This farmhouse bathroom was recently remodeled in a turn of the century farmhouse. Featuring a claw foot bathtub and reproduction sink.


I should have taken more before pictures of this farmhouse bathroom.

This is the bathroom from before I started blogging. Before I ever knew that I needed before pictures. Just a simple photo taken when we bought the house that had no idea one day it would make the blog.

And I look at it and sigh.

And think.

Why oh why didn’t I take more?

Before I lifted a paint brush or a roller or a sander, I should have lifted my camera.

I mean…I have a few pictures, but they don’t really do the farmhouse bathroom justice.

Why didn’t I zoom in on that shell toilet seat?

Why didn’t I know that I would have a blog and that before pictures were essential?


I mean you barely see the wallpaper and the sink and the faux brass towel rings.  This is not an accurate representation of the true before.

I feel like my bathroom and I have let us all down.

Why didn’t I take more time with the before?

blue and white farmhouse bathroom

Maybe because I was too focused on the after.

The after that looks like this.

I was so all about the room with its new sink and its new paint color and its new storage and its new farmhouse accessories…

….that the before became a distant memory.

I wanted clean and light and bright farmhouse bathroom.

So instead of photographing terrible before shots……

…..I painted the walls.

This is one of my favorite farmhouse colors.

It’s called SW Gris.

Instead of photographing the process and journey, I hunted high and low for the perfect baskets on clearance and filled them with tea-stained flowers.

And put up a ladder with extra storage against the wall.

And tucked organic soaps into nests.

basket in farmhouse bathroom

Instead of creating tutorials and step-by-step instructions, I just painted signs.

Like this BRUSH and FLOSS set of signs that I created on old vintage wood.

You can see my sign painting tutorials here.

Next time I will know.

Next time I won’t be so unbelievably careless.

Next time I complete a before and after bathroom there will be so many before pictures that your head will spin.

plants in farmhouse bathroom

You can count on me.

I’ll be here.

And show up.

And bathroom represent.

NOTE TO SELF:  When starting a project take plenty of before pictures of the farmhouse bathroom when it looked like this….

…so you appreciate the after so much more. 🙂

farmhouse bathroom

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