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Just in case you are brand new here today and this is your first time visiting the blog?

I’ve lost 105 pounds.


There are days when I’m as surprised as you.

I love typing those words so much.

I love dropping them in conversation.

I love sharing my journey and how I’ve learned to love myself along the way and how I’m treating myself and taking care of myself and making myself feel special in ways that don’t involve chocolate chip cookies. I truly think it’s something we should talk more about. Learning to love ourselves.

Right. Where. We. Are. At.

Yes, I’ve lost weight. But here’s the thing. I was JUST as beautiful 105 pounds ago. I just couldn’t see it. And now? I’ve learned to love that KariAnne. She is part of me and she always will be. She taught me so much and my story wouldn’t be the same without her. So today, to celebrate us, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been doing lately to make me feel special and incredible and loved.

Here’s how I treat myself.

Here are 21 self-care tips you can start today.

1. Drink more water

Water doesn’t have to be boring.

My best tip? Someone gave me this water bottle as a gift. You can chop up fruit and add it to the inside of the water bottle and it diffuses the flavor.

Here are some of my favorite combinations:

  • watermelon and mint
  • apples and lemons
  • lime and orange
  • strawberries and pineapple

2. Change out your sheets

I know this seems so simple, but it is SUCH a game-changer.

A couple of months ago I added these sheets in this pattern to my bed. I love how soft they are and they don’t wrinkle out of the dryer and they just feel so FRESH.

Then I ordered an extra set and made them into a duvet cover (you can see the how-to here).

3. Spritz your sheets with lavender

There’s just something about lavender that makes me think of Downton Abbey.

I found this linen spray that’s super affordable and smells amazing.

You can see it here.

4. Treat yourself to a bath soak

I think a bath soak sounds fancier than a bubble bath and this foaming bath soak with essential oils and Epsom salt is AMAZING. Plus it smells like you are in a claw foot bathtub in a hotel in England.

You can see it here.

5. Read a magazine

I know, right?

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

There’s something so delicious to treating yourself to a decorating magazine.

(total aside: our library has stacks of magazines they sell for almost nothing. You can also find them at thrift stores and second-hand bookstores, too.)

6. Make yourself a smoothie

I’m hooked on these. The recipe doesn’t really matter.

I just toss in fruit and some more fruit and ice and sometimes a package of low-calorie drink mix.

Have you seen this single-serve blender? It’s kind of a game-changer.

7. Take a nap

I’ve perfected the art of the 15-minute nap. It’s so indulgent and refreshing all at the same time.

I lay down and close my eyes and take a catnap.

You just need to give yourself permission.

My favorite place? That sofa upstairs next to the windows with the clouds floating by.

8. Just sit

If napping sounds too overwhelming?

What about just sitting for 15 minutes?


Just sitting and doing NOTHING.

You could close your eyes, too.

That’s when the nap sneaks in.

9. Treat yourself to a weighted blanket

Have you ever used one before?

They are the next best thing to a hug (maybe better if you aren’t a hugger).

I like this one because it comes in different weights. Choose the weight that works best for you. I have a lightweight one (12 pounds) because the heavier ones were too much for me. It also comes with a removable, washable cover so you don’t have to wash the whole thing.

You can see it here.

10. Wash your towels in something that smells good

These are the little things that make me so happy.

Like reaching for a towel and it smells amazing. It’s like a little treat that you forgot about until you open the linen closet.

My mother-in-law recommended this to me and I’ve been using it for the past year.

It’s one of my favorite smells.

I also love these towels (from the downstairs guest bath) and these blue and white towels.

11. Treat yourself to a new candle

And I have the perfect one for you.

I shared this candle with y’all last year. It’s the perfect smell for heading into fall and everyone who I’ve recommended it to (I need to add it to What I Bought Wednesday) raves about it.

This candle brand has tons of other scents, but this one is my favorite.

12. Add some fresh flowers. to your kitchen

You can cut them from your yard.

You can buy an inexpensive bundle from the grocery store and add greenery from your yard.

You can even just cut branches from your yard.

The secret is to add something to water in a vase and put it on your counter.

13. Turn on some music


The twins and I do this all the time. We will turn on a classic that we know all the words to and sing it AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS.

If you aren’t a singer?

Just dance.

14. Make something in an air fryer

Have you used one yet? I’m trying to teach this to myself right now.

This one is amazing.

It’s such a better way of cooking.

My friend Peyton and I are working on an air fryer segment for YouTube so stay tuned.

Have you ever made cauliflower tots?


15. Go to bed early

So many of these tips involve sleeping.

That and water are my two favorite treats.

If you find yourself yawning at 9:00?

Give yourself permission to go to bed early.

Did you know that Walmart Home has a sleep shop? It’s full of amazing ideas and solutions to help you sleep. There are back pain solutions and solutions for the cool sleeper and the hot sleeper and even snoring solutions.

You can see them all here.

16. Write out a list of things you are thankful for

Sometimes life is happening so fast and we don’t even realize all the blessings that are going on around us.

They are there.

We just need to remind ourselves.

17. Tell yourself you are amazing

Remember when we discussed waking up and looking at ourselves in the mirror?

And telling that mirror self that we were amazing?

Just try it and report back.

The first step in convincing the world that you are amazing? Is believing it yourself.



Yes, you do. 🙂

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  1. Image for Tami Arnold Tami Arnold

    Karianne, thank you so much for this encouragement. I follow your blog and love your decorating ideas. But your advice on a little permission to do some self-care was unexpected and much needed over here. You are definitely a blessing!

  2. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Lovely ideas, but your best suggestion is to love and appreciate yourself just as you are today! I'd talk more but I gotta go make myself a smoothie> (PS I have an easy recipe for pumpkin smoothies, great for this time of year.)

  3. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Such good ideas that don't include food! I'm moving your entire blog post to my e-mail category Inspiration!

  4. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I wish I could say I had lost the weight I need to, but I am trying. You inspire me so much, so thank you. We have to take care of ourselves, so we can take care of others!!!

  5. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Bless you, KA. Great tips - and serious congrats to you. My journey of weight loss is still going on - put on slowly, taking off slowly hoping to keep it off. I cannot believe it's only like 25 pounds so far but how much better I look and feel. I am so happy for you and proud of you. I have to run some errands. And now one of them is to go to Trader Joes to refresh my flowers that are getting a bit old. ♥ Have a beautiful week. Our weather here is perfect all week!!!!! Yeah! Hardly ever is and I am so excited about it!!!!

  6. Image for Lyn Lyn

    I have been quietly practicing self care for a while now. It's the little things - taking the time to do my nails, and massage cuticle oil every night is one of them, taking good care of my aging skin is another, and I love Dr. Tealls Empsom Salts for the bath, a beautiful scented candle. I love those Wal-Mart blue and white towels in our powder room. I also bought them in grey and white for our main bathroom. All lovely ideas - life is short not to appreciate and take care of yourself.

  7. Image for Mary Mary

    Love your ideas, you are doing so good on maintaining your weight loss. That’s the real battle! As far as the air fryer……I had a combination toaster oven, air fryer that did a bunch of stuff. The air fryer part was not great. Took a long time to cook food and didn’t get super crisp. I decided to try again on a recommendation for an air fryer that only does that. Difference between night and day!! Love it, made by the instant pot company. Use it all the time!!!

  8. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Congratulations-what a journey you have been on. Thanks for sharing your self-care ideas. They are wonderful :)

  9. Image for Be Be

    Ohhh girl!!! Just what we alll needed to hear. We are grateful for you. Great reminders. If we don’t refuel we can’t give back!!!

  10. Image for Sandra M Jones Sandra M Jones

    Please share with us how you lost the weight. My last son is still in college, like your girls, but menopause is slowly adding weight. I eat very healthy but over the last year have gained about 15 pounds. I am trying a low carb/no sugar diet now to see if that helps. Your thoughts and suggestions would be so appreciated since you have had such great success.

  11. Image for Beth Beth

    Oh my goodness Kari Anne you make me laugh and smile and Lord knows we all need a lot of that! Thank you for your positive-ness and bubbly outlook on life 😄

  12. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    You are amazing!! Hope after surgery is treating you good! I just bought the weighted blanket for my daughter for Christmas, two of the water bottles for stocking stuffers, the blue and white cups because I love them and need a new look and thinking of buying the air fryer you mention! Happy day KariAnne, you're the best!


    Thanks, KariAnne, for sharing your self-care tips with us. We need to practise doing a few of these each day. I know we would feel so much better about ourself. So often life seems to get in the way and we neglect to do something for ourself. Your post was such a great reminder to think about doing something special for us. Congratulations on your weight loss KariAnne! You look wonderful and I know that you feel so good. It has certainly been worth all the effort you put in -- even though, at times, it was tough going for you. Would you share about the weight loss diet you followed? You are such an inspiration!

  14. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, if you are fond of the scent of lavender, you might like to try Seventh Generation's Lavender Laundry Soap. (It is available at Walmart). I, like you, look back at the earlier times in my life, and now, instead of judging my former self, I grant that younger person grace. She learned a lot of lessons on this journey. You are amazing, and always were!

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