Looking for some easy fall decor? Here are 21 ideas for decorating with pinecones for your fall and Christmas decor (and they are free).

pinecone decorating ideas

There is so much more to a simple pinecone than meets the eye:

1. Did you know you can spell it pinecone and pine cone? Take your pick.

2. Pinecones close when it rains. They open and close like window blinds.

(total aside: am I the only one who didn’t know this?)

3. The seeds of a pine tree are inside a pinecone. It’s the pinecone’s job to keep those seeds safe. That’s why they are prickly.

4. Pinecones and pine trees belong to a group of plants called gymnosperms that date back to prehistoric times.

5. You can bleach pinecones and turn them white.

6. Some pinecones stay on a pine tree for more than 10 years before dropping to the ground.

7. You can make cinnamon pinecones that smell amazing and scent the entire house.

And you know what else?

Pinecones make the best decorating accessory for fall. When I made these DIY wood slice branches and decorated the kitchen island with pinecones, I started thinking about all the ways I’ve decorated with pinecones over the years. So I did a little research and dug into the Thistlewood archives and found almost two dozen pinecone decor ideas.

Who knew I was so all about pinecones?

So, in no particular order, here are 21 ideas for decorating with pinecones.

pinecone decorating ideas diy

21 ideas for decorating with pinecones

1. Add pinecones to a wreath

This is one of the easiest ways to decorate with pine cones.

Take a basic wreath with greenery.

Then simply wire in pinecones onto the wreath base.

You can see all my favorite fall wreaths here.

pinecone decorating ideas wreath

2. Make a wreath from pinecones

Take your pinecone wreath to the next level with a wreath constructed entirely of pinecones.

You can use mini pinecones or regular pinecones.

See the DIY instructions here.

Also found the cutest version here if you don’t want to DIY.

(total aside: you can also glue pinecones onto a cone and make a tree, too).

pinecone decorating ideas bookcase

3. Add pinecones to a bookcase

This is such an easy way to decorate for winter.

Here, I just took pinecones and tucked them into the bookcase in the family room.

They add a layer of winter texture in minutes.

pinecone decorating ideas dough bowl

4. Decorate a coffee table with a pinecone-filled dough bowl

In the family room, I filled the dough bowl with rusty jingle bells and pinecones.

There is nothing better than a rusty jingle bell.

You can see the rusty jingle bells here.

decorating with pinecones centerpiece

5. Add pinecones to a toolbox to create a centerpiece

Here I took a vintage toolbox and just filled it and decorated it with pinecones.

Make sure to turn them different directions in the toolbox.

Then add a sprig of cedar at each place setting.

decorating with pinecones how to

6. Add a ribbon and a banner

This is a garden armillary I had out on the porch.

I added a sprig of cedar and a noel banner to the pinecone and tied it onto the armillary.

You could print any message (“joy” “peace” “winter” “fall”) for the holiday season instead of Noel.

7. Glue pinecones onto branches

Here’s another idea for fall decorating with pinecones that you can combine with acorns, too.

Create art with branches from the yard.

You can see how I DIY’d them here.

pinecone decorating ideas drawers

8. Add pinecones to mini drawers

I’ve added so many different things to these drawers.

Nests for spring.

Trees for Christmas.

And now?

Pinecones for fall.

9. Add to a mantel with hydrangea and cedar

This mantel is comprised of layers of different types of greenery.

Next, add in pinecones for texture.

Then add in dried hydrangeas and layer in burlap ribbon.

10. Fill a small bowl with mini pinecones

Easiest pinecone decorating ideas ever.

Take mini pinecones and fill a bowl.

I used a carved-out wooden bowl and then scattered a few mini pinecones next to the bowl on the table.

You can see a super similar bowl here.

11. Mix it up with garland and greenery stems on a mantel

Here’s a simpler mantel idea for winter.

Start with these battery-operated candles (there’s a $2.00 off coupon right now).

Then add in pinecones and pine branches and eucalyptus.

12. Make a snowflake from pinecones

This simple DIY snowflake is made with mini pinecones.

I used a vintage barn door for the backdrop.

You can see the DIY here.

If you don’t have mini pinecones you can order them here.

13. Decorate with a pinecone garland

Add a pinecone garland to your winter decorating.

Drape it on a mantel. Add it to a centerpiece. Put it on the front of a hutch. Layer it over a door.

You can find the cutest pinecone garland here.

14. Add a pinecone under a cloche

Everything looks cuter under a cloche.

Including a pinecone.

Stack a set of white plates and add a pinecone to the center.

Here’s the cutest metal and glass cloche.

15. Fill a vintage truck with pinecones

This is where the entire pinecone decorating post started.

I had this truck on my kitchen island filled with ornaments. Now it’s filled with pinecones. I found a similar truck that’s a little less rusty.

Find an unusual container and fill it with pinecones.

Also—you can see how to make those DIY wood slice branches here.

decorating with pinecones wreath

16. Make a wreath out of greenery with mini pinecones

Here’s a simple way to decorate with pinecones. Make a wreath out of wired pine garland.

Twist and make a circle.

I found this super similar garland that would make two wreaths.

17. Add pinecones to the bottom of a vintage chalkboard

I decorated the chalkboard in the kitchen for winter.

All I did was add a layer of pinecones to the base.

This would be a cute look for a window sill, too.

decorating with pinecones place setting

18. Use pinecones for placeholders

Having a winter dinner party?

Why not use pinecones as a place holder?

Print out your guest’s names and tuck them into a pinecone on the center of the plate.

pinecone decorating ideas dough bowl

19. Create a dough bowl centerpiece with pinecones and printed ribbon

Here’s another winter dough bowl decorating idea.

I filled the doughbowl with pinecones.

Then I added burlap ornaments and a printed banner.

Here’s a similar doughbowl.

decorating with pinecones books

20. Add a couple of pinecones to a stack of books

I love decorating with books and winter is no exception.

Start with a stack of books then add a string of wood beads.

Then add a couple of pinecones.

decorating with pinecones

21. Fill whiteware with pinecones

One last easy way to decorating with pinecones.

Start with whiteware and stack it on a wood slice.

Then fill with pinecones.

pinecone decorating ideas cloche

See what I mean?

21 ideas for decorating with pinecones and counting.

Pinecones are the next best thing in winter decor. Your mantel and doorway and wreaths and bookcases and coffee tables are waiting.

And all you have to do is shop the yard. 🙂

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    That pinecone information was very interesting. I thought pinecones were dropped off every year, who knew! Thank you.

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    ADD A PINECONE UNDER A CLOCHE. I love what you did with your cloche. My question is what size plates will fit under it? Are the ones you used dessert size or larger? I gave my sister the most beautiful cloche from Dayspring years ago and it had a metal cross on the top. She loved it! Her daughter accidentally broke it and I have wanted to give her another one and love yours. Can you share more details about what will fit under it. Thank you.

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