This is me….

….being dark and mysterious.

Because you know me and how mysterious I am.


Super mysterious.

And me and my super mysterious self have been waiting to tell you some exciting news.

For two whole months I have kept my mouth shut without saying a word.

Okay….maybe the occasional word to my mom and my sister-in-law and my best friend…..

….and a couple of random people at Wal-Mart.

But other than that it’s been mum’s the word.


But today….it’s official and I can tell all the people who truly count…..

….like you.

I was one of the bloggers selected to complete a room make-over to help Sherwin-Williams celebrate National Painting Week.

Next week….each day will showcase different color room make-overs.

There’s blue and green and purple and pink.…and….oh wait…..


Yes….I said red.

And yes…..yes……if you are wondering…..I painted an entire room….bookcases and all…..





It’s not like any room I’ve ever done before.

Just between us….I was a little nervous.

Because after all….let’s be honest….red can be a little overwhelming.

But I paired it with neutrals and antique wood and coffee crates and stripes and tin clocks and burnished gold…..

….and actual books in a bookshelf. 🙂


And I’m showing it all to you next week for Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week.

I can’t wait for you to see it.


Next week…..same time….same place….

….meet me here for coffee and a red, red room.

PS  I know you are thinking it.  And the answer is yes….

…I matched the color to my lipstick. 🙂

disclosure:  This post is part of a two-part series sponsored by Sherwin-Williams.  

All opinions on paint and red rooms that match a lipstick color are completely my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.


  1. Image for Nancy Nancy

    How excitiing!!! I can't wait to see, I'm sure it's all going to be fabulous!!! I'll be there and ready for a cup of coffee and some great talk, while my eyes feast on the beauty of your new colors!

  2. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Marisa Franca @ All Our

    It has to be a Chanel red -- that color of lipstick is soooo very gorgeous and it would look fabulous on you!! And that was going to be my first question :-) I mean red ? and KariAnne? isn't that synonymous? And I simply love the dark photos!! I am going to have to learn that technique when I want to be Mata Haraish. You simply rock! I can't wait to see what you're up to next. Big Hugs and congrats you are queen in blogdom -- or should I be non--sexist and say king? But you are IT!

  3. Image for Deborah Deborah

    So exciting! Looking forward to seeing the room! I love Sherwin Williams paint its the best, so of course they would choose you to represent them!

  4. Image for Diana W. Diana W.

    Stop it! I can't believe it.....but then again yes I can. And I KNOW I cannot wait to see it! I know it will be spectacular. Kudo's on keeping it to yourself. That must've been pretty tough to take! Looking forward to see your latest creation!!!!

  5. Image for Donna Donna

    KariAnne, your energy and ideas are always fabulous ! Love the lipstick red walls and looking forward to the big reveal next week :)

  6. Image for Marian@Gathering Branches Marian@Gathering Branches

    Wow. Red's a big step for a neutrals girl like you. How fun to do something so different. It must be Opposite Day. I just painted my family room white. My husband felt to see if I had a temperature when I told him my color choice. But I needed the room to be brighter. And the combination of white walls and orange Venetian plaster made me feel like I was home in Phoenix, rather than here in northern VA. Shocking change can do your heart such good. The Other Marian

  7. Image for amy watson amy watson

    Oh my goodness, l have always known you had a wild side to you !!!!!!!! l cant wait to see are so brave and we are so lucky to have you for inspiration, because l for one am a chicken when it comes to being bold!!!!!!! I am working on it though......GOOD JOB GIRL.....oh hey, and way to go on keeping a secret, l would have failed miserably lol

  8. Image for Maureen Maureen

    I cannot wait to see it! I am sure it will be nothing less than amazing :) And here I am fussing over changing my butter yellow living room to East Coast Blue!!

  9. Image for dawn@joyfulscribblings dawn@joyfulscribblings

    Congrats Karianne! I have had a small 1/2 bathroom painted red for years and decided to paint it off white. It's in the process at this moment. You actually inspired me to go with white after looking at all of the lovely pics of your home. I'm a little nervous about it, but hopefully once my vanity and everything is in place it won't look so stark. Today I'm sharing why I'm not a DIY Diva, but DIY Diva's like you inspire me.

  10. Image for Wangu Wangu

    Wow, red?! Can´t wait to see what you come up with. I have always loved your taste and I bet I will love the red red room that matches your lipstick. I love the clock

  11. Image for Regena Fickes Regena Fickes

    This is why Thistlewood is one of my "must see to start my day" blogs! My Ma would call you a scamp and I will too. I never know what to expect except that it will be worth my time. Can't wait!

  12. Image for Missy George Missy George

    Do you have a red named after you yet?? We grew up with a Chinese red living room..Liked it then..It's was a little dark as I remember..Congrats on the "job"..Can't wait to see it..

  13. Image for Regina Regina

    Yay!!!! A red room with BOOKS??????? I can not WAIT!!! Two of my all-time favorite things - OK, three, counting YOU! :) Congratulations!!

  14. Image for Christine Christine

    Karianne, I was craving red once...and had my hubby paint one room all red. I used gold accents. My fancy chandelier, my large ornate picture frame on the wall. Sofa had some gold in it. I loved it and everyone said they loved it. One friend said they would lay on the sofa and eat bon bons in there. ha! But day I just couldnt take all the red. But it was fun while it lasted. I think it was Martha Stewart's 'ladybug' red. Now its pale, blue with gold accents and lots of white. I can NOT wait to see your room as I know it wil be super gorgeous!

  15. Image for Theresa K Theresa K

    OMG!! You are too much! I have got to go out and get red lipstick today!! There could be an army of us all in red lipstick and just think how much more beautiful the world would look!! I can't wait to see the room. You are so brave and I love that your word today was "inspire" because you inspire so many of us!!

  16. Image for Judy Judy

    How exciting, KariAnne. I had a red kitchen and adjoining family room for several years. We have white shutters and wainscoting and it looked great. It always made me feel happy and energized. I can't wait to see yours. Congratulations!

  17. Image for Tamra B Tamra B

    Oh, how I ADORE red! Can't wait to see what you've will be FABULOUS, I'm sure! I'm all excited for next week now!

  18. Image for Jean Jean not have thought of that color but I am thinking it is going to be fabulous!! Cannot wait to see it.

  19. Image for Maggie Maggie

    Red? the all room red? Wuau...but if there is a person that can pull it off and will look amazing..... is you, I know it. It will fantastic and we will love it !! go girl go RED !! :)

  20. Image for joyce joyce

    My 15 year old granddaughter picked out red for her bedroom last week. I haven't opened the can yet, it will be a surprise. We both will wait to see your surprise first. I know it will be a show stopper.

  21. Image for Becky Becky

    My living room and dining room are red and I love it. Been that way for 10 yrs now and even tho' I'd like a change, my husband loves, loves, loves it and so therefore, it's going to stick around for a couple more years. Can't wait to see your red room!

  22. Image for Norma Jean Norma Jean

    Oh my! I painted a small laundry room RED and it took three coats to cover it (I would have liked to have done a fourth). I can't imagine how long it took you to paint and entire room, including bookcases! Can't wait for the reveal.

  23. Image for Lynn in FL Lynn in FL

    Like we'd be anywhere else but here....waiting....sipping tea....waiting....breathless....waiting! Karianne and red....that's a combination that's GOTTA be good! Can't wait!

  24. Image for

    OMG!!!! Do I really have to wait? you know I'm not good with that......waiting stuff.........oh, all right! If I must......but I'm not happy about it!.......waiting is just not in my DNA!.......especially when it involves the color RED! and a room you! Oh, heck, now I have to go paint something red...... will be back bright and early next week! L.L.

  25. Image for Mary Feguson Mary Feguson

    Oh, I am so excited to see the red room. If you have ever been to any of my posts I am sure you have seen my red couch - and I love it. I have red in almost every room of my house and I wear only red lipstick and always have to have a pair of red shoes. I have always been that way since I was a little girl. LOL Crazy aren't I. Congratulations on being selected by Sherwin Williams. Looking forward to future posts. Have a terrific week. Mary

  26. Image for Janet Janet

    Wait a minute - I thought I was your best friend....and I haven't heard a peep about this! Congratulations, Sweetie! As you know, my kitchen is red and it still makes me happy. I got to paint FIVE coats of paint for coverage ; how many coats did you get to paint? Love you!

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