Looking for modern farmhouse ideas? Take a tour of this modern farmhouse with all of these farmhouse decor ideas. The inspiration starts with this ceiling.

Here’s a look at a beautiful, modern farmhouse that makes great use of simple materials and thoughtful design details.

modern farmhouse bedroom with wood ceiling

Welcome to part 2 of the most amazing modern farmhouse tour. When we left off at the end of the post the house was photographing itself and I was no longer speechless.

A typical Monday.

I showed you this bedroom and promised you the rest of the tour and that amazing things were ahead.

And I may or may not have been dancing and painting my nails purple.

Here’s the rest of the house starting with a closer look at that ceiling.

Grab your coffee and let’s go.

You might want to bring your own refreshment.

modern farmhouse barn wood ceiling
modern farmhouse chandelier with mirror

neutral bedroom modern farmhouse decor

Modern Farmhouse Tour With Vintage Finds

There are days when all is right with the world and a ceiling takes your breath away.

This was one of them.

I can’t even.

Do you notice how it kind of sneaks into the picture in every photograph?

I think it’s as all about itself as I am all about it.

dresser show house modern farmhouse tour


I think I spent 10 minutes just staring at the room and the ceiling and the hand-painted furniture and the artwork.

All while humming “Lavender’s blue dilly dilly.  Lavender’s green.”

More life lessons from Cinderella.

gameroom modern farmhouse tour

number 7

cork wall with dark board

Upstairs, the game room was really an idea factory.

Starting with this cork wall hand-painted with a dartboard.

Easy.  Simple.  Done.

barn wood wall

dart board

pumpkins and feathers modern farmhouse tour

And that barn wall over the bar.

And that swirling light fixture and those long corded beaded light fixtures.

And this hand made a bar-height table.

And these wood feathers.

upstairs show house modern farmhouse tour

bead chandelier

black and white bedroom modern farmhouse tour

And I learned something new around every corner.

Like the fact that you should never underestimate the power of a light fixture pattern on the ceiling.

Look how the light from the beaded chandelier creates another dimension to the room with the flip of a switch.

navy bedroom modern farmhouse tour

baseball wall

baseball modern farmhouse tour

Back downstairs was a baseball room.

And nothing says baseball like a row of bats.

And corrugated tin headboards.

And a giant baseball sign.

turquoise antique piece

blue bedroom modern farmhouse tour

painting area modern farmhouse tour

I brought the mini-thistles with me because they were on fall break and there’s a Target in Nashville.

And this is where they stayed.

This room.

I came around the corner to see them whispering and planning and decorating their own rooms with easels and jars full of paint and tiny cow pictures.

I understood.

I had just spent the last two hours doing the same thing with the rest of the house.

It’s just that kind of place.

It makes you sigh.

And hope.

And create.

And visualize and re-decorate and stop by the store on the way home and buy cork….

….and bring a little bit of creativity home. šŸ™‚

If you are all about modern farmhouse, here are some ideas to add a little bit of modern farmhouse into your own home:

  1. Rustic anything. The more rustic the better. You want to be authentic so repurpose items in your decor.
  2. Distressed wood. I have the best tutorial on how to distress wood in minutes here.
  3. Add a little bit of shiny. You want a little bit of hard edge in the modern farmhouse look. Think mirrors and metal and repurposed carts and angular edges on the occasional piece of furniture.
  4. Hang things on the wall that think outside of the box. Like this shutter wall or a bicycle wheel clock or even a clock made out of repurposed pallets.
  5. Keep your window treatments simple. You can make them out of sheets or even just simple linen curtains.
  6. Add layers of texture to a room.
  7. Elements of farmhouse style include natural materials, repurposed furniture and barn wood.
  8. Add tufted pieces to take the hard edge off of the modern design.

The key to modern farmhouse is to keep it authentic and real. Repurposing found items and add vintage pieces along with distressed and worn and timeless pieces makes the design feel timeless and cozy all at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed both tours and discovered a little modern farmhouse inspiration along the way.

PS You can start the beginning of the tour here.

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  1. Image for Diane and Dean DIY Diane and Dean DIY

    Gosh, it is move in ready us. We have the baseball player and girls for the pretty feminine room! We have used cork for one of our floors and love it. We just have to make sure any spills are cleaned up right away. I love the idea of putting it on a wall. Super creative. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos, KariAnne.

  2. Image for Rowena Philbeck Rowena Philbeck

    I love it. The ceiling is amazing too. I love the wood look. I also love the cork wall with the painted dart board. I oil paint on cork. I have never seen it on the wall. I really love that. The cork is a great background for oil painting dogs, ducks etc. Beautiful home!!

  3. Image for Cindy Brown Cindy Brown

    Oh, KariAnne, what a house!!!! Thanks for sharing it--I think I shall dream about it tonight! And if I ever win a large sum of money, I will hunt it down and give them whatever they ask for to take it completely furnished, as is! It is spectacular!

  4. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    I'm always amazed at how minimalistic decor is far more attractive than a display of every piece of everything set out and about. I'm constantly tweaking my own home to make sure I don't cross The Clutter Line. This home, like yours, is perfect. I enjoyed the journey!

  5. Image for Terri Terri

    Ummmm.... That Barn Wall in the game room ???? (did JoAnna Gaines sneak in during the night????? ) and those ceilings... oh those ceilings.... who can get past them????? Even though... that black beaded chandy is "A"mazing... did you happen to notice that fringed bedspread??? The details in this house are just beyond gorgeous!!! BUT REALLY .....KariAnne.... just another TYPICAL Monday?????????????????????? I think not!!! lololol .... So happy that you share!!!!

  6. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    I understand your OBSESSION! There are SO many ideas, little and big, that I'm wanting to incorporate into my home.

  7. Image for Debra W Debra W

    Oh my goodness!!! I love the ceiling, headboard, night stand, wicker looking pillow, the flowered painting, the round light fixture, wooden back-splash wall, ottoman, bead chandelier, cow paintings, the circular cart, and the painting.... The list goes on and on. Loving this house. Treasure after treasure. No wonder you just had to look at each and everything with admiration and A HEAPING DOSE OF WANTING IT ALL. Lol

  8. Image for Gail Gail

    Love this house. Love the head board with the tin. Love the fringed bedspread. The ceiling is a dream. Fantastic photography. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Image for Thistle Thistle

      Marian, He just smiled. It was only when I told him I needed a game room on the third floor with a cork wall that he raised his eyebrows. :) Hahahahaha! karianne

  9. Image for Karen S. Karen S.

    Wow... that is "outside the box" and into amazing, beautiful, creative and neutral. Everything that makes my "homey heart" sing. Thanks for sharing-- your my favorite. I got to go to The Chapel Market this year and sad you didn't make it. Oh well, another time. Blessing from the south =)

  10. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    I don't even know where to start. I need to pin every single picture for inspiration. What a gorgeous house. Every detail is perfect.

  11. Image for cynthia s. cynthia s.

    I love you, Karianne!!! You make me smile every time I read your post. You are infectious!!! I am now trying to convenience My Groom to board my dining room ceiling, wish me luck!!!!!

  12. Image for Dale D. Dale D.

    Oh how creative, imaginative this home, this haven, this nest of a house...so much to take in, going back and forth through your beautiful photos. It was like my eyes, my brain couldn'the settle on the whole picture, too absorbed with all the little puzzle pieces that made each room so unique in it's beauty. Such a treat to enjoy with my morning coffee and these posts will be revisited, for your delightful telling of a story, and for the possibilities and pure inspiration. Thanks Karianneā™”

  13. Image for mdn mdn

    Again, this home is perfect and creative in every way (except just one thing)...especially how it "shows" with your eagle "eye" for framing and sequencing those pics. Loved how you lured us in with the 1st MBR pic and next (Wowsa), that ceiling! Then, the chandy reflection in the mirror. (Could go on and on...but you make it seem so effortless. Know it's not - it's a true skill! Along with your narratives, it seems you're taking us along with you through each "story"you tell [on all of your blogs].) Sorta like going the 1st time to Disneyland for a kid. Just wonderful! This seems to be the very best home tour ever - beating shelter magazines, shows, and all blogs. BTW, the one thing to change? The dart board: one of the 9s needs to be changed to a six. (First glance, loved it; but something seemed amiss. Kept staring - and finally it jumped out!) Kudos to the designers as well!

  14. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    Love it! I may leave my husband and marry that ceiling! Seriously fabulous. I like the way they used the old vinyl albums as decor, it's fun to see them on a shelf instead of framed. If I did that I'd have a wall of 80's hair band albums, hahaha. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Image for Pinky Pinky

    I have to go back again and again to take it all in. This is the personification of "it's all in the details". Truer words never spoken! Thanks SO much for sharing this. That ceiling takes my breath!!!

  16. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Well, I got back late in the day. Hubby was fishing and I was with him so instead of coffee I have a nice chilled glass of white wine and I'm enjoying the gorgeous pictures. For this kind of tour I'd like to be on one of those mechanic's roll carts. You know, the ones that zip you under the car and you can roll around on your back. It would be a bit of a problem with stairs but I think I could manage. I'd have my camera on my chest and I could aim and shoot all of the pictures. Then for the rest of the house I could stand up like a normal ? person and take the rest of the pictures. Wow!! I'm in awe. Ceilings are no longer boring white things. I'd really like to meet the person who thought all those ceilings up. :-O Are you related??? It smacks of your genius. Big Hugs!!

  17. Image for FrenchGardenHouse FrenchGardenHouse

    What a gorgeous, well planned out home. Did I mention gorgeous? That ceiling alone. Le sigh. It almost makes me want to throw over French antiques and redecorate. Almost... thank you for the tour

  18. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    It is a beautifully decorated house with good bones to be sure. You are so right about that ceiling! I've been enjoying a book called, Caribbean Style, (Thames and Hudson publishers) and the ceiling you shared made me immediately think of some I'd seen in the plantation homes in the book. I'm in LOVE!

  19. Image for Gloria @Tudor Lane Gloria @Tudor Lane

    Ahhhhhhh. I probably would have screamed with delight everywhere I looked in that home. Just gorgeousness everywhere you look.

  20. Image for Jane Jane

    I see everything you do, KariAnne, I know your are in love with those ceilings! I noticed how nice the various colors didn't overwhelm the rooms and I especially loved seeing the beds and the layers of blankets, quilts and sheets. Each one was different and I love getting ideas like that. Thank you!!!

  21. Image for Betsy Betsy

    It's a wonderful tour and I thank you but.......when you show us something you've picked up at a yard sale or a thrift store and turn it into something beautiful you have my heart. I LOVE your house. To me you are the best "make it warm and lovely" home decor person there is.

  22. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Where did you get all your master bedroom furniture, beading, and decor? I would like to replicate this look. It is beautiful. I came across this when I was looking for bedroom inspirations.

  23. Image for Brooke hemminger Brooke hemminger

    I'd like to know where they got the bedspread/duvet cover. The top beige/gold one. I have to have it!!:)

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