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I’m not sure about this whole fall back thing.

The entire it-used-to-be-light-but-now-it’s-dark-and-what-happened-to-the-rest-of-the-day isn’t really for me.

I like sunlight.  And driving home before the sun sets.  And eating dinner when I can see the sky.

It gets dark here now about 4:30.

And by 6:15 I feel like it’s time to call it a night.

I need more hours.  I need more light.  I need more time to glue and craft and make boxwood letter mason jar centerpieces like this one.

Maybe I should just craft hibernate until spring. 🙂


Here’s the entire centerpiece.

It’s super easy to make if you’re looking for a last-minute Thanksgiving project for your table to wow and impress your mother-in-law.

Want to make your own?

Here’s the step-by-step.


1. Start with a mason jar

Look at this cool shape I found with a wide mouth.

It’s a little less mason and a little more jar.

I painted six of these wide mouth jars with two coats of chalk paint and set them aside to dry.


2.  Prepare chipboard letters

I found these super thick chipboard letters.

I took this picture so you could see all the layers.  They were perfect for the project because they look so chunky and chipboard expensive on the mason jars.


3.  Spray with Elmer’s Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

I clipped off leaves of faux boxwood.

You’ll need about 20 per letter.

Then I sprayed the letter with spray adhesive and let it set for about 30 seconds.


4.  Stick leaves onto letter

After the letter was slightly tacky, I simply stuck the leaves like this onto the letter.

It was so much easier than hot gluing each leaf.

When you have your base of leaves, like this, go back and fill in the holes with smaller leaves.


5.  Wrap jars and glue letters

I wrapped each of the mason jars with jute twine and tied it off in the back.

Next, I glued the letters with Elmer’s Craft Bond Glue onto the jute twine and let dry before turning upright.


Here’s the finished mason jars spelling out GATHER and filled with flowers.

At Christmas, I’m going to take out the flowers and fill with evergreens and twigs.

It’s a great transitional centerpiece between seasons.

Here are a few tips for the project:

1.  I lightly sanded the jars to give them a distressed look.

2.  I didn’t wrap the faux boxwood leaves all the way around the letter, but you easily could if you didn’t want to see any of the chipboard.  I didn’t mind.  It gave it a little rustic look with the twine and the greenery.

3.  Make sure to tie the twine tightly to ensure it stays in place on the jar.  You could also wrap more twine if you want more jute on the mason jar.

4.  There are other fun option might be different chipboard fonts or different size mason jars.


I can’t wait for Turkey and dressing.

I can’t wait to celebrate with family and friends.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and a day full of the joy of the season (and maybe a few extra hours in your day).

disclaimer:  This post was brought to you by Elmer’s.

All opinions are my own.

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  1. Image for Leslie Leslie

    So adorable! And of course, I love the whale I the background...Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe I'm off to make these say JOY for my mantel!

  2. Image for Terri Terri

    Cute... Cute... Cute project!!!!!!! and I am soooooo with you on this time thing... :( ... I feel like I should go to bed at 8:00 pm!!!!!! Not feelin' it !!!!!!!!! :) ... Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !!!! :) ... Have a beautiful memory makin' kind of day !!!!!!

  3. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Love the project! I agree with the not enough time in the day-I bought a "happy" light to help with the darkness. It has helped! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!

  4. Image for Patti Patti

    Cute!! I know what you mean about it getting dark - I start turning lights on about 330 in the afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to that book! :)

  5. Image for Gayle Gayle

    Kelly ... As always you continue to inspire and bring joy to all who read your blog. May I ask where you got the thick chipboard letters? Thanks and Happy Turkey Day.

  6. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Awwwwww! How cute! You thought another genius idea! And as far as time goes? I'm with you!! Now, I think I could adjust if the powers that be would just leave it one way or the other. I don't like this fall back and spring forward -- who thought that one up?? I can't take photos in the dark and it would mean Honey and I would have to eat our dinner at three in the afternoon to get some light :-( Who wants to eat reheated steak or pork chops. Reheated spaghetti just doesn't have the appeal of the freshly made pasta. Hey!!! Let's riot and get it changed. A peaceful riot :-) Have a great day day and if I don't have a chance to say it later, Have a Happy Thanksgiving. <3

  7. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    "It’s a little less mason and a little more jar."...hilarious! I love the simplicity of this project with a powerful wow factor and transiting from Thanksgiving to Christmas is perfect. Thanks.

  8. Image for Claudia A. Claudia A.

    Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! There aren't enough hours in the day and we are speeding towards Christmas. I blame it all on daylight savings time. There is very little daylight and I don't see where it's being saved. Tis the holiday season an I want to savor every minute of it, but not always in the dark! Who said this was a good thing? Most of the daylight is eaten up while most folks are at work. Oh and who ordered this cold weather? We went from 70 degrees to 20 and snow! I still got leaves to rake. Sigh...maybe I should hibernate.

  9. Image for Ellenann Ellenann

    Happy Thanksgiving! I love this Mason jar project and can truly identify with you on the time thing. It's just the worst! I wish they would do away with it for once and for all!! I get so disgusted with the dark, I find myself turning in as early as 7:30 some nights.

  10. Image for Michelle Michelle

    What a cool, fun project! Perfect for a mantel or table centerpiece!! And I'm with you about Daylight Savings Time. Should be called Daylight Losing Time, I think. Ugh. But please don't craft project hibernate -- we'd be losing more than daylight if you do ;-)

  11. Image for Sheila F Sheila F

    Thank you for this great project KariAnne! I always look forward to seeing what you've chosen to share with us. Whether it be a project, a story, a tour, sharing great news, or even not so great news... know that you are always a blessing. And I'm with you on the "dark too early" thing. I don't enjoy going back to regular time, at all! A solution might be to have Day Light Saving Time year round? ✨?✨That way, we'd get an extra hour of sunlight every single day of the year... not just during Spring and Summer✨?✨ Guessing that won't happen anytime soon, soooo... I'm gonna turn my frown upside down and give thanks for the 8-1/2 months of EXTRA sunlight that I get each year! I'll light a few extra candles as the sun is setting. It always helps me to convince myself that darkness is a good thing, as does a hot crackling fire. (Knowing that Daylight Saving Time is just around the corner helps too!) Lemons into Lemonade!! ✨? ??? ?✨ Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️

  12. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Just love this. Adaptable too!!! Crush on canning jar projects but I do not can fruit like my mom did!!! What's the easy way to pin this project? I touched project but no pin it came up and p at top of post leads to your Pinterest page. Just wanted to pin this one in a specific place!!

  13. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Aw, that's so cute! I actually like the whole "fall" back thing. I like it when it's not dark when I get up in the morning. :o) And the early dark feels cozy to me. Of course, the whole cozy thing would work better if it was actually chilly! A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, KariAnne! Hugs, Cecilia

  14. Image for Cindy Pierce Cindy Pierce

    I'm with you on the fall back thing!!! I'm just not a fan of closing every thing up by 6:00 p.m. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Image for April Saylor April Saylor

    Genius! I love this idea of boxwood crafting wheels are spinning into overdrive! I'm not a fan of these short, dark days either. I think we should all stay indoors and CRAFTINATE - to spend the winter indoors with a crafting state of mind Forget it's dark out, turn the lights on bright and get messy! Thankful for Thistlewood Farms and all the BRIGHTNESS you add to our lives! Happy Turkey Week, April

  16. Image for Brenda Brenda

    I don't like the fall back thing either! However I love the thought of craft hibernating for winter. Let's just call it a retreat. Large group of ladies, unlimited crafts, a large work area, it sounds like a great deal of fun! I might even get some quilting done!


    KariAnne, such a cute idea! May you be blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! God Bless you! We thank God for you and the blessing you are to all of us!

  18. Image for Carmen Carmen

    And may I say I love that you take time out to personally answer your comments. I am a new subscriber, I don't know how I found you - off of another blog I subscribe to I think . Anyway, I just love your blog and always look forward to seeing you in my email. I only subscribe to about 5 blogs, so know I think you are awesome!!

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