There’s something so jolly about Christmas front door wreaths. Want to make your own? Here are 9 front door DIY Christmas wreath projects.

I was standing in the living room, holding two flocked wreaths yesterday, planning how I was going to hang them from ribbons on a frame when I realized something…

….nothing makes me happier than a really good wreath.

What is it about wreaths?

Why are they so special?

They are just a circle with a bunch of stuff on them.

I hang them everywhere. I put them on mirrors and add them to bookcases and put them inside picture frames and hang them on stands and decorate the front door with a wreath.

And somehow, someway, they just make everything a little brighter.

Especially at Christmas time.

So today here are 9 creative think-outside-the-box wreath and front porch decorating ideas.

Your front door is going to love them.

9 Front Door DIY Christmas Wreath Projects

1. DIY Drop cloth Wreath

The amazing thing about this wreath?

It will take you from now until Valentine’s Day.

All you need is a wreath frame, drop cloth and hot glue.

See the entire wreath DIY here.

2. DIY Jingle Bell Wreath

This is such a pretty jingle bell wreath.

It’s made from assorted sizes of jingle bells spray painted in different metallic tones.

See how to make this wreath here.

3. DIY Evergreen Advent Wreath

Celebrate the spirit and meaning of Christmas with this easy tutorial.

Make a beautiful DIY advent wreath using fresh or faux winter greens.

See how to make this wreath here.

4. DIY Deer and Evergreen Wreath

This is a budget version of a very expensive wreath.

I love the greenery and the jute twine at the top—what a great way to create a beautiful version of a high dollar wreath.

See how to make the wreath here.

5. DIY Outdoor Christmas Wreath

Have a large old wreath?

Here’s a great way to repurpose it. Make a large statement wreath for Christmas in less than 30 minutes using items from around your home and fresh greenery.

See how to make this wreath here.

6. DIY Outdoor Farmhouse Porch

Looking for easy ways to add festive farmhouse decor to your porch during this holiday season?

Repurpose and reuse what you have to create a welcoming entrance.

See the rest of the porch here.

7. How to Make a DIY Advent Wreath

Advent is a beautiful way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

You can easily create a DIY Advent wreath with this simple tutorial and celebrate Christmas with intentional traditions for the whole family this year.

See how to make this wreath here.

8.  How to Make a DIY Yarn Wreath

This simple DIY yarn hoop wreath is so easy to make and perfect anywhere in your home.

You can easily swap the greenery each season and enjoy it year-round. Wait until you see what was used as the base.

How to make the wreath here.

9. Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch

Look at all the cute front porch decorating ideas.

Those jingle bells.

Those planters.

What a fun way to welcome Christmas.

See the rest of the porch here.

See what I mean about wreaths?

They make everything cuter.

Especially Christmas front doors. 🙂

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  1. Image for Katy Katy

    Great ideas to start the day with! There is just something about a wreath that is so special! Thanks KariAnne. Inspiring as always!

  2. Image for Jackie Jackie

    I have a green faux wreath approximately 4 feet across that I purchased at an after Christmas sale for $5. I decorated it with berries, faux flowers and tiny little toys and every year look forward to see it decorating my home. Love your wreaths and am going to have to try the drop cloth wreath.

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