Looking for easy closet organizing ideas? I’m here to help. Here are some of my favorite simple organization ideas.

The closet is one of the most forgotten about spaces in the house, and it’s so easy to forget about. But the closet plays a huge role in life, as well as finding a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. Here are some easy closet organizing ideas.

Utilizing closet organizing ideas

Ideas for fun when you miss your kids who just went back to college and you are full of broccoli and cucumbers and all your New Year’s resolutions:

1.  Dress up in a velvet sweatsuit and re-watch an entire season of Gilmore Girls.

And cheer on Emily.

2.  Cheer enthusiastically when you see the sun after all the freezing weather and the Texas blizzard of 2024 with a whopping 1/4″ of snow.

3.  Make your 247th cup of sugar-free hot chocolate.

4.  Play games and talk on the phone to your mother and make smoothies and think up ways to wear your hair and contemplate cutting your own bangs and paint a dresser and decide that when it snows make-up is totally over-rated.

5.  And when all else fails….

…organize your closet.

There’s something about an organized closet that makes the day a little brighter.

Here are seven easy closet organizing ideas (including a GREAT space-saving tool I use to organize my closet).


There are actually three closets in our bedroom.

Now don’t get too excited.

None of them would win a closet blue ribbon. Our house is 110 years old and the closets are so tiny I think they grew up in New York City. All the closets together wouldn’t be large enough for an entrance to Narnia.

There’s a closet off the bathroom that my husband uses and then there are two closets on this side of the room that are mine with these bulder grade hollow doors that we updated with trim and this simple DIY.

Last year we made over the bedroom and added cabinets along one wall to hold dresses and out-of-season clothes.

I wanted to maximize the closet space that we had.

So I researched and planned and figured out a few things.

Here are all my best closet organizing tips.

Constructed closet organizing ideas

7 Easy Closet Organizing Ideas

1. Add space-saving hanger hooks for easy closet organizing

Here’s what the dress closet looked like when I started.

It was FULL.

With extra full on top.

I needed more space so I decided to try these.

They are these little hooks that allow you to double up the clothes hangers.

You just hook one over the edge of the hanger.

Then you hang two hangers together.

They are kind of genius.

Here’s a before and after in the closet so you can see the difference.

I sorted out some of the dresses and hung some of the other dresses two together with these hooks. Keep in mind that when I donated some of the dresses it freed up about 1/4 of the space you see here, but the rest of it is from these space hangers. Also–I only added the hangers to about 1/2 of the dresses. There would be even more space if I had added it to all of them.


You can see the hanger hooks here.

I also found this great space saving option here.

closet organizing coat hangers

2. Don’t forget velvet hangers

Here’s another space saver. If you’ve ever used velvet hangers like these before, you are nodding.

They are a game-changer. They are so narrow, so you can hang more clothes in a closet and maximize space.

But my best velvet hanger advice? They are not created all the same. I ordered some and they weren’t sturdy enough and broke easily (especially under the weight of heavy coat).

You also want hangers that have a pants hanger at the bottom so you can hang up an outfit or pants in addition to tops.

These are my favorite ones I’ve used. They come in a set of 50 and they are SO STURDY.

I also found these hangers that hold leggings if you are short on drawer space.

closet organizing close up view of a drawer

3. Add expandable drawer organizers

My challenge with this space is that I had these large drawers.

And large drawers?

They have a tendency to get jumbled.

So I found these expandable drawer organizers on Amazon.

They come in a set of four in different colors (I ordered them in white) and they stretch between the sides of the drawer and snap into place.

They really do stay in place and they create compartments for socks and pajamas and other items.

You can see them here.

I also found these taller acrylic dividers here.

closet organizing bags hanging on hooks

4. Add shoe organization

Here’s the overview of the other closet.

It’s super narrow and I knew I couldn’t add closet rods to both sides or I would end up like Lucy in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

I maximized the closet area by putting the majority of the closet organization on one side with floor-to-ceiling shoe racks like these.  It freed up a lot of space and made the closet feel much more spacious and cleared out room in case I wanted to find that lamp-post in Narnia.

closet organizing shoes on shelf

There are rows and rows and rows for heels and flats and tennis shoes.

In Imelda Marcos news?

These shoe organizers can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes.

And they’re full.

I also love these shoe storage containers and have them in another closet for scarves and socks and miscellaneous stuff.

They have doors that open and there’s so much affordable storage.

You can see them here.

I also found these belt organizers for the closet, too.

shoes and boxes on shelves

5. Add storage boxes

I cannot tell you how much I love these organizers.

They look like Grace Kelly on Oscar night.

I ordered they are so sturdy and have lids and use them to store everything from socks to tights.

Every little cubby has a purpose.

miscellaneous bobbles in a tray

6. Easy jewelry organization

I love these plastic dividers.

I have everything grouped in different sections of the drawer. You can arrange them to fit any jewelry (or anything else you need to organize).

You can see them here.

For example, these are my Baylor cheer earrings. Perfect for a Saturday football game next year.

Closet organizing ideas with jewelry trays

7. Use jewelry organizers

The smaller bracelets, rings, and earrings are stored in the pull-out drawer at the top of the drawers in the closet.

It’s lined with velvet and has sections for jewelry.

If you don’t have space for a drawer like this you can always use stackable jewelry organizers like these.

I also love these rotating earring organizers here.

And can you see my sewing machine tucked away at the bottom of the top section?

A sewing machine.

Just sitting there.

I know….right?

I never dreamed that I’d have a closet so organized that I’d have a place for my sewing machine….

…..maybe now there’s space for all that unused make-up. 🙂

I linked even more closet organizing ideas over in my Amazon store here.

PS  I have tons more organizing ideas on Pinterest here!

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  1. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    This is amazing! I too live in a 100+ year old house. My closets are under the slopes of the roof. They are deep but short. So organization is behind the hanging clothes🥹. Hopefully some of your amazing ideas will work!❤️

  2. Image for Anna Anna

    Great resources and ideas! Thank you. I live in NY and must share that one hotel I stayed at in NYC didn’t have a closet deep enough for the depth of a hanger. Yep. So they installed the tiniest rod where the hanger hangs front facing. You could hang - maybe- two dresses or one winter coat in the “closet “.

  3. Image for Maureen Maureen

    Once again you brought giggles to my day, Karianne!! As I sit here just outside Buffalo, NY where we have had a lake effect snowstorm bringing over 50 inches of snow, your 1/4" tickled my funny bone😂 Thanks for the ideas...and the joy...now off to organize my closets!!

  4. Image for Eloise Fitzsimmons Eloise Fitzsimmons

    So, you all had a winter blizzard -try over 18 inches over 2 days where I live in WI ! You're cruising and I'll be flying West to a beautiful island in the Pacific that starts with an M. I know you changed self-tanning favorites. I think it was L'Oreal towelettes . Hopefully you'll have time to confirm. I am scary white. Thanks!

  5. Image for Bea Bea

    Oh my goodness, what a mess I created. I loved the idea of the little hooks to double up things in the closets. So before I invested in ordering some, I hung one ganger around the neck of another hanger to get an idea of how it would work. The next day I was excited about the compacted closed and the room I saved. However, this morning when I removed something from the closet and had already decided to order the clips, I found that everything I owned needed to be pressed. My goodness, what did I do wrong? Everything is so wrinkled. I can't use this method. Do you know what I did wrong or maybe I just have too many clothes. At least I read the article and was inspired. Now I have to go iron and put all the clothes back on single hangers.

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