Yesterday we talked about all the gifts and where to get them.

But truly?

When it comes to Christmas? I feel like the gift is half the journey.

The rest of the year I’m stuffing things in bags with leftover crinkled gift wrap, but for the month of December? I turn into a professional wrapper wielding ribbon and scotch tape.

The bows.

The creative paper.

The tags (please don’t get me started on how many tags I’ve been working on).

And so today to celebrate our 6th day of our “12 Days of Getting Ready for Christmas” series, it’s all about unique, creative gift-wrapping ideas to tuck under the tree.

I put together my favorites (most of them using recycled stuff you already have around the house).

Here are 21 creative DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

1. Make a monogrammed jingle bell topper

I love a gift wrap that’s actually a present.

These monogrammed ornaments were so cute that I made one year.

I tied them on top of presents and then after the present was opened, everyone took them home and hung them on the tree.

Here’s how I made them.

2. Cut letters out of cards

Those old Christmas cards from last year?

Trace a letter on the cutest one and make a tag for the top of a present.

Cut it out, punch a hole on the corner and tie it onto ribbon.

3. DIY wreath present topper

This is the cutest idea and SO EASY.

Loop a ribbon through both ends of the wreath and tape on the back to hold in place.

The best part?

If you don’t have a mini wreath like this? Just shape left-over garland into a circle.

4. Stamp a wood slice for a tag

Quick wood slice tip: if you are going to get your Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm? They usually have TONS of wood slices that drop over where they cut the trees. I pick these up every year.

Then stamp the name on the front of the wood slice.

Drill a hole in the top and thread a ribbon. Then tie on top of a package and they have a personalized ornament for next year.

5. Add scrabble letters and jute twine

I love this paper.

You won’t find it in the gift wrap section. It’s in the hobby section of hobby lobby and it looks just like wood.

Wrap the package with jute twine and glue scrabble letters to the bottom of the package.

6. Make a twine Christmas tree for the top of the package

Wrap the twine vertically around the package.

Tie it off at one end to create a triangle (that looks like a Christmas tree).

Glue a start to the top of your twine tree.

7. Craft paper and book page houses

Easy and cute.

Yes, please.

Wrap the gift with craft paper, cut a house out of a book page, and add to the front with double-stick tape. Add a “wreath” to the front made from jute twine.

8. Tie on a galvanized letter tag

You can find these letters in the dollar section of the store.

Then just add pretty ribbon and tie onto the front of the package.

Such an easy way to personalize a gift.

Boxwood Present Topper Step 4

9. Make mini boxwood wreaths

You can make these for free.

Cut boxwood clippings from the yard.

Form them into a circle in water in a glass and let sit. After the clipping forms a circle, twist the circle closed and tie onto a package with a ribbon.

10. Tie on greenery

You can also simply tie on greenery from the yard with ribbon, too.

Twist leftover pieces of faux greenery into mini Christmas trees or monograms.

Add a tag and ribbon for a creative Christmas package.

11. Book page Christmas tree with snowflakes

This is my favorite.

Don’t tell the others.

It’s SO EASY to scale and these look so cute under the tree and you can decorate with them around your house until Christmas shows up.

Just cut out a tree from a book page and attach it with double-sided tape. Finish with snowflakes and jingle bells.

12, Christmas tree DIY wrapping

This “tree” is just a section of garland I cut and hot glued to the front of the package.

Add a snowflake to the top for a star.

I flipped a scrabble tile around and glued it to the bottom as a base.

13, Wrap packages with printed birch bark paper

You can find paper like this in the hobby section of the craft store.

It comes in a large roll.

Finish with velvet or burlap ribbon.

14. Make a chalkboard gift tag

These are so easy to make.

I just bought wood sliced, cut out piece of peel and stick chalkboard sheet and stuck it on the front.

Then I glued a clothespin to the top and clipped them to the top of the package.

15. Photo gift tag

Use the same wood slices to make a photo tag.

Print out photos with you (and the person you are giving the gift t0) and tape them to the wood slice with washi tape at the corners.

Then glue the clothespin on (like the example above) and clip it onto the present.

16. Snowflake DIY wrapping paper

This is a version of my favorite number 8.

Trace a snowflake out of book page.

Double stick tape to the front of a package wrapped with craft paper and hot glue on jingle bells.

17. DIY wrapping paper

Make your own paper.

Design your logo, then send the file to a local copy shop and have them print it out in giant sheets.

Then all you have to do is wrap.

18. Stamp your own paper

Make your own wrapping paper with stamps.

Start with basic craft paper.

Next, choose a stamp (it could be a letter or a Christmas message or a snowflake or a reindeer) and stamp the paper in a random pattern.

Let dry and wrap.

19. Create your own paper from maps

This works really well for smaller gifts.

Find a map of a place that is special to the person you are giving the gift to.

Wrap the package and add a bow.

20. DIY reindeer wrapping paper

One more book page wrapping idea.

This one is a cut out of a reindeer.

Double stick tape to the front of a package wrapped with craft paper and hot glue on the snowflake and jingle bells.

Cookie Gift Tag

21. Make your own cookie gift tag

I made these one year and they were a hit.

They are stamped with a simple stamp from the store and baked.

You could tie them on a basket with slice and bake cookie dough and all the cookie toppings.

See what I mean?

The wrapping can be just as fun as picking out the gift.

Just ask the elves. 🙂

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