How to Make a Burlap Spiderweb Table Runner

Some people like scary movies.

And scary roller coasters.

And scary stories.

And scary Halloween decorating.


Not me.


If you are one of the scary movie, roller coaster, frightening story, scary Halloween decorating crowd….I applaud you.

You are so much braver than me.

I like movies where the guy really likes the girl all along and they get together at the end and I like the swing ride at the amusement park and stories that end with happily ever after.

And I like my Halloween decorating cute.


I like pumpkins that smile and orange and black polka dots and friendly owls and black cats and bats that don’t look real.

And cute spiders with cute spider webs.

On burlap.


 Burlap, white pumpkins and fake spiders.

That’s about as scary as it gets ūüôā





 Burlap Spiderweb Table Runner




Oil-based black paint pen marker

Cute black spiders (I twisted mine off of the top of rings)

Straight-edge to draw lines

Hot glue

(Please tell me you love a PicMonkey collage of directions as much as I do)

1.  Make your burlap table runner.

You can sew it or just cut it and fringe the edges.

Or maybe you have a burlap runner just lying around that you got at a yard sale.

Or you can do what I did (see step 2).

2. ¬†If you don’t want to sew or fringe or raid your yard sale stack….make a burlap runner with fusible tape.

Simply cut a strip of burlap a foot longer than the length of your table.

Fold over a 1/2″ flap around on all sides.


Add fusible tape and iron again.

3. ¬†Using an oil-based paint pen draw a 10″ straight line from the edge of your fabric.

I went with the oil-based paint pen instead of a regular Sharpie because they told me at Michael’s that this paint pen was washable.

I’m glad I did.

It really holds up so much better than a regular Sharpie.

4.  Continue drawing lines radiating out from the center point

I drew seven lines for a half a web.

I also made webs at the corner and made five lines.


 5.  Connect the lines at the top.

Leave a small part of the web sticking out at the top.

6.  Fill one section of web with crisscrossing lines.

Alternate directions and connect some of the lines to mimic a spider’s web.

7.  Continue this same pattern with the remainder of the sections of the web.

8.  Draw lines down from the web and hot glue spiders to the end.



9.  Add a spider trim to the end of the runner.

Take two of the spider’s legs and insert them through the burlap.




10. Hot glue the legs down to hold in place.

Add another spider four inches over from the first spider.

Repeat the same steps for the next spider.




11.  Continue until you have all your spider trim completed.

I used nine spiders for each end of the runner.

That’s it. ¬†You’re done!




I love happy endings.

Like the one where the wedding planner ends up marrying the cute doctor who saved her when her shoe gets caught in the hole in the concrete.

Like the one where the girl meets this incredible billionaire who asks her to spend the week with him and then falls in love with her and drives up to her apartment in a limo and climbs the fire escape to rescue her.

Like the one where the blogger who liked cute Halloween decorating met her spiders and burlap and white pumpkins and hot glue…..

…..and they all lived happily ever after ūüôā

PS ¬†If you love burlap as much as I do….check out all of my¬†other burlap projects here!


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  1. Image for andrea andrea

    I do enjoy other peoples spooky, scarey Halloween decor, but for my home, I'm with you: cute and pretty all the way! Love your runner, and look at you pumping out the tutorials! Well done =) Off to check out your IC post.

  2. Image for Monica Monica

    You are so creative and I am so glad to have found your blog the other day!! The hanging spiders on the ends make it!!

  3. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    Love this it is so creative and beautiful in a creepy way at the same time. Great job. PS. Love fusible tape for thos o us who can't sew. Cynthia

  4. Image for Beverly Beverly

    I don't like being scared either, and I love happily ever after endings, too. Like the girl with red Lee Press-On-Nails that loved a sailor.‚ô•

  5. Image for Carol Mattingly Carol Mattingly

    Hi KariAnne, Just wanted you to know I've been following your blog for a while. You really know your decorating. I actually follow you regularly now as I added design and decor blogs to my photography blog blogrolls. Yours is one of the best. I love this table setting with the white pumpkins and the beautiful burlap table runner with spider webs. Fantastic. Carol

  6. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    The Wedding Planner, Pretty Woman, and your table runner.....all great "hits".....Just love the way you trimmed the runner with the creepy spiders!!!...Fantastic projects as always Kari!

  7. Image for Regina Regina

    Have I mentioned that I'm NOT a crafty person, but I enjoy looking all everyone else's crafts! LOL LOVE the table runner - and I'm with you - no roller coasters or scary horror stuff for me. I have a hard enough time with the flying monkeys on "The Wizard of Oz." :)

  8. Image for Diane Diane

    This is stunning and so fun too! I love the white pumpkins with the black stems and the spider web is perfect with the spiders all over it. This looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine for sure! I will pop over to see you at the other blog you mentioned, don't be nervous!

  9. Image for Laura @ Elegant Nest Laura @ Elegant Nest

    This is so cute...gonna try it on my existing burlap table runner! Just visited Infarrantly Creative and love your post! I just blinked and my oldest went to college this year…another blink and my 15yr old is driving! Yikes…I need to stop blinking! And I need to start collecting mini frames and make a beautiful memory wreath like yours! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Image for Holly Holly

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this week! I think this is a wonderful Halloween decoration. I don't do a lot of Halloween decorating but I am going to use your tip of the fusible tape to help make the edges of the burlap runner. Great idea and one that will fit any season! Holly ps. How exciting to contribute at Inffarantly Creative-- one of my favorite blogs! I'll stop by to see you there.

  11. Image for Beth Beth

    Nope no way no spiders fake or not. I have crazy urge to stomp all spiders , real or fake! That being said, super cute idea, if only.... The scariest thing I have is sweetly smiling farm scarecrows. Yup I own to it.

  12. Image for Laura @ Our Prairie Home Laura @ Our Prairie Home

    How cute it that?! Gave me a little flashback to Arachnophobia, but... Still cute! And I love the cobwebs and white pumpkins. Pretty and spooky all in one! :)

  13. Image for Athena at Minerva's Garden Athena at Minerva's Garden

    What a great idea for a burlap spiderweb tablecloth--creative! I like happy Halloween over scary Halloween, too. (And really interested to see that Sharpie puts out a paint pen. I just did a project where I needed one, and looked everywhere and couldn't find one! Eventually they turned up at Craft Warehouse. I saw where someone painted tiny detailing on furniture with them.) In all honesty, I don't do a lot of Halloween decorating and pretty much stick to autumn decor all the way through Thanksgiving, but I did find a couple of cute vintage Halloween graphics and so I worked them into my side table display. Nice to hear from you over at my place, and glad you liked the vintage bar cart and Cary Grant coming over for dinner and drinks!

  14. Image for tara tara

    I'm doing it this weekend...except I'm going to use what I have, which is drop cloth. :) I'll post pics and give you the shout out of all shout outs. :)

  15. Image for Jen Migonis Jen Migonis

    That is so creative! You know what I love about your blog? That you aren't getting all your ideas from someone else, you are making up your own creative ideas. What a brilliant and inexpensive decorating project!

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