farmhouse kitchen

I cleaned my kitchen for you today.

Just for you, my friend.

I couldn’t help it.  This brilliant sunlight was dancing across these old pine floors, streaming in from behind the shutters and I just got a brand new HD card for the camera and I wanted to see if it made a difference with the pictures of the kitchen and the sunlight….but of course….

….I had to clean it up first.

I do not in any way want to destroy the illusion that it always looks like this. 🙂

farmhouse kitchen decor

farmhouse decor mason jar rack

And after I did the dishes and swept the floor and fluffed the pillows, I went looking for a candle.

The better to smell up the pictures for you.

Can we agree? A candle always makes everything better.

The kitchen was wearing its new spring attire and needed the perfect spring candle to coordinate with it.  So I went to the candle stash, rummaged around and emerged with the only candle I could find in the entire house.

farmhouse kitchen decorating

farmhouse decorating dishes

I plopped it down on the counter and lit the candle.

Then got the camera ready and took a deep whiff….

….as the smell of “Pumpkin Butter” filled the air.

Pumpkins?  Right?  Perfect for spring.

Seems to be a theme around here. 🙂

kitchen farmhouse

In the middle of all my kitchen spring fluffing and pumpkin-smelling picture taking, I came across a fun project my sister made for me that I thought would be a great idea for Mother’s Day.

It’s easy and simple and perfect for a last minute gift.

Hand-stamped dish towels.

dish towel project

But these aren’t just any stamped towels.

To make them extra special, these towels are stamped with geographic coordinates of a specific location.

It could be the location of your family home.  Or a place that holds special meaning for your family.  Or one set of coordinates could be your house and the other one could be your mother’s home.

dishtowel diy project

You can purchase flour-sack towels like these at any big box store.

They come in sets of 10 for $9.99.

Find the geographic coordinates by putting in your location here then stamp it onto the towel with over-sized stamps from the craft store.

Then wrap it up and tuck it in with another little gift.

I’ve heard pumpkins are big this year. 🙂

Happy day friend!

diy tips and tricks

And now here’s a few more farmhouse decorating ideas from some of my favorite bloggers.



farmhouse style on sutton place


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stamp a dish towel

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  1. Image for Linda Linda

    What implement are you displaying your mason jars on- on the wall? Love it, and I'm a vintage blue glass jar collector and would love to be a copycat!

  2. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    So tell me what you think of the new HD card? I'm thinking of trying one too? Happy spring! Birds are singing in my yard...glorious day!

  3. Image for Peg Peg

    I adore your use of whites and creams. What better color scheme for a kitchen! And I LOVE the map coordinate towels. Thanks for sharing, far away friend! : )

  4. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    What color paint is on the walls. I want to paint my living room cream with white paint. You have a beautiful combination.

  5. Image for Yvonne @ StoneGable Yvonne @ StoneGable

    WHat a darling idea for towels, Karianne! I am addicted to bar towels and use them like paper towels. It would be fun to pretty a few up and give them as a gift!!! And boy can I relate about the candle!!! So cute... just like you!

  6. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    I agree on the D/S Cup & Glass Rack ... I have one, and use it both in my home, and as display in my "travelin' shows" too! Tho' I must say I like your white brick wall, MUCH better than my wallpapered background! (I've waited so long to remove it, that paper's come full circle ~ back to being "IN" again. Hahaha!) And ... I'm LOVING your new table and chairs all set up and in use! Aren't you just so very happy with them!?

  7. Image for KATHY B. KATHY B.

    Happy Mothers Day, Kari Anne!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!... Maybe explore the outdoors and find a pumpkin or two, who knows!!

  8. Image for Mary s Mary s

    You are da bomb! Thanks for a great idea. But where did your sister get such large stamps and how big are they? Also do u know what stamp pad color and brand she used?? Thanks!

  9. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    You guys come up with the neatest ideas!! Co-ordinates and such?? Wow and then there was Pi! Good grief I had completely forgotten about all that stuff and here you come up with it reminding me that my mind is getting too cluttered up with trivia instead of important stuff -- like Pi! And I really looked carefully -- I am a snoop after all -- and I couldn't see a speck of dust on those Ball jars. Molto bene KariAnne!! And my favorite fragrance candle is 24K by Taylor candles -- nope I don't get any kick backs for saying it -- they don't know me just my credit card number. Those candles smell heavenly!! Happy Mothers Day -- Big Hugs too!!

  10. Image for Linda Linda

    I too would so like to know the source of your bottle rack on the wall. I live in Washington and have never seen one like this. Your rooms are always inspiring and your emails are fun to open.

  11. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    I like this idea and I think it would be cool on an old, old window, with the address and then the coordinates...maybe frosted on the glass? Thanks, Miz karianne

  12. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    What a lovely idea for any gift for lots of occasions! I have a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a couple of sisters, nieces...I'll bet any one of them would adore receiving these hand-stamped towels--myself included. Oh, and I just love the mason-jar-on-the-wall rack. Thanks, as always, for sharing, KariAnne, and Happy Mom's Day.

  13. Image for Colleen from alabama Colleen from alabama

    Those dish towels! I already have some flower sack towels just begging to be stamped! So, this is my question: how did you get the faded look? The ink looks like it has been washed many times, is there a technique to get it to look like that? I like that so much better than the hard, harsh lines of black ink. May even do a few for wedding gifts with the coordinates of the place where the couple got married. LOTS of wedding gifts this summer :). Thanks for sharing such a fun and unique idea!

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