This is a post about affordable rugs.

Where you can get them.

Which ones have the best pattern.

Which ones I love that I’ve ordered for less than the cost of a fancy dinner.

But can we press pause for just a moment on the entire rug discussion?



I watched that game with my family with my heart beating 50 miles a minute. Could they do it? Could they win a national championship? Could they make their threes? Could they defeat an undefeated team?



I’m so proud of you Bears. You. Are. Amazing.

And now? 

Back to our regularly scheduled rug program.

black and white pattern/damask khaki/buffalo check

mini stripe/black and white stripe/small gray and black pattern

small and large stripe/khaki graphic pattern/bold graphic

Let’s start with neutral.

Neutral with a pattern.

Most of my porches have a neutral background to go with the house.

Here’s our back porch.

This black and white striped rug is my new best find of the season.

I think it’s the bold, graphic pattern that makes me so happy.

I got it for under $50 at Walmart and it comes in different colors and sizes and it just makes the entire porch pop.

Best summer purchase so far.

All the sources for the porch are found here.

I also love this striped version and this mini stripe is so cute and this bold pattern is so pretty, too.

Here’s the front porch.

After we painted the brick porch and the steps, (best decision ever—here’s how it held up two years later) it was a LOT of painted surface, so I found these two black rugs to add to each side of the porch.

I’ve had them for over two years and they still look like new.

I was thinking about changing them out for this rug or this rug, but after we cleaned off the porch, I decided I like the bold graphic pattern against the gray.

multi-blue pattern/blue and white stripe/classic blue

graphic pattern/blue and white floral/geometric pattern

mini blue pattern/mini stripe/classic floral

But what if you love blue and white like me?

No worries.

I got you.

I’m actually working on a fun project where I needed to find blue and white rugs.

And some of these?

May or may not have come home with me.

My favorite was this one. It’s truly meant for outside because it’s made of woven plastic, but IT’S SO PRETTY.

I also loved this mini-pattern and this tiny stripe and the mix of blues on this rug.

And remember this backyard makeover?

This rug is everything.

And they brought it back this year.

It also comes in this pretty, neutral version, too.

How is your porch decorating going?

Are you getting it ready for spring?

Just remember—rugs are amazing. Planters are amazing. Porch swings are amazing.

But the one thing that every porch needs?

A little sweet tea.

Happy summer. 🙂

PS If you aren’t about rugs on your porch? You might try this idea.

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  1. Image for Pamela Pamela

    I have the Allen & Roth rug from Lowe's and we love it. We have been using it on our outdoor deck area for the past few years. Great rug, great price and quality is superior.

  2. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    I thought about you watching that game. I knew you would be thrilled. They really put it to those Zag bulldogs.

  3. Image for Sharon Pace Sharon Pace

    How do you keep your top heavy planters from toppling over in a storm? I find my ferns in one place and planter in another. Not a fun look!

  4. Image for Kris Kris

    So many pretty choices! You are right about just about everything .... except the sweet tea. Tea doesn't need sugar. ;) (Can you tell I'm not from the south??)

  5. Image for Sue Sue

    Karianne, all of your porch decor is beautiful, but I would love more information about the letters of your address . They are above the entrance to you front porch. I can't find a link to them on your site. Please don't tell me one your creative relatives welded them for you. :)

  6. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Congratulations on Baylor! I heard it on the radio and smiled BIG for you! Love the rug choices-perfect for spring and summer!

  7. Image for Cindi Kinsey Cindi Kinsey

    Sooo proud of Karianne's Bears! Such a wonderful and exciting experience for the players, all the Baylor students, their families and fans. Enjoy this championship year and then come back next year and defend your title. I'm hoping to be there. Boomer Sooner!

  8. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I'm waiting for our new rug for our deck garden room to ship. I went lighter in color this time. I can't wait to plant and get blooms!

  9. Image for Tricia Tricia

    Recently joined your blog and enjoy following your creative ideas. I should have known I was watching another Baylor Bear in action! Do all of us girl Bears love pretty things and shuffling furniture in our homes all the time? I kind of think so 😊. Sic ‘em Bears!!!

  10. Image for Polly Lunt Polly Lunt

    Love the rug ideas! 😀 But I have to comment...Spokane is my home and I could not be more proud of the Zags! 1st in the West Coast with a record of 31-1....impressive!

  11. Image for Danielle Danielle

    Thank you so much for this post! I was just thinking yesterday that I need to order a new rug for my porch and dreading the thought of sifting through all the gazillion options. You saved me so much time and I found the PERFECT rug!

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