Remember when I mentioned that my house was a reverse mullet?

All business in the back and party in the front?

Meet my party.

This dining room is a little walk on the Christmas wild side.


If you watched my Instagram stories, you know that this year I am the luckiest duck on the planet to partner with an amazing sponsor, Holiday Warehouse. Everything you see on this tree. Every ornament. Every bit of beaded ribbon. Every light. Every sparkle came directly from their warehouse.

I’ve never had a tree like this in all my decorating life.


Just between us? I was a little nervous at first. It’s a LOT. I mean this tree is all the bright and merry with a side of extra.

But then I remembered.

I’m a little extra too.

Why not celebrate it?

Are you ready for the sparklingist dining room this side of the Mississippi?

Here we go.

This is what my dining room looks like right now.

Can you even?

The tree was designed around the rug.


This rug.

It has hot pinks and reds and yellows and greens and blues.

All the colors.

And all that color?

It just hopped up onto the tree.

And the table.

I’m all finished decorating now.

I can’t even tell you how happy that statement makes me.

I promised myself whatever was decorated by December 1 was where I was stopping.

This season I want to enjoy the holidays and I promised myself the following five things to make this season a little less stressful.

1. I’m scheduling a party the first week of December


The first week.

Nothing fancy.

Just friends getting together and singing carols and celebrating the joy of the season.

Because truth?

There’s no inspiration like a deadline to get the house ready for Christmas.

2. I’m shopping more online

Usually, I make a big production out of shopping.

Total aside:  Are you really surprised?

And I’m still going to have a fun shopping trip this year with a cute Christmas outfit and coffee and the mall bustling with people and Christmas music chiming, but most of my shopping I’m going to do online.

There are so many great deals and coupons and you can have it gift wrapped and send directly to the person’s house.  No shipping or waiting in line at the post office.

And it’s so much easier shopping in fluffy slippers.

3. I’m going to play more Christmas music

I love Christmas music.

I want to rock around the Christmas tree and be home for Christmas and watch chestnuts roasting by and open fire and have joy for the world.

And sometimes I’m so busy and frenetic and frantic that I forget to turn up the volume.

I’ve already got it playing and it makes it feel like Christmas is officially here.

4.  I’m wrapping gifts as they come

No more last-minute marathon wrapping sessions.

No more newspaper on Christmas Eve because I’ve run out of paper.

No more standing in aisle seven staring at empty shelves where the gift boxes and tissue paper used to be.

I’m wrapping them a couple at a time after I buy them and then using them to decorate around the house, too.

5.  Remembering what is important

Savor each and every minute with family and friends.

Sometimes that gets all lost in the middle of the season. Stress takes over and we miss the minutes that matter.

I’m telling myself this now.


On December 2.

Before it all slips away and I’m standing in front of my perfectly decorated Christmas mantle with my unwrapped gifts and my unsent Christmas cards and my nativity that only has a camel and scolding myself and my unrealistic expectations because I couldn’t get it all done….

….instead of taking a moment to breathe. 🙂

PS  Who’s with me?

PPS I’ll be sharing a complete tour of this room along with the DIY on the ornament chandelier on Instagram stories today. Be sure and follow me to follow along.

PPPS In AMAZING Cyber Monday news—one of my favorite candle companies, Antique Candles is having a 30% off sale TODAY only with free shipping on orders over $75. My favorite Christmas scent is called Christmas Day. You can see the candles here.

disclosure: this post is sponsored by Holiday Warehouse.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    Now THAT is what I was expecting when you mentioned color! You wild and crazy girl! Love it. Can I tell you that hearing that you end up wrapping gifts in newspaper makes me like you even more??? Real is where it's at! You and I reverse the order of things--I try to have most of my gifts purchased by now and save the decorating till after Thanksgiving (in part because we travel over Thanksgiving weekend) but we have the same goal--trying to keep Christmas from becoming a cluster so we can enjoy the season more. I'm in with you!!!

  2. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    This is sooooo festive! I feel like Farmhouse was introduced to Disney... and Mardi Gras stopped by to celebrate. How can this not make you happy??!!! And I love the rug that inspired it all and that wall color! What a great stage and background. Enjoy each moment!

  3. Image for Dinelle Dinelle

    Can I ask where you purchased the white trees with the wood base on the cake stand. You places looks beautiful and ready for the holidays.

  4. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Oh, KariAnne, your dining room is brightly gorgeous, my new adjective . I am with you all the way. I started yesterday wrapping gifts my daughter brought over that will be my grandchildren’s. I turned on Christmas music right after Thanksgiving.. I’m treating myself and buying a ticket to see Michael Buble in Cleveland, Ohio in March, and crossing that off my bucket list. Outside has our nativity on our lawn, and porch has urns filled with greenery. Lit wreath and door too. And my Merry Christmas sign I bought after seeing yours on your blog is hanging there too. Merry Christmas to you and your family.🎄🎄🎄

  5. Image for Ellen Ellen

    I love every single thing about this! The colors really pop against your Naval walls, and using the rug as the color inspiration is, well, inspired! Having been in that actual dining room, I love thinking of it in those vibrant colors that match your vibrant personality!

  6. Image for Liz Liz

    Oh I LOVE it ALL!! So colorful and gorgeous! When we were decorating our ‘memories’ tree I found several ornaments from Presley family Christmas parties from years past. Makes me so happy!

  7. Image for jillian jillian

    Well....merry, and fun, so cheerful. All words to also describe you as well, I think. So....just a thought...would you like the white tree up on the dresser on the left side to balance the bigger tree? It seems a little lonely there in the corner. It is nice to see you having so much. Blessings to you and your lovely family this season.

  8. Image for Detra Coley Detra Coley

    My first thought when I saw the picture was that it matches the rug! Love it! Have been a little shocked at all your color after being used to the all white at the farmhouse. Proud of you!


    I'm with you!!!!!Love the color, it makes me smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your party, your guests will love the color as it is so you!!!!!

  10. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Whoa! You could even leave this up for Carnivale! You did a wonderful job of picking up the colors in the rug. Enjoy your bright and colorful Christmas!

  11. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    I'm with you! Beautiful colors and room! I love it all! You will have to share how you get so many ornaments on a tree. I need to know the secret, lol. you're awesome, have a great day!

    1. Image for Patrice Patrice

      LOVE LOVE LOVE THE COLORFUL TREE! The white one on the other side needs some color...Like Cheryl I'd like to learn how to get so much on a tree!! Maybe a tutorial when you are dismantling it after the holidays! You go Girl!!!

  12. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Well, I LOVE it!!! I am into color; so it suits me just fine. I wish I had the room! I would go to town with the decorating!!! What does a person who subscribes to a digital newspaper do for wrapping? Lol

  13. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Color, color, and more color! Love it! So cheery and bright yet refined by the abundance of blue and white throughout the room beyond the tree. You nailed it, KA!

  14. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    What a display!!! Love all the bright colors 💜. Looks great in your dining room!! I’m with you on the simple and thoughtfulness of this pressure zone and live/enjoy every minute🥰

  15. Image for Sevahn Sevahn

    I LOVE this dining room. What a COLORFUL tree! WOW!!! Shopping with "fluffy slippers." You Are So Adorable! I'm smiling a lot!! Happy December!

  16. Image for Nancy Nancy

    You know how I feel about this tree already. :) The whole dining room is just so "you" least one side of you. I love your list this year too! I'm feeling that too. Not only is my house decorated, but I have put the final orders in and all my Christmas shopping is done. I hope to have presents all wrapped by the weekend. Because you want to know the truth? Not only have I not always done what you have listed, but, I haven't kept Christ at the center of it. Last year I allowed us to skip out on Advent services because I just had so much to get done. Ashamed. Certainly, I haven't kept the vows I made when holding my boys at the Baptismal fountain. This year is going to be so different. Have an awesome day my friend. Could so sit with you and a cup of coffee and chat. Nancy

  17. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    WOW!!! Holy moley, girl! Your crayon box exploded! LOL And it's gorgeous! I looooooove all the color. Especially that new rug. I love it soooooo much more than the other one. It's beautiful! You did a marvelous job as always! May all your guests ooo and ahhh when they see it! Enjoy your party! ❤

  18. Image for Becky Becky

    Gorgeous!! I just don't know how to get that many ornaments on my tree, afraid it will collapse! But truly, how is that actually done?

  19. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Who is surprised I LOVE your dining room???? And, I can’t stick around...there’s shopping for candles and other things to be done! ‘JoY to the WORLD!’

  20. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    I start my Christmas shopping in November and I wrap the gifts as I buy them. Then by the time the tree goes up (first weekend in Dec.) the gifts are all ready to go under it. I just mailed my Christmas cards today. As for my decorating and tree, the theme/ornaments stay the same year after year. It makes life easier. I was surprised at your tree. It's not for me, but it sure suits you. Enjoy it!

  21. Image for Pamela Smith Pamela Smith

    Oh my goodness! This is a pleasant surprise! So much color! I usually go for the more neutral, but this is fabulous! Thank you for inviting us all to your dining room. I'm finishing up my decorating today and then I can sit back and enjoy!

  22. Image for mary mary

    Love it. Thanks for helping me decide that my theme this Christmas is THINGS I LIKE AND ALREADY HAVE! However, I have fallen in love with your blue and white wrapping paper. Would you please share the source?

  23. Image for Joy Pinkerton Joy Pinkerton

    WOW wow wow!! I LOVE that tree!! What fun!! Enjoy the holidays at your beautiful home!! ♥️🎉🎄🎁🎈

  24. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    Wowza!! It's like a bunch of kids just saw a swimming pool loaded with floaties and toys awaiting them....there is no way you can not have a big smile on your face when you see this!!! You get the award for the happiest and most cheerful Christmas tree this year! Just like you, friend!

  25. Image for Kristin Kristin

    It looks beautiful! Love the bright colors, all so festive and happy! Have a fun party and shopping in your slippers listening to Christmas music!

  26. Image for Lynne Lynne

    This room is so bright and happy, just like you! I am with you on taking time to really enjoy the holiday on-line, turning up the Christmas music, and focusing on what is important throughout the season! Merry Christmas, my friend!

  27. Image for Ahrisha Ahrisha

    Sweetie I just love y0ur colorful room! I have color in my home too for some time and I love it. Better wish you a Merry Christmas right now.

  28. Image for Anita Anita

    Yes, it sure looks like an ad for Mardi Gras. Doesn't fit the decorating of the rest of your home with your simple white and blue and I can see why you so rarely add other colors in your decorating.

  29. Image for Becky Becky

    WOW! Glorious! I am so happy to see color for Christmas! Neutral can be very pretty, but most of the time it's pretty blah! It's time to bring back COLOR in the blogging world! 😊 I'm SO EXCITED!!! I finally BOUGHT THAT RUG! I have pulled up the pictures of your sis-in-law's office SO many times, it's getting worn out. (Can you wear a blog post out?) The rug will be here Monday, and I can't wait! Enjoy your more relaxed Christmas! I'm in too. Less decorating, less procrastination, more relaxed fun with the kids. 😊

  30. Image for Diane Amick Diane Amick

    Love it! In my younger years I would decorate every room in the house...bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room. Hence, LOTS of Christmas decor. Now, in my golden years, I give myself 2 days, one tree, and much of the Christmas decor has found a new home. No red and green for me though...I’m a teal, orange, apple green lady. Fun finding holiday decor in unusual colors. You’re an inspiration, KariAnne.

  31. Image for Linda Linda

    Trying to wrap my head around how this goes in a farmhouse. But IT DOES. And it's BEAUTIFUL!!! So awesome and pulled together looking. You go girl!

  32. Image for Andrea Andrea

    I love all of the color! Looks so amazing with the rug. Wrapping gifts as they come in? Where's the fun in not waiting until the last minute.

  33. Image for Marie in AZ Marie in AZ

    Oh boy, this is so bright and cheery and happy! It looks like your color pendulum has swung from all white to bursts of color! It's so much fun! And...please give us a process tutorial on how you decorated the tree...I would bet dollars to doughnuts that many of your readers would love it!!! Thanks.

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