Contrary to popular opinion, some bloggers take until December 9 to finish their house.

You’re looking at one.

I know you read this blog and on the surface, it might appear like I have it all together, but truly? Just between us? This year I was dragging my Christmas feet.

Taking my time.

Getting distracted by Christmas carols and good books.

So it was that yesterday I finished the last tree and hung the last ornament and turned on the fire and plopped down in this chair with a feeling of self-satisfaction and a tummy full of coffee….

….and this.

A front of the house that I decorated completely differently from the back of the house.

Does anyone else have a house like this?

A little Christmas decorating that is ALL OVER THE PLACE?

Can we discuss?

Would it help if I started with an explanation? A little background? A little information that helps explain how the reverse mullet Christmas decorating entered the picture.

See, I used to live in this farmhouse.

If this is your first time visiting or you’ve been away from the blog or if you googled farmhouse decor and are just finding me today…

….this is the rest of my story.

It’s about a girl named KariAnne who loved a farmhouse.

It’s a tale that started at the end of a country road with hay and cows and barns and it has ups and downs and joy and sorrow.

And then?

Life happened.

She followed her husband her heart and moved back to Texas to take care of family.

But the best part of the story?

She didn’t move back into any old home.

She packed her bags and her farmhouse decor and these wood Christmas trees on the kitchen counter.

And moved back to the home that she grew up in.

That’s me.


Living in my new (old) home with boxes and boxes and boxes of farmhouse Christmas decor.

It’s what I have.

It’s what I know.

I love the farmhouse look and the vintage feel and the history of all that has gone before.

The story of all that before.

But then?

Then there’s this other part of me that yearns for color.

And bright.

And happy.

And merry.

And so?

The front part of the house looks like this.

There’s a whole lot of blue and white going on.

I know it’s random.

I get it.

I understand.


That’s me.

A little random.

A little scattered.

A little bright and merry.

And a little farmhouse.

I think I have Christmas decorating ADD. I go in the front rooms and I love it. And then I drink a cup of hot chocolate and I go into the back of the house and I love it, too.

And the funniest part?

It’s all so me.

Sometimes I’m serious and thoughtful and calm and sometimes?

I’m all about the EXTRA.

See what I mean?

It’s exactly like a reverse mullet.

Business and neutral in the back.

And the front…

…is a Christmas party just waiting to happen. 🙂

PS Are you finished with your Christmas decorating yet?

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  1. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    Haha! Every Christmas I think I'm going to choose a color scheme and stick with it! And I never do. But I shouldn't be surprised. I'm fickle that way. One minute I want fresh, bright white paint with grass green in my home and the next I want creamy creams and browns to cozy up in! You've done a great job having a bit of all that you love!

  2. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    What a great color scheme! My DH would love it! The blue flows all over your home - the college boys will enjoy being back to see the beautiful Christmas scene! I love the grand staircase, and with the luscious balms bestowing the bannister, it's even more beautiful! A blessed Nativity season, Kairanne!

  3. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love it all! I change from room to room. The living room is one way, the kitchen another and the family room yet another. I think it all depends on what you love....and I love it all! Happy Christmas 🎄

  4. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Beeeeeautiful! All is calm....and then pops of red and green with the blue-Stunning! Love it all and your blog, my very favorite♥ Merry Christmas!

  5. Image for Connie Connie

    I love it. You should decorate anyway you want! It’s time to celebrate everything and you always capture it all. Love all your stuff. Be happy and just breathe. God is in control of everything. Sending you (((hugs).

  6. Image for Chris Chris

    I love it! I have something of almost everything going on. But each little something something triggers a memory, or smile, or joy to make my life and home a sweeter place for little ole me.

  7. Image for Danise Hirdler Danise Hirdler

    I love your decorations!! This is our first Christmas in our new home and I just wasn't feeling any of the decorations I had from our old house- the styles are so different! So I mixed a little farmhouse with a little English Cottage and found blissful me. It really is all about creating a space that makes you feel home. Thanks for all of your beautiful ideas :)

  8. Image for Nancy Sharp Nancy Sharp

    Your house looks beautiful and very normal to me.😄 After you’ve been married 56 years, lived in 15 different houses, you have a lot of different Christmas decor. Many, many of these pieces have sentimental value and MUST be put out every year according to my family. Throw in a few newer things and you have a lot of decorations! My family usually helps me decorate at Thanksgiving. But thanks to Covid no help this year.😢

  9. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    OHHHHH SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love it! And I think I have the same ADD condition! LOL I love both ideas. Okay. Two things: one, where did you get those beautiful blue and white ornaments? They're wonderful! And two, what happened to the wood trees hubby was going to make and sell? 😁❤

  10. Image for Denise Denise

    DITTO. . . . just LOVE it all. It's perfect. Can you also share where you found your fireplace screen in the blue and white room? Really adds something special!

  11. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    HaHa! We have a blue and white decorated tree this year also. Love the calmness of it. And your home suits you. Love it!

  12. Image for Judy Feyen Judy Feyen

    KariAnne, as usual, you have outdone yourself. I love all of it. I know I have seen many pictures of your foyer and staircase, but maybe its your garland this year that drew my eye to your staircase and it's architectural millwork...It is outstanding! Merry Christmas

  13. Image for Becky Becky

    It's all beautiful! Why choose one when you can choose two... or three?!? I like my Christmas cookies that way too, haha! My decorating is done, because I'M done! Is there more in the boxes? Yes. But there's a nice sprinkling over most of the house, and it looks pretty, and I'm not worn out and cranky yet (not that I would EVER get that way over Christmas!😉), so I'm happy. 😁 Your house is fantastic!!!

  14. Image for Doreen Bednarski Doreen Bednarski

    Yes, yes, yes, sooo very beautiful. Nothing is better than blue and white by Karianne any time of the year!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS 🌲🌲🌲☃️⛄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  15. Image for Be Be

    As always, everything looks fabulous!!!! I am glad you let all of YOU be part of decorating your home. That's what makes it so special and sooooooo inviting for friends and family. Though this year is so very different, we have to remember to decorate for ourselves. It brings joy and happiness and bright lights and fun to me. Then our houses are happy whether anyone else gets to be with us or not. That spells HOPE and that's what Christmas brings to all of us, the Hope of eternal life. Keep up the good work!!! You inspire me!!

  16. Image for JC JC

    A perfect mix of cheery and serene! Quick quirky question.... what is that knob on the side of your vintage mirror at the bottom of the stairs? Is it to mount it or something else? It's charming whatever it is!

  17. Image for Lori Lori

    Ya had me at mullet! LOL!!! Your home is lovely decorated in 2 shades. My house is also done similarly as my husband has to have traditional red, blue, greens colors so I do that downstairs in one sitting area that he spends the most time in and then upstairs in the open kitchen living room space is white, icy blue and golds with white furry blankets, blue velvet couches and a touch of velvet mauve ribbons. So, we get the best of both worlds. Your story is a much better one though:0)

  18. Image for Kim K Kim K

    Hi! I’m fairly new to your blog, so I read the backstory first, as I opened today’s post. With tears in my eyes, I am so happy to see you are back full circle! What a fantastic story! I totally understand your reverse mullet Christmas! I, too, am ADD when it comes to Christmas! I want it all!! I think you did it beautifully!

  19. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    One time a dear friend who had never been to my house walked in the front door, stopped and said "If I walked into 10 houses, I would know immediately which one was's so YOU!" It was one of the nicest compliments. I think the same could be said about your beautiful's so YOU! And I simply adore it. Happy Thursday friend....I'm still decorating away, and plan to enjoy it the entire month of January!

  20. Image for Jackie Jackie

    Looks great. Besides it’s what you love. Every year I look at all the beautiful decorated trees and sigh. Every year I decorate our tree (green faux) with ornaments collected over the years and the angel on top. No ribbon but plenty of baby breath tucked into the branches. Some years it shines with all white lights. This year my husband requested colored, so I hit the button on the light controller and voila it’s his colored lights. The rest of the house is like your mullet. It does not necessarily match but it’s done with love, joy and happiness. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  21. Image for Joanne Joanne

    SO FUNNY! I love it! Your home decor is absolutely beautiful. I think what makes the decorations so special is that they are a reflection of the person doing the decorating. Years ago I was all about green and red, then switched to elegant white and gold, but now I truly love everything natural and white, farmhouse style. I do add a splash of deep red in our kitchen and master, and a deep forest green in the powder room to please my hubby. Our outside is also twinkling white lights and natural greens, so if I have to give him some color here and there so be Hope you have a wonderful Christmas , and enjoy your merry mash up!

  22. Image for Carol Karl Carol Karl

    I love the blue and white but I also love the red. I was thinking I'd go blue an white for Christmas this year but then, when I saw all the red and gold, I just couldn't help myself. Alas, I don't have a large house to display lots of decorations but the few I do have I'm happy with. Thank you for sharing this KariAnne.

  23. Image for Susan Susan

    This is just beautiful! I love all your blue and white throughout and the pops of red. I, too, am still putting decor together but will leave it up through Epiphany to enjoy! Where did you find the blue and white ornaments? Christmas Blessings!

  24. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I am soooo happy to hear someone else was dragging their Christmas feet. I thought I was the only one. Everywhere people had trees up the day after Halloween! Maybe I’m the last one...still sitting in the middle of decorating piles. Sorting. Piling. Creating. And it looks a whole lot of different everywhere. Your home looks beautiful. Perfect in every way.

  25. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    You decorate the way that makes you happy, you live there not me, but personally i think it's fantastic and oh, so merry and bright!!

  26. Image for Kris Kris

    You are the Christmas version of the Donny and Marie song. You are a little bit country ... And a little bit rock and roll. 😉

  27. Image for Claudia Groenevelt Claudia Groenevelt

    Blue and white have always been my colors. I love what you did. It looks fresh and new and yet traditional as well. Excellent!

  28. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Not a danged thing wrong with that - esp being in the business you are in. As for me? I love/d your calm neutral colorless farmhouse look. I am so allergic to too much party. But it truly looks AHmazing, too! To thine own self be true.

  29. Image for Carla Carla

    Absolutely love it. All of it! I have loved chinoiserie, blue willow, flow blue my entire life. I’m looking forward to incorporating more of it into my booth designs. Thank you for the inspiration!

  30. Image for Delanie Delanie

    I do believe we are kindred spirits. I also have decorating ADD, but not only at Christmas. I believe I would call my “style” Eclectic Traditional Modern Farmhouse. I love your home, your style, and the story of your home. So charming and sweet and, most importantly, so Southern!

  31. Image for Marta Decker Marta Decker

    Well, if that is what a mullet is all about, count me in!! Your house could not be any more beautiful and inviting!! You are my social media hero (or heroine). You NEVER DISAPPOINT!! Merry, Merry to you and your beautiful family! God bless!

  32. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    It all looks lovely! Your styles compliment each other. Me? I haven’t changed my Christmas decorations in a major way in 20 years. It’s always some variation of the same thing. You do you...I do me. I’m so glad we can still be friends! ;)

  33. Image for Marian Marian

    Karianne, you always make me smile. I love everything you do. You can do no wrong!!!!!! I am still decorating. That is the fun part. I am older, so I have done most everything. This year I am decorating from Christmases past. Who knew I would cherish my Mother's old ornaments? I want to wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Christmas.

  34. Image for Virginia Virginia

    Your house is beautiful, I love the different colors that you decorated with...especially the blue in your living area.I want to do my dining room in navy one day. You will have to give me some and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  35. Image for Sherry Duff Sherry Duff

    Your Christmas home is beautiful!!! I am just finishing up my decorating—but will constantly be add and tweaking quite often!! My dining room is in silver and gold, my living room has red plaid, cotton and greenery, and my kitchen has lots of red!! But it all makes me happy!! For a change this year, My daughter used navy, green and gold on her tree and mantle and it turned out so beautiful! I think everyone should decorate with what makes them a happy and what gives them the Christmas spirit!

  36. Image for Kelly Roberts Kelly Roberts

    Your house is decorated beautifully. I always think I'm going to decorate one of those designer glamorous trees, then I start getting out all of decor and it is very much traditional Christmas colors! And I love it! My living room is decorated in neutrals and lots of blue, but during the holidays, there are touches of blue, with lots of red. I think it is beautiful! I did do a little neutral decorating to my bedroom to give it a little bit of Christmas without all the color. And I love too!

  37. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    Yes, I have finished decorating, but be assured, it looks nothing like your gorgeous home. It's what I have, and I like it. My family likes it, also, so all is well in Taylorville. My prayer for you and your loved one and your followers and their loved ones this year is good health and a very merry and joy-filled Christmas, in Jesus' name, amen and amen.


    Your home is decorated so beautifully, KariAnne! Your blue and white tree is so pretty. I really like how you have decorated your banister this year. Your red items just add that little extra touch. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas home with us. Hope you can relax with your family and enjoy all your lovely Christmas touches. Bless you all during this wonderful time of the year.

  39. Image for Benita Arnett Benita Arnett

    Oh my goodness! Your just like me. Lol. I love different styles on different days. I also live in a new old house and I love it.! In a way it gives me the ability to choose what I like. Thanks for your post, Benita

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