Looking for simple tips for decorating with blue and white? Here are easy ideas to add blue and white decor to your home.

When I was young and in love with my first house, I went all blue and white with my decor.  I remember thinking it was the most beautiful color combination on the planet.  It literally covered every inch of my tiny house.

Plates I bought at thrift stores.

Blue and white painted floor cloths.

Blue and white toile drapes.

Everything blue.  Everything white.

All. The. Time.

And then?  One day, I looked at all that blue and white decor and it looked a little off.  It looked lame.  I was tired of it.  It looked old and dated and totally last century.  So I had a yard sale and sold everything blue and white and ran out and became friends with black and white and khaki.  And then gray showed up to the decorating party.  I hung out and partied with neutrals.

Blue and white decor, who needs it—I thought.

If only I had realized one of the truisms of life—everything old becomes new again (except maybe stirrup pants).

Hello 2018.

Meet my living room.

Here’s where we started.

This is the living room the day we moved in.

Here’s a view from the dining room.

And the front door.

I brought in the furniture I had from the farmhouse and filled it up and decorated it with neutrals.

And it looked like this.



So 2016.

blue and white decor living room

I need color I thought and I reached back into the way-back machine and remembered when blue and white was my boyfriend all those years ago.

So I gave it my number again.

And this rug showed up.


It was just like the good old days.  Me and my blue and white.  The rug wasn’t enough.  I need more, I thought.

So I rearranged and moved furniture and got some new chairs.  And now?

The living room looks like this.

blue and white decor in the front room

decorating with blue and white decor


Blue and white where have you been all my life?

Now I know what you are thinking.

I can hear you loud and clear.

You are raising your eyebrows and shaking your head and patiently asking….


blue and white decor striped chairs

First of all.

They are still with me.

I’m using them in the upstairs bedroom makeover.

blue and white decor ideas

Second of all—they were a little heavy for all that blue and white decor, so I’m saving up for new curtains in here.

I was looking at these or these.

Or I might go all super bold with these.

I’m ordering swatches because I’m already mixing several blues and I want make sure they all work together.

(total decorating aside:  please always take a moment to order swatches—the colors on your computer are sometimes not your friend).

I’m also thinking about adding faux wood paper to the back of the bookcases like I did here at the farmhouse.

blue and white decor bay window

These new chairs came from Wayfair.

Super good value for the price.

They are a little on the small side (which I like) and the seat is cushy and comfortable and the legs look high end.

I’m not sure how well they might hold up in a room with lots of wear and tear or a room with Buddy.

I’ll keep you posted.

brass sphere

I’m also adding in a few new brass accents.

Like these brass spheres from Hobby Lobby.

(total bargain aside:  Watch for these to go on sale.  Spheres are their own category and don’t fall under wood or metal so make sure they are on SALE before you buy).

I think this one was about $8.99 on sale.

And I’m shopping for more blue and white decor and plates at yard sales.

blue and white decor pillows

Some of the other fabrics I was looking at didn’t work, so I went with some new friends.

I got this fabric from JoAnne’s.

It’s from the new line by Kelly Ripa.

A little pricy—so wait for it to go on sale.

The other pillow is a fabric from Hobby Lobby I got on sale for $3.25/yard.  I sewed the pillows myself and filled them with down inserts from IKEA.

blue and white decor flowers

Now I need a little help.

Can you chime in with an opinion?

It’s still not perfect. I’m working on accent colors.

Maybe coral?

Maybe red?

Maybe yellow?

Like these yellow roses of Texas I just cut from the garden.

And that reminds me of a story.

Of course it does.

Life lived in blue and white is so much better….

…when it’s sprinkled with stories. 🙂

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  1. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Coral or yellow. Coral is very hot this year while yellow is very timeless. Or you could do a little of all three. Find a pretty floral, if you like florals. But just a little. Happy choosing! ;)

  2. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Oooooooo!!! It's so beautiful! I love it (better than the neutral) but then again, I'm a blue fan. The room now has great personality. I've always loved yellow and even though coral isn't really my color, it is pretty with blue. I can't decide either. Can't wait to see what you do! Oh, and I love the second choice of curtains, the Indonesian blue. Awesome! ❤

  3. Image for Connie Connie

    So pretty. I like the first curtain choice if the color is right. Personally I would go with yellow as accent color..

  4. Image for elizabeth@pineconesandacorns elizabeth@pineconesandacorns

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful transformation! I loved your old living room but if I can be honest, your personality which I only know from your book and your blog, and your love of red lipstick always has me thinking that you are hiding your rainbow of rooms from us. I always picture your house in a riot of color, tastefully and beautiful combined with all of your found items and wonderful painted furniture. This room needs to be in your newest book and in many, many magazines!

  5. Image for LA Tann LA Tann

    I second coral as an accent color! Also would work well with rust tones when fall arrives......nice transition to another season. Am really enjoying the new look in your "new" home. Vicarious decorating......much easier on my pocketbook! Happy Monday to all.

  6. Image for Michelle Baker Michelle Baker

    OOh, go with the Indonesian Blue curtains. Pops of yellow and that room will be your boyfriend for a long time!!!

  7. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Navy and chartreuse are my favorites lately! Your living room is welcoming and inviting and oh so beautiful!

  8. Image for Susie | Chelsea Project Susie | Chelsea Project

    Love seeing you embrace color! Your living room is AMAZING. I have coral popping in my living room right now and love it. Would be thrilled to see how you use it. #ideastosteal.... LOL... I mean borrow. XOXO ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  9. Image for beverlee beverlee

    I like the whole room! And, I like the blue and white stripe drapes on that site....timeless. The prints are just too much.............(for me) Pale yellow would be pretty in there...

  10. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Yesterday I made a “blue” deal with myself. This time, when blue and white peaks and then fades - as it inevitably will in the current lightening speed trendy timeline - I’m sticking with you!

  11. Image for Danielle Keller Danielle Keller

    Oh my goodness, girl! You slay me! Just read your Yellow Rose of Texas story. Hilarious! Anyway, I’m going to go against the majority and say yellow. Since we’re coming out of spring and heading toward summer, yellow is the perfect pop of color. It’s happy, and sunny, while timeless and classic. And since lemons are all the rage now, you can slap a big vase or bowl full of lemons in there, and voila! Instant happy.

  12. Image for Pam Pam

    CORAL!! And I love that your are putting color in your home. All that white just sends chills up my spine (not the kind like when you wake up first in the morning & see that cute guy sleeping on the next pillow & after 41 years, wow, he's still so cute). It takes me back to my 1st nursing job in the OR- white walls, white floor, white linens, white gowns & masks= whoa, i can almost the betadine! (that certainly dates me) So, YES! CORAL! Maybe it's the "new orange" of the 70s betadine! Ha! Your new home is really growing beautifully.

  13. Image for lisa lisa

    I LOVE that rug. Where did you get that? And I have always been a fan of blue. I think it is a classic that really never goes out! Love what you did.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      It was such a great value for the money! I LOVE the pattern on it and I got it at Overstock. Here's the link: https://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Safavieh-Madison-Vintage-Medallion-Cream-Navy-Distressed-Rug-10-x-14/13298190/product.html karianne

  14. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Coral ~ it's my favorite color to WEAR and I think everyone looks great in it! (So when you are taking pictures of people sitting on the furniture, the coral will highlight them just as well as good lighting~ HA!!!) I also do love yellow~ it's all summery and cheerful, too. Whichever you choose, it will be fabulous. Love the bold change!

  15. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Yeah...now you are speaking my language. Loving the blue and white. My personal preference would be yellow...but coral would be lovely, too. Best part....it’s an accent color...so you can switch it at any time. May I suggest adding some green....as in plants? Enjoy your Day! ;)

  16. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Love the blue and white-use it in my house. Our accent color is green. Either yellow or coral would be beautiful-you could do a mix of both and change for seasonality. I mix it up depending on which color I am getting (sweet peas, peonies, zinnas) from the garden. Looks so fresh in your room! Love choice number 2 for the curtains.

  17. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Beautiful! And I'm also a big fan of blue and white. I love the first curtains- Kerala- in fact I'm sending that link to my daughter for her home:) Coral sounds nice, but those yellow roses are pretty too.

  18. Image for Sara Sara

    LOVE the Indonesian Blue drapes! What about a bright chartreuse green for a pop of color! Love your book and your style of decorating!

  19. Image for susan Osborne susan Osborne

    Years ago I started with blue and white, eventually red crept in more and more....I loved it, and everything seemed to go with everything else with ease. Then something "happened" in my head- earlier this spring, when I was cruising the 'net for a new area rug. I happened upon a stunning carpet that was not at all in the red white and blue thing I had going. Now I have brilliant orange/purple/ pink rugs with navy hints in oriental or boho styles, and am working on "new to me" furniture or slip covers for my current furniture, and what to do with the windows? I do love your blue and white theme- so peaceful without being boring.

  20. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Blue and white has always been a favorite of mine...from toile plates and skirted dressing tables to chairs that I have just refused to recover. So happy you found its number and dialed it again. Beautiful. My blues in a bedroom need a redo. Thank you for the reminder!!

  21. Image for Erin Erin

    Blue and white rugs you "joined" in 2015...I like this one better. Softer. Love those chairs!! But the reviews say they are hard, so I guess not for me and my old bones. Blue and white and yellow Are classic. Country Home (or is it living, I always get them confused) has a blue and white issue every year. Many times with yellow.

  22. Image for Kathy L Kathy L

    I love the blue and white you've added to the room! I think yellow accents are my first choice, and then possibly coral. :)

  23. Image for Ann Newton Ann Newton

    Well......you can never go wrong with blue and white!!! It’s been my favorite for years. I would warm it up with just a few yellow touches...not too many! I have yet to understand the greys ( or grays ?) I can see maybe a grey with some brown tones in it but not that “steel’ color. Guess I’ve spent too many winters in Kentucky for that!! Love your blog! I’m 75 and still love to decorate and update my house!

  24. Image for Diane Moon Diane Moon

    Try some green plants, real or faux, and maybe chartreuse. Green is such a good friend to Blue, especially Navy!

  25. Image for Donna Gerardi Donna Gerardi

    I love, love, love it!!! 💙💙💙💙 And I think GREEN is a great compliment to the blue. It keeps it cool and fresh. 💚💙💚💙 However, I know you will make it all look gorgeous, like you always do. And keep the never-failing-to-make-me-laugh (and often cry) stories coming.

  26. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Hello, hello, hello! Love blue and white ever since my husband started making regular trips to Aruba (poor guy, right?) for business bringing me back gifts of blue and white from the island. Since the island was settle by the Dutch, they sell a score of blue and white porcelain. So I decorated our guest bedroom with it and painted the walls a sage green with accents of rose and yellow. The blue and white in my room was beautifully set off against sage green. I don't think the sage green would work as well as an accent, however, in a predominantly blue and white room, such as yours. But I'm loving the idea of yellow roses in there. And how Texas is that?! By the by, I really liked the first curtains option...

  27. Image for Gina Gina

    So beautiful!! Happy to see blue and white come back - it truly is a gorgeous combo! Would you share where you got the rug?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      It was such a great value for the money! I LOVE the pattern on it and I got it at Overstock. Here's the link: https://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Safavieh-Madison-Vintage-Medallion-Cream-Navy-Distressed-Rug-10-x-14/13298190/product.html Happy day rock star! karianne

    1. Image for karianne karianne

      Suzanne, I LOVE the pattern on it and I got it at Overstock. Here's the link: https://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Safavieh-Madison-Vintage-Medallion-Cream-Navy-Distressed-Rug-10-x-14/13298190/product.html Happy day rock star!

  28. Image for Pinky at Designs By Pinky Pinky at Designs By Pinky

    I love, LOVE blue and white! I have a large collection for sure! I love the combo of blue and white with orange. My color that I pair it with is more of a rust color, not bright orange! I LOVE IT! I just think blue and white with yellow is so predictable but you have to go with what YOU love. Plus I'm not real fond of yellow. Your living room looks amazing and I can't wait to see what you decide for another color!

  29. Image for mary mary

    Love blue and white...I can't think of a color that doesn't look great with it, but listen to the roses. BTW, could you tell us your source for the rug?

    1. Image for karianne karianne

      Hi Mary! I got it at Overstock and I just LOVE it! Here's the link: https://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Safavieh-Madison-Vintage-Medallion-Cream-Navy-Distressed-Rug-10-x-14/13298190/product.html Happy day rock star!

  30. Image for Erin R Erin R

    Ok, first I like your second voice of "these" curtains. lol Now, I'm going to be the odd ball, but like the blue and white as is, without the third color. You can always use pillows and flowers with each season to add a third color. With all that said, I love your room, just love it. It's bright and crisp. I'm a coastal old lady, so, anything blue and white, touches my heart. ;)

  31. Image for Rhonda Rhonda

    The living room is very pretty and crisp in blue and white! Love it! If it were my room, I'd choose pink or green as an accent color, but coral is close enough! :) And I'd replace the lovely white ironstone hanging on the wall with blue and white transfer ware. It's been lots of fun watching your house take on its wonderful personality!

  32. Image for Liz Liz

    Love your living room, I was a huge blue fan for years and then got bored with it. I just started using it again this past winter and in love it. I added pink, blush and blue for spring.

  33. Image for kddomingue kddomingue

    Welp.....since you asked.......yellow......with a few little bits of coral and some green plants and the second curtain if the colors are compatible. Second curtain seems like the perfect balance. First curtain looks a little too timid while the third curtain is so bold that it would steal all of the attention. (not seeing them or the room in person of course And just going by photos) And, I know that I'm weirdly wired, but blue with a little white? Not a fan. But white with deeper blues as the secondary color? I love it!

  34. Image for Keli Keli

    Keep curtains textured white or minimally blue so that the other blue decor shines. Also I ageee with Brenda a mix of the coral yellow and blue word look great

  35. Image for Jillian Jillian

    Very pretty. Being mildly OCD I would have to have the couches across from each other for balance. For reasons I do not understand I am bored with yellow or coral as an accent. Everyone does the same things. I like that chartreuse idea, and because I love raspberry that is what I would put in there. Or even hot pink for summer.

  36. Image for Marie Marie

    I vote for orange. Yes, orange! My son's room is a very pale sandy neutral with navy as the main color (upholstered headboard) with dark orange (not rust) accents. His bed skirt is blue/white ticking stripe and the rug is kind of like yours, Some of the accessories are white, as are all the trim and doors. The throw pillows are the same ticking with some other interesting blue pillows I've found thrown in for interest. The curtains are an Ikat pattern similar to your first choice.. His favorite part of the room is the dark orange mid-mod chair I found at the Salvation Army for $15. The room is just masculine enough for him but still pretty enough for me :). No matter what color you ;pick, I'm sure it will look gorgeous. I think coral would be a nice summer accent and maybe the dark orange for the cooler months.

  37. Image for Linda Linda

    I love blue, white and yellow. To me the colors combined reflect cheerfulness. It is so light and refreshing. Love the room!

  38. Image for Kris Kris

    I think your neutrals were beautiful in your previous home, but for some reason, THIS house needs a pop of color and you have achieved it! Personally, I prefer no draperies since you have such beautiful woodwork, but if you have to go with draperies, I like your first 2 choices--last one is kinda hectic, visually. I also have made the journey from blue and white onto other colors and am finding myself veering back towards blues. I love yellow with it ... coral would be okay ... not loving the red idea--it would look like you were going for a magazine "patriotic shoot" to me. I agree with some other's comments that greens would be fun--here's the thing, if you keep your accents small, you could swap them out seasonally and then you could experience all of your palette ideas! Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

  39. Image for janice janice

    Re doing our new home. Camel, navy and orange! Love the orange. Small doses, pillows on sofa, orange vase and orange chair cushions on dining room seats. Orange has refreshed it all! I love it! I think it will look good all 4 seasons, since I decorate with all gold, just about for Xmas. It looks great in the fall, of course and winter it's cheery. Summer has been good too! I absolutely love it! Haven't had any orange since the early 70's!

  40. Image for Rosanna Rosanna

    What about a soft sea green?Or a lime green?Not really a big fan of blue;but this is very pretty!!Or-you could even go with a pale aqua/blue green...whatever you come up with will be an epic story I’m sure..👍

  41. Image for James Carrico James Carrico

    So pretty....I'm a big fan of blue & white......as an accent I love the soft yellow roses.... coral would look good also depending on the shade....and not sure I can see red in the mix....

  42. Image for Gina Gina

    Blue and white. Lovely classic. Yellow is good and safe. Green is bolder. Fushia is boldest, but I think young and fresh. Maybe in silk flowers and accents. I think someone else suggested raspberry. And this is coming from a neutral lover.

  43. Image for Becky Becky

    Beautiful room! I would love pops of coral and hope you might consider leaving the windows bare. The sunlight streaming unadorned is perfect! Also adore the loveseats. Where did you find them?

  44. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Your curtain choices are really pretty and will look great in your room. However, if you're of a mind to make some yourself, or know someone who would make them for you, you should consider this fabric.....Kaufmann's "Check Please", in "Lakeland". If I knew how to do a link, I would, but you can Google it! Happy decorating!

  45. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Like you, 15 years ago my entire existence was blue and white. I, too, believed it to be sooo out of date that I got rid of 90% of it. Oh, how I wish I had some of it back as I am beginning to re-instroduce it in my black and cream house. I agree with the idea of the accent color being manageable so that seasonal (color) changes can be made. The raspberry suggestion sounds so yummy, but no matter what direction you go, it will be fabulous. McKinney is one of my favorite girl get-away destinations; I so wanted to personally see your house and meet you when I was in town several weeks ago. After reading your blog for so long, I feel we are best friends! :) Thank you for sharing your wonderful decorating talent and creative writing. I feel blessed to tag along your journey!

  46. Image for Beth Beth

    I'm with Becky (previous comment) W here did you find the loveseats? Our master has been in Blue toile and "Rope" from SW for several years and still in love with it;

  47. Image for Marnie Marnie

    Love the new additions to your living room. As far as pops of color — what would you think of a little orange in the fall and fushsia, green or yellow for spring and summer?

  48. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    I'm all about red for the accent color. It's my favorite color and it accents my blue (denim) and white decor. My mom is all blue, white and yellow.

  49. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    Wow! Is this really your living room? LOVING the blue... what a transformation it makes and so fresh for Spring. As an accent, while I love the color coral, I have always thought that blue and yellow make a nice couple... 🤗

  50. Image for Jean Miller Jean Miller

    I love your new blue and white room. Your settees are just what I'm looking for. Where did you get them?

    1. Image for karianne karianne

      Jean, Here's the link to the loveseats: https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/acme-furniture-alianza-loveseat-cmu1856.html I got them over at Wayfair! Happy day friend!

  51. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I have decorated with blue and white for decades. I never cared what the trend was, just loved my blue and white. Now I add in some gray, which seems more modern to me. I use pink accents as my warm color. It always looks fresh and inviting.

  52. Image for Mary Mary

    I have been using blue, white and yellow for years. In the summer a pop of pink as it is in my armoire that was hand painted. I moved to,Texas a few weeks ago and in the process of doing the decorating my cute little house. So once again I will begin with blue. I used Repose Gray in my house with dark laminate flooring. Off to a great start. So keep adding to your new look and I will follow your lead if possible. New book coming in handy. love the striped chairs. Thinking about adding to my Living room. Had one a few years ago and loved it. Thanks for the new look in your living room.

  53. Image for Katharine Moore Katharine Moore

    I use raspberry pink accessories from March until October(ish) and change them out for red in anticipation of the holidays and the colder weather. Making the change always wakes me up to my blue and white rooms,

  54. Image for JC at the uncommon pearl JC at the uncommon pearl

    Oh, you have done a gorgeous job! It is so fresh but classic, and still feels "neutral" to me. I say why not change the pop of color with the seasons. All of those colors you mentioned would look lovely at different times of the year. Pillow covers, throws, fresh flowers. It could be ever changing. I like the second "these" curtains, but you are right, it is so hard to see the true color on your computer. I'm so glad Wayfair and others have return labels and easy return policies. I just hauled a rug to Fed Ex!

  55. Image for Martha Harris Martha Harris

    I love where this room is headed. I've always been hesitant to use white, like the blue and white striped chairs and your curtain choices, but seeing this tells me how well it works. The one question I have is how do you know a chair is going to be comfortable when you order online?

  56. Image for Brenda Thompson Brenda Thompson

    Love your new living room. You give me great ideas. I now have a new couch from Birch Lane that i love in a silvery gray color. New rug from Wayfair, in grays, blues and yellow. and new curtains from Ikea in a two tone grey. Love the new look. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!! You decorate your home so beautifully.

  57. Image for Margo Margo

    OH, glory be! I have always loved blue and white also, And like you, I wandered away from it for a few years, but not it's back in my life also. Thank you so much for this post. I absolutely love every single thing you have in your room and love the choices of drapes. Can't wait to see what you choose.

      1. Image for karianne karianne

        Margo, It was such a great value for the money and it is so awesome! I got it at Overstock. Here's the link: https://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Safavieh-Madison-Vintage-Medallion-Cream-Navy-Distressed-Rug-10-x-14/13298190/product.html Happy day rock star!

  58. Image for alda ellis alda ellis

    Yes! I was so ready to do away with all the burlap and neutral look. Love the lived in, loved in, charm with color.... Now the room is much more inviting....just so AWESOME !!!

  59. Image for Kate Kate

    Gorgeous makeover! I also love the new look with no drapes. I loved your old drapes and couldn't imagine taking them down, but you somehow made it look even better. It feels so open, fresh and bright. I would even consider removing the bookshelves just to give the room a little bit more breathing space. For an accent color, I would recommend a bold pink. I would hang some abstract floral artwork on the walls where those bookshelves are, in blue and pink hues.

  60. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    Love the redo. Looks fresh and airy. Either yellow or a spring green (I love blue and green together) for the summer months. I’ve noticed the trend right now is pinks. Whatever you decide will be lovely as always. It’s a process.

  61. Image for Kathleen of Woodstock, Georgia Kathleen of Woodstock, Georgia

    Love where you are going with your living room...Yellow....only my opinion now...Is not timeless...It is a happy color that you get tired of fast. ...Not that you do not want to be happy...But a beautiful pinky coral would be good. I have the same blue and white in my bedroom.Bought a Dash ad Albert rug with pink and corals...It has been in my room for several years and I ill Walk by my bedroom and Say.....Lord you make all things beautiful...You are amazing....

  62. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I actually shouted, "YESSSSS!!" when I scrolled from the picture of your old décor to the new blue and white! Classic, comforting, a little flirty...I love blue and white. It's like your old, soft, favorite pair of jeans. Never will go out of style. Never will let you down. Plays well with others...like yellow in the spring, lime green in the summer, deep orange in the fall and claret red in the winter. I'm so happy you've embraced blue and white again!

  63. Image for Crystal Crystal

    LOVE the blue and white!!! I have blue and white in my house and I change the accent color with the season...example: spring--pink..or lime green or yellow...., summer--red (for red,white,and blue)....fall orange or rust, or maybe olive green....winter--red for Christmas, and then neutrals for the rest of the winter. Sometimes I'll throw in a bit of red for Valentines Day...As the previous reader said, blue and white play well with almost everyone.

  64. Image for Teresa Teresa

    I think Coral is such a beautiful color with navy, blue and white and so summery. My second choice would be chartreuse which I think would be a edgier look. Your living room looks so beautiful and that rug is just gorgeous. I loved your jute rug as well especially for the summer months but it nice to change things up.

  65. Image for Gina Gina

    I don't comment very often, but today I HAD to....blue & white....be still my heart! It's so nice to see color & your living room looks divine!

  66. Image for Mary Mary

    KariAnne there is nothing prettier than blue and white. I have been going through blue skies and sea withdrawal since moving away from my beloved Greece and your home with those pretty colors is just what I needed to give me a perk and make me feel better. I think I'll also be adding these colors to my home.

  67. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    I've always been a big fan of blue and white. The living room looks gorgeous! I love the rug and chairs. I like your second curtain choice the best. Accent color? Coral or yellow has my vote. They will complement the blue instead of compete. What did you do with your old chairs?

  68. Image for Alison Alison

    Love the blue and white ! Never can go wrong with Yellow! Don't mean to be the bad guy here but I think I would go with light airy white curtains rather than a heavy print. Thats just me and my keep it fresh thinking. Add a few green plants (faux or real) and that would bring more life into the room.

  69. Image for Julia G Julia G

    Your living room looks so cozy. Love the blue and white and I vote for yellow as an accent color. I always enjoy your stories!

  70. Image for Penni Penni

    All is lovely and it seems like your room came to life! What about adding champagne pink as an accent? Have fun. Whatever you choose will be beautiful.

  71. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Ooooo, I love me some blue/white/coral! But, that yellow... or maybe gold? Cuz that brass sphere looks mighty perfect in that room. Are the sofas new, too? Talk about GORG, KariAnne! Pefection, friend!

  72. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, I just love the living room! Blue and white has long been my favorite. Yellow is a wonderful accent color, buy lately I find that pink holds a lot of appeal. Have a happy day!

  73. Image for Beth Minger Beth Minger

    Coral and please, please, please - the first choice on the drapes. Also in other news thanks for the heads up on half price drapes - I had not seen them before!!!👏👏😘


    LOVE the blue!!! As far as an accent color, I was about to say "you live in Texas, so of course it must be yellow." But living in Alabama, I know how miserably hot our summers get and I was thinking maybe reserve yellow for winter when you want to brighten things up and bring in some soft green for summer to have a cool, soft color palate. And the curtain choices are all beautiful!

  75. Image for Christie Christie

    Love the new direction! The wonderful thing about accents is they can change at a moments notice. I personally love yellow during the warm months than could go coral during the fall and red for the holidays. Question though... how do you manage to buy furniture online without doing a sit test first? My family is made up of tall and fun sized people so we never seem to be able to feel comfortable in the same chair.

  76. Image for Joan Sommerfield Joan Sommerfield

    I vote for yellow accents in summer and cherry red in winter. Make it easy to change things out and in a few minutes you have a whole new room. Cantaloupe is another pretty accent with your blue and white if you got tired of yellow in summer.

  77. Image for Crystal Crystal

    Late to the party because I was away on a little trip. Love option one for the draperies. I would never have broken up with my blue and white boyfriend, (WHAT???? We had the SAME boyfriend? Oh that little dickens) But when we moved to our current house and got dark brown leather furniture (for Mr B) and the house had stained oak cabinets that I'm not allowed to paint...yes, he is that opinionated. sigh...... and the blue and white just felt......wrong. My boyfriend of many years never looked comfortable, I guess he was hanging out at your house. So I made friends with neutrals. I'm happier, my house is happier. I do look longingly now and then at my old friend, blue. But I'm OK that we're divorced and he's hanging with you again. No better people to be with than you and Miss Mustard Seed. Maybe I'll add a dash of red. hmmm..... Last, green! as in plants, no room is truly a comfy, cozy space without greenery, preferably live. but some of the fauxs are wonderful now. I'm not a fan of yellow, my least favorite color! (not that should impact your decision) coral is too trendy...but green....green, like blue and white, never goes out of style. I love your new room and if you don't need the curtains for privacy, why have them at all? So much beautiful light. OK, I'll stop now.

  78. Image for Cathy Clark Cathy Clark

    GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE blue & always have! Love how you just added some---I tend to get carried away sometimes! :-) Are the blue striped chairs comfy?

  79. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    Did you get new couches or did you move them from a different room? I love the new look. I have to say I love neutrals too. I love any room that has a calming feeling. It is fun to see how our tastes change with the seasons and also how the things we love from the past become new again. Always love reading your blog. Thanks for brightening my day!!!

  80. Image for Patrice Patrice

    Granny Apple Green!! it's vibrant and for summer is really refreshing.... My new home is going for that pallet...with some coral thrown in...since I'm at the beach. In the autumn/winter you can replace it with a russet red or deep coral.

  81. Image for Ellenann Ellenann

    Blue and white has always been my all time favorite! I love it with yellow because it’s so French Country. My favorite choice of curtain is the second one, with the second choice being the first. Sorry, but I’m not too fond of number three.

  82. Image for Laurin Laurin

    Love the second option for curtains. I love any of these colors with the blue and white: coral, yellow, or lime green. You could also put a colored backing to your bookcases for a better pop of color against the wall. .Whatever you do it will be beautiful like the rest of your home.

  83. Image for Peggy Peggy

    I love your addition of color. I have enjoyed looking at all the neutral rooms but to live in that day in and out for me would be hard. Love seeing color being introduced once again for a little flare. Can’t wait to see which color you pick for an accent. You can choose one for summer and change is up next season. How fun!


    Your Living Room looks lovely, KariAnne! Your new chairs and sofas are beautiful! I love your blue and white! These are my colors too and I just love them! My favorite accent color is yellow but I do change accent décor with the seasons. Hope you and your hubby and family can find time to just relax and enjoy your beautiful new surroundings! Blessings! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

  85. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I love blue and white. Do you regret selling the dishes? I'm wondering what you had... Your rooms look fantastic now! https://jeanneselep.blogspot.com/2011/01/hutch-of-blue-and-white-china.html

  86. Image for Amber Ferguson Amber Ferguson

    Karianne it is all so gorgeous! I hope you will come over and link up at Thursday Favorite Things so I can feature this "bluetiful" post at next week's party! Have a great weekend coming up! https://followtheyellowbrickhome.com/inspiring-diy-projects-and-makeovers-at-thursday-favorite-things/

  87. Image for Trish Trish

    A touch of rose here and there would be fabulous. Also, would love to know where you found the rug? Love it and my color scheme is also blue and white and need a rug. Thanks

  88. Image for penny luckenbaugh penny luckenbaugh

    I fell in love with blue and white as a teenager, when my aunt told me the legend of the lovers on her willoware dishes. I have never fallen out of love. I have always had a blue and white house. Your room is beautiful and peaceful

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