Burlap wreath with photos

When I tell someone I write a blog….they always ask me the same question:

“Are you ever worried that you will run out of things to write about?”


I can’t even imagine it.

I have  dozens of blog posts and ideas and projects and DIY’s circling around in my head.

And besides….everyone around here is always auditioning for the blog.

Somewhere….somehow they got the mistaken impression somehow that appearing on the blog…..

….is just like being on the Disney channel.

They tell funny jokes.

They create crafts.

They tell me stories that make me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

They would stand on their head and hula hoop while eating a popsicle…..if I would just write a post about it.

And I treasure every precious minute of it.

So today…..you wonderful, funny, incredibly sweet popsicle eating friends……

.…this wreath is just for you.  🙂

Burlap Photo Wreath

Burlap Photo Wreath

How to make a burlap wreath


2 rolls of 15 feet of wide burlap ribbon

1 roll of narrow burlap ribbon

16″ wire wreath form

small rectangular pieces of wood

white paint

Mod Podge

matte clear acrylic spray 

Ribbon on the wire wreath

Step 1:  Start by making the wreath

Take the end of your ribbon and wind it through the wire.

Wind it under and over the wire until it stays.

Tie the burlap ribbon to the wreath

Step 2:  Make a pouf

Create a loop of burlap and thread the rest of the ribbon through the wire until you create a pouf on the wreath.

Push the pouf tight against the side of the wreath.

Repeat the steps to make a second pouf.

When you are done it will look like this.

Make a poof with the ribbon

Step 3:  Repeat step 2

Continue with step 2….making poufs….until the wreath form is completely covered.

One roll of ribbon should fill about 1/2 the wreath.

You can make the poufs as close together as you like or as poufy as you like.

Shape and twist the poufs as you work on the wreath.

Drill holes and paint

Step 4:  Make photo images for the wreath

Take the small wood rectangular pieces.

Paint them white with acrylic craft paint.

Drill a small hole in the top (you can always skip this step and hot glue the ribbon if you want).

Lightly distress with sand paper.

Smooth out wrinkles

Step 5:  Mod Podge photos

Print off photos on your ink jet printer.

Seal them with a clear acrylic spray.  Let dry completely.

This seals the ink jet image and prevents smudging when you go to Mod Podge

Mod Podge a layer on the wood and the back of the ink jet image.

Place image on wood and add another layer of Mod Podge on top.

Smooth out wrinkles.

Let dry completely overnight.

Add ribbon

Step 6:  Add ribbon

Cut ribbon in half and thread through holes of finished photos.

Repeat with each photograph.

Adding photos to the wreaths

Step 8:  Tie photographs to wreath

Lay out photo images in a pattern to make sure they are even spaced.

Tie photo images onto wire wreath between poufs.

Tie photos to the wreath

Step 9:  Fluff wreath

When you are done…your wreath should look like this.

Fluff your poufs and photos to make sure the wreath isn’t lopsided.

Fluff the wreath and adjust the photos

This is such an easy, fun way to display photos.

The days of popsicles and hula hoops and racing like the wind across the card……are so fleeting.

Take a moment to freeze those moments in time.

Your cartwheeling super stars will be so happy that you did. 🙂

For more burlap inspiration….

be sure and check out my other blog about all things burlap:


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  1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    oh my goodness! this is just toooooooooo cute and you added my fav...polka dots!!!! i have all ready made the fabulous burlap wreath that laura from top this top that created...now i am going to add this one to my collection...love it...3 cheers for burlap!!!! : ) hugs and have a great one.

  2. Image for Gwen Gwen

    My crafts see your crafts and want to have little baby crafts together... Are your summer days as grey and rainy as mine? Happy 4th, girlie!

  3. Image for Susan Susan

    Beautiful wreath! I love the way you used the polka dots mixed with the striped ribbon. The black and white photos are great too! Nice job! Susan

  4. Image for Yvonne @ StoneGable Yvonne @ StoneGable

    What a fun easy project, KariAnne! I'm heading to ACMoore tomorrow and the makings of this wreath will be on my list!!!! I'm thinking the wreath would look nice layered on an old mirror! Thanks so much!!!! BTW... your kids are precious!!!

  5. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I'm sure with four kids it would be hard to run out of things to write about. But your crafty ideas seem to be endless! Cute idea! ;)

  6. Image for missy missy

    Very cute..great idea..Wish I could say that I never run out of ideas to write about..It has happened several times over the past several years..

  7. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    What a cute idea, Karianne. I, too, have lots to write about-it is more about finding the time to do it...and some of my peeps have become cameraphobes now and disappear the moment I show up..lol. I love visiting you- you are always up to something and this wreath is no exception to your nod to burlap cuteness! xo Diana

  8. Image for Jenna Jenna

    This is going to be perfect for our family reunion next summer! I love the way you attached the photos with the smaller ribbon~it is all brilliant, thank you so much!

  9. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Today? I did not giggle...I kinda cried...the days did go so fast and they were fun. But then I do have to remember last Thursday when my 25 year old and I went to the SW store just down the street for her to get that perfect gray. I know. I tried to show her YOUR blog. (She's stubborn and doesn't wear red lipstick)....so I too got two quarts of paint and she's slapping color all over my walls in patches as we gag! And then I say, mix four spoons of each in this bowl of my two paints and she's painting over ugly but we have to try one with a 4:6 ratio and we are giggling. Then we eat her leftover I was trying to make Mom's soup and it was just well not right and her sweet hubby is pouring hot sauce in it and gagging as he says great food. She tosses in chili powder: this!! The child I had to separate out my vegetable laden chili recipe prior to the chili addition ADDS chili-- and her vegetable laden healthy soup and beans is restored. So we sit down and eat chili and crackers and talk about paint and her love of decorating from age two on when she prayed, as we laid down for her nap: please help Mommy to paint my room pink. So now thanks to Burlap, red lipstick, memories you're making, I realize we still make memories!!! They are just a new kind of silliness!!! OBTW I have to have painting done soon as my 50-50 (not of the Dreamsicle kind) all over in patches is not going to look too great for long so Ill just have to pray,)Dear Jesus Please help to find a way for my walls to be painted this 50/50. Amen. Oh yes. Please just know you are like Erma Bombeck of my childhood....so you're that famous. Ummm ask your Mom if she ever read her famous column in newspapers.id better close. I've written more than you by now but I'm not crying. And I do love your wreath

  10. Image for Mike (CraftyDad) Mike (CraftyDad)

    Hmmmm, so yes, this might be a perfect project for the burlap I bought a few weeks ago. Sometimes (many times) I buy craft stuff and it sits on my shelf. The project ideas I come up with are endless. But the time to make them? Not so much. : - ( But...such is life. It's all about choices and priorities. That's my take on things, anyhow. I have a July 4th project that's been percolating for quite a while. I hope to find/make/take time to get it made and photographed and blogged about BEFORE the holiday gets here. (Wish me luck!) Believe it or not (I know -- you'll believe it) I already have Christmas craft/ornament ideas appearing on the radar screen. Is that so wrong? I'm going to have to start staying up extra-late at night to get all this stuff done. Lordy.

    1. Image for Colleen P Colleen P

      Mike, I am tickled to see a male perspective on crafting! I thought guys who crafted were like unicorns (only found in fairy tales)...but you DO exist!

  11. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    This is just too cute!! What a great gift for a grandparent or keepsake for when I'm feeling nostalgic (maybe after school starts back & my 3 teenagers aren't in my face all day). It's so pretty and will fit just about anywhere in the house! Thanks for sharing how to make it!

  12. Image for Lynn Fern Lynn Fern

    Oh I might just have to make one of these :) I have popsicle eating blog interviewing little people around here too.... yet they are not quite at the age to know what the heck they are talking about. Have a great week!!

  13. Image for bj bj

    OOO DARLIN'...... This is waaay too cute....I am totally going to read HOW to do it and see if I can.....O, I do hope that I can.....

  14. Image for Lauren Lauren

    What a great project! Thanks for the details on winding the burlap through the form to make the wreath. Kids certainly do provide us with lots of entertainment! Mine are all grown but my husband is a pastor and we always said when they'd do something funny, "There's a sermon illustration there.". You know, you could also use the formica sample chips they have at places like Home Depot. I've often gone there and asked if I could take a dozen or so for a project and I've never been turned down. In fact, they are always curious as to what I'll use them for -- so befuddled that you'd use them for anything other than display in their store.

  15. Image for Connie Connie

    LOVE...the wreath!! Where did you find your polka dot burlap and the little striped burlap ribbon? Your blog is one of my favorites!! Thanks for sharing your projects and inspiring us!!

  16. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    This is so cute! Thanks for a great tutorial! I love this and it can be so personal! You're the best!

  17. Image for Patty O Patty O

    Love it! My children cringe a little when I say I'm writing a post about them (although I just know that they secretly LOVE it - I just know it!). Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  18. Image for Rene Rene

    Love this idea- thanks for sharing it. Reminds me of crafting with my Mom - my sister and I made burlap flowers with her when we were in grade school :)

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