Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. Here are 9 gift wrapping shortcuts that will make your holidays a little easier.

Raise your hand if you feel like wrapping the gift is one of the most fun parts of Christmas.

I put on Christmas music and a really good movie about a small-town girl who is trying to make a go of her cookie business with bake sales at the local harvest festival on the weekend until a big-time developer shows up and tells her he’s demolishing the building where her bakery is.

And I’m tying bows and hanging on every word.

After I wrap all those packages guess what I do?

I decorate with them.

I put them around the house on coffee tables and baskets and under the tree and on the dining room chairs.

Want to wrap some gifts with me?

Here are 9 creative gift wrap ideas to make all that wrapping a little bit easier.

9 Creative Gift Wrapping Shortcuts

1. Personalized DIY ribbon

Make your own ribbon for your packages.

You can add a family name or Christmas carol or quote or scripture.

See the personalized ribbon DIY here.

2. Scented Gift Tags

Want a beautiful and budget-friendly way to personalize your holiday gifts this year?

Wait until you see how easy these scented Christmas gift tags DIY are to make!

See the DIY for the gift tags here.

3. Easy and simple bow

Giving a beautifully wrapped package can bring so much joy.

Sometimes it’s as simple as cute paper and the prettiest bow.

See the gift-wrapping DIY here.

4. Natural Gift Wrapping Ideas

These natural holiday gift wrap ideas are both beautiful and affordable.

Give your presents a handmade element with things you may have around your home.

See all the simple and easy wrapping ideas with natural elements here.

5. Budget Gift Wrapping Ideas

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make gifts look cute.

All you need is a little gift-wrapping inspiration.

See all the tips here.

6. Simple Gift Topper Ideas

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be time-consuming in order to look thoughtful and extra special.

Check out these 5 amazing and budget-friendly ideas for easy Christmas gift wrapping this holiday season!.

See all the ideas here.

7. 5 time-saving gift-wrapping secrets

Are you wanting to create beautiful presents this holiday season?

Here are 5 secrets that are easy to apply to make gift wrapping even easier.

See all the gift-wrapping secrets here.

8. 5 Sustainable Gift-Wrapping DIY Package Toppers

Have scrap fabric?

You can make some sustainable gift-wrapping DIY projects using scrap fabrics. These eco-friendly wrapping ideas are budget-friendly and super easy to make.

See all the topper ideas here.

9. Free holiday printable bundle

Want to create personalized tags and place cards this Christmas?

This holiday printables bundle can help you be more intentional about making others feel special. Use them for your gifts, table settings, menus and more.

See the entire printable bundle here.

I hope you have fun wrapping gifts this holiday season.

I hope your entire season is happy and bright.

And I hope if you own a bakery, that big city guy realizes how amazing you are. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    Hahaha I thought you were going to have ideas in which the gifts magically wrapped themselves. Unlike you, I hate that job. I make it more palatable by wrapping them while watching a familiar movie. You have cute ideas and if I feel extra ambitious, maybe I'll try some. Or maybe you can come to my house and wrap mine for me.

  2. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Your children are so lucky, I bet your house is the most fun ever on every holiday!! Especially Christmas you do everything right!! Awesome Mom.

  3. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Thanks, KA!!!! You've made it so easy having all this inspiration all gathered together. Maybe the Grinch in me this year will pass. Going to need some extra Hallmark Christmas movies I think.

  4. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I’m sorry I love to wrap mom used to come and help me, but her eyes are no longer what they were, but I still enjoy wrapping…don’t have pretty bows like yours…maybe will try a few, but that ribbon has to come out of my Christmas budget..yours are just adorable!

  5. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    My daughter does it all for me--ain't she great?!?!?! I give her the money and she shops for everyone and wraps the presents and all!!! Makes it easy on me and her dad!!! She's done it for years(and she is 44.) I love it. Makes everything a surprise, too! Maybe you all could try that with someone who loves to shop, as she starts Black Friday and gets the good deals. She takes the lists, and makes it fun with her 2 sons and daughter-in-law and has a blast staying up half the night laughing and carrying on! But they get the deals and have stories to tell.

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