Years ago….when my husband held my hand and stared lovingly into my eyes in front of 400 of our closest friends and relatives….

….and promised to have and to hold from this day forward….

For richer or for poorer.

In sickness and in health.

For all the rest of our days.


When he stood at that altar….looking so adorable with his twinkling brown eyes and that infectious grin…..I wonder if he knew.

If he knew…..that one day he would be standing on a ladder propped precariously against an old barn with a hammer and nails in one hand and a painted burlap flag clutched tenuously in the other hand with the cows mooing in the background in the heart of bluegrass country…..

….with his wife and her camera providing super helpful directions across the cow field.


Maybe he did.

Maybe he didn’t.

It might have been too much to take in all at once.

And besides….it gave me a few years to perfect the art of smiling at him with a little grin and staring at him so sweetly and batting a few eyelashes and telling him that there was not another husband in all of Kentucky who could possibly hang a burlap flag in the middle of a cow field as well as he could.

And I was right.

The old red barn has never looked better.

burlap projects

You see….I had to have the perfect picture….because today is the day.

That’s right…..today.

June 24.

Today….I’m starting a new blog.


Are you rolling your eyes at me? 🙂

I couldn’t help it.

Blame it on the burlap curtains.

burlap project1

It’s called burlapprojects.com and it’s all burlap all the time.   It’s still a little bit under construction….but it’s the official home for all things that burlap ever wanted to become or ever hoped to be.  I’ve just posted several of my projects including a how to for burlap flowers and burlap tassels and burlap vases and burlap bows.

And now I need YOUR help.


The one with the coffee or tea or diet coke.

I would love to feature YOUR burlap projects.

I’ll feature one amazing picture of your project with a link back to the project on your blog.  That way we can all celebrate how amazing you are…..

…..and my burlap flowers won’t be lonely.

Just stop by the new blog at burlapprojects.com and click on the submit button at the top.

You can also follow burlapprojects.com on Facebook and Pinterest, too!


To get things started….I’ve posted all the how-tos for the burlap flag project over on burlapprojects.com today!

And that’s only the beginning.

I can’t WAIT for you to see all the burlap ideas I have in the works for this summer.

You + me + burlap = watch out world. 🙂

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  1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    He KNEW : ) LOL!!!!! I wish you the absolute best with your new gorgeous blog...it will rock as hard as Thistlewood Farms because you are the lead singer!!! : ) aka...you are the rockstar! hugs...

  2. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Love your burlap flag & your new blog! I always look forward to your wonderful stories!!!! Have you ever thought about a barn quilt for one of your buildings???? I know where you can get one!! ♥'s Sherry

  3. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Oh he knew.......love the burlap flag. He hung it just right. I'm super excited about your new blog. I'm kind of obsessed with burlap. Every time I pin a burlap project, I have a friend who teases me about my obsession. Congrats and the best of luck with you new blog.

  4. Image for Christine Christine

    What a great post....made me laugh out loud...I always thought they should put it in the vows....Do you promise to take this women if instead of vanilla or flowers she smells like paint thinner? Will you love honor and cherish if she makes you lift heavy furniture12 times a year in your own house when your old and grey....Do you take this woman who will swipe your drill bits and leave them in her kitchen drawer where you'll never find them? Kari Anne you are inspiring...Now I think I know what my next post is going to be about...and it MIGHT include burlap and marriage...LOL

  5. Image for AmyWatson AmyWatson

    That is so awesome, Congratulations on the new blog...I don't have a blog...and wouldn't know how to do a tutorial on anything...Unless it was cooking, and I think that is the one thing that has not been done with burlap, but I am so excited that you are praising burlap by giving it it's own little blog...It will be so happy to hear that, and so will the rolls and rolls of burlap that I have yet to do something with .....You see, I am burlaps biggest fan...A lover of burlap, I am a burlap groupie.....Your burlap smoked drapes are the most beautiful burlap I have ever seen..in the history of EVER ;) So I will be stalking..errr following right along on this fabulous burlap journey abd I will make burlap crafts as long as i have one square inch in my house to put it..and then, I will make burlap crafts to give away as gifts...karianne started a burlap blog Of course she did ;) Your friend and stalker ...errrrrr follower Amy

  6. Image for Colette Colette

    I hate to see your hubby get up on the ladder again but the flag is hung wrong! When hung vertically the stars are supposed to be to the left of anyone looking at it per the US flag code. I assume this includes lovely homemade burlap ones!

    1. Image for Regina Regina

      Oooooh, I so wanted to mention this but was holding back. I'm glad someone else went first cuz I sooooo love your blogs, Karianne! I hate to point out anything wrong but this is pretty important.

  7. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I'm sure that at least he had an inkling of what his life would be like...that wonderful man of yours! New blog looks great...it's got that special Karianne touch! ;)

  8. Image for Gretchen Gretchen

    This is a super, fantastic idea for a blog and only you would have the energy to begin it. I'll be following you on your journey and can't wait to see what you create.

  9. Image for dawn@joyfulscribblings dawn@joyfulscribblings

    I'm loving burlap. I'll definitely check it out. I had a burlap disaster where I tried to line the back of my bookshelves with it. I used glue dots to hold it in place and by the next day it was falling down :( I'm going to attempt to make placemats out of the burlap. I look forward to following your new blog.

  10. Image for Betty Betty

    he couldn't have know specifically, but he definitely had to have know in a general way! hahaha. i love the flag too. i'm going to try that, probably later this summer at the rate things are going. very interested in your new blog. i'll go join up. good luck and congrats!

  11. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    No. No, I don't think he knew.....oh, he THOUGHT he knew. But he didn't. How could he? He was like that big ole elusive Bass that everyone tries to catch, but he alluded them. Until one day he saw this bright, shiny object dancing and flitting here and there, enticing him with spontaenously flashing smiles, twinkling eyes that hinted of mysteries to be uncovered, and the unspoken promise of great fun and adventures that could be his and then his curiosity got the best of him. He had to know more; so he followed. Instinct tried to warn him, but he was already hooked! And so it began. You perfected the art of reeling in your prize catch and now.....he believes in his heart that it was 'ALL MEANT TO BE'.....and he will swear that of course he knew from day one the whirlwind that would be his life....and he will deny to the end that he was never in control....and that of course it was his choice.... But we know. hahaha, KariAnne you're precious! love what you do; love what you write. Can't wait to see how the new site grows!

  12. Image for Marian Marian

    Karianna, What a fun idea for a blog! I think with all the projects out there it would be awesome to have one cute place to go and be able to sort through them easily. And your blogs are always so pretty! Red lipstick and all. Maybe you could put red kipped lip prints in the back ground somewhere or use that as you icon for favorite projects. Snaps to you dear! Now cross your fingers and hope like crazy for me to be able to buy someone's ticket to Haven. I really need to meet you. I'll be the one backstage with the McDonald's Diet Coke for you. Marian

  13. Image for Lisa Hains Lisa Hains

    YAY!!! You did it!! CONGRATULATIONS Karianne!!!!!!!! I'm in!! Just subscribed!! I LOVE the burlap flag idea!!! May you have many, many happy adventures in this blog-world, Karrianne! THANKS for all the cheer and joy and inspiration you share with us!! You make us smile!! I'm thinking of ideas for you--- Hugs!

  14. Image for Jean Jean

    Well, at least he didn't fall off the ladder like my hubby did. I still think he would have married me even if he knew that was coming, as I'm sure your hubby would!

  15. Image for Brenda Kula-Pruitt Brenda Kula-Pruitt

    With me writing yesterday that we just didn't know what you would do next, I believe was the perfect segue into your new blog. Congratulations, Karianne. I shall be reading, even if burlap makes me sneeze. Because it will be, just like it's writer, sensational. Brenda

  16. Image for Claudine Claudine

    You crazy lady!!!! How can you take care (so brilliantly, I might add) of not one, but TWO blogs??? And how can WE RESIST YOU???? I am bringing the sewing machine to the living room, LOL!!! Yesterday I even told my husband: I feeeel like sewing a burlap runner for our table!!!! I am coming over and following in all fronts! I have a project, but I made a long time ago. A wreath, for my front door. Happy new blog, Karianne!!! You are amazing!!!! Claudine

  17. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    I always love to read and see what you do. Today was so sweet talking about your husband. I have signed up for the new blog and on Pinterest and facebook. You are wonderful!

  18. Image for Michele/Finch Rest Michele/Finch Rest

    Oh well for heaven's sakes. I may have to do something more than just have burlap pillows and runners from etsy shoppes (not mine) and a burlap lampshade now, huh? Good luck with this - should be really successful.

  19. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    Congrats!!! I didn't miss a beat you said you were starting a new blog and on burlap I hopped over immediately. Love the flag on the barn. I am so excited for you. Cynthia

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