Last week the kitchen sat right here minding its own business.

It was neutral.

It was happy.

It was all about being textured and gray and khaki with a side of white dishes.

And then?

Blue and white showed up and went all after-school special and got its braces off and hair highlighted and trimmed its bangs and got a new backpack.

And somehow.

Some way.

Went all cute and worked its way into the heart of the kitchen.

That blue and white.

She sashayed in with her come-hither looks and batting eyelashes and turned the kitchen’s world upside down.

Neutral is fine she said.

But why settle for fine when you could look like this?

Don’t worry, she said.

It’s not a big change.

It’s really almost nothing at all.

Just a few hints of color.

And so it eas that the kitchen added hints of blue and white.

Like these plates.

And this runner.

And these platters.

I wasn’t sure about these because I ordered them online.  They are SO MUCH CUTER IRL.

(total aside:  that’s “in real life.”  Sorry.  For a moment I forgot I wasn’t in high school.)

Blue and white whispered in the kitchen’s ear.

I’m not here to make a big splash.

I’m not here to shake everything up.

I’m not here to start a revolution.

I’m just here to stand by your side.

I’m just here to make it all a little sweeter.

I’m just here to help you sing your song.

And then she finished her blue and white siren’s song with these decorating words of wisdom.

And besides.  Just between us, my wonderful friend kitchen.  Some people don’t even consider blue and white a color at all.

Just a better version of neutral. 🙂

PS  I’ve been getting so many requests lately for items in the house I just started a Shop My House page with all of the resources for each of the rooms.

You can see it here.

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  1. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, my goodness. So glad they sashayed your way and stopped for a while. My heart is always happy with a touch of blue and white. LOVE that runner! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a tiny touch of blue swing above your windows with the gentlest of sways...meanwhile, I think it may have entered my home through a door left open to correspond with yours. Batting my eyelashes at your changes, sweet friend!!

  2. Image for Janette Janette

    LOVE IT...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...looks fab-u-lous...better get into the loft space where all my 'blue' is stashed feeling very sorry for itself.....'Oh Blue, I'm coming for you'....I think they heard...x

  3. Image for Jackie Jackie

    I’m a blue and white girl in California! LOVING all your additional touches in your home!!!! Love reading your emails, always puts a smile on my face. Great way to start my day 😊 Have a Marvelous Monday and a wonderful week!

  4. Image for Barbara Barbara

    I'm a lover of blue and white- looks perfect in your kitchen and whole house!! THANKS for the Shop My House- loving the blue platters:)

  5. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I love the touches of blue and also can't wait to see the fabrics you chose for the living room. I am so in love with your house. We are hoping to buy a house in NC within a year and I just can't wait to redecorate and incorporate "you" into our home! Thanks for all the updates!

  6. Image for Cora Cora

    Oh my, you have such a wonderful way with words! You really need to write a funny, and heartwarming novel. I think you have it in you! Oh, and btw the kitchen looks fantastic with or without a touch of blue.

  7. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Well! A second job is necessary because I'll be at "Shop my House" a LOT!!! I can have your taste delivered to my house? WHOOP WHOOP!!!! PS- love the blue additions to the kitchen!

  8. Image for Mah Mah

    Hey, I have the same runner in my kitchen! I also went blue in my kitchen, rugs, plates, blueberry (faux) bush on my table and other blue, I really like it. Now, if you ventured out a little more and add blue to the window, oh my goodness! I know it takes time.

  9. Image for Mary Sligar Mary Sligar

    Hi, I love your blog especially the personal stories. I noticed you have what appear to be two exhaust ceiling fans in your kitchen. If that is what they are do they help keep the kitchen cooler? My kitchen gets toasty and we were thinking about installing an exhaust fan in the ceiling. Thank you, Mary

  10. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    Love the special kitchen. It's quiet for SO pretty. I donated boxes of blue & white things when I moved . Still have a lot left that I just couldn't give up. I also love red with white or cream. So I'm really happy in patriotic summers!

  11. Image for Deborah Deborah

    I am a fan of color! Just love the little bits of color you added. Sometimes the "little bits" are the perfect touch.

  12. Image for beverlee lyons beverlee lyons

    just the right amount. I bought one also, just a little smaller, thank you, I could not find a runner when I looked at your larger rug. Just what I have been looking for. Your family must love you to pieces. You are special, Karianne!

  13. Image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore

    I absolutely love your kitchen. The blue additions are perrrrfect. But I saw it. And it's perrrrfect, too. #platerack

  14. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our way Marisa Franca @ All Our way

    OMG!!!!!! I just saw it!! It's stolen my heart. Oh, what I'd give for just a few moments in its presence. I might even beg to touch it -- just once. How could I have missed it when you gave us the house tour? I bet it does everything with panache!! *sigh* Perhaps one day I'll be able to see it in person. I bet it can even make spaghetti-o's taste gourmet. To think what I could do with six burners!! I can see how happy it is with such beauty surrounding it. Have you named it? I hope so. I don't like calling it just "it." Sending hugs!!

  15. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    As you know, I'm loving this blue! ☺️ LOVE the platters ss well!! Keep on going, girl! Can't wait to see what you decided about the blue curtains.. 🤔

  16. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    I'm laughing so hard- as that is what happened to me! I started following you years ago because I too have a huge milkglass collection! Loved the white and neutral color scheme. Always used green as an accent color. Then we bought a house in Massachusetts-where the predominant color is started appearing (much to my husband's joy!) and the next thing I knew it was the accent color throughout the house (no longer green!). It always looks so fresh :)

  17. Image for Anne from Sydney Anne from Sydney

    I think the addition of the blue and white illustrates just what great basic colours you chose for the kitchen (and the rest of your house) that they so easily allow you to change the look with a few accessories. Versatile and adaptable - and much cheaper to change a few plates and rugs than bench tops, tiles and walls! Love it!!

  18. Image for Deanna Deanna

    I'm a blue lover too. And I love your imagination with telling the story of your kitchen's blue invasion! It's just perfect-your kitchen and your post!

  19. Image for Pam Pam

    I just LOVE all the blue and white you have added to your home!! It makes me want to switch houses with you. :-) Thank you for sharing all you do!!

  20. Image for Lorene Halfmann Lorene Halfmann

    I just have to ask "WHERE do you get all your energy?!!" I love what you do, and you do SO much!! I want to know--is it an army of elves? Or angels? Or vitamins? Share your secret with me! Thanks for sharing your awesome home with us!

  21. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    So glad to see you adding color and natural woods into your decor. Your talent, like your lipstick is anything but neutral..! Starting to have that warm feeling that your farmhouse had.

  22. Image for Kristy Kristy

    Love the new blue touches. If your white chandy were to add a few accessories like a touch of very thin trim/ribbon on the top and bottom of the shade (in the warm wicker brown color like the baskets in your kitchen and the framed prints in your living room - or the soft off white in your roman shade above your sink) it would give her a little attention and sass - just a thought ;-)

  23. Image for Pamela Griner Pamela Griner

    Love the addition of a little blue. I read this blog last thing at night...pretty sure I will be dreaming about a blue and white makeover. Lol.


    Absolutely perfect, KariAnne -- just like you! Enjoy those blues in your gorgeous kitchen! Have a blessed day!

  25. Image for Angelina Angelina

    I love all of the white plates - so pleasing to the eye! Thanks for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things - so happy you joined us ! Angelina @ Petite Haus

  26. Image for Amber Ferguson Amber Ferguson

    I resisted as long as I could, but those blue sirens were calling out to me too! I have added some bits of blue to my neutral decor for summer but I keep resisting the urge to add more! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful kitchen with us at Thursday Favorite Things. I am featuring you at today's party. I hope you will come over and link up again this week. Have a great weekend ahead!

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