Sometimes a small project can make a big difference. From barn doors to giant checker games, here are 17 home projects that you can finish in a weekend.


Isn’t there something amazing about dirt?

Good thing because we are up to our elbows in it.

It’s planting time in Texas. We are in the middle of landscaping the backyard and we have to hurry before it gets too hot.


We are trying to get everything in so it can root and become friends with the dirt. So we are planning and planting and amending the soil (a MUST if you live in Texas) and deep watering all the new plants and sweating and getting dirty. It is so much work. But when we’re done?


I’m so happy with how it’s going and I can’t wait to show you the before and after, but all this projecting made me think.

Every project doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as landscaping your backyard. Some projects are simple. Some projects can be finished in a weekend. Some projects can make a big difference in a small amount of time.

Here are 17 home projects you can finish in a weekend.



17 projects you can finish in a weekend

1. Stencil pavers

This is something anyone can do in a weekend.

Create a path in your garden with these stenciled pavers.

See the entire DIY here.

paint a room is one of the projects you can finish in a weekend

2. faux plaster a room

If you want big changes in a little amount of time?

Why not faux plaster a room?

See what this room looks like now with its faux plaster walls.

And here’s how to pick paint colors for your entire house.

painted concrete porch projects you can finish in a weekend

3. paint a porch

This is one of my favorite DIY’s we did at the house.

It makes me smile every day.

See what this porch looks like now and how we did it.

mini barn door projects you can finish in a weekend

4. Mini barn door

This is one of the easiest projects you can finish in a weekend—the mini barn door that we have in our laundry room.

It slides over to hide the trash and all the nonsense.

You can see how we made it here.


5. Make DIY roman shades

You can do this.


All you need to make your own roman shades is a little know-how and these instructions.

See the DIY here.

You can also see how I made faux roman shades here.


6. Turn bookcases into built-ins

These are simple wood bookcases that we built into the media room upstairs.

And now?

They look like they came with the house.

See the project here.

plates on shelf

7. build a plate rack

This won’t even take you a weekend.

Just a couple of hours.

See the project here.

plate on shelf

8. Add a recipe to your plate rack

This is the project that started the blog.

And the best part?

The recipe is super yummy.

See the entire project here.

hanging plant

9. make an obelisk from an embroidery hoop

Getting your outdoor spaces ready?

This is such an easy project you can make in a weekend (or even an afternoon) to add a little personality to your front step.

You can see the project here.

simple flooring projects you can finish in a weekend

10. peel and stick tile

This is such an affordable flooring option.

It’s simple and can easily be finished in a weekend.

Here’s the 411 (total aside: does anyone even say that anymore) on how we installed the tile.

simple planter projects you can finish in a weekend

11. make a wood planter box

Why pay for expensive wood planter boxes when you can make your own.

And add a monogram, too.

See the project here.

12. Paint a kitchen island

Want to add a little pop to your kitchen?

Paint your kitchen island. It’s so much easier than it looks.

Here are all the tips for a smooth finish and how to paint without brush marks.

window curtain

13. Paint the back of a bookcase

This is an afternoon project.

And it makes SUCH a difference.

See the before and after and bookcase painting how-to’s here.

plant on bookshelf

14. Add tile to the back of a bookcase

If you are looking for a project for your leftover tile?

This is the one for you.

See how we added tile to the back of a bookcase here.

patterned rug

15. Paint a floorcloth

Looking for an inexpensive alternative to a rug?

Paint an 8′ x 10′ floorcloth for under $25. It’s so inexpensive because it’s made out of a piece of linoleum.

See the entire project here.

chess rug projects you can finish in a weekend

16. Make an over-sized checkerboard

This checkerboard hangs on the wall.

It’s such a fun project for a game room.

See the entire project here.

barn doors projects you can finish in a weekend

17. Create an instant guest bedroom

If you are having guests for the holidays, this project is perfect.

It might take you a little longer than a weekend, but I had to include it for anyone who needs extra space.

See how to create an instant guest bedroom here.

projects you can finish in a weekend painted table

May your day be happy.

May your May be bright.

And may your upcoming weekend?

Be full of projects. 🙂

PS I’ve pinned even more projects on my projects Pinterest page.

weekend projects promo graphics

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    All so wonderful. I am like you right now. I've become friends with dirt. If I ever get the yard looking like whats in my head maybe I can find time for one of those great ideas. Have a great day.

  3. Image for Mary Mary

    Just a little word humor for you…you dig/plant in the “soil” but you may have “dirt” under your fingernails. My hubby a “soil scientist” with his PhD from Michigan State. We jokingly call him a “dirt doc”.

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    Such great weekend ideas as always. I especially love “adding a recipe to the back of your plate rack”. That is the cutest idea! Love Love Love❣️

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