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I had really big plans for this post.

I contacted some of my sponsors and asked them if they wanted to offer a discount code to all of you and then we could all shop together and get great discounts and talk about all our amazing finds and celebrate by drinking coffee.

Now the sponsors I have are amazing.

And wonderful.

And they offered discount codes and stocked their shops and told me how much they would love to have you visit.

But me?

Did you see that name?

Blog Shop.


That’s the best I could come up with?

I really wanted a catchy name like “Get Our Shop On” or “Shop Around the Clock” or “The Little Blog Shop that Could” with a really fun button that blinked with lights and a clown that popped his head out of the top and waved a banner.


Maybe next month.

So be sure and let me know if you have any clown connections…..

…..and in the meantime… away!

Tahra Collage

Designs ByTahra

Beautiful hand-crafted jewelry….personalized and one-of-kind at super reasonable prices.

I own some of her jewelry and it is amazing.

She made a mother’s necklace for me with all four children’s initials and I adore it.

It goes perfectly with red lipstick. 🙂

Tahra is offering a 15% discount for all Thistlewood readers.

Just enter the code:  thistlewood15 at checkout.

HOB Collage

House of Belonging

I wish Tiffini and I could have coffee together every morning.

She is funny and wonderful and so full of inspiration that you cannot help but smile.

She is such a slice of joy to me.

Just like her signs.

Each sign is handmade and looks like a vintage sign maker created it.

A vintage sign-maker…..that you would want to have coffee with. 🙂

House of Belonging is offering a 10% discount.  Just enter Sparrow10 at checkout.

TOP Collage

The Old Post Road

Trish is an artist.

And her paintings are whimsical and fun and full of life and scripture.

She’s sweet and funny and talented.

And she used to be a civil engineer.

I’m sure being a civil engineer was amazing….but I think the world is a better place since she became an artist.

Trish is offering a 25% discount to all Thistlewood readers (only off original artwork).

Just enter the code:  thistlewood25 at checkout.

Stacie Collage

Stacie Ann Designs

I loved Stacie Ann’s designs the first time I saw them.

I shamelessly begged her for the compass pillow that now sits on my window seat.

There’s something about a compass and burlap that go so well together.

Stacie Ann offers so much more than compasses, though.

Maybe I’ll shamelessly beg her for the Sunshine Pillow… 🙂

Stacie Ann is offering all Thistlewood readers a 15% discount.

Just enter THISTLEWOOD15 at check out

Eye Collage

Eye Charts

I wish I knew someone who was getting married.

Have you ever seen anything so cute?

And the Mother’s Day eye chart?

And the I Love You chart?

Gisele….you are a genius for creating eye charts we actually want to read.

Eyecharts is offering a 20% discount for Thistlewood readers.

Just enter:  justforme at checkout.

Redbird Collage

Redbird Cottage Art

I was once inspired by one of Dawn’s paintings in the fall…..that I drove it to the woods to photograph it.

There was just something about it.

When I placed it among the leaves and tucked it into a branch….it looked like it belonged.

That’s what I love about her art.

Each piece is a moment in time captured by the heart of a true artist.

Dawn is offering a 10% discount to all Thistlewood readers.

Just enter THISTLEWOODFARM at check out.



That was fun.

And exciting.

And I found some amazing ideas for birthdays and weddings and Mother’s Day.

Even with a name like Blog Shop. 🙂


PS  And now I need a little help.


Maybe you can suggest a much better name.

After all….we both know you’re the rock star.  🙂


Each of these shops are a sponsor of mine….but my opinions and complete and utter adoration of all these products are completely my own.

 For more information you can check out my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Image for Linda Southworth Linda Southworth

    You know how we all look forward to your posts and for me, I always have a morning drink to sip as I read your wonderful words of inspiration, humor and friendship. I would go shopping with you! That's a girlfriend activity and trust your judgement as we decide on our purchase. So how about GONE SHOPPING WITH KARIANNE or just SHOPPING WITH KARIANNE?

  2. Image for Karah @ thespacebetweenblog Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    Very cute take on the sponsor post! All that came to mind was "shop it like it's hot" ... because I've been staring at my new drop ceilings thinking I want to "drop 'em like it's hot" ... but we need to wait for a few things to happen before we can start.

  3. Image for Debra Schramm Debra Schramm

    I just ordered 3 original pieces of artwork from The Old Post Road for my newly redecorated guest room! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  4. Image for Marian Marian

    Why oh why am I broke? Tahra makes me weak. What if you called it "the Shops at Thistlewood?" That sounds like a bunch of fancy boutiques where you would just have to go lunch and shop with your friends when you had birthday money. Mmmmm birthday money. Alas,mine all got spent visiting Punxetawny Phil. Maybe I can visit the Shops at Thistlewood next year. 'Sigh'

  5. Image for Bliss Bliss

    I'm almost afraid to tell you I have a clown connection. You really do have great sponsors. And thanks to you, my 45 minute drive to Costco will be spent trying to think of a blog shop name. If the light bulb comes on with a great one I'll let you know, but in the meantime, Jackie's suggestion is PDG (pretty darn good). Bliss

  6. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I just bought the cutest necklace from Designs by Tahra for my daughter. Just because... :) Thank you for hosting this Blog Shop. Which by the way is a great name. Easy to remember.

  7. Image for Nancy Nancy

    The Shops at Thistlewood is a great name. As Marian says it sounds as if there are lots of boutiques. I Love the Artist EVERYTHING is wonderful.

  8. Image for Lorrie Lorrie

    Great shopping opportunities. The Blog Shop seems straight and to the point. But I'm kind of in a daze this morning anyway, so a catchy name would fly right by me.

  9. Image for Mrs. C Mrs. C

    Oh Ms. k, I need to make a cup of coffee and visit each one. Beautiful, beautiful things to behold, I tell ya'. You done good, bringing all these fine sellers together into one convenient "blog shop"! (I know, that you know, that I use bad grammar on purpose, to stress southern connections in southern hearts!) How I've missed stopping by here at TF. Good to see that you're still happy as a lark, bringing joy to your readers! I'll browse around and see what you've been up to lately, on your other posts. Good to be back blog-hopping, hope all is well w/ you and yours!

  10. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Alas, NO money to shop since we have to RESTAGE our old house and put it on the market AGAIN:(:(:( I love "The Shops at Thistlewood"!!!!! XO, Pinky

  11. Image for Linda Southworth Linda Southworth

    Hi KariAnne, I visited earlier today and offered SHOPPING WITH KARIANNE but the one I see now that is just the best is Marian's the SHOPS AT THISTLEWOOD. I would shop here and hope to find that special treasure to take home just for me or as a thoughtful gift. I know, visiting twice in one day :).

  12. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Karianne, you have some awesome sponsors. Really like the work at Stacie Ann Designs and the original art offered. Thanks for sharing. What about The Shops @ Thistle Wood Farms? '-)

  13. Image for Mary Lynn @ Wool Dust Mary Lynn @ Wool Dust

    Love "The Shops at Thistlewood". Or to get even more fancy, you could spell it 'Shoppes at Thistlewood'. Love your blog, just checked it out today. Thanks!

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