  88. Image for Patty Patty

    I find my husband AMAZING. For the last 22 months he has fought tooth and nail against cancer. He survived a 10 hours surgery 18 months ago, three rounds of chemo and just this last Wednesday we found our that there is no cancer in his bladder. The last chemo - which we were told only works in one out of four people - worked on him! He is on chemo maintenance but it is a good sign he is doing so well. He never complained. He never crabbed about what he had to go through. He accepted everything gracefully and did beautifully.

  89. Image for maureen mawby maureen mawby

    I nominate my friend Perrie Knorr. She has lived with cancer for over 25 years. She has always felt sorry for herself for less than a minute and then moved on. She is an avid book reader. She just returned from singing with her Sweet Adeline group in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I don't think she is going to win her cancer battle this time and she could really use an amazing book right now!

  90. Image for Ruth ann Ruth ann

    I would love to have my daughter get a copy. I was going to send her my copy but one of her own would be awesome! Thanks a bunch!

  91. Image for Cassie Adolphson Cassie Adolphson

    I have your book and have read through it a couple of times, you are such a dear heart! I have an AMAZING friend, Chris. She is a truly a God loving person. Her husband suffered a stroke at the age of 37 paralyzing the right side of his body. She nursed him back to health, although he can no longer do the things he was able to previously, she gives him 110% of herself. They also adopted a special needs baby, that will forever be dependent on her parents for life. Through all the obstacles God asked her to walk through, she walked with her head held high and her heart in the right place. I love her for the very special AMAZING person she is. Thank you! Cassie

  92. Image for Terrie Terrie

    My Daughter-in-Law, Stacy Brumley. She teaches 7th grade English Arts @ Bourbon County Middle School and is a wonderful person. Her email is putchinskis@gmail.com

  93. Image for Katherines Corner Katherines Corner

    Happy Amazing Day my darling friend. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I'd planned to send a copy to my Mother for Christmas. How sweet it will be if I win one xo P.S. The first giveaway in my annual Season of Giveaways started today, So scoot your cute and amazing self over and get your entry in. xo

  94. Image for ann gardner ann gardner

    My sister-in-law Mabel who has been at my brothers bed side for 4 weeks and he is in his last days and she never complained or left his side.

  95. Image for Mary Mary

    My friend Betty is the best friend I've ever had - she is calm, funny, caring, listening. We share our love of decor and thrift. I love her to pieces. Mary

  96. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Thank you for the giveaway. My husband is the most amazing person in my life. He has been my rock and has seen me thru 'the good, that bad and the ugly'...and still loves me!

  97. Image for Pam Cates Pam Cates

    My oldest daughter, Tracye Johnson, mother, wife and daughter of the King. She has the most amazing spirit, all the while, battling Lupus. Her email is ericandtracye@aol.com.

  98. Image for Ricki Jill Treleaven Ricki Jill Treleaven

    My daughter, Shanley Belle Treleaven. She's a PhD student and scientist at LSU. She's a speech-language pathologist, and she works with children with multiple handicaps, children with autism, and she also works in a lab helping people with fluency problems (people who stutter) along with her teaching and scholarship responsibilities. Shanley Belle loves to read, and she's a published writer both in her field and she's an Amazon best seller in paranormal romance (New Adult so it's PG). SHe has a big heart and I love her very much! strele1@lsu.edu

  99. Image for Sandy Sandy

    I have an amazing sister who has been a judge for twenty-two years (municipal, county, and now in the Appeals Court.) She is an intelligent, fair, and kind judge. She was a police officer and lawyer years before taking on the responsibilities of being a judge. She's the mother of three children and grandma to four young boys. She has been in charge of many high school students performing in Mock Trials. I feel the tenderness of your stories in your book would be a worthy just because gift to her. Thank you for your generosity.

  100. Image for Angela S Angela S

    I would love to read this to all of my children. My daughter is very confident in herself, but trying to navigate growing up. My middle son is full of self-doubt and it breaks my heart. We are the same person, but he says all the things I used to think & feel out loud. I'm thankful he does, so I can try guiding him. And my little bitty son is just the sweetest little runt I could have ever prayed for. It doesn't matter who you are or how you feel, a book of uplifting praise is always beneficial! Thank you for the giveaway! I do hope I am blessed to be one of the winners. :) My email is angelas828@gmail.com

  101. Image for Beverly Ozburn Beverly Ozburn

    My daughters are who I think are amazing! They are all young mothers with young children and they amaze me with all that they do! One runs her own business making embroidery and reclaimed wood signs all while mothering an 11 year old, an 8 year old, and a 3 year old. One runs a livestock feed and needs business with her husband and mothers a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. The third is mothering a 4 year old and a newborn and always wears a smile! One I gave both to, one married my son, and the other married my bonus son I got when I married his dad. They are strong women who at every doing a great job at one of the hardest stages of life! I'm thankful for Bridgette, Bonnie, and Jessica!

  102. Image for Karen W. Karen W.

    I would love to win a copy of your book for my amazing teen granddaughter. She is a whopping 58 1/2 inches of spunk wrapped in a blanket of kindness. She has so many talents from her viola serenades to her homemade biscuits to her work on the 8th grade yearbook. Reading your "stories" would reinforce for her that grit and perseverance, along with a sense of humor, is the key to a happy life.

  103. Image for Sandi Sandi

    I just finished your book.......it ended too soon! Looking forward to the next in the series.....you are an amazing, funny, and wonderful writer. (along with everything else you do) such an inspiration! Thank you for being! Love, love, love!

  104. Image for Susie Stucky Susie Stucky

    Hello KariAnne! I feel like I know you so well and that we have giggled together, at ourselves, so many times! As I read your blog I am often thinking..."I know, Right?"... Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself to all of us, so unselfishly. Not only your ideas, but all the amazing antecdotes, too. Those especially, keep me coming back for more and more! After reading your first chapter, I bought your book. Now, I would love to share it with my sisters, but without giving my copy up! Thanks for the opportunity! I also hope one day to start a blog. You make me feel like I just might be able to pull it off! Susie Stucky

  105. Image for Lana Mitchell Lana Mitchell

    My friend Cherie is totally amazing, she has faced so many life altering circumstances with such amazing faith in God and such a love for others. I am so blessed to call her freind.

  106. Image for Paula Paula

    My girlfriend, Debbie, is amazing. We've known each other more than thirty years and she's always been there for me. She's the best of everything in a friend and a true example of a Christian woman. I'd like your book for us to share.

  107. Image for Susie Stucky Susie Stucky

    Hello KariAnne! I work with a little guy who is 5 years old. He is in the Foster system and I work with him as a volunteer CASA. In his short life he has had 13 placements, but this final one is going to stick! He is being adopted. Each time I venture out with him, I learn a little more from him. He radiates strength and willingness to love in the face of a lot of rejection. What could be a better way to spend time? Suzanne

  108. Image for Loryl Fisher Loryl Fisher

    My sister Lydia is amazing. She’s a great mom, wife, crafter, cat lover and all around fun person! If she wasn’t my sis she’d still be a friend😍 The best part is she lives right next door and could borrow me her book when she’s done reading it!🤣

  109. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I thought of several people who would love this book, but I'm nominating a young mother I love dearly, Ashley Morries. Like you, she has 4 children, including a set of twins, all 2nd grade and under! She's crafty, loves kids, and was born with glitter in her veins! :) I love her. I'm the queen of East Bellville, but she's the princess, and that's our little thing together! She would love it, I know, and would love YOU!

  110. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    My twin sister Theresa. She's always there for me to pick me up when I fall, to snap me out of a funk, to cheer me on in all my endeavors. She is amazing and doesn't even know it most of the time. I know she would love your book as much as I do. Hugs, Cecilia

  111. Image for Carol Claremont Carol Claremont

    I nominate my amazing daughter, Kelly. She is "mom" to all of her kids' friends and participates in all of their activities. She is just the best mom ever. I have no transportation so she drives 20 minutes to pick me up to take me to all of my appointments. Se used to craft together all of the time. I am retired so I still do. I would love for her to have this book and know how amazing I think she is.

  112. Image for Shelley Ganem Shelley Ganem

    If you look up amazing in the dictionary, you will find a picture of my daughter. She is the most caring, considerate, loving, giving person I know. she laughs at my quirky stories and completely understands my strange sense of humor.

  113. Image for eileen plese eileen plese

    I nominate my daughter Renee. She recently, (1 month ago) bought a 100 year old farm house and now is up to her neck with projects. She's always liked old stuff and her former house, (a 30 year old ranch) was filled with vintage furniture, claw foot tub, rain barrels and lots of "old stuff". I keep sending her some of your blogs, but as of yet she hasn't got cable and internet hooked up.. They're on 7 acres out in the country. I've been getting your blog for about 6 months now and never wrote in. When I saw that you were offering your book to someone, I'm nominating her. Thank- you. You are delightful

  114. Image for Fonda Rush Fonda Rush

    I will have to nominate my best friend and wife of 23+ years as the most amazing woman I know. She went back to school after failing as a teen. She got her BS. Then, as if that wasn't enough, she got her Masters. She got right back at it and completed her PhD. I'm proud of her. Now she teaches Biology at a local community college, and I see nothing less of her than continuing to do her best every day at a job she loves with people who care about her. She's the best. And, she puts up with me. There's no one who could do that for this long!!! lol She is truly amazing. rush88888 at gmail dot com

  115. Image for Melissa Melissa

    My dear friend, Kayla, is amazing! She just graduated with a Master of Social Work degree and she works with troubled teens. She supports me in everything that I do and is always there with a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on. She sees the good in everyone and strives to bring it out. I know that it would make her day to win your incredible book. Thank you for the opportunity to show her how amazing I feel she is!

  116. Image for Kris Kris

    Too hard to choose just one person. Nancy ... Kelly ... Deb .... Theresa ... Nora .... Alishia .... AnnMarie ....I think I'll stop now, but I'm pretty sure all my friends are amazing.

  117. Image for Joy Pinkerton Joy Pinkerton

    I was thinking as I read this post that my dear friend, Kitte Craft, would LOVE your book and then I see that you’re giving them away to our friends!!! I would love for her to have your book!! You’re such a rockstar!! ;)

  118. Image for Lorri Rauscher Lorri Rauscher

    You make me smile every time I read your blog. You are so sincere with your stories you make me feel so positive and that carries onto my work day. I would love to giggle, cry, and think about just about life.after reading yr book. You make every believe they are a Rock Star!!!😍

  119. Image for Jeanne Bell Jeanne Bell

    You make me smile and my daughter needs that right now. She has 2 small children and is having a hard time being the best at everything. She is way to hard on herself and could use a smile! Thanks

  120. Image for Sharon Sharon

    My daughter Anne is the most amazing person I know. It would take a book to tell you all the wonderful things she's done or overcome but I'll just mention the most recent: she was my right hand and heart as we went through together the aftermath of my husband/her dad's recent death. Your book would be such an appropriate way to say thank you to her and tell her how much I admire and love her.

  121. Image for Becca Becca

    My friend Yvonne is an amazing artist. She nearly lost a close friend this week and I'm sure she could use some encouragement between all of the hospital visits she is making.

  122. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I have someone rare and beautiful in my life. She came into it in the early fall, Miss Dobson's 3rd-grade class. She was athletic and outgoing. I was artistic and shy. But somehow we clicked. Were still clicking 41 years later. She has been a constant source of encouragement and support for me. Even when the going got really rough, Things are not easy for her right now. I sure would love to share your Amazing journey with her to offer a return favor of love, encouragement, and support.

  123. Image for Cindy Hurley Cindy Hurley

    my mom is the amazing one. she's not perfect but she is so close. She's 91 and still lives by herself. She loves her family fiercely and will go to bat for each and everyone of them or really anyone she feels is the underdog. She makes the holidays for each of us. Shes constantly telling great tales and has us all in stitches even if we've heard the same story over and over. She lives her Jesus and her God and expects us all to do so too. She sees and expects potential in all of us and we strive to make her proud. When daddy died 4 years this coming January after 70 years of marriage she felt lost but after realizing we still needed her she pulled up her big girl panties and has invested her life to the now 5th generation of get family. And she will expect the best from them too. She is such a blessing to all of us. I guess you could say she is an amazing woman in a not so much amazing world.

  124. Image for Kelly K Kelly K

    Thanks for the opportunity! I nominate my amazingly brave friend, Cary, who just moved 3 teenagers half way across the country to support her husbands dream and calling. She not only helps all three of her kids process their loss of their home and city but also supports and honors her husband so well!

  125. Image for Patricia Patricia

    The amazing person I know is my daughter. She has a 10 year old daughter, and 5 1/2 year old son, and twin almost two year old sons. I don't know how she does everything she does. Her husband works a week and is off the next, so she is on her own for 7 full daytime days. She still finds time to decorate cookies with them, play outside, library trips, etc as well as school activities, karate, soccer, dance. Thanks for the chance to win.

  126. Image for Rosanna Rosanna

    I'm nominating my oldest daughter, Rosemary. She has inspired me in lots of things, but mainly in just moving on with life no matter how tough it gets!! She's a huge blessing to me as are all my daughters...I'm so blessed!

  127. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    My friend of 35+ years, Linda Rogers...is a true inspiration. She has had many challenges in her life...and she dusts herself off, and picks herself up...and continues on with her life. I admire her, for her strength, and her compassion for others. If I'm picked, I would love for her to receive your book! ;)

  128. Image for Suzyquetn Suzyquetn

    My amazing daughter is an elementary school counselor in a school with may diverse students. She has such a gift for helping them achieve!

  129. Image for Jane Jane

    I would love my friend Vanna to win your book. Her husband has life threatening health issues, yet both Vanna and her husband continue to enjoy their days together. Her unfaltering positive attitude is just one of her many amazing attributes.

  130. Image for Penny Edington Penny Edington

    My mom, my best friend would love your book, your inspiration & your story. I nominate her because she is guiene and is the strongest woman I know. She just lost her soul mate of 39 years. She loves Jesus, gives to others & loves unconditionally.

  131. Image for Monica Monica

    My daughter, Lauren is an oncology nurse and the most amazing person I know. She would really enjoy your book. I enjoy following your blog.

  132. Image for PC PC

    My daughter Melanie, is amazing - she has lived a life of selfless devotion to her family and community and church. She recently became a grandmother and all of us are delighted with the newest family addition. I could not have asked for a more amazing daughter - her 2 sisters are right up there too. I am a very lucky mother.

  133. Image for Karenann Karenann

    Congratulations on your book! My daughter, Kristina, is amazing. She always thinks of me and does such wonderful and thoughtful things for me! She is such a sweetheart and I couldn't imagine my life without her!

  134. Image for Elaine Elaine

    My Mom - two bouts of cancer and Alzheimer's. She died 16 years ago & I miss her everyday. She never complained about the treatments she endured. When she got Alzheimer's she remained the same peaceful, loving person even when she no longer spoke or remembered my name. Karianne, thank you for your beautiful writing. You are a gift to us.

  135. Image for Sandra Sandra

    I would love for my sister Mary to receive your book. Soon she will be going through a medical procedure, biopsy, and I’m sure she would love to have something great to read while recuperating. Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

  136. Image for sandi sandi

    I nominate my friend, Jamie Tanner, of Simple Sparrow Farm---there are not enough words to describe how amazing she is, at only 34--mom of 4, runs a hobby farm to teach about God's injunction to care for the animal kingdom. She has been in the army, is a beautiful artist and has the most amazing heart for other people. Jamie, my dear friend, by God's sweet grace you will go so far in life! Much love, K A for being so generous.

  137. Image for Sue Sue

    A friend that fits your description is Sue B.... I bought nyour bookm,bit another for a gift would br awesome,thank you!

  138. Image for Michelle Michelle

    There've been lots of amazing people in my life, many of them family members. But I'm here to tell you, even though it may sound a bit silly to be sixty-something and have best girlfriends...I do. Two of them. These two wonderful ladies have been stronger in ways that I'm not at liberty to divulge than anyone I've ever known. And they have made my life is so much richer...so much...just having them in it. I can't tell you how honored I feel that they picked me to confide in and trust with their deepest hurts and secrets. They were tirelessly there for me when I lost my very best friend, my husband, and thought I'd never be happy again. I don't mean this to sound one-sided or that our friendship is filled with sadness and tears. Certainly not! Mostly we've laughed together, shared holidays and other celebrations, watched each other's children grow into amazing adults...then our grandchildren and soon we'll be celebrating each other's great-grandchildren Yes, I'm here to testify that you can have best friends at my age. And how amazing is that?

  139. Image for Laurie Takens Laurie Takens

    My dear friend Lynne...we have coffee ( I have tea) pretty much every Saturday morning to catch up on life. Thanks for the opportunity! I've been wanting to read your book!

  140. Image for Joan Del Tin Joan Del Tin

    My daughter, Jenny is such a loving,caring person. She has recently moved into her own place and this book would be a great encouragement for her to create a love-filled, beautiful home of her own.

  141. Image for Betsy Betsy

    It would have to be my friend Kathy Heck. She is a one woman warrior fighting stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She hosts fund raisers at her little tearoom for both Ovarian and Breast Cancer. She lost her mother to breast cancer. She participates in both cancer walks. She's been through so much and sometimes I'm at a loss to tell her what she means to me and the respect I have for her continuing battle. Thank you Karianne for a chance to honor her.

  142. Image for Katrina Epperson Katrina Epperson

    Karianne, there's so many amazing women in my life, but with it almost being November I remember my mom the most. Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday and she passed away November 17, 2002. She was one of the strongest women I know. I could tell you so many things about my mom, but I think one of the things I appreciated the most was how she was always my biggest cheerleader. I wonder what she would say about her granddaughter getting ready to graduate from Murray, or her other granddaughter who recently got married. I guess once you loose someone you will always wonder these things.

  143. Image for Kristin Kristin

    Sue Brust, how I admire her love for the Lord and for others. She is amazing, counseling others and always having time for others. I love her to pieces!

  144. Image for Jenni Jenni

    I am SO PROUD of you! You did it! You wrote a book so that everyone could have a part of you in their hearts. So many amazing people have left their imprints on my soul and I believe that I am who I am because of that. Not that I am amazing...but I strive to be as amazing as they are by what they believed, what they did, how they influenced the world and their family and...me.

  145. Image for Heather Baldassi Heather Baldassi

    My best friend, Abigail Wilson, would enjoy your book. She’s had some tough years these past few but she keeps moving on. Gracefully.

  146. Image for Sandy Ross Sandy Ross

    My sister, Lynn, is so inspiring to me. She works full time, cares for our 88 year old dad, always attends her 3 kids events, and is now facing mew heakth challenges for her husband. I would love to gift her wirh your book.

  147. Image for Tanya Davidson Tanya Davidson

    My best friend Rhonda. We met in grade school @ 4-H 🍀 camp. One of the sayings from camp was: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is Silver & the other’s Gold.” She has been my closest confidant for over 30 years. Though the miles separate us. She still is truly a treasure in my life.

  148. Image for Regina Regina

    My friend, Emily, is amazing! She loves a good DIY project and always makes me laugh. I actually bought your book planning to give it to her for her birthday....but I liked it so much I had to keep it for myself! Would love to win for her! thanks!

  149. Image for Paul Stearns Paul Stearns

    My wife, Kim and I have been married 25 years. She is amazing and I would love for her to have your book. She needs to read your encouraging words.

  150. Image for Penny Penny

    Karianne - thanks for your sweet nature and generosity plus many blessings in your new/old house! My amazing friend Sheri for all of the family deaths we have been thru lately and we manage to keep each other smiling and upright! Great friend!

  151. Image for Lisa Campbell Lisa Campbell

    I have Three copies of your book (so far) and have more than three people I want to share it with so I nominate my sister, Lynn Hix. . She is amazing- a great daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and sister. She is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and inspires me every day to live life to the fullest. We always have a DIY project idea when we get together for visits, much to the eye rolling of our husbands! She would love this book and probably do every project!

  152. Image for Cheryl Bell Cheryl Bell

    I Love, Love, Love your book Karianne! It spoke to me like I was looking at myself in the mirror. I think you are my soul sister honestly! It's truly Amazing! Best book I've read in a really long time! So, I would love to give my daughter a copy because she is amazing! She became a 1st time mom last December and is a wonderful mother to our precious granddaughter! She has blossomed into an amazing young wife and mother besides being a great friend to me. Love her to the moon and back! Thanks for all your precious thoughts and can't wait for your next book to come out..

  153. Image for Brenda Brenda

    My daughter-in-law would love your book. She’s an avid reader and decorator. Inspiration that ca be found in the pages of your book. 📔

  154. Image for Merrawyn Merrawyn

    I have a friend who is named Jenny!! Every time I need something she is there! She teaches me how to be a better mother friend and woman ❤️❤️❤️

  155. Image for Melody Melody

    Hi! Thank you for a generous giveaway! Well, I am so blessed with wonderful church friends and a fantastic sister! It would be hard to choose! My email is homeagain0522@yahoo.com. Thanks again for your generous spirit & happy remodeling!

  156. Image for Linda Linda

    I nominate my sister Jill who does not know how amazing she is. She gives so much to her family, special needs grandchild, her friends, her co-workers, and me! She sets such good examples for our family, and anyone who knows her. Your book would be a special treat for her to read.

  157. Image for Nancy Reffle Nancy Reffle

    Oh how wonderful!! you are amazing for this Give Away, and sharing your Story!!! I would Love to Share this with my Daughter Lauren. Putting her own career on hold for her husband's, living in poverish countries to support her Hubby's career and raising 3 small children. She is amazing! Thank~You!!

  158. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I nominate my mom, Geneva, (age 84) who survived emergency open heart surgery one year ago when the doctor accidentally punctured her heart during a routine pacemaker procedure. Within a week she underwent four surgeries. She has 'amazingly' fought back and we are so happy to continue to have her in our lives. (She was amazing before ....raising four children and always putting us and others before herself.)

  159. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I turn 64 today!!! I am nominating my sister-in-law, who I claim as a sister, who is dealing with so much right now. Please let me win. anni32@frontier.com!!! She needs this book...

  160. Image for Jessica Graziano Jessica Graziano

    I would like to nominate my Aunt Jiji. Through all my rough times in my life, through every sad moment, through every touch decision, through every happy moment, through every up and down she has been there to guide me. To give me perspective, to provide words of wisdom, or a shoulder to cry on. She has been there to listen to every secret without judgement. To listen to every hope with only encouragement. My life would not be the same without her. She deserves a little book of happiness. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift.

  161. Image for Debbie Debbie

    My friend 'Poodle' is amazing. Yes, I call her 'Poodle' because we took an online test called "If You Were A Dog, What Kind of Dog Would You Be?" She turned out to be a poodle. It's perfect! Poodles have gotten a bum rap for being considered pampered and snooty, but in reality, Poodles are extremely smart, fun-loving, intensely loyal, and acutely sensitive to people in need. They also just happen to have perfect hair. My friend 'Poodle' is all of that. She is a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, loving person who just happens to look like she stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. Seriously, she stops traffic. And she never has a bad hair day. She also keeps seven lipsticks in her purse at all times because, hey, you never know what color you'll need. I took the dog test, too. I'm a Basset Hound. Sigh. I'm sooooo glad I have a Poodle in my life!

  162. Image for Andrea Andrea

    I would nominate my mom, Connie. She is the most amazing woman that I know. We've been through a lot together and she's always right beside me. Thank you!

  163. Image for Deborah Kaye Deborah Kaye

    These is tough. I have two friends who could so use the encouragement and pick me up. I will chose Sharon for all she is going through now - husband with stage 4 cancer, a son who isn't quite right after a traumatic brain injury, and yet working full time and volunteering. She's simply amazing.

  164. Image for Chris Strautnieks Chris Strautnieks

    My amazing friend Mary! We have been friends for about 5 years. We have so much in common and are similar in many ways...we are like sisters who met in later life. I love our story of how we met. We met through comments posted on a blog of a person that lives in Georgia...and through commenting back and forth with each other...and then emailing each other...we discovered we are neighbors and live down the street from each other in Virginia! We had never met before and had lived this close for 11 years!

  165. Image for Lisa Switzer Lisa Switzer

    My friend of 5 years Lisa! She is always an encouragement to me and I think she would love this book! I know I did!!

  166. Image for Shelley Blackwood Shelley Blackwood

    My amazing sister it's a wonderful single mom although she doesn't always know it. :). Would love for her to be encouraged by your book.

  167. Image for Beth Beard Beth Beard

    I read your entire book today and I love it! I laughed and cried and couldn’t put it down. You are amazing! Thank you.

  168. Image for Donna Donna

    Hey, it was fun reading some of these responses, esp. the one about Poodle and taking the test to see what kind of dog one might be. Your stories are great. I have shared a couple with my friend Linda. She is always so busy helping others and is a great listener when you most need that. Thanks.

  169. Image for Sue Sue

    You are amazing! I have a wonderful neighbor, Cindy, who constantly uplifts me in prayer and encourages me in so many ways. I don't think I would have made it through the last very difficult 15 months without her.

  170. Image for Kesha Kesha

    My mother is so completely AMAZING! She is caring, loving and giving! She is my best friend! I am so blessed to have the best mom in the world!

  171. Image for Kary Thelander Kary Thelander

    My beautiful sister, Katy! She is smart, amazing, kind, thoughtful, funny, and sensitive. We’re so lucky that she is ours! ❤️ (A what a gift! Thank you for offering this chance to pass along a copy of your book!)

  172. Image for Holly D Holly D

    My sister is pretty darn amazing! She has two busy kids, a traveling husband AND went back to school to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse! She is amazing!

  173. Image for Heidi Bakker Heidi Bakker

    My mom is an amazing person! She is kind, loving, generous, and wise. She has taught me a lot about how to live a good life.

  174. Image for Candy Candy

    Thanks for offering a wonderful giveaway! I have a few amazing ladies in my life but would have to say my daughter is tops! So blessed that God would bless us with her.

  175. Image for Cara Cara

    Awesome giveaway, thank you! My husband is Amazing, and an Amazing daddy to our 14 month old daughter!!! I could not ask for more, the Lord has truly blessed me ❤️

  176. Image for kathy olson kathy olson

    I think my daughter is amazing. She has CP and about to turn 26. Life hasn't been easy for her, but she always looks at the bright side.

  177. Image for tara smith tara smith

    Just read about you on mixandmatchmama book review! Would love to read your book, giveaway winning would be nice too! I have been home from China with my little girl since August and am just gravitating towards moms blogs and this is great to find another encouraging mom like you!!

    1. Image for tara smith tara smith

      And when I describe my Ava to anyone I always say “she is amazing!” So my daughter Is my pick for that one special someone!

  178. Image for Sharon Finnegan Sharon Finnegan

    My sister Wendy is amazing. She works full time while raising her 9 year old granddaughter plus takes care of both of our elderly parents. She does all of this and never complains. I am so thankful for her!

  179. Image for Stacie Crabtree Stacie Crabtree

    My sister in law is pretty awesome! She's the best mother and wife that I can think of! She's always putting other's first and just an overall good person.

  180. Image for Wendy Griffith Wendy Griffith

    I think my daughter Lee is amazing. She works with young children on the Autism Spectrum. She is patient beyond words and dedicated with every fiber of her being. Her enthusiasm is boundless; she "throws a parade" for each and every child she works with. I think the greatest gift we can give a child is to have our eyes light up when they walk into the room, and that is exactly what she does.

  181. Image for Rene Kiser Rene Kiser

    My daughter is amazing- she is handling so much with my 3 year old nonverbal granddaughter with Autism and severe Sensory Processing Disorder along with an 8 year old neurotypical daughter as well. Her name is Jessica Wyatt.

  182. Image for Tracie Kohn Tracie Kohn

    So many ladies! My Aunt Karen for her faithfulness and amazing love that can only come from God as well as my Mom in all her strength and faithfulness to the Lord in good and bad times, my Aunt Beth and Aunt Debbie, my best friend Danielle......they are all pillars of faith

  183. Image for Christy Badaracco Christy Badaracco

    My sweet friend Teri Fuller - she’s struggling in some areas right now - lots of transitions - and would love an encouraging book to lift her spirits

  184. Image for Kristin Smith Kristin Smith

    Wow I would love to read your book and I would share it with my friends Steph and Carol who both love to personalize a home and who came in to my home when I had a recent surgery and helped redecorate my kitchen. It was such a gift!!

  185. Image for Sherry Stevens Sherry Stevens

    Your book sounds wonderful. I have an amazing friend named Toni, we only see each other every few years but it is always like a day has not passed when we see each other.

  186. Image for Heather Wiley Heather Wiley

    My friend Rhonda is one of those amazing people that always cheers you on. I get a text from her every Wednesday as she walks by my office with a word or encouragement and it always brightens my day. She has taken some very difficult situations and turned them into amazing motivation to be the best person she can be.

  187. Image for Wendi Unrein Wendi Unrein

    My sister Kari Amundson is working thru the throws of chemo. Her colon cancer may have returned this time in her ovaries. She is now on Medicare as chemo ruined her bones and she hurts to move so a job is hard to manage. She is overweight and the doctors won’t give her a much needed hysterectomy because of it. As you can see she needs a pick me up. 💖

  188. Image for Cyndy Cyndy

    I don't have So Close To Amazing and would love to be on the path or even close to amazing. However, Id send this book to my stellar sis n law who is going thru the "fight of her life" time with breast cancer. Being an ovarian cancer survivor I know all too well what she's dealing with, what they don't tell you and what the immune doctors tell you, you can over ride.

  189. Image for Jenn Workman Jenn Workman

    My sweet mama, Peggy. She is a two time survivor of breast cancer, a retired nurse, lover of animals, and a volunteer at the cancer center in our city (where she was once a patient). She just turned 71 and has so much life in her! She is my amazing.

  190. Image for Lori Lori

    Of course my wonderful husband. He ALWAYS knows just what to say and when to say it. And after 23 years of marriage and 2 kids, he's still a shining star! I'll keep him!

  191. Image for Susan b Susan b

    My mother,Carol. I am So thankful that she is my mom. She’s been a wonderful confidante and Nana to my three kids. There’s now a new generation of a great grand kids that get to experience her love and uniqueness! Everyone she meets loves her ! I hope to be half the woman and mother she is!

  192. Image for Alona D Alona D

    My friend Lisa. She has truly taught me what a person of grace is all about. As a mom of 9 she pours her heart and soul into her family and husband. She was the first person I met when we moved here. I took my children to the playground of what was to be their new school when we moved in a week. She was there with her 6 kids at the time. We became best friends from there. She has moved since, because of her husband's job. I miss her dearly

  193. Image for Edwina W. Edwina W.

    Moving to a new neighborhood in May, it was nice to know my new neighbor, Margaret. But she really was an old friend. from many years ago. She had been a substitute aide in my classroom. It is so nice knowing someone next door. She is a sweetheart and a comfort to my family.

  194. Image for JoAnn Wolf JoAnn Wolf

    My Mom is 86 years old and is and always has been an amazing inspiration to me. She is an avid reader and would love this. ❤️ My 88 year old Dad has dementia and she has been such a trooper and they are still so in love after 66 years of marriage. This would lift her spirits.

  195. Image for Gina morrison Gina morrison

    My pastors wife has come along side of me over the past 2 years and has taught/mentored me as to what is means to be a woman of faith! It was and still is a difficult season I am in. I am stronger than I ever thought and I am nerves alone.

  196. Image for Debbie Debbie

    KariAnne, Kudos!!! I just finished the book and it was wonderful. Very inspiring with wonderful stories and it definitely was "amazing". :) debbie

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