Hello amazing friend.

Guess what today is?

It’s called KariAnne Has the Best Brother On the Planet Day.


Can I just tell you how amazing he is?  He builds tables and letters and clocks and scrabble letter message boards and hand-carved logos and boxes that look like people.

And when I needed help putting together some videos of the house?

He knew exactly what I needed.

I am so full of joy and happiness right now that I am literally dancing as I type this.  The week is starting off with smiles and houses and sunshine and cartwheels and the perfect hair day.

I have so much joy that I wanted to share.

I wanted to pay it forward.

Just to celebrate.

Just because it’s Monday.

Just because you might have a decorating dilemma today.

So let me help.

Let me be your decorating person today.

Just leave a decorating question in the comments and I’ll answer it back there.

Get ready.

Get set.

Ask away.

PS  Here’s the dedication I wrote to my brother in my third book, You’ve Got This Because God’s Got You:

It’s all true.

Every. Single. Word.

To my brother Mark:

You are the adventure planner,

the scrap-wood saver, the laugh sharer,

the storyteller, and the leader of your own band of merry men.

Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Thank you for filling the shoes 

left behind by a giant.

You are my heart.


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  1. Image for Jessica Lardinais Jessica Lardinais

    This is so exciting! I will watch right after I ask my question. We put an offer on a house last night and if we get it then I will have some decorating decisions to make. The house has a lot of wood, which I love because it feels warm and rustic. For instance, it has a few feature ceilings that are pine and I adore them. It also has all wood moldings throughout the entire house. I like the wood, but I can also see how it might seem to "darken" the house. The big question...to paint the molding or leave it in its natural state?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      That is such a great question! I had TONS of wood in the farmhouse and we painted it white and it totally opened up the space. I think the key is to leave some of the wood and not paint everything. For example, we left the doors wood and painted the moldings around the edge of the doors. You could also leave a wall or fireplace with the wood and paint the moldings!


    You are so lucky to have such a great brother!!!! Love all the things he has made for you and the videos are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Image for Linda Linda

    Karianne Love your blog and sweet personality. Question is how do you store all your decor items so not all over the place and easily accessible (those not in use presently)?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Linda, I try and buy large furniture pieces with extra storage and then I store all the same types of things in each one. For example, the gray hutch in the kitchen has shelves in the bottom and I keep stacks of extra dishes in there. The hutch in the hallway has cabinets in the bottom and I store all the vases there! Hope this makes sense! karianne

  4. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    Karianne: Thanks for sharing Give your brother an added hug. Where can I order the wooden signs you show in your home? How do you hang them? Details, please. Don't ever STOP being YOU!

  5. Image for Deedra Deedra

    Karianne- Great post and a great brother!! I do have a question for you. We have an outdated orangey peach tile in our mudroom/laundry room that we need to keep for lots of reasons. We have beadboard in one of those areas and I cannot pick a color for in there. We also have stained cabinetry that we are hoping to leave as is. This area opens to the kitchen which is getting ready to be painted a Cream with yellow undertones. I do have a lot of color already in my home including Barn red. I would love your help!!!!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Deedra, Have you looked at a blue? A pretty robin's egg blue might tie everything together? Kind of like SW Rain? You could also look at a creamy white like SW Dover White to paint it, too. Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions! Happy day friend! karianne

  6. Image for Susan Ronnfeldt Susan Ronnfeldt

    I cannot think of one thing to ask, because I am all choked up. I lost my husband last fall, and my daughters are the ones who are filling his giant footsteps for me. And I hope I am doing the same for them. Bless his heart that he is doing that for you. My brother passed away 10 years ago. So God Bless your brother!!! I so love his video's he did for you. They are truly beautiful!! A loving family is the best blessing from Our Heavenly Father. Love you KariAnne!

  7. Image for Peggy Z Peggy Z

    I’m in love with your blue and white living room. I am living with wood paneling that can’t be painted and green carpet. What color would you choose for furniture and what would be the accent colors? You are blessed with your family. You are all so talented!

  8. Image for Mercy Mercy

    Hi KariAnne-- Just how much fun was it to type that phrase: "... my third book"? Congratulations on having such a great brother, and congratulations to him on having such a wonderful sister!

  9. Image for Linda Linda

    Karianne, No questions at the moment. You are fortunate to be a wonderful part of a creative family. Have a fantastic week!

  10. Image for Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson

    Lovely pictures, but I was hoping when you said home tour, that the video would actually be a tour of your home, not just pictures! Thanks.

  11. Image for PJ PJ

    Pretty neat video. My question would be this: How do I arrange living room furniture when the traffic pattern goes through the room. It's hard to decide on a focal point. Thanks much.

  12. Image for Debra Matcovich Debra Matcovich

    I had two major projects that I’ve been procrastinating for years. Well I just did one of them which was changing drapes in a joining rooms that I’ve had up for many years. My next project is painting my coffee table which looks like a trunk. It’s gold and distressed and would love to change the color to either a cream or very light mocha. I’ve used chalk paint before for many projects but not sure if I want to go that direction this time. Not sure which other paint I could use.

  13. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I don't know how to start. My master needs a total overhaul. Our furniture is 29 years old. It's solid cherry so it's not in bad shape, but we are ready to go to a king size bed. Where do I start? Furniture? Paint? Draperies? Bed linens? I just don't even know how to begin. And this is just one room that needs help. :(

  14. Image for Leila Jane Leila Jane

    Hi KariAnne ~ Okay, I have a question and I bet it might be one that others have, too. Our house was built in 1990 and the great room has a wall full of niches, of which one was meant to accommodate a TV. Problem is - today's wide screens don't fit in there. (We have our TV in a place we like better anyway.) I have the 2 largest niches filled with an antique trunk on the bottom and blue and white garden stools and vases on the top. I like what's in there but the niches themselves still look dated to me. If DIY were no object (ha ha ha!) what would you do? Would you maybe add shutters to them and use them for storage? Or is there some other idea that would help disguise how 90's they are? Call me Stumped in Florida, LOL!!!

    1. Image for Thistle Wood Thistle Wood

      Leila, Could you hang a door over the opening? It would almost create the look of a cabinet? Or maybe a giant oversized mirror? I also like Mary Anne's idea of a pretty lantern in them if you aren't going to disguise them! Happy day! karianne

      1. Image for Leila Jane Leila Jane

        Thanks so much, KariAnne. I'm going to start looking at old doors and shutters and see if I can find a good match for the space. I love an excuse to look at old architectural pieces, anyway, LOL!

  15. Image for Mary Anne Mary Anne

    I live in Florida also so I feel your pain with all the niches. I removed ours and patched the drywall because they ate up too much space. We have a few shallow wall niches that I hang framed photos in and place candle sticks and or plants beneath. One large overhead niche houses a tobacco basket, milk can, and old lantern. Hope this helps.

    1. Image for Leila Jane Leila Jane

      Hi Mary Anne in Florida ~ Hmmm, tobacco basket, you say... I've been wondering where I could use one of those things. Maybe I'll try one on it's side in one of my larger niches. Thanks for the idea!

  16. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    Question: I have a sofa table behind (duh) my sofa, which then backs up, almost, to a wall of windows which looks out to the pool and golf course. I am unsure what to put on it. Lamps seem odd with the light cascading through the windows. I don't want to block the view, either. Stumped...

    1. Image for Thistle Wood Thistle Wood

      Jolyn, What about a row of potted plants? Or something low that wouldn't block the view, but would bring a little of the outdoors in. A dough bowl filled with grapevine or greenery might be another fun option, too! Happy day friend! karianne

      1. Image for Betty Betty

        Hi, gals! I have a pair of fairly simple girandoles with spear crystals I put on the sofa table . . Afternoon sun in the windows means rainbow time! The touch of vintage is fun and we found them pretty reasonably priced a couple of years ago.


    God Bless you and that special brother of yours! The Dedication you wrote to him in your Third Book is so beautiful! Give that special brother of yours a big hug! KariAnne, you are both so special! How I thank God for you and the wonderful caring person you are! How blessed we all are to have you as a part of our life! Just feels like we have known you forever! Have a wonderful week!

  18. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, once again you write about the love and creativity that runs in your family! You are all a blessing to each other and we are your lucky readers!

  19. Image for Karla Karla

    I love the videos. What is the music behind the first one? It sounds like the perfect background music for a happy sunny day on the porch. As soon as all this snow melts in Iowa. Hugs and thanks.....

  20. Image for Sandra Amos Sandra Amos

    I have a navy blue sofa and agreeable gray SW walls, light wood floors. Lot of light but I still need to something to brighten it up. I was thinking curtains with yellow in them for spring with yellow/blue pillows and yellow throws? What do you think?

    1. Image for Thistle Wood Thistle Wood

      I like the idea of yellow! Just make sure it's a cool yellow because all of the other colors in your room are cool. White curtains with pom pom trim might be cute, too. I'm in the middle of making curtains like that for Whitney's room! Happy day friend! karianne

  21. Image for Eileen Eileen

    I love the videos; such a clever brother. Just be careful with all those cartwheels. Don't try it UP the stairs and ESPECIALLY NOT down the stairs. haha . Great blog.

  22. Image for Christine McDaniel Christine McDaniel

    Is your fiddle leaf fig real or faux? If it is faux, where did you get it? It looks just the right height for my bedroom.

  23. Image for Susan Susan

    Enjoyed the videos... I have a question, I live in a mediterranean style home and all my walls are a beige venetian plaster. I would like to lighten up. What kind of paint could I use that would not ruin the movement and texture in the plaster? Thanks for your help...

  24. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Your brother is also a rock star. Runs strong in your family. OK - it's late on a Monday after dinner - but I have a dilemma that is driving me insane. I share office space with my husband in the evening and on weekends - and we have a wave solid wood hand made desk - but MK part is closer to the wall than HIS part.....and I always feel like he is peering over my shoulder - which technically he is. I need an affordable cute solution to a his/hers office space - I spend my days and nights in here and he only does sometimes....but sometimes I am writing person girlie stuff on email and just hate that there is that hovering over me feeling. Stupid, I know - he could care less - but I want to FACE one another or be on opposite sides or something. I hate this desk, he made it but it was only to be a temporary solution and we have used it for over ten years, haha. I have had several sofas, dining tables, buffets, and countless foyer tables since - haven't changed this due to 1.) he made it, 2) all the desk office solutions I love seem so stinking expensive and mainly 3.) OMG all these technological wires and cords is a nightmare. I can't exactly change this on my own in the middle of the night like I do the rest of the house, haha. Not sure if this is what you meant by a design challenge - but I can't seem to get past this one. Thanks if you have any ideas. Love your vids - hug Mark for me, he is awesome. Your dedication to him brought tears to my eyes. Your new book seems like the perfect gift giving book. Keep up the good work, KA. ♥

    1. Image for MM MM

      MK w/b MY -- my part of wavey solid wood table desk is closer to the wall then HIS part of the wave - if that makes any sense at all......

  25. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    I would love to see some ideas for decorating a mantle. Mine is a corner fireplace and would love some fresh new ideas! I have been following you forever and your posts always bring me joy! Love, Linda

  26. Image for MARY S MARY S

    Hi Kerianne, I have vaulted ceiling in one main room. 2 1/2 white faux blinds on large windows. Grey walls throughout. Been thinking about some very sheer off white curtains to the floor. Always need help knowing where to put the rods. What say you? THANKS SO MUCH!!

  27. Image for Ann Ann

    hi KariAnne! I love your style!!! How would you define it, if you bother doing that? Also, can you recommend a book /blog/etc. or two that would help with room layout conundrums? Ann :)

  28. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Hey there! The videos are so good! What a blessing to have a talented brother, but even better to have a great relationship with him! Glad your day was great!!

  29. Image for Tracey Griffith Tracey Griffith

    I think I found the answer to my question in the comments. I want to paint the bathrooms, but what color? Ta Da! SWRain sounds perfect to me. My bathrooms are basically three “rooms” that are connected with a tub and toilet walkthrough. The half bath is used primarily by my daughter so I want something we both like. I think I will buy a small sample and paint some foam board and live with it for a few days. If I like it, I might do the kitchen and laundry room too! I’m going to order your book now! Thank you so much for all you do. Oh! And I LOVED the cabins from Thistlekeeping. Thank you for sharing those. So beautiful!

  30. Image for Terri Terri

    What a wonderful brother you have! Could you please share where you purchased your blue floral pillows on your sofa as well as the blue diamond one? Thanks! Your home is so beautiful and shines with warmth!

  31. Image for Amber Amber

    I wish we were neighbors! Love the kindness you show in the way you talk about your family and the glimpses you give into your relationships! Such a good example to the world! OOOOO..... I DO have a question! OK, so I don't actually have all my pennies saved up in order to execute the plan YET, but I'm a girl who likes a plan to dream about. A going forward idea. And I don't have a plan! The problem is, I'm stumped for two lighting situations in our farmhouse. The first is in the former dining nook that we fired from being the dining nook. We have an open plan "track" around a central staircase. The left side is the kitchen and big space and the right side was the dining nook and a big space. The dining nook only fit a round table and as hoster of holidays and gatherer of peoples, we needed room for a LooooooonG table, not some dinky, only-seats-a-few kind of thing. So, we moved a long farm table to the kitchen side and love it there (it doubles as work space for cookie decorating and bake days!) and we extended the living room on the former dining nook side. Here's my problem .... I need lighting above my long farm table on the kitchen side (no current lighting, as that part of the room was wired for floor lamps. Right now I have outdoor lights hung above the table a-la-cafe style that was leftover from Christmas dinner but adds so much warm glow I don't want to take them dowm). But the even bigger problem is the former dining nook. It now is an extension of the living room and we have a piano and a couch and chair around a coffee table in that nook. We all gather and play board games and do puzzles there but the huge, ugly hanging chandy that was meant to hang over a dining table is a HEAD INJURY HAZARD! I want it gone! But, it is on a dimmer switch and it does provide a lot of light that we need. The ceilings are normal height (boo) so the hanging height of the current light looks too low even if it were under a table because it is massive! What can we replace it with that fits with how we use the space? (It's wired for a single light, so pocket lights would be a whole 'nother project). I would like a statement, but not a head bumping hazard. Any brilliant lighting ideas? ;) XO

  32. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Such talent...I’m late to the posting of the blog today and wanted to say I have loved reading the responses and questions!

  33. Image for Ann Ann

    Your living room is my favorite room on the internet. Every time I see it I feel like it should be in my house, with me snuggled into it. Thank you for the inspiration! My question regards interior painting. Our living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, foyer, and hall all run into each other. There are high walls that don't go all the way to the ceiling (so it's all one room and one ceiling), and there are pony walls around the living room that give a spot for the sofa to back up to and electrical outlets to be placed conveniently. This gives us an open, airy, light-filled home we adore, but it also gives us a serious case of "where do we stop/start?" when we paint. Should we chose an arbitrary point to stop/start painting? Or just bite the bullet and paint it all? Stick with all the same color, or do some different colors and how to choose where those colors should be? Help!

  34. Image for LISA Evans ROBINSON LISA Evans ROBINSON

    Hi Karianne! I would love to know where you ordered your couches and striped chairs????? I love your style.

  35. Image for Marion Marion

    The videos are wonderful, Karianne. Your brother is very talented and your home looks amazing! How do you bring a traditional room with red/green/dark beige tapestry sofa/loveseat/and green chair, wood foors and fireplace up-to-date without replacing these furnishings?

  36. Image for Melanie Mixon Melanie Mixon

    Hi there! It may be too late to ask a question, but here goes, just in case! My brother is single, age 51, and owns a home and he is kinda clueless about decorating in some ways, which I don't think is so bad since often that is the case. But he has a beautiful formalish living room (with fireplace) that joins with dining room. This area is at the front of the house and there are large windows. He doesn't know how to dress the windows. He asked for help. Not really seeing the room in awhile, since I live away from him, I ordered him some long solid off white drapes/curtains from Target that were nice, but turned out to be the wrong color and we returned them. He has 3 solid color pieces of kind of modern furniture (one dark blue, one maroonish red, and one goldish yellow). The room is painted SW Sea Salt, I believe (not the color I would have chosen with this furniture). I was in Tuesday Morning and found a drape that was off whitish background with large floral print that had flowers and designs the colors of his furniture but he hated that and hates the idea of floral or anything close to floral. i think he envisions and solid or an almost pattern like pale stripe or woven or maybe a one color thing (example, colored chevron, so there is the chevron color and the background--chevron is just an example I am thinking of to say something with 2 colors. Any suggestions? and Thanks so much if you can thing of something and help!!

  37. Image for Kristen Kristen

    Beautiful. I'm not sure I actually have a question, more like two comments. First, I am using something you posted about your previous home, using an indoor outdoor runner for your stairs.....I remember I pinned it a few years ago because I loved the look and now I'm going to do something similar. Second, can you just come and redo my house for me? Thanks for being such a great design inspiration.

  38. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I am not sure how I missed these great videos—-but your brother rocks!! You need to print those cards out and send them as postcards!! And sell the postcards at your book signings in a cute display. They make me happy. And sharing the beauty and encouragement they give would be amazing.❤️

  39. Image for Dianne Samsil Dianne Samsil

    Hello to the Wood family.. I have a dilemma in my dinning room Ihave the 2” shutters on the bottom window. I have them for the top as well (they are not up yet). For Sunday lunches the sun is right in our eyes. We have transom windows. I don’t know what to do. I have thought about a tint over the transom to help with the light. The window over the sink is an in casement. I really like Roman shades I don’t want hodgepodge window treatment. I need help please..you know i am not good at this..help me please..

  40. Image for Amy Koepkey Amy Koepkey

    Oh, KariAnne! I've been in a fun over trying to find curtains that match my new boho rug, and I just thought to myself, I'll head over to Thistlewood Farms to see if I can find any inspiration there. Not only is there inspiration, but there's this!! I hope you are still reading comments, and I really hope you are still in the helping mood. So, here's my decorating issue. I need a curtain panel for each side of our fireplace. It can be light - filtering but I'm trying to avoid room - darkening and blocking. (My husband & kids hate sunshine messing with their TV viewing so they would close those suckers and eventually they'd stay close because how many times can a mom open curtains in one day, anyway?) My walls are greige, fireplace is red brick with a wood mantle, media cabinet under the TV is royal blue, and the Bohemian rug is dark blue, light blue, aqua, and other colors. Feel free to google Safavieh Monacco Vintage Boho Rug and it will pop up. Anyway, the curtains need to be 108". I am drawn to light colors with a blue print but they all seem to clash so badly. Any suggestions? I can't look anymore. I'm going crazy from online shopping. Thanks, my dear!! Sooo looking forward to any suggestions you may have.

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