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Zack just graduated from college and I thought we were going to get a raise.

But all that extra money is now just going straight towards gas.

If you’ve known me for FIVE minutes you know I am a budgeter. I shop by the side of the road. I clip coupons. I shop yard sales. Anything and everything to keep us on track with our monthly budget and monthly spending.

But gas kind of had me stumped.


Until I found this new way to save on EVERY GALLON OF GAS.

All thanks to my Walmart+ membership.

Just between us?

Walmart is all about saving customers time and money and I was so PUMPED when I found this latest way to save.

(total aside: I’m so sorry—I just couldn’t resist. It was low-hanging joke fruit.)

You’ve heard me talk about how much I love Walmart+. I’ve been a member for almost two years. It’s helped me (and my mom) with the free grocery delivery ($35 order min. Restrictions apply.) and mobile scan & go and so many other benefits like the free Spotify Premium membership.

And just when I think it couldn’t any better?

Now it’s helping me save on gas, too.

As of April 20, W+ members will now save up to 10¢ per gallon at over 14,000 stations across the country including Exxon and Mobil gas stations and at select Walmart and Murphy gas stations. (Fuel discount varies by location & station, subject to change.)

Here’s how the program works:

If you are an existing Walmart+ member you just download the Walmart app and log into it from your phone.

If you aren’t a Walmart+ member yet, you can try it free (and see if you like it as much as I do) for 30 days here.

Follow the directions on the app.

Just click on the services button in the bottom left of the screen and then click on member prices on fuel.

1. Find a station close to you with the fuel station map. You can see it here. It’s super easy to use and I found tons of different options in my area.

2. Select your fuel grade to begin pumping.

3. Look for the e-receipt once you are done (this is super helpful to me to keep track of trips and expenses).

That’s all I did to save up to .10/gallon on gas.


Interested in Walmart+?

Here’s the way it works:

You can purchase a monthly membership for $12.95 or an annual membership for $98. You get FREE same-day delivery from your local store (with a $35 minimum purchase and restrictions apply), and other great benefits that save you time and money.  You can sign up for a free trial at www.Walmartplus.com.

Your membership includes Walmart’s everyday low prices and no per item mark-ups like other online grocery delivery services.

So when you want to make a healthy meal or you are about to run out of paper towels, you don’t have to worry.

Ordering online is just a finger click away.

You can order food items but you can also order all those household essentials you need like napkins and fabric softener and hand soap and even shampoo and conditioner.

I even used Walmart+ last week to order the cutest shoes and the cutest dress for summer.

If you think this might work for you and you are interested in having groceries delivered for FREE show up at your door?

Let’s go.

You can check and see which Walmart+ benefits are available in your area here.

And try it FREE for 30 days here.

You can sign up for Walmart+ here.

It’s a big time saver.


I love, love, LOVE it! I truly do! It makes life easier, saves me money and keeps me focused.

Here’s to making every moment (and every penny) count.

disclosure: This post was sponsored by Walmart+.

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  1. Image for Christy Christy

    Is there a cap on savings for the gas discount or will you save on every gallon of gas for the entire year? (My husband is asking :) )

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Here's the answer from the website: "Q: Is there a limit to how many gallons I can get member prices on fuel? A: There’s no limit to how many gallons you can get a member prices on fuel."

  2. Image for Marti Marti

    You guys would have a stroke if you lived in CA! Around LA & San Francisco prices can be $7.00+ … Now we even consider European cities’ gas prices cheap😱

  3. Image for Pamela Smith Pamela Smith

    That $4.00 looks pretty good to me! We are almost to $6.00 per gallon! And unfortunately, our Walmart doesn't have a gas station. :(

    1. Image for Kris Kris

      Ours either. 😪 I'm using the old-fashioned trick of grouping my errands as much as possible and carpooling. We are down about 3 pennies .... $5.13/gallon. Still, thanks for trying to help us out, KariAnne.

      1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

        Be sure and check-in your area! You can save up to 10¢ per gallon at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart, & Murphy stations too!!!!!

  4. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Thanks for the information. Gas prices are just depressing and should not be like this. I drive so much less now.

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