Looking for easy Christmas crafts to make for the holidays? Here are seven crafts you can make in an afternoon.

There’s nothing better than Christmas crafts.

Crafts with bows and trees and jingle bells and ribbon and tassels and pallet wood.


Pallet wood.

You’ll NEVER guess what this pallet wood turned into.



Maybe you might guess because you are brilliant and smart and clever. And that’s exactly why we are friends.

Today on our “12 Days of Getting Ready For Christmas” we are sharing simple and easy Christmas crafts and I have seven of them for your Christmas crafting to-do list. But first? Let’s talk about these pallets.

They might not look like Christmas until they turned into….


7 Simple and Easy Christmas Crafts

1. DIY Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Isn’t it the cutest?

I have an entire collection of wood Christmas Trees. I actually just bought a new one at Target this year from the Studio McGee collection.

I also found this set of two 14″ high wood Christmas trees that are under $20 if you didn’t want to DIY.

And if you want to see how to make this pallet wood Christmas tree?

I have the entire project DIY here.

2. Embossed Velvet Runner

Did you know you can emboss velvet?

It’s so easy and it’s the perfect project for a runner or placemats or a Christmas pillow or even a handmade gift idea for everyone on your list.

Here’s how to emboss a monogram on velvet.

3 Jingle Bell Trees

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell….tree.

Did you think I was going to say rock? 🙂

These jingle bell trees are the cutest Christmas craft and you can make all three in an afternoon.

Here’s the easy instructions.

4. Stamped spoon napkin ring

I haven’t stamped silver in a while, but I think I may start again this Christmas.

These napkin rings are so easy to make—you just stamp and then bend the spoon. You could personalize each one with individual names.

See how to stamp silver and make these napkin rings here.

5. Pinecone snowflake

Someone just sent me the sweetest picture of bringing the outside in.

You know that’s one of my favorite things—especially at the holidays.

Shop your yard for pinecones and make this snowflake to decorate from now until Valentine’s Day.

See the how-to instructions here.

6. Pom Pom Christmas Tree

Raise your hand if you remember the Gatehouse?


I miss that little house/office so much. One year I decorated it for Christmas and made pom pom Christmas tree pillows.

They are such a fun craft and you can see the how-to here.

7. Simple Wreath Scarf Bow

The wreath on my door looks like this. I actually made the bow from a scarf.

You can see the scarf bow how-to here.

But wait.

There are more ideas for your scarf.

Remember when I said I had a stack of scarves? Why stop at one bow when you can create so many more bow projects for Christmas?

Here are some other ideas for your scarf bows:

  • hang on the ends of the garland on the mantel
  • attach to the corners of a hutch
  • wire the bow to a large basket
  • add to the front of urns on the porch
  • add to ends of a doorway garland

Isn’t it wonderful to live in a world where a scarf can transform itself in minutes?

And now?

Wait until you see what crafts my incredible friend Leslie from My-100-Year-Old Home has for us.

Like this button wreath pillow.

See all the projects here.

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Cute idea. But I have gotten lazy in my old age, lol. I used to craft so much not I pull out a bank card. But you are crafty.

  2. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I love the monogram on velvet! I think I will buy a wood craft snowflake, some red and silver velvet and make some pillows. I might even add some pom poms!!! Cant wait for your next great idea 🥰👍 Big Hugs,

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    I sometimes enjoy crafting, other times, not so much, but I like your ideas! Last year I hosted a party and we made these paper bag stars--they turn out well, are inexpensive, and fun to make! Just thought I'd give you another idea to contemplate. :) https://www.delineateyourdwelling.com/paper-bag-stars/

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