disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams.


I think by now you’ve figured out I’m all about a paint color.

And I’m all about a paint color project from Sherwin-Williams like this one and this one and this one.

I spend so much time at my local store they know me by name.  Here’s me when I visited a while back with my sparkly flip flops and my necklace I was trying to coordinate with the paint colors.

But here’s the thing.

What happens when I’m out of town?

What happens when I’m working on a project and I find an armoire that’s only $39.00 and I have the best idea to transform it and I don’t have my local store and my local paint professionals to help me?

The answer looks a little something like this.

I just go to the Sherwin-Williams store locator and put in my current zip code and find a store that looks like this.

I discovered this store on vacation.

It looks a little different than mine.

For starters, the floors look like this.

Have you ever seen prettier floors in your life?

The floors might be different.

But the paint colors are the same.

And my favorite colors were all there.

And the paint professionals?  I told them about the project and what I was trying to do.  They were helpful and kind and knowledgeable and even suggested some new paint colors that I hadn’t really been introduced to before and helped me explore these colors with their ColorSnap® system, which made it easy to pick just the right one.

And then?

They mixed up some of this beautiful navy.

Naval SW 6244.

(best navy ever if you like a classic color).

And then they mixed up some of my favorite white on the planet.

Alabaster SW 7008.

Good thing I found a home away from home.

I needed it.

Because I found THIS at a thrift store for only $39.00.

It was marked half off and then?  The thrift store was having a one day sale for another half off.

The bones were good.

The glass was a little cracked and the wood was a little orange and a little scuffed and a little rough around the edges.

But I knew it could be so much more.

So we sanded it and primed it with this primer and painted it with SW Alabaster and placed it against the wall.

And now?

It looks like this.

I literally can’t even.

Have you ever seen a $39.00 piece of furniture fill up an entire wall and look so beautiful in your entire life?

We replaced the glass on the piece with a thin piece of plywood.

I love how it updated it to 2017.

Then we took out the shelves and put the television inside.

Here’s the other side of the doors so you can see how we attached the plywood.

We also joined two of the doors on one side so they opened on a hinge.

This gave us a bigger opening for the television.

We kept the original wood handles.

There was something so mid-century-modern-meets-beach-house about them.

I love the color of the wood against the white.

And then I found these vintage chairs that were a little worse for the wear.

They got a coat of  Sherwin-Williams Naval.

Perfect best friend for the new armoire.

One more before and after for the road.

Thanks, Sherwin-Williams for helping me with all of my projects throughout the years.

I’m glad your products never let me down.

I’m so happy your colors make me smile.

But most of all?

I’m glad to know…

…I’ll always have a paint home just around the corner. 🙂

disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.





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  1. Image for Charlotte Snodgrass Charlotte Snodgrass

    It looks great!! And I LOVE the Naval on the chairs. We just painted all the trim and cabinets in our home with SW Alabaster, it looks amazing with SW Agreeable Gray we used for most walls. But my favorite is the SW Sea Salt in our master bath. I could go on and on about Sherwin Williams. It's one of my happy places.....and so is your blog!! Your new TV cabinet and chairs look great!!

  2. Image for Terri Terri

    Great post!!! And I'm smitten with Naval and Alabaster. My husband and I live in SW Florida. We discovered SW four years ago and use it exclusively (our local store is the best!) Our front door is painted Naval and the majority of our interior walls are Alabaster!

  3. Image for Teresa - LostMuleLodge.com Teresa - LostMuleLodge.com

    Nothing melts my heart like a great Navy and White! You nailed this girlfriend. When we were needing paint for the new house, Sherwin Williams had all my past colors on file, even a different store from across the state! Love them and Love you! Teresa

  4. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Oh my word, that's the best looking paint store ever! And the armoire? Perfect beach vibe going. Amazing how paint can transform the plainest looking furniture into amazing! Love it! Hugs, Cecilia

  5. Image for karen karen

    Yes sir , thats a transformation for sure. I am going to SW looking for some beautiful orange! Gonna paint a couple side table. Goes so beautifully with aqua.

  6. Image for Alice Hanson Alice Hanson

    KariAnne! Now that is a great transformation! Ugly duck to beautiful swan! Well done my friend! Smiles, alice

  7. Image for Joann Stegall Joann Stegall

    OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe it! It doesn't even BEGIN to look like the same piece. What a treasure! This is one of my absolute favs of all time. GREAT JOB!!! Love you!

  8. Image for Mary Mary

    Thanks for this on-spot timely post. I'm fixer-uppering an 80+ year old farmhouse and have found SW paints to be the best thing since sliced bread... Love the color overload I get when I walk in... Like a grown-up candy store. On the way into work this morning I was doubting a color choice I had made for my front screen door.. I had made up my mind to have it black, but let my mind wander in the paint store and came home with a very dark navy... Fearing it will eventually fade and be an odd blue, I'm rethinking back to black... Now, to end this bunny trail... I was wondering if "wall" paint could be put to use on furniture...NOW I KNOW.. thanks so much. Now, if I just wasn't at work and could PAINT something. PS.. I now have SW Repose Gray on my new/old walls. and looking at Alabaster for the trim.. suggestions from several past posts.

  9. Image for Diane Diane

    U r so right! It is beautiful. For me, the dollar amount, $39, will always have a special meaning. Years ago, I quit my job, literally walked out, promptly took my sickly kiddos out of daycare and headed to Kmart and bought an extra large wading pool for $39. It was the best $39 I ever spent in my life. My sickly kiddos became healthy kiddos in a short time. So whenever I hear of anyone else spending an extra special $39, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Lol. Also, its just about 39 years ago that I spent the best $39 of my life. Thanks for reminding of that. Again, your piece is absolutely beautiful.

  10. Image for PJ PJ

    First of all, I am so coveting those gorgeous old floors at your SW store. Am I correct in assuming this is on Cape Cod? Second, that furniture transformation is spectacular. I, too, am partial to SW Naval. I used it on my front door in California (feng shui says that navy is a good color for a north facing door). When I listed the house, the realtors commented on my gorgeous door which, before painting, was unsightly.

  11. Image for Sandi Sandi

    Thank you for your inspiration. I would have left this piece in the store, not a second thought. You have a very trained eye and I love what you did to it! I'll try and be more discerning in the future and look through your eyes!

  12. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    What a wonderful transformation. Love what navy and white can do to a room! Have a wonderful time at Haven!

  13. Image for Botanic Bleu Botanic Bleu

    KariAnne, Oh, my... sigh... so much to love. The paint store floor, the white armoire, the wood BEACH sign, the navy chairs ❦, the rustic white brick wall with the wrought iron fireplace tools... Is this in the house with the driftwood mantle over the fireplace? What a great room! Judith

  14. Image for Jenny Jenny

    So,coincidentally, I'm painting my teenager's bedroom this weekend with Naval and Alabaster .... they are both amazing colors!

  15. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I just love how you brought the 80s armoire into the 2017s with just a wink to the past by keeping the original drawer pulls. And may I add that the Naval and Alabaster are the epitome of beach-beautiful? Well, they are. And here I am in the middle of the Rockies wanting to go all beachy because of this makeover. Is that allowed?

  16. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    WOW!!! What a transformation - it doesn't even look like the same piece of furniture!?!? You did an amazing job - it looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing...... Happy Friday, Friend! :)



  18. Image for PC PC

    You have inspired me this morning to get on the hunt for a new to me armoire for the bath dressing area. We are coastal and I have a lot of white/gray/blue in the home.

  19. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Oh my dear heavens. This armoire is beyond delightful!! I'm sitting here trolling your blog while catching up on your book launch lives! :D Have the most lovely of days, sweet friend!! <3

  20. Image for Marie Marie

    This is absolutely stunning! I can't believe what a bargain you got on that hutch! You have truly turned it into a gorgeous piece of furniture!

  21. Image for Bonni Bonni

    Oh my gosh!! I would never have envisioned it looking like that. It's perfect along with the entire wall spelling out BEACH! Love it!!

  22. Image for Trudy Trudy

    You were right to leave those handles, it just perfects the piece. I'm coveting the whole room, especially the Beach sign. Perfect pairing!

  23. Image for Carol ("Mimi") Carol ("Mimi")

    What a fantastic find for only $39.00! The armoire looks great in it's new coat of paint. We've had great success using Sherwin Williams paint over the years, too. It's a good quality product. Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi

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