Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and discovered much to my holiday chagrin they were out of gift tags.

There was a paucity of ribbon and tissue and most of the wrapping paper was gone.

It was a dilemma of almost epic proportions.


So when faced with Christmas lemons what does a Christmas gift wrapper do?

Shop the teacher bulletin board section of course.

I’m about to tell you something amazing but you have to promise to keep it just between us. We can’t let the world know just yet.

The teacher bulletin board section of Hobby Lobby has the most INCREDIBLE paper. It’s super long (about 48″ and good yardage on the roll). There are amazing colors and paper that looks like wood and paper that looks like brick and paper that has the cutest patterns.

You can get this roll of paper that looks like distressed white washed boards for only $9 (then you can use your 40% off coupon to make it only $5.40). I brought it home and then challenged myself to create four different gift wrapping ideas with things I already had around the house.

And the best part?

I filmed a new YouTube video of the whole thing.

You can follow along with me here on my new channel.

I used the distressed wood paper as a foundation for each of the wrapped gifts.

And then?

I gave them all a little personality.

1. Book page Christmas tree

I created simple cutouts out of book pages and glued them onto the front.

Then I added a scrabble tile and a snowflake for a star.

And added tiny jingle bells to the front of the tree.

2. Evergreen Christmas tree

I found a sprig of evergreen from a garland and added it to the front of the package.

Then I added a scrabble tile for a stump.

And a snowflake for a star.

3. Jute twine and scrabble letters

To create this wrapping, I just tied off jute twine.

Then I wrapped the package and tied it off at the end.

I glued JOY in scrabble letters to the bottom of the package.

4. wreath and ribbon wrapping

This was the easiest of all the wrapping projects.

I made this wreath from dollar store garland.

Then I wrapped the ribbon and attached it to the package.

Here they are all lined up and ready for Christmas morning.

Want to see a little step-by-step?

I put together a quick video of me making each of these on my new YouTube Channel.

I’m doing a video a week of a simple, easy craft.

You can follow along here to make sure you get updates and don’t miss a single project.

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  1. Image for Judy Houle Judy Houle

    So cute! I love the scrabble letters idea. I have a bunch of those and I know how I'll be using some of them this weekend!

  2. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Thanks for letting us all in on this well kept secret! I love the distressed wood paper πŸ’œ Good timing for your I am wrapping gifts! Gonna turn on some good tunes and β€œrap” away!! Lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Image for Peg Peg

    Those presents are the most adorable EVERRR!! But my favorite thing about the video was your pretty hair and your zebra print glue gun!!!!!!! xoxo

  4. Image for june june

    Darling...I need to check out that section of Hobby Lobby. Love the videos...that sweet southern voice is the best❀️

  5. Image for Betsy Betsy

    You are always cluing us into the best budget friendly ideas. Thanks so much! We are getting a Hobby Lobby closer to us after the New Year and we are counting the days. Merry Christmas!

  6. Image for Donna Donna

    Luv Luv them also. Will have to save for next years gifts.. You are the greatest/ I can’t hardly wait each day to see what you have for our surprise Thanks so much girlfriend


    What a fantastic idea!!!! Knew about bulletin board paper-but never thought of using it to wrap presents!!!! Perfect for those larger packages too. As for gift tags- I tape them on the bottom so the top is always the way I designed that way when I ship packages they don't get lost!

  8. Image for Deb in Oklahoma Deb in Oklahoma

    Oh, clever, clever, clever! The cutout of the tree gives me all sorts of ideas for using scrap paper hole punches and whatnots to "decorate" it. You may want to take a trip through JoAnn Fabric or Dollar Tree, too. Joann has lots of adorable little gift-wrap bits and DT has a great selection of pretty papers this year (seriously...who would have guessed?). I've accumulated a lot of new components for wrapping this year. Love your ideas!

  9. Image for Florence Florence

    All these ideas are so creative, I will use them for sure, especially love the wreath. Thank you for uploading videos of your DIYs, that's such a good idea. I don't want to be any rude, but just in case it can be of any help for you, the video editing is terrible. Zoom in and out are so abrupt that they make the viewer sick and you just can't watch them. And focus is not always on the part which needs focus either. Looking forward for the new videos!

  10. Image for Dee Turk Dee Turk

    WOW, oh I feel so inadequate words and I love all the pretty things that you do I think you are truly one of the most hard-working and creative women I know! I mean I should say people or persons or whatever, honestly these are just too pretty to unwrap! Also, thanks so much for the heads up on going to the teacher section I'm not sure if our Hobby Lobby has it but they must have it but I'm going to be looking for that paper because I was thinking it would also make a really great background for photos for ig!πŸ˜„ You are beyond clever and I appreciate the effort and time that you put into making things so special! Anyone who would receive a gift from you...oh forget what I was about to say, you are truly the greatest gift! Well Jesus is truly the greatest gift, but you definitely are a wonderful gift to all of us!

  11. Image for Lori Lori

    Oh wow!! I thought you were making it to be the present ! I see doing this and put it in a picture frame, or putting the 4 together on the wall?!

  12. Image for MJ MJ

    These are just fabulous. I am fortunate to have a Hobby Lobby in my area but if you have don't, - I also go to our local Teachers supply store for this type of paper. Just ask an elementary teacher where they get their supplies. Cheers!

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