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I was working on a project for a client that needed color.

You know. 

Brilliant. Wonderful. Amazing color.

The kind of color that shows up and represents and makes this entire world a better place. 

See this table and chairs? This is a whole lot of neutral going on. 

Neutral is great.

But to hold its own in the space, this table needed color. 

Are you ready for a little before and after?

Please buckle your seatbelt.

Here’s the color palette for the table and chairs.

See what I mean? Don’t these colors make you happy? Color with extra color piled on top. Here’s the entire color palette I used:

Front Porch SW 7651

Byte Blue SW 6498

Aquarium SW 6767

Jargon Jade SW 6753

Oceanside SW 6496

For this project, I wanted to try something new. Krylon Chalky Finish Paint is now found at select Sherwin-Williams stores. This paint can be tinted to over 1,700 Sherwin-Williams colors to add a little color to your next project.

It’s seriously so easy to use. The prep time is minimal, just a little sanding to prepare the surface and you are ready to paint.

The finished surface has an ultra-matte feel to it that looks like a professional painted your furniture for you.

We started with the table. We lightly sanded it and then wiped down the surfaces for a clean surface to paint on.

And then?

We painted it Jargon Jade SW 6753. To add extra color, I wanted to paint each of the chairs and the table a different shade. I’ve never used this color before and it’s so pretty. 

It created the perfect foundation to layer the other colors I wanted to use. We painted the edges with a brush and used a roller to paint the tabletop for a smoother finish without brush lines.

We sanded the chairs just like the table, wiped them down and painted each of them a different color. Each chair was painted one of these colors. 

Front Porch SW 7651

Byte Blue SW 6498

Aquarium SW 6767

Oceanside SW 6496

Here’s the finished table in the space.



It is one of the most FUN furniture makeovers I’ve ever finished.

Each color works perfectly together and layers in tons of color to hold its own with the black and white floor and oversized artwork.

The artwork in the back is actually a giant antique screen that they used to screenprint years ago.

The back porch has a black and white painted floor and white walls.

It was the perfect backdrop for the table and chairs.

We just needed color.


If you are looking for a paint that’s easy to use, I would highly recommend Krylon Chalky Finish Paint. It seriously was so easy to apply and the surfaces have a matte look to them that looks really high end.

And of course.

There’s the color.

You know. 

Brilliant color.

Amazing color. 

Bold color. 

The kind of color that holds its own and believes it can and shines brightly….

                                        ….and makes this world a happier place. 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams.

All opinions are my own.

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  1. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Such happy colors! Congratulations on hitting (another!) HOMERUN!! Love this table, chairs, artwork and the porch.


    Beautiful-love how they brighten the room! Love the mix of them together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Image for Elizabeth Williams Elizabeth Williams

    A question on a prior post. The Walmart chairs, did you buy them sight unseen, or do you have a close-by Walmart that carries them and you were able to see them in person?

  4. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    WOW!!! Great job! I only buy SW paint - love love love SW - and I need to check to see if our local one is one of the select ones that stock this chalky paint. Whoo hoo! Looks solid, ace.

  5. Image for Elaine Cunningham Elaine Cunningham

    It looks so happy!!! Any idea what kind of plant that is in the cute pot? I'm kinda into plants right now as I just moved into a seriously sunny home. Thanks!

  6. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    These are some beautiful colors and will be wonderful on those dreary rainy or snowy days. I need to try this paint, thanks Karianne and have a happy evening.

  7. Image for Margaret Mills Margaret Mills

    Did you paint 2 chairs white or is it the color on my phone that’s ‘off’? They look really good so I might try this paint-everything I do looks like a poor DIY. Love your daily doses of fun!

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