Looking for easy DIY home decor projects that are budget-friendly? Here are 22 ideas to update your home for under $100.

DIY home decor projects

Happy Labor Day week.

Just between us?

I can never decide if I want to labor today or not.

It’s a toss-up between snuggling up on the couch with a bowl of cut-up peaches and finishing the first season of Dickensian (which is SUCH an amazing series if you love anything Charles Dickens) or working on a project around the house.


Usually the project wins.

So today if you are reading this with a cup of coffee in your hand and a heart full of project optimism?

I have a few ideas for you.

Here are 22 DIY home decor projects you can finish this weekend that will cost less than $100.


Also—if you are having any trouble getting my emails. I have a new solution–just let me know here and I can fix it.

DIY home decor projects dresser

22 DIY Home Decor Projects That Cost Less Than $100

1. Painted dresser project

Let’s start the ideas with a DIY furniture project.

A thrift store makeover to be exact.

I did this DIY home decor project with a dresser, but you could use this idea on any piece of furniture.

DIY home decor projects stairwell

2 DIY Mirrored Staircase Wall

This was SUCH a simple idea, but it made all the difference to this staircase area in my home.

Adding the mirrors added so much space and sparkle to the staircase.

You can see how I created the wall here.

DIY home decor projects kitchen island

3. DIY Painted Kitchen Island

This quick, easy DIY home decor project to update a kitchen rolled in at number eight.

Here’s how we updated our kitchen with one simple change.

Wait until you see the before and after pictures.

DIY home decor projects wood bowl

4. DIY Antique Faux Finish

Did you know I used to own a faux finish business?

Faux finishes are one of the easiest ways to update a piece of furniture.

Here’s the step-by-step to recreate the look of a vintage find.

DIY home decor projects ceiling

5. DIY Painted Ceiling Project

This is one of the simple DIY home decor projects for a bathroom.

All you need is paint and a little painter’s tape to recreate it.

It’s the look of molding in a weekend for so much less.

DIY home decor projects painted floor

6. Painted Plywood Subfloor

Looking for an inexpensive flooring option?

Why not paint a plywood floor and recreate the look of a painted wood floor.

See the DIY here.

7. Under stair closet makeover

I LOVED this makeover.

We took a simple space under the stairs and transformed it into an organized space.

You can see the entire before and after here.

mini barn door projects you can finish in a weekend

8. Mini barn door

This is one of the easiest DIY home decor projects you can finish in a weekend—the mini barn door that we have in our laundry room.

It slides over to hide the trash and all the nonsense.

You can see how we made it here.

paint a room is one of the projects you can finish in a weekend

9. Paint a Room

If you want big changes in a little amount of time?

Paint is your friend.

See what this room looks like now with its new paint color.

And here’s how to pick paint colors for your entire house.

painted concrete porch projects you can finish in a weekend

10. Paint a Porch

This is one of my favorite DIY home decor projects we did at the house.

It makes me smile every day.

See what this porch looks like now and how we did it.

11. Turn bookcases into built-ins

These are simple wood bookcases that we built into the media room upstairs.

And now?

They look like they came with the house.

See the project here.

12. Build a Plate Rack

This won’t even take you a weekend.

Just a couple of hours.

See the project here.

13. Add a recipe to your plate rack

This is the project that started the blog.

And the best part?

The recipe is super yummy.

See the entire project here.

simple flooring projects you can finish in a weekend

14. Add Peel and Stick Tile

This is such an affordable flooring option.

It’s simple and can easily be finished in a weekend.

Here’s the 411 (total aside: does anyone even say that anymore) on how we installed the tile.

This one might be a little more than $100 depending on your space, but it was too good not to include. 🙂

simple planter projects you can finish in a weekend

15. Make a Wood Planter Box

Why pay for expensive wood planter boxes when you can make your own.

And add a monogram, too.

See the project here.

16. Make Lined Curtains

Add curtains to your windows before the holidays.

It’s easy to make them with this simple tip.

Here’s the easiest, simplest tip to line curtains.

17. Paint the Back Of a Bookcase

This is an afternoon project.

And it makes SUCH a difference.

See the before and after and bookcase painting how-to’s here.

18. Add Tile To the Back of a Bookcase

If you are looking for a project for your leftover tile?

This is the one for you.

See how we added tile to the back of a bookcase here.

19. Paint a floor cloth

Looking for an inexpensive alternative to a rug?

Paint an 8′ x 10′ floorcloth for under $25.

See the entire project here.

20. Make an over-sized checkerboard

This checkerboard hangs on the wall.

It’s such a fun project for a game room.

See the entire project here.

21. Create an Instant Guest Bedroom

If you are having guests for the holidays, this project is perfect.

It might take you a little longer than a weekend, but I had to include it for anyone who needs extra space.

See how to create an instant guest bedroom here.


22. DIY Obelisk from Embroidery Hoops

And one of my favorite projects ever that costs waaaaaay less than $100?

I’ll give you a hint.

It takes embroidery hoops and transforms them into this.

DIY home decor projects obelisk

I hope these projects inspired you today. If you are sitting on the couch with Dickensian and peaches? You can always pin them for later.

And now.

May your day be happy.

May your Tuesday be bright.

And may your week?

Be full of projects. 🙂

PS Looking for fall decor ideas? I’ve pinned some of my favorites here.

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  1. Image for Kirsten Kirsten

    These are wonderful! Thank you so much! I was wondering if you had any suggestions for wallpapering or stenciling a small section of ceiling? I have a recessed area above my dining room table about 8x8 that I’d like to put a greenish blue background with stars but I don’t want to spend a lot of money and I don’t have any wallpapering experience. Any thoughts? Thank you!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Kirsten, There is AMAZING peel and stick wallpaper! It's so easy to use and you apply it just like contact paper! That might be a great solution! happy day! KariAnne

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