Looking for simple kitchen organizing tips? Here are 21 tips to make life a little easier with a super organized kitchen.

The last tree is tucked away and right now I’m in the middle of all the cleaning and organizing. Two of my very favorite things on this planet. You can see all my cleaning tips here. But today? Today is all about organizing. Do you know what makes organizing so much fun? Finding simple, easy ideas that someone else thought of to do it.

I’m that someone.

I love thinking up clever ideas to keep a place for everything….

….and everything in its place.

And the best part?

I’m sharing all of my favorite products (and some new ones I just ordered that I’m all about). But I’m also sharing ideas that you can organize. your kitchen with things you may have around the house. Before I share the ideas? I also want to share some encouragement. Rome wasn’t organized in a day and your kitchen won’t be either. Start small. Use one tip with one drawer or one refrigerator or pantry shelf and organize that. Then the next day? Tackle another space. Every day all those little organizing tips will add up to a kitchen that will make you so happy every time you open a cabinet.


All you need is a little bit of time and these tips to start organizing today.

Who’s with me?

Who’s ready to organize?


21 Simple Kitchen Organizing Tips

1. Spice jars

I know you may be raising your eyebrows at me right now.

Spices? KariAnne?

In amazing, wonderful, incredible news, my children love to cook and bake. Denton usually cooks now when he’s home and he’s SUPER into spices so I had to break out the set and get all organized. 

In case you missed it? You can see the latest recipe from Dining With Denton here.

And you can see my spice jar set here (it comes with the labels, too).

Also—here’s the expandable wood spice rack as well.

2. Create faux built-in plate racks

This organizing hack and I go way back.

It all started in the farmhouse when I wanted built-in plate racks like I had seen in the magazines.


Except I wanted my children to go to college.

And then I found these tall (the key is the tallness) plate racks at the Container Store (make sure you click the TALL plate rack button).

I painted them white and put them end to end inside the cabinets.

When you close the glass door, it looks like the racks are built-in.

(total aside: if you are looking for ideas to decorate your glass cabinets, I got you. Read this.)

3. Clean/Dirty sign

If you are like me? You can never remember if the dishes are clean or dirty.

This little sign makes it so easy to remember.

Every time I post it, I get questions about it. I got it several years ago at Target with the Magnolia Hearth & Hand line. They don’t sell them anymore, but I found a similar one at Michael’s here.

Or here’s another amazing option I found. It’s a magnet that goes on the front of the dishwasher and you slide it over depending on if the dishes are clean or dirty.

You can see the magnet here.

4. Plastic organizers under sink

This is one of my best organizing tips. I have these portable organizers under all my sinks.

I keep cleaning supplies, sponges, brushes, etc. in each one.


When it’s time to clean? You can just lift it out and everything is all in one place. Plus—it keeps everything organized under the sink.

I’ve had this one for years, but I found a super similar organizer with compartments and handles here.

5. Paper towel holder under sink

During the holidays when we had parties here?

Someone would ask me for a paper towel and I’ve never been more proud.

The paper towels were right there under the sink and easy to get to and easy to grab the roll off the organizer if you needed the entire roll for some reason. This organizer comes in several different colors and it’s easy to install.

You can see the paper towel holder here.

6. Keep silverware and serving pieces on display

I know this is such a Caption Obvious kitchen organizing hack.

But everyone forgets about it so this is my kitchen PSA.

Use your serving pieces and your silverware to decorate with.

I have my silverware out on the counter in the prettiest silverware basket.

All of my shelving is filled with platters and bowls and extra plates. And if it’s out? You will use it so much more (and it gets washed more often).

I found this silverware caddy on sale right now for 20% off.

7. Food storage pegboard organizer

I found this solution several years ago when my plastic storage containers were out of control.

They were a jumbled mess and I could never find a lid that matched.

Then I found this pegboard organizer that keeps everything in it’s place in the drawer.

You can see the pegboard organizer here.

8. Egg organizer

I just finished cleaning the refrigerator out after the holidays (I’m looking at you sweet potatoes).

There’s nothing better than a clean fridge and having all the organizers to keep everything in its place.

I love this egg organizer for keeping the eggs fresh and organized. It holds 18 eggs and has a lid on the top so you can add other organizers or stack other items on top.

You can see the egg organizer here.

9. Extra drawer organizer

This is MY FAVORITE organizer in the fridge.

These are extra drawers that install under your shelves. I’ve had these for over a year and I LOVE them. They have tons of compartments if you want to keep sauces and condiments organized or you can remove the dividers and store extra supplies. I use them to store leftovers and extra dips.

You can see the drawers here.

11. Use these moveable plastic drawer organizers

Until recently my drawers looked like the picture above.

But then I found these drawer organizers (and they are on sale right now).

The answer was so easy it was brilliant.

Why not use individual plastic organizers that I could move around to accommodate everything I had in the drawer?

No more searching for scissors.

No more digging through drawers to find a pencil

No more disorganization with all my drawer mess.

These organizers come in a set with rubber stick-on feet to hold them in place. You can see the drawer organizers here.

12. Can organizer

I can’t stand digging around in a cardboard can box in the fridge.

They always get stuck on my shelves and I have to clean off cardboard remnants from my shelf.

It’s so satisfying to open the cardboard box and put every can in this organizer and then just pull one out when you need it.

You can see the can organizer here.

13. Stemware storage

This is such a space saver.

This glass ware rack slides onto the shelf above and then you just slide the stemware onto the rack. You can store the glasses and leave space underneath for plates or bowls. Plus—the glasses collect less dust, too.

You can see the stemware storage here.

14. Mug storage

I love keeping our mugs right by the coffee maker which makes it so easy to grab a quick cup of coffee.

The vintage look of this mug storage rack fits perfectly in a 1908 house.

You can see a super similar mug rack here.

15. Roll your linens instead of folding them

The other day I couldn’t even close this drawer.

It was too full of messy, wrinkled, disorganized stuff for your table.

I tried everything. I tried kicking the drawer. I tried pushing all of that wrinkled, unorganized mess down with one hand and shutting the drawer with the other. I tried scooting everything to the back and shutting the front.

And then?

I came up with an idea that was so simple I wasn’t even sure it would work. I rolled the linens instead.

You can see how I organized this drawer here.

16. Get rid of the boxes and use organizers instead

I have a wall of cabinets on the backside of where the chalkboard is.

This is where we keep all the stuff.

One of my biggest challenges is ALL the boxes. We’d buy two of one of something and both of the boxes (or three of the boxes) would sit there and take up more space.

I kicked those boxes to the curb.

I used these plastic organizers to organize the contents of all those boxes.

You can see the containers I used here.

17. Food storage containers

I eat so many fruits and vegetables (which are so expensive now) and I wanted to keep them fresh (and organized) in the fridge so they were ready at a moment’s notice. I want to bring them home from the grocery store, clean and wash them, and put them into a container so I have them ready. Then there are no excuses not to eat them. I tried so many different containers and other products that are designed to make life easier and I figured out three things about myself:

  1. I really, really like harder plastic for food storage containers. I think it cleans up better and holds up better over time and I like how clear and see-through it is.
  2. I am kind of picky about my plastic. I wanted to make sure I was using BPA-free plastic for food storage.
  3. I LOVE the snap-and-click with a container. You know. The whoosh when it seals and then the click when it clicks into place. It is SO satisfying.

These containers fit all that criteria.

18. Stackable bowls

I got this set of stackable bowls at the beginning of last year and they solved so many problems.

All my bowls are organized because they stack inside each other so they are all in one place and it’s so easy to store them.

The set comes with lids for each bowls, so you can store whatever you are mixing or leftovers super easily.

You can see the set of stackable bowls here.

19. Lazy susan organizer

I just ordered this for the fridge and I’m thinking about getting a few more for the pantry.

It makes finding things so much easier.

I chose this lazy susan organizer because there are four compartments that lift out which makes cleaning them so much easier. If you don’t want to use the compartments, you can remove them and just use the lazy susan.

See the lazy susan organizer here.

20. Magnetic measuring spoons

It’s so frustrating to be mixing up something and in the middle of mixing, you try and find a teaspoon or a tablespoon.

Mine were scattered all over the drawers.


Until I found these magnetic measuring spoons. They all stick together perfectly. You just unstick the one you want and all the rest stay in place.

You can see the magnetic measuring spoons here.

21. Build this plate rack in under two hours

I saved my favorite for last.

This is one of the most commented-on projects in my house.

I had one of these in the farmhouse and added a recipe to it. Then when we moved into the house I grew up in, I knew I wanted another one, so my husband built this in under two hours.

The best part about this project?

It’s so much easier to make than it looks.

And it’s one of the best kitchen organizing hacks for all those oversized platters and an easy way to fill up a flat wall in your kitchen.

You can see how we made my plate rack here.


That wasn’t hard.

I hope you enjoyed all the organizing hacks and simple tips for your kitchen. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products or if you have any tips and want to share.

And remember, organizing is fun.

Especially when you do it with friends. 🙂

PS Here are seven of my favorite home decor hacks, too.

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.

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  1. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I love the plate racks for your dinner plates. I actually have some of those in a cabinet where I keep collections of plates. (I love dishes). I keep our everyday dishes in a kitchen cabinet of course. I would like to do that with the dinner plates so what do you do with your salad plates, bread and butter dishes, soup bowls, berry bowls etc?

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    So much storage items, so little time. Lol. I have some of the items but You have it all for sure. Thanks for more clever ideas.

  3. Image for Pam Pam

    I have the same measuring spoons and love them too. I also love that they are double sided. If you use one for measuring something wet, you still have the other side to measure out something dry.

  4. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Thanks for the ideas. I use the tiny tins sliced olives come in for my junk drawer! They are great for small items. Plus, they are a good way to recycle. Big Hugs,

  5. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    OK. I understand this is the time of year to do cleaning and organizing. But, KA, you said it's some of your favorite things to do. *Gulp* Are you insane????!!? I think you really do need that cruise. LOL. I'd pay your plane fare and pay you to "enjoy" cleaning and organizing here. Cuz I loathe it so much it doesn't happen. Hardly ever. Haha. Nope. Not my favorite. You crack me up with your enthusiasm. Big hugs (but I am backing away slowly in case it's contagious.) ♥

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