Wedding Day

I spent last weekend looking for our wedding pictures…..after I wrote this post.

I looked everywhere.

In the closets and under beds and in the window seat and upstairs.

And somewhere in the midst of searching through the 45th box full of absolute nonsense in our attic… husband wandered in.

I stood up….with my hands full of pine cones and a piece of train track….and looked expectantly at him.

He quietly surveyed the complete and utter destruction that was currently our attic and asked calmly, “Are you looking for something?”


I sighed.

“Have you seen the wedding pictures?” I asked him.  “And did you know that we forgot to put out the wire tree at Christmas and when we were in high school did you keep your graduation gown?”

He paused….and before he could answer……I quickly interrupted with, “Oh….and do you think we should replace the shutters on the front of the house?”

He stared at me for a moment

And then he grinned my favorite grin.

The one that starts in the middle and ends with a dimple.

I would walk a mile uphill backwards in the snow for that grin.

He laughed and said, “Do you know you’re just like a Venn diagram?”

Wedding Walk

A Venn diagram?

I didn’t say anything for just a moment….mostly because I wasn’t even sure what a Venn diagram was….and if being compared to a Venn diagram was something you should be happy about.

“You know” he said laughing, “a Venn diagram.”

“You are circle after circle of activity.  Each circle inside of another….all connecting to each other.  All your circles are different…..full of different information.

But somehow….you make it all make sense.”


And right there… the middle of a dusty attic….holding an armful of pine cones and a piece of train track….surrounded by 45 boxes of nonsense….

….being compared to a Venn diagram was the  most romantic thing I had ever heard.

I dropped the pine cones.

And ran to him.

Well….actually….I trampled over some boxes and a lion costume and a fainting couch to leap into his arms.

“I love you.”  I said.  “You are amazing.  I think you’re a Venn diagram, too.”

He hugged me and laughed out loud.

“No I’m not,”  he said.

I’m a spreadsheet. ”  🙂

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  1. Image for pam clark pam clark

    LOVE the pictures!! Thanks for sharing! Isn't it amazing how young we looked way back when, but thought we were so worldly and sophisticated? funny

  2. Image for Christine @ Let's Get Crafty! Christine @ Let's Get Crafty!

    LOL....this is such a sweet post...the pics are so great! I've had a few Venn Diagram moments with my husband...last fall at the Country Living Fair he turned to me, after I bought a print of an red Indian motorcycle, and said that he loved that I buy random things. It's probably one of those "you had to be there" to understand but I thought it was sweet. Hope you are doing well! Christine

  3. Image for Jeanette from Everton Terrace Jeanette from Everton Terrace

    Oh well now that was adorable! Probably the perfect way to describe my husband and I as well, though he would never think of it. I think, from the angle in the 2nd photo, and only the 2nd photo, your husband looks a bit like James Van DerBeek. :)

  4. Image for Marian Marian

    That is totally charming. Don't you love it when they say the exact right thing? Especially when you're not expecting it? There is such wonder in life when you have a charming romance going. Have a lovely day, dear woman. I'm off by myself to play with my sister and go to a wedding of a dear friend getting her life right this weekend. Hopefully I'll have some good stories to tell when I get back. Marian

  5. Image for judy judy

    Do you know how much fun it is for me to read your Thistlewood news each day? In fact, I find myself looking forward to it in the morning. It makes me smile more than the news on the Fox News does:) You and your husband are a good looking couple ! But better than that, you guys know how to add fun to the ordinary days of life, in your own unique "venn" way. Thanks for sharing your blog with all of us.

  6. Image for Lori H Lori H

    Such sweet photos. Aren't wedding photos the best? They portray a new beginning. Your husband is a keeper, I'd say!

  7. Image for Beth Beth

    A Venn Diagram and a spreadsheet. Somehow I see you turning that into a craft project. Another circle complete--when I was reading the Dear Abby post I was sure we would see a picture of you in your wedding dress and that glorious red lipstick. I mean, I just had to see! Well, now we have. And you pulled it off marvelously! You look like Lana Turner! You truly are a Venn Diagram! And where did you finally find the pictures?

  8. Image for Diane | An Extraordinary Day Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Look how cute your two are!! Don't you just glow with your red lipstick! ;) Hmmm...I off to as my sweetie if I'm a Venn Diagram too. I think I know the do too! You are Extraordinary! P.S. Might be handy to have a fainting couch in the attic... [wink wink]

  9. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    Awww.....your wedding pictures are absolutely precious! My 22 year old daughter is getting married in Oct. and I can't wait til I'm able to share your post today with her... as the guy she's marrying is also known and referred to her spreadsheet.....and she dreams of someday starting her own blog! Thanks for sharing a piece of your wonderful life with us!!!

  10. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    I just laughed... My prince and I have been married for 20 yrs... Got married when I was 22...and some days it feels like we are still those babies starting out....thank you for teaching your kids how marriage really's the day to's loving our are a gift... Kathryn

  11. Image for Beverly Beverly

    I knew exactly where this was going when I saw the reference to Venn diagram. He hit the nail on the head. And, might I say you are a perfect example of how the concept practices perfectly. Even more perfect that your Venn and his spreadsheet support so well. What year did you get married? You two look great.

  12. Image for baileywife baileywife

    What a beautiful bride you were! And you had a handsome groom too;) I take it you found your pics? They should proudly displayed girl!! ~Kim

  13. Image for nantucketdaffodil nantucketdaffodil

    What an adorable story! I felt like I was standing to the side in your attic, watching the whole scene unfold...and I do know what a Venn diagram is, and use them ALL the time in my classroom, and I would say that hubs of yours was giving you a big compliment. Must admit to being a bit jealous....

  14. Image for Karen Etling Karen Etling

    Who woulda thunk I'd ever have to call up a Venn diagram from my memory bank -- and I thought I'd never have to use that "junk" again! Can I come over for coffee one day? We've got a crapload in common! :)

  15. Image for Beth@Unskinny Boppy Beth@Unskinny Boppy

    I have never heard of a Venn diagram either, but he hit the nail on the head with that description of you! I'd love a little glimpse inside your gorgeous brain. It must be like Grand Central Station in there. Love the pictures! You guys are SO SO cute!!

  16. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I was thrilled to see your wedding pictures. You are so pretty and spreadsheet is a hunka,hunka. Love all your post. God Bless Nancy

  17. Image for Christy Christy

    Awww, I actually teared up reading this! So very sweet! I loved seeing these pics. Your dress is beautiful and modest, I love it. So rare these days! I got married in '95 and I recognize the style of your wedding well. You look like you were 12!!!

  18. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Our 40th anniversary this weekend! All I can say is where did the time go? I still feel like that 23 year old just getting her first teaching job, being over joyed and in love and excited about making a home. Your pics are great. It is all those little unexpected moments woven into daily life that make it all special. Good thoughts.

  19. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Knew you'd bring the sunshine to my morning...great story! Venn diagram indeed...I'm not sure I'd know how to react either! ;)

  20. Image for Pinky Pinky

    THE perfect pairing is most certainly a Venn diagram and a spread sheet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For sure!!!!!!!! Love this and LOOOOOOOVE the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You 2 are so stinkin adorable!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  21. Image for Donna Donna

    I am showing my age here, but you are the next Erma Bombeck! Spreadsheets and Venns make the perfect couple. Thanks for making me laugh....again!

  22. Image for Teri Teri

    I love all your posts, but my favorites are the ones when you talk about your husband. Such a sweet love story. Great photos... I personally love the red lipstick. Good choice.

  23. Image for Angela Angela

    Once again, you warmed my heart. What a sweet thing for your 'spreadsheet' to say! Obviously, he has thought about you and your personality often and deeply to sum it up in such a way! What true love!! Love your pics!

  24. Image for Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

    Kari, you are so dang cute & so is that hubby of yours. Y'all are adorable and I loved this. Miss you, I've been so busy I haven't had time to read much lately. xoxo

  25. Image for Linda Adams Linda Adams

    awww Karianne, You are an adorable, sweet couple. It's wonderful that you both have found your soul-mate. I love your writing style and I hope you are working on a story for a book. Your Mr. Spreadsheet was so handsome on your wedding day and you and your gown and red lipstick looked gorgeous. I was hoping for a picture of the train. I'm guessing your monogram was either your initials or a combination of Venn diagram and Spreadsheet initials. I'l love to see a picture of it. Hugs, Linda

  26. Image for katie @ paisley print shoes katie @ paisley print shoes

    Oh my, I love this!!! The spreadsheet comment KILLS ME!!! It reminds me of the "men are waffles, women are spaghetti...." "men are spreadsheets, women are venn diagrams." This post totally made me smile. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  27. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    What an awesome post about a sweet moment. It made me realize that I am a venn diagram as well. Now I can explain my unusual conversations that go in many directions and then come back to the original thought. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Image for Jill Flory Jill Flory

    I love this post! How totally sweet! And I LOVE the pics! you both look so excited and in love - and it sounds like you still are! Yaay for love and romance and staying together!

  29. Image for Carmen Carmen

    I loved this story! I am still all teared up. You remind me of my husband and I. We met in middle school band. We were friends before marrying. I am going to borrow those titles cause they say it all! I love how he is holding your hand tightly as you walk down the aisle. He looks like he is never letting you go, so sweet!

  30. Image for Marty Walden Marty Walden

    Oh, Karianne, that is so precious! My husband and I are definitely a venn diagram and a spread sheet! What a hoot! I love you, big hair and all, and I know your marriage is as priceless as mine. We are both blessed.

  31. Image for Claudine Claudine

    Awwww, Karianne! You are so adorable!!!! He is keeper, lol!!! God bless you two!!!! Thanks for sharing, I loved your beautiful faces, so in love! Claudine

  32. Image for vicki vicki

    I subscribe to a few decorating/home improvement/organizing websites, all of which are beautiful and inspiring like yours. But none are as entertaining. You are a wonderful writer and bring a smile to my face every time I open up one of your posts. I hope a publisher finds you someday and turns these thoughts and comments into a book for all to enjoy.

  33. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Awww, a venn diagram and a spreadsheet have never been so romantic. I love this made me smile...although I'm sure not with the kind of smile that you'd walk backwards, uphill in the snow for. ;)

  34. Image for Bliss Bliss

    I didn't know what a venn diagram was and I'm quite sure my husband doesn't either. However if he ever called me a spreadsheet I would know exactly what he meant. Bliss

  35. Image for Trina @ Trina @

    That is a wonderful story! As a teacher, who didn't know what a Venn Diagram was until I was in college, starting in 3rd grade {mere 8 year olds} are now taught how to use Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast two stories or articles. And they are good at it. And I am always amazed every year at how good they are. Then once they know how to use a Venn Diagram they learn how to turn that work into an essay. And over time...they are good at that too. Kind of like your marriage! Happy Day! Trina

  36. Image for jane jane

    I just love this post! I immediately emailed this to my husband to read. Somehow I managed to tear up and laugh out loud at the same time reading this! I did not know until reading this that I too am a Venn Diagram. I did however know that my husband is definitely a spreadsheet! Haha! What sweet pictures! I love your blog!

  37. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    How well I remember that day - the best birthday present ever! The dress and veil look as beautiful as I wanted them to when I made them. You should put that picture on your mirror to remind yourself of how much your love has grown since that amazing day. Pretty girl- your circles are crazy and allow for freedom to insect where ever and Den's speadsheet allows for organization and reality.

  38. Image for Patty O Patty O

    My all-time favorite post yet!!! Thanks for sharing! My girls and I joke with my husband about him being Sheldon and I'm more like Penny from the Big Bang Theory! Hahaha!

  39. Image for Terri Terri

    What a cute couple! I'm always amazed at how the talkers and the quiet ones get together :) I'd never heard of a Venn diagram. However, I Googled it and realized I knew what they were regardless.

  40. Image for Regina Regina

    Oh, Karianne, I am literally CACKLING with laughter! My husband is a spreadsheet, too . . . :) Your post just took me out of a good, but excruciatingly busy day, and put me right in your attic, laughing my head off. Thank you!

  41. Image for Angie Angie

    Y'all are too cute! That is one sweet hubby you've got. The Venn diagram must be a hot topic recently... my husband was just talking about them the other day. And yes, he had to explain it to me too. Have a great day! ~ Angie

  42. Image for Patty Patty

    So sweet, really, one in a million, I have a lump in my throat. So happy you found your pictures and your one and only!

  43. Image for Diane Diane

    What a sweet couple you two are! I just hope my daughters Kentucky fiance is just as sweet as your dh, she will have a wonderful life if he is!

  44. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    What a great story. You were a beautiful bride and you made the cutest couple! Don't you love those little magic moments when something is said that just warms your heart? xo Diana

  45. Image for Jan from Michigan Jan from Michigan

    I have been waiting and waiting to see your wedding picture. I was NOT disapointed! What a wonderful and creative gift you have with the writting of this blog. This was the perfect day to write this beautiful love story with all the sadness that is in states right now, you made my heart smile! You and your husband are adorable!

  46. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Oh, he is sooo are a Venn Diagram...always thinking, then going on to the next thought...and they all come full circle....My hubby says I never complete a sentence before I go on to the next subject..but he always understands what I am saying...I so LOVED your pictures...what a beautiful couple then and now!!

  47. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Ok I had no idea what a Venn Diagram was either but it sounds like Our men have a way of making us remember why we love them...............

  48. Image for Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life... Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life...

    How Wonderful!!! The story, the photos... and the beautiful reality of a loving, caring, respectful marriage... just bliss! Thank you so much for sharing... I am off to go down memory lane with my wedding photos...I may need to go buy some hairspray out of respectful nostalgia!

  49. Image for Sarah Sarah

    What a cute statement! Fun to see your wedding photos. What a cute couple! Each shot shows a couple in love and loving life. Glad you found the photos, Miss Venn. Oh, and if they were in the attic, you might want to move them to the climate controlled house. '-)

  50. Image for annel annel

    What LOVELY pics, and oohh the beautiful wedding pic w/the oooh sooo pretty flowers! Great story, I`m a venn diagram too, so whatever... it works! LOL! ;-)

  51. Image for tara tara

    oh my goodness. you're amazing. love all your projects, but especially love when you share a little bit of your heart with us. i adore that he is a spread sheet and you are a venn diagram. you'll be happy to know that y'all aren't alone. we're the same. :)

  52. Image for Tamra B Tamra B

    Oh, your posts make me sometimes laugh out loud and other times bring a wee tear to my eye! I LOVE your style of writing and this particular post was a HOOT! I've been afflicted with BLOG OVERLOAD but yours is one of just a handful that I make sure I visit with constancy. Why? Because yours makes me happy! Many of the others are mildly entertaining and I will learn something from them but yours? I pick up new and useful info AND it makes me happy! I seriously could share a cup of coffee with you and just chat. Oh, well.....the 4/19 post about your Mom is too funny....please don't change a thing about you!

  53. Image for Paula Taylor Paula Taylor

    I have probably read this six times now and I even shared it with my husband. It's so sweet and reminds me of us as well. I just adore how you write. Thank you for always making my morning coffee a fantastic experience!

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