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Do you ever think about how surreal blogging is sometimes?


Day after day I write my thoughts and my dreams and my aspirations down on the pages of this blog for others to read.  It’s like an online diary of snippets of my life and when I write about my hopes and my dreams and my projects and my stories…

….I leave a little piece of myself behind for others to see.

Sometimes I’m trying to encourage.

Sometimes I’m trying to share my heart.

Sometimes I’m trying to communicate how grateful I am for you and the time you spend on this blog every week.

And the incredible thing about a blog?

The thing that makes me wake up every day?

Is that I am LUCKY enough to get to communicate emotion like joy or hopefulness or heart or sadness or wistfulness or elation.

And I get to do it every, single day…

…all with only the written word.

Yesterday we finished decorating the outside of the house.

And when I stepped back?

I literally wanted to do cartwheels on the lawn.

We added smaller wreaths to the windows and a large wreath at the very top of the porch and more garland and red bows…

…just in time for the month before Christmas.

And today when I’m trying to explain how happy the outside of my house makes me?

All I have are the words on this page.


Just 26 characters and a stray symbol or two.

I can’t rely on word inflection or facial gestures or hand-waving or a raised voice at the end of a question or a laugh when something is funny or a smile when something is witty or a sigh when something touches your heart.

Now I do have a semi-colon and an exclamation point and an ellipse and a comma or two.

But other than that?

It’s just words.

That’s all.

And when you think about it like that….

….isn’t it truly amazing?

It’s almost like a challenge to me to try and paint a picture for you with all those letters. I know it’s random, but I agonize over each and every punctuation mark and word. Even the slightest change it a word can communicate a different meaning.

For example:

You could say I love this large over-sized wreath on the front of the house.

Or you could say I adore this large over-sized wreath on the front of the house.

Same sentence with just one-word change and it adds a subtle nuance to the entire meaning of the sentence.

Isn’t that amazing?

Aren’t words incredible?

So to fully communicate how excited I am about my Christmas decorating?

I put together the following list of words to effectively express my excitement. You can finish any of my sentences here on this post with:








and the ever-popular ebullience

See what I mean?

All those letters that makeup all those words express a different type of joy.

But here’s the thing—even if the words fall short?

Even if the words don’t exactly fit?

Even if I can’t effectively communication my excitement over those clusters of red bows nestled into those rows of wreaths?

No worries.

I can always fill the page with exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Never underestimate the power of a really good punctuation mark.

PSS Here are some more amazing wreaths over at Wayfair.

disclosure: this post was brought to you by Wayfair.

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  1. Image for Francis Moore Francis Moore

    Pictures are just important as words. Pictures give the follower a chance to form his/her own opinion. I like pictures.

  2. Image for CherylB CherylB

    So beautiful !?! As always;) Please tell me you have battery or electric candles in all of the front facing windows because if not... you should !! That would be the proverbial cherry on your perfectness

  3. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, I thought of you when I saw an entire book devoted to the semicolon while at the bookstore today. Didn't you write a blog about the semicolon ? Have an amazing day please!

  4. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    This looks lovely. What a lot of work! Do you have a very long ladder or can you hang those wreaths from the inside somehow? And to snarky Anonymous. You're just jealous!

  5. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    KariAnne, you do such a terrific job conveying your enthusiasm for life and your work when you write. It makes us so happy and blessed to "know" you, if only through the blog!

  6. Image for jillian jillian

    So very Christmas-y! And merry and bright! I hope you have elves helping you, I do wonder how you do all that you do. Thank goodness my hubby is up for hanging the outside lights and decor. He goes a little wild, perhaps you can see the glow clear in Texas. I'm good with it though.

  7. Image for Maryanne Maryanne

    You are more than words. Your exuberance, delight, giddiness, enthusiasm, and realness says it all. I should send you a picture of our woodsy front door on the west coast of Canada

  8. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    You’re house belongs on a Christmas card!!!!!!!!! I love the decorations and always enjoy reading all your words 💜

  9. Image for Kris Kris

    Karianne, it's beautiful (and more than "a little"). What does your mom think about all the ways you have changed the house? I bet she loves it that it is in your capable hands. Same house, different vision. Looking forward to more eye candy from you. :)

  10. Image for Barbara at Mantel and Table Barbara at Mantel and Table

    Oh My - a woman after my own heart - punctuation, no less!!! 💗 I think about the surreal-ness of blogging all the time, probably since I'm so new to it - but isn't it so fun to try to express those emotions and ideas in words? You're such an inspiration KariAnne - both your beautiful heart and your beautiful home! Thank you!

  11. Image for Gina Gina

    Oh Joy! My very first reaction to the pucture of your house was, "KariAnne's house is singing!!!!" P.S. I also decorate with wreaths on the windows and door. However, I only have 3 windows in the front, too! Hallmark approved!


    Stunning!!!!! Love how your house reflects you with your dash of red lipstick-so full of exuberance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are indeed a word smith-it is not easy to impart emotion to the reader and you are able to do so with what seems like to me-EASE!!!! Thank you for doing so!!!!!

  13. Image for Mary Mary

    Karianne, you truly have a gift for writing!💕 other bloggers try to copy but will never ever be like you. You write with your heart and soul. I have followed you for years and so happy for all of your success.

  14. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I agree about the power of the written word...and that it doesn’t have to give every detail. I am reading (well skimming) a poorly written book that overdoes the descriptions of things. Just get on with the story i want to tell the writer. i think she is padding to make a thin story seem to be a novel! I love the house decor - just my style!

  15. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    Your house looks spectacular!! It makes me want to make Alexa play the Sirius XM Hallmark Channel radio station and curl up with a mug of hot chocolate in my snuggly-like-a-teddy-bear recliner. Words are powerful things, aren't they? They can break hearts or hug a heart depending on their use or inflection. Gotta love those words! Thanks for sharing yours!

  16. Image for Linda Ann S Linda Ann S

    Your house looks lovely! So festive and merry...you did an amazing job with all of it. I particularly love the lanterns on the front steps. Can I ask you if the lanterns rust from being outside? While the entry to my house is much smaller, I do think I could put some of those lanterns on my steps but worry about rust on my steps. I also have no place to plug in lights so this idea is a real winner for me! Enjoy your beautiful home and your hard work!!! Linda

  17. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    This is beautiful, KariAnne. Your home is beautiful outside and in, as are you. And you are blessed because you are a blessing, and you work hard to achieve what you have. Enjoy your decorations as long as you can. Please, just make sure to continue allowing us to follow along.

  18. Image for Laura Laura

    Thank you for all the beautiful ideas for Christmas! Your one my favorite things in my e-mail everyday. I wanted to make the buffalo plaid wooden Christmas tree but I can’t seem to find it. Can you help me with that? Thanks again!

  19. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Celebrating 43 years of wedded bliss today!!! He's helping me clean the house for his family is coming for Thanksgiving!!! Did I think I'd be doing this 43 years ago--NO!!! But I'm glad to be doing it!!!Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  20. Image for Karen Karen

    This is SO dreamy! Everything looks amazing! I absolutely love everything about this! Even though my wreath is a few years old and probably needs updating I keep hanging on the front door. Another post that made me smile - I can't stop smiling! :D You also helped me settle the decision on whether I should place my red velvet outdoor ribbon on the top or bottom of my wreath! Thank you sweet & precious friend! <3

  21. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I love when those selected and collected letters express so much thought and emotion. Keep arranging them...writing them...and sharing them. They bring joy, tears, laughter and those photos just surround them with beauty. ❤️

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