The other day I put a bobby pin in my hair.

Right at the top….holding back my bangs.

I’m not really sure why I put it there….I’m not really the bobby pin type.  I’m more of a hot roller girl….one who never met a can of aqua net hairspray that wasn’t welcomed with open arms.

But I just saw Jennifer Aniston in a magazine with a bobby pin.

And she looked amazing.

Her bobby pin said “I’m cool and hip and fun and ready to fly to the south of France at a moment’s notice.”

All things I aspire to daily.

Hand Cream


The bobby pin adventure started strong.

I was having an amazing hair day.

Just me and my bobby pin out on the town.

At the bank drive through…..I casually swung my hair when I made a deposit….waiting for someone to ask me if I was leaving for the south of France.

At Kroger….in the check out line…..I tucked my hair behind my ear to emphasize the clever placement of my new hair accessory.

I know the checker at Dollar Tree was thinking to herself how hip and cool my hair looked when I asked her if they had any Valentine’s decorations marked down to .50.




I spent the day so full of joy and happiness.   Everywhere I went….people were smiling.

Smiling at me.

Is this what I had been missing?

Is this all it took to be hip and cool…..and one step away from starring in a Hallmark movie?

A bobby pin and a hair flip.

Who knew the key to success in life was found in the hair care aisle?




Actually… bobby pin didn’t make it through the day.

Somewhere around aisle 14 in Wal-mart… fell on the floor and my awe-inspiring hair day ended as quickly as it started.

But in the end….it didn’t really matter.

That bobby pin gave me confidence…..but all I really needed to be truly extraordinary……was to be the very best me I ever could be.

Someone special.

Someone incredible.

Someone like Jennifer Aniston.  Well….like a Jennifer Aniston who shops at Kroger and goes to the bank and buys discount Valentines and will probably never see the south of France…..

…..but just as amazing.  🙂


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I adore the spearmint lavender soap and the organic lip balm.

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PPS  May your day be incredibly amazing….with or without a bobby pin. 🙂

This post is sponsored by Eco Natural Soap, but my opinions on bobby pins and looking amazing are completely and soley my own.  

Visit my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. Image for Barit Barit

    You are truly fabulous with or without the bobby pin! Love all the changes you've made. I start my day with a hot cup of coffee and your latest post. Thanks for being you!

    1. Image for Christina Christina

      I love reading your posts! I had a bobby pin in my hair today too, in the same exact place as yours, but in the midst of the rain, it shifted to the side and without me noticing when I got home half of my bangs were out of it. I cancelled my flight to the south of France :( Have a good night! I love your home by the way!! Just beautiful!

  2. Image for Pam Clark Pam Clark

    KariAnne, this story is hilarious!!!! I truly love your stories and have to share this little one with you....I teach third grade and one day decided to not smooth my hair as I dried it with my giant round brush, but let it be a bit loose and free, thinking I was being very hip, cool, and perhaps on my way to the south of France too! As my kids started coming into the classroom, one of my darling little boys walked in, and without missing a beat, said, "Bad hair day, Mrs. Clark?"

  3. Image for Lori H Lori H

    You make me smile every day, and this story is no exception. I wonder if Jennifer realized how powerful a statement her bobby pin made? Maybe I should go digging in my bathroom drawer and see if I can add some fabulousness to my day!

  4. Image for kim kim

    KariAnne, I too, like the other 2 commenters, just wanted to share how you make me laugh every time I read your blog. Thanks for making the beginning of the day start with laughter! Blessings~ kim

  5. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    I attempted to order the soap and their system would not accept the code. Thank you for a great inspiring and fun read.

  6. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    It's so wonderful when you have a great hair if I stuck a bobby pin in my hair....women of my age would say, "oh you forgot one bobby pin as you were taking out your ""pin curls"" today"!...yep, that's what they would say!.... Love natural soaps...

    1. Image for Erin Kaven Erin Kaven

      Shirley, you are hip and cool because my 14 year old now "pin curls" her hair to get it to look like Taylor Swift's! Go figure. I use to rag roll mine. Can a can of Aqua Net be in her future?

  7. Image for JuneA** JuneA**

    LOL My 17 yr old niece had bobby pins everywhere, so I tried the "used to could not live without it" hair accessory.....she very kindly (due to my advanced age, I'm sure!) told me that it just wasn't me! Nothing like a teen-ager to let you know how un-cool you have become! ;D Thanks for the giggle!

  8. Image for Gee Gee

    As I start my day off with coffee, rain on the sun room windows, had to cancel my morning walk :-( , and your post, and a good giggle. Tried a hair flip, but I must say, hair flipping does not go very well with coffee sipping. No... wouldn't recommend. HUGS, Gee

  9. Image for Bliss Bliss

    Running off to put a bobby pin in my bangs. I'll report back if it does anything for me besides make me look like a cupie doll gone wrong. Bliss

  10. Image for Roberta Gustafsson Roberta Gustafsson

    KariAnne, You have the ability to take an ordinary day and make it special! (I remember when I was 9 or so and wanted my hair to be special. Yes, indeed that was the day my Mother told me that I had to learn to sleep with rollers in my hair if I wanted to look pretty and have that bouncy pony tail. Thank goodness by the time I hit my teens and hair was of the utmost...they had invented hot rollers! Glory Be! You have made me laugh, shout and cry for joy! Thanks for being the Special Woman You Are! Big Smiles and Hugs to You

  11. Image for Amber Amber

    Oh my gosh, you crack me up! I did the same thing... I started with a bobby pin then dug in the drawer and found a cute little rhinestone barrette that I've had forever and been wearing it since (like 2 weeks). Hey, at 43, why not?! I still feel sassy! High five KariAnne! {Big Grin}

  12. Image for Angela Angela

    You are hilarious! Like your fellow followers, I look forward to my first cup of coffee and reading your posts! They always bring a smile to my face! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  13. Image for Dianne Dianne

    KariAnne, you are an amazing story writer! Your writing is so interesting I can hardly wait to read the whole thing. Who knew that ONE bobby pin could give such confidence! lol

  14. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Thanks for the giggle! I've tried a bobby pin on the side, to keep my hair from flopping in my face...but it did nothing for me, other than keep my hair out of my face. No south of France, no nothing! Guess if I want to go to the south of France, I'll have to live vicariously through you! ;)

  15. Image for Susan Susan

    I'm a kid of the 50s and bobby pins were big to hold my finger curls! They say everything old becomes new again and when someone "hip" pulls it off, it must be cool. With my forehead, however, I could never pull off the bobby pin to the bangs like Jennifer, but I just imagine how lovely you looked...for awhile, at least! XOXO

  16. Image for marydon marydon

    G'morn sweet friend ~ I get such a kick out of you ... if I put a bobby pin in my hair, I'd never leave my house! Now for that trip to France ... when you want to go?! :) TTFN ~ Marydon

  17. Image for Gwen Gwen

    I have a card full of bobby pins. Had no idea they were my possible ticket to the south of France. Will have one in in seconds! Love your writing!!! Thanks for a good laugh : ) Pam's comment from a student was also hysterical. Kids are SOOOO honest. Gotta love um.

  18. Image for Kristina Kristina

    It is wonderful to know that there are people in the world who can be this inspired by a bobby pin! Too cute! I have a sweet friend who is in the hospital and will really enjoy this story. Thanks, Karianne, for sharing your amazing spirit with us. I look forward to every one of your posts! What an amazing way this is to connect with people we enjoy all over the world! Kristina

  19. Image for david david

    Bobby pins and I were never friends but we definitely parted ways sometime in my 30s. Now the only thing that will hold something in place on my head is......tape I guess. Ah well. I'm totally down for the south of France though! The new look for the blog is terrific btw. David

  20. Image for Regina Regina

    I just imagine that you looked A-MAZ-ING. :) Sometimes it's just the little things that set a day apart. I used to have a pair of shoes that would do it for me. When I wore them, I felt REALLY put-together. Mature. Adult. I even blogged about them once. Very important shoes, all the way back to 1981. Sigh . . . I wish I still had them . . .

  21. Image for Tracy Tracy

    You truly make me laugh out loud and I am going to sport my bobbie pin today! Wish me luck cause my hair hair is "no tame Lion mane"!

  22. Image for ScrappyMama ScrappyMama

    And don't you just know that that Dollar Store clerk was "hatin' on you" 'cause you looked so FANTABULOUS!!!!!! Please don't tell your son that I used that expression ; ) !!!

  23. Image for Ashley Sparks Ashley Sparks

    It's amazing what a great hair day can's like a life transforming experience. Everything just goes better when you feel good about yourself. Hmmmm...there's a lesson in there with or without a bobby pin I think! Great post as always! Ashley Rane

  24. Image for Betsy@coastal-colors Betsy@coastal-colors

    You're amazing with or without a bobby pin! You always make us smile! :) You keep it real! I love it! Oh, the days of Aqua Net, a teacher's best friend to remove permanent marker marks from something! I always had some in my desk drawer. I may have sprayed a little on my 80's big hair too!

  25. Image for Alan Hicks Alan Hicks

    Hello KariAnne, Alicia mentioned someone had posted that the coupon code did not work. It works flawlessly. The lady that commented lives in Puerto Rica. I checked USPS and they will ship as if United States, so I enabled the shopping cart to accept purchases from Puerto Rica and emailed her to let her know. The coupon code has generated quite a few sales this morning. Your review comments are great! Thanks, Alan Hicks Eco Natural Soap

  26. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Why - I think I will concoct a bobby pin statement to cover my gray roots today! Waiting for my daughter the hairstylist to have an opening for her Mom. In the meantime, I will rock the bobby pin!! Thanks for the smile.

  27. Image for Traci Traci

    I am off to buy bobby pins. I need a bit of a self confedence boost. Thanks for the giggle and reminding all of us that it is was inside that counts. Traci

  28. Image for Mike (CraftyDad) Mike (CraftyDad)

    I have no experience with bobby pins or Aqua Net hairspray. I'm pretty sure both were staples of my grandmother's personal care arsenal. But I digress. Big time. The blog makeover looks fantastic. It's bold and clean. I like that. Congrats! And the spearmint-lavender soap? Yeah. I might be down with that. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to order some now.

    1. Image for Mike (CraftyDad) Mike (CraftyDad)

      I ordered some spearmint-lavender soap and a bar of shampoo soap (never knew shampoo came in the form of a soap bar, so I had to try it). My order was delivered yesterday via USPS and it smelled wonderful (even through the cardboard mailer). I tried the spearmint-lavender body/bath bar this morning. It's FANTASTIC. I really think it's the best soap I've every used. Rich, rich lather. And the smell: wonderful. I highly recommend it. Here's the URL if you want to place an order (you should!). Alan is a pleasure to work with.

  29. Image for Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

    Not sure if this comment will get to you before your board your flight, but I wanted to tell you how fabulous this post was. (It even made me forget for a moment my hair appointment today iin which I left looking no better, and couldn"t commit to the ten minutes the hair color claimed to I am not at all envious of your friend bobby). I have a fun little pin with something high fashion on it even, but don't know how to wear it!

  30. Image for Sharea Sharea

    Who knew bobby pins were so hip? ( = I've been using one to pull my bangs back for a couple of weeks...ever since I thought I needed a change and cut my bangs...too short. P.S. I agree with with Kerryanne. "With or without your bobby pin, you are exceptional...and one very funny lady!"

  31. Image for Heather Heather

    Have you ever tried two bobbypins crossed over each other? I've done that before! And did you know they make bedazzled bobby pins and ones to match your hair color! It's totally mind-blowing isn't it? Haha - I have Jennifer Anniston envy...she rocks a red carpet!

  32. Image for Becki Foster Becki Foster

    I laughed out loud at your story! I work in a school copy room that is quite warm. A few days ago my hair needed to be trimmed but I had to get my hair out of my face! All I could find was flowered binder clip! It worked - I call it "copy room chic!"

  33. Image for Anne Anne

    I always feel more confident when I am having a good hair day that is for sure! What pretty little eggs they look like spring! xx Anne

  34. Image for maryJean maryJean

    You. are. hilarious. I love reading your blog. (i am going to go out and buy me one of those fancy bobbi pins with a plastic flower on the end. :D) maryJean

  35. Image for Kim L. Kim L.

    You just crack me up - even though you never gave me your address so I could drop by for some pie and by now you probably ate it all! Thanks for the laugh (at least)!

  36. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Thanks to Jennifer Aniston a whole new generation may learn what a bobby pin is................oh not the point of the post silly me get one thing in my head and I run with it..............which is better then me running with something on my head because it would fall off and make a

  37. Image for Tausha Tausha

    I love anything that makes me feel like I can rule the world. Well, not really the whole world, but at least my little world. I love your beautiful pics and your awesome sense of humor. If we lived closer, pretty sure I would ask if I could live under your stairs-in a totally non-creepy way..of course!

  38. Image for Katie Katie

    Hi there!!! So the other night I was over at my mom's, flipping through her Country Living magazine and BOOM, I see someone I know! You!!!!! It was the coolest thing. I was showing my husband and brother and was all "I know her. We've totally emailed each other before." :) CONGRATULATIONS on your award! So exciting, and incredibly inspiring!

  39. Image for Karen Karen

    I need a bobby pin that will stay in my hair for more than 20 minutes. I am totally a bobby pin on the side of my pink hair kind of a girl, it does give me the confidence to be cool, but falls out after about 20 minutes. Then I have to go back to just being mom with the pink hair in the big blue minivan. The products looks amazing, checking them out!

  40. Image for Barbara F Barbara F

    Karianne, you can make soap and lip balm look like decorator items, you can make a bobby pin sound like the best hair accessory on the planet. xoxo

  41. Image for Patty O Patty O

    I love it! Isn't it amazing how one thing can make us feel more confident! I love your description and the Jennifer Aniston description! Personally I think you're much cooler than she is...without all the gossip and papparazzi! Have a great day - and keep up the good work - you'll get to the South of France one day - with or without the bobby pin!

  42. Image for Nikole Graves Nikole Graves

    KariAnne, Thank you so much for turning my day around! I started a bit crabby, but thanks to your humor I am feeling much better! You keep rocking that bobby pin! I add rhinestones to mine just for extra fabulousness! It's just something you have to do when sparkle is your favorite color. Have a fantastic day! Nikole

  43. Image for Kathy :) Kathy :)

    I'm having a rotten day and OMG you put a smile on my face, !!! I am running upstairs right after I sign off and I'm putting 2 not 1 bobby pins in my hair :) Thank you Karianne

  44. Image for Kathy :) Kathy :)

    HA I see I'm not the only one having a bad day give Nikole (love that spelling) my name we can have a pity party with our bobby pins Feeling better already LOL

  45. Image for Cathleen Cathleen

    Love, love, love your blog..... your pictures and sentiments are fabulous and you have an eye for style and beauty. The bobby pin story is so cute and poignant....sometimes the simplest of things can make our day. I also live in Ky....about 25 minutes out of Louisville near the river very close to Oldham County.....your photos of KY beauty do justice to one of the most scenic areas in the U.S. We are former Southern Californians who feel like we are living our dreams in paradise since retiring here 4 1/2 years ago. CATT IN KY

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