I am in the middle of Christmas decorating right now.

This is an exact quote from my husband, “I just brought down 17 Christmas tubs from the attic. There are an additional 18 Christmas tubs upstairs, not including trees, pillows, wreaths and assorted Christmas stuff.”

And then he finished with, “I think we need a Christmas yard sale.”


A Christmas yard sale?

Those totes are full of treasures.

It’s hard to part with something full of Christmas memories, but I’m open to negotiation. 🙂

You can see most of the content of those totes displayed in the house over the next couple of weeks.

But today? It’s DAY 9 of “12 Days of Getting Ready for Christmas” and I’m joining my incredible friend Leslie to share creative ideas for the Christmas table.

Ready. Set. Go.


1. Decorate the chairs

This is one of the simplest and easiest ideas for the Christmas table.

Here’s how to recreate this look:

  • Wrap ribbon around the chairs (I found some SUPER similar ribbon from Walmart here)
  • Thread ribbon through a mini wreath
  • Tie a knot around the wreath
  • Let the tails of the ribbon hang down
  • Knotch the ends of the ribbon

2. Stamp your own napkin rings

You can make your own napkin rings from silverplate spoons.

Stamp your guests’ names or a Christmas message.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial.

3. Easy centerpiece idea

Here’s one of the easiest centerpiece ideas.

Group trees in the middle of your table.

I know, right?


One quick tip. If your trees are all the same height, stack some on books to help vary the height.

4. Layer in DIY Christmas Carol Ribbons

I found this red polka dot burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby.

Then I DIY’d Christmas carols onto the ribbon with sharpies.

It’s such an easy craft and you can see the instructions here.

After I sharpied them, I layered the ribbons on top of a burlap runner to decorate the dining table.

5. Add a little light

This is one of my favorite Christmas tables of all time.

I took these white houses (Target has them again this year here) and added battery operated lights.

I’m recreating this look this year, but I’m taking it next level.

I found these tea lights on a TIMER.  

You can set them to turn on automatically so you don’t have to worry about turning them off and on every day.

I’ll keep you posted on how they work.

6. Personalize your runner

This is such a fun project for your Christmas table.

All you need is velvet (you can use your own velvet that you cut and tuck the raw edges under or you can buy a velvet runner like this one on Amazon) and chipboard letters.

Then you use an iron to emboss the letters on velvet.

You can see the entire tutorial here.

7. Decorate the table with presents

This is my best tip for my house (you’ll see presents wrapped everywhere).

It’s one of the easiest ways to add color or pattern to your Christmas decor.

I wrapped these smaller presents and stacked them on the table with this fun flower arrangement and ornaments for a simple DIY Christmas centerpiece.

I can’t WAIT to show you all the Christmas decor and my dining room table for this year.

Here’s a hint.

I found these 12 Days of Christmas plates at Walmart.

And the rest?

Just fell into place on my table. 🙂

PS And now be sure and stop by my friend Leslie’s to see her gift wrapping room.




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  1. Image for Sandi from the Cape Sandi from the Cape

    A Christmas Yard Sale? Oh NO! I pared down my excess and gave it to my daughter when she got her home. Now when we visit I can enjoy all the memories that she grew up with and she didn't have to buy any of it! Just sayin' you've got four kids!

    1. Image for Kris Kris

      I think Sandi has a good idea 😜. I have given my kids an ornament every year with the idea being that when they move out, they can take them with them. And then I can switch things up! Love your ideas, KariAnne.

  2. Image for Marci Marci

    Wow, Girl! That is a lot of Christmas to have up in a hot Texas attic! Kudos to Hubby for carrying it all down....I have to do it all myself so I have been pairing mine down. I usually.....when taking it down decide what will live on and what won’t. Set them aside and the next fall take them to a thrift store.........where they can live on in someone else’s home. Yes, I do have some that I can’t let go of but as my children carry on with their own traditions it makes it easier to let go and move on.....especially when you like to decorate differently reach year.

  3. Image for jillian jillian

    LOL, We have the same amount, plus 5 trees. I am starting to realize this may be getting to be a little much for us to accomplish at our time of life. Hubby has been hanging lights for weeks. I have always LOVED the wall paper in that top dining room. Does anyone know who makes it? Just ordered those cute little candles. I'm all about the lights and candles this time of year. The trees and roping go up the last of October here. It takes a long time to get it all done...and it is left up until Feb. Love your dining room with the little houses and lights.

    1. Image for Mildred Mildred

      That's PAPER in the top dining room pic????? I want to comment about the directions for the wreaths, ribbon on the back of the chairs. Sorry, but I need a little more detailed instructions. I can't figure out how you put the ribbon tails though the wreath and then tie them. And some chairs look as if there are 2 kinds of ribbon????


    A few years ago we organized Christmas totes-thinking we ended up with the same amount. Can't have the same things every year! Some years I want simple, other years more. Love what you are doing this year!

  5. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    I seem to hear the same comments from my long suffering husband. What I do now is use only some of the bins and change around my decor every year depending on my mood. I try not to add too it but always find some treasure I can't seem to resist. Ihave a large collection of Santas used to put out but now I just select and few and enjoy them in that way. My daughter would love to have them but really doesn't have the space. Our tradition used to be to decorate early Dec after my birthday. but now do it the weekend of Thanksgiving and I leave it up till 12th night. Thanks for your beautiful decorating ideas Karianne. You always have the most beautiful holiday home.

  6. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I gave some of my decorations away, but it seems i get more, so i never really have less,lol!! I love your ideas, thanks.

  7. Image for pamela smith pamela smith

    I am so ready to start decorating for Christmas, but my younger daughter doesn't think it should be done until after Thanksgiving. She is coming home this weekend for a visit, so after that, game on!!

  8. Image for Sonya Sonya

    I love a good Christmas yard sale but I can’t part with my special items either. Your holiday decor is stunning with so ma y special touches.

  9. Image for Alice Alice

    Amazing set of tips for decoration and give a better look to the whole interior as well. It's nice to see creative ideas like this that helps other readers as well in decoration.

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