Looking for ideas for a blue and white living room? I grew up with this one and here are my favorite things from this room.

If you are looking for inspiration for a blue and white living room? This is the post for you. I have SO MANY ideas and decor tips for you.

blue and white living room

You know my tip about how to fall in love with your house again?

I just did it again when we came back from vacation.

It started when I tied a basket with ribbons to the front door.

And then?

I knocked on the door and let myself in and told the house how much I missed it.

I’d seen tons of other houses like my family’s beach house and this beautiful Cape Cod home overlooking the water and they were beautiful and wonderful.

But truly?

I told my house it was the most beautiful house I had ever seen.

Especially the living room.

So much life has been lived here. Graduation parties and bridal showers and dinners and caroling parties and celebrations. And all that love has made this into one of my favorite rooms on this planet.

So today—to honor this incredible, amazing space, I wanted to share 11 of my favorite things about my blue and white living room.

blue and white living room centerpiece

11 Things I Love About This Blue and White Living Room

1. This easy idea for a potted plant

I’m always getting fresh potted plants for this room from Trader Joe’s.

The challenge is what to put them in.

I put the plants in a white bowl like this and then add these moss rocks to cover the top.

It elevates a simple plant to fancy.

blue and white living room fireplace

2. This artwork over the mantel

I searched and searched and searched for a piece that would work in this room.

I wanted tons of colors with a graphic pattern that made me happy.

This piece came to live over the mantel years ago and I love it even more now.

I bought this canvas on Etsy and had it stretched over a frame at Micheals. It was a little bit of a splurge, but worth every penny.

Here are a couple of affordable similar art options I thought were pretty here and here and here.

blue and white living room chair

3. This blue and white chair

I have four of these chairs in this room I loved them so much.

The distressed chair legs that look so vintage.

The nailheads at the bottom of the chair.

The stripes that are navy and white.

It’s an amazing chair and super affordable and comes in four different colors.

It’s just been restocked (sold out again now) but I just found it here, too.

blue and white living room bookcase

4. This painted arched built-in

Several years ago I painted the back of the bookcase with Naval SW 6244 and added some of my milk glass collection to the bookcase.

I use this collection all the time—for centerpieces, for storage, for parties, for flowers.

And the bookcase is the perfect home for all of it.

I also just added this ficus tree from Target. It’s so full and looks super realistic.

You can see it here.

blue and white living room front door

5. This basket on the door

Here’s the basket on the door that started the entire post.

This is SUCH an easy way to decorate your door. Just tie a basket onto your doorknocker (here’s the story of this one that came from my grandfather) then add a bow and some greenery.

I bought this basket years ago from Magnolia, but I can’t find it anymore.

Here’s a similar basket here and here.

And here’s the greenery I used.

blue and white living room table

6. This blue and white rug

It wouldn’t be a post about the things I love about this room without mentioning this rug.


I would wear this rug to my son’s wedding as a dress if I could.

I’ve recommended it so many times and heard such glowing reviews back from all of you that it just wouldn’t be a living room without this rug.

You can see it here.

blue and white living room centerpiece

7. This blue and white planter set

I found this set of three blue and white planters last year and they are AMAZING.

They’ve kept me company all year with plants and evergreens and Christmas trees and topiaries and pinecones.

You can see them here.

8. These navy bookcases

These bookcases used to be white. And then one day I got a wild hair that they needed to be navy and in a day the bookcases looked like this.

You can see the before and after here.

I think they look so pretty with brass accents like this brass box that I’ve filled with blue and white porcelain balls.

9. This fireplace screen

I never knew a fireplace screen could be so popular.


I get asked about this fireplace screen weekly.

Good thing it’s so affordable.

You can see it here.

10. This wood bead strand

I have added this wood bead strand everywhere.

I’ve added it to bowls and draped it over books and layered it in centerpieces.

It comes in tons of different colors and has the cutest jute tassels at the end.

You can see it here.

11. The light

I saved this one for the last because it’s truly my favorite thing about this room.

No matter the day.

No matter the gray skies outside.

No matter the rain or snow or storms or sunny day.

The light in this room is truly glorious.

It lifts up my spirits and makes me happy.

Especially when I open that front door for the “first” time. 🙂

PS You can find all the sources for the room over on my “Shop My House” page, but let me know if you have any questions or need sourcing for any of the items.

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  1. Image for Melissa Melissa

    I LOVE this room and this post! Plus, every time I click on a product it is actually affordable! What a plus. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and the info inspiration.

  2. Image for Kris Kris

    You do have a pretty room! This is a good exercise for me to do. Sometimes I look only at what needs to be fixed or updated in my home and forget to appreciate what I love about it.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      They are sold out now on Walmart---but I just found them on Amazon! Here's the link: https://amzn.to/3Kzh9uH It says June until they come in---but I've had things ship more quickly lately!

      1. Image for Linda ingalls Linda ingalls

        Thank you for answering the question about the chairs where we can all see the answer… so appreciated

  3. Image for Rena Walker Rena Walker

    I love this room. We are in the midst of adding a new family room and I want everything. I am however having trouble finding the blue and white chairs. I noticed that you mentioned they had been restocked but when i click the link they are not showing that they are available. I have been devastated that i couldn’t get them.

  4. Image for Julie L Johnson Julie L Johnson

    Can you tell us where you bought your sofas? I love them and would love to have them for our family room :)

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Julie, Here's the link: https://bit.ly/3eibnxT It's out of stock right now---but it goes in and out of stock! happy day! KariAnne

  5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Oh I just love this room. I love the whole house but something special about this bright sunny room. Do you hear the Pitter patter of my heart. We built a new house recently and it faces north, and is a ranch so not a lot of windows. I miss my east facing two story a lot, that we sold. Gorgeous room and fun read. Thank you

  6. Image for Karen Karen

    We have your rug thanks to you. Its a whopper 18x12. It's hard to fine large and beautiful in one package. Painting your bookshelves was a nice change. I liked the white ,too . Have a great week!

  7. Image for Betsy Betsy

    Love this room so much! I’ve bought two of the chairs and the rug after giving in to my love of blue! Thank you for your easy and reasonable hints.

  8. Image for Debbie King Debbie King

    Ahhhhh….. cleansing breath….I get to end my beautiful SC afternoon with you KariAnne! Always a breath of fresh air and such “joy” for me. My colors are the same as yours…..love the blues and whites!!! And love your Wednesday and other products, which I have weaved into our home. In fact I don’t think that I told you that a year ago I painted up a storm ….acrylics. I decided to make your gold painted frame. Can I say beautiful? No….amazing. Everyone comments on my painting and my beautiful hand made gold frame!!! Thank you KariAnne! Love you so much!!💖

  9. Image for Va in NC Va in NC

    How I love this room also! Love blue and white also. And I enjoy reading all your posts. Thank you for sharing your talents with all. And to also say I appreciate the sources Truly a gift to me as cannot spend hours searching for items on line due to eye problems.

  10. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    I love white and blue so much and enjoy your home from afar. I plan to move again and will use your ideas along with what I already have. Blessings


    KariAnne, your blue and white living room is just so beautiful! It really needs to be in a magazine! Just love all your personal touches! You always do such a fabulous job of decorating! I love everything you do. You always bring us so many great ideas that we can incorporate into our homes. Thanks for being so special and always thinking about all of us. You are appreciated more than words could ever say! Bless you for being so precious!

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