Looking for simple and easy beach decor ideas? Here are 17 ways to add a little beach to any space this summer.

beach decor ideas

There’s something about the beach that fills the soul.

Maybe it’s because when I stand in front of the ocean my troubles feel small.

Maybe it’s because when I hear the waves pound on the shore it puts everything in perspective.

Maybe it’s because high tide rolls in and low tide rolls out all without any help from me.

Whatever the reason.

It’s official.

Every room needs a little more summer vacation in its life.

If you are looking for fresh, easy decor ideas for summer?

I. Got. You.

Here are 17 beach decor ideas for any room.

beach decor ideas table

17 Beach Decor Ideas For Any Room

1. Add a stripe to a table

Just in case you were wondering, beach style isn’t exactly nautical. Nautical is navy and military and anchors and reds and blues and stripes and Gilligan and his hat.

A little nautical can go a long way.

Like adding a stripe to a tabletop like this.

beach decor ideas twin beds

2. Add these beach decor ideas to any room

Hello summer camp I’m looking at you.

Here are just a few beach decor ideas that make this room work.

  1. soft blues and reds and nay
  2. striped anything (especially rugs)
  3. baskets
  4. worn, chippy furniture or antiques
  5. crisp white linen
  6. vintage prints
  7. painted floors

beach decor ideas back deck

3. Add beach decor ideas outside

Outdoor is another place to add beach decor ideas.

Painting furniture or adding coastal-style pieces brings the beach to the porch.

  1. adirondack chairs
  2. lanterns
  3. floral planters
  4. wood planters
  5. driftwood
  6. shells

beach decor ideas strawberries

4. Bring in natural elements

Coastal style is strawberries on a lazy afternoon and sunlight dancing across your toes on an outdoor porch and the smell of fresh flowers gathered from the garden and a glass of sweet tea waiting next to a wicker chair and a really good book.

Natural elements like these fill a house with life.

  1. driftwood
  2. greenery
  3. twigs
  4. stones
  5. shells
  6. branches
  7. grasses
  8. flowers

dining room beach decor ideas

5. Beach decor is all about light

If you take nothing else away from this intense discussion on beach decor and all its style, remember this.

Bringing in a coastal feel is all about light. It’s all about opening up doors and letting the sunlight into your space.

Here are a few ways you can introduce light into your home:

  1. Add sheers to the window instead of heavy curtains
  2. Keep walls light and bright and airy
  3. Introduce white into the space with pops of darker colors
  4. Add a screen door to your front door to let the sounds of outside in
  5. Paint furniture light and airy colors

beach decor ideas living room

6. Add pallet wood letters

See the BEACH sign over the armoire?

Those letters are made from pallet wood.

You can DIY them yourself.

Here are the step-by-step instructions.

beach decor ideas driftwood bowl

7. Add texture to your home with beach decor

When you think of coastal style, just think about the beach. The beach is full of wonderful, incredible, amazing texture. There’s the coarseness of the sand and the texture of the grasses and the rough edges of shells and the smooth finish of rock.

Here are a few ideas to introduce coastal texture into your home.

  1. Add texture with natural elements, like driftwood accessories or reclaimed wood pieces
  2. Fill bowls with collections, like shells or rocks or driftwood pieces
  3. Tuck a woven pouf or painted wood stool next to your chairs for a simple accessory with extra texture

8. Add a coastal paint color

One of the easiest ways to add a little coastal to a space is with paint. You can transform a room in a weekend with a new coat of paint in a soft, warm, inviting coastal paint color. When choosing a coastal paint color for your space, think of the elements outside and bring them into your walls.

Here are some of my favorite coastal paint colors and the elements that they bring in:

  1. SW Dover White (clouds)
  2. SW Rain (rainy days)
  3. SW Alabaster (afternoon skies)
  4. SW Watery (ocean)
  5. SW Lemongrass (sunshine)
  6. SW Topsail (wind)

9. Add a coastal feel with peel and stick wallpaper

If you have an accent wall or small niche?

Think about adding a little peel and stick wallpaper like this blue and white paper in a coastal print.

You can see it here.

10. slipcover furniture in bright colors

Coastal living is all about easy.

Add brightly colored slipcovers to your space that you can change out when you want to create a different look for the room.

Use wood and seagrass chairs that you can just change out the cushions on.

11. Bring in flowers

This coastal kitchen has white cabinets with white floors and white countertops.

This bunch of fresh flowers that I brought in from the yard add the perfect pop of color.

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite coastal flowers.

12. Add patterned coastal dishes

One of the easiest ways to bring in color to a space is to set a table full of color.

Layer in different patterned and colorful dishes with your basic white dishes on the dining room table.

Add place cards with names written on sanddollars and tied with jute twine.

13. Layer in pillows

Looking to add a pop of color to the room?

Pillows are inexpensive and come in indoor/outdoor fabrics that are perfect for the coastal room.

These starfish pillows are the perfect example.

14. Keep it simple

Don’t overthink the space.

If you are living in a coastal environment (or just creating one in your home) think easy. For example, this mantel is created with stacks of books and shells.

Then bring in the beach with an oversized starfish for texture.

15. Collections make adding accessories even easier

One of the easiest ways to add beach decor to the home is to start a collection.

It’s so much easier than you think.

  1. Shop thrift stores and yard sales for inexpensive furniture finds that can be painted
  2. Layer in indoor/outdoor rugs and pillows in the rooms
  3. Keep most of your larger furnishings and walls neutral

16. Add a seagrass rug

Seagrass rugs are the perfect coastal accessory.

It’s such an easy way to add texture to the floor.

If you want to know more about the pros and cons and my big opinion of seagrass rugs click here.

17. Transform a floor

Bring the sunshine in.

Paint wood floors lighter colors.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate summer.

There you go.

17 ways to add a little beach decor to any space.

It’s almost time for summer vacation.

I’m starting to decorate now. 🙂

PS Here are some of my favorite beach home decor finds:

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  1. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Growing up on a Great Lake makes me really love a good coastal vibe - and your ideas and inspiring pics sure make me homesick. Very fresh and fun ideas, KA. Hard for me to wrap my head around the whole school starting in 2 weeks around here. Never EVER would we start school before Labor Day on an island who many relied upon the tourist and fishing industry to sustain them through the cold quiet winters. It just isn't done there. Wonder why they ever changed it? It's dumb to go back when it is still summer. I really feel bad for the kids (regardless of age) who must attend school without a/c!!!!!

  2. Image for Mildred Johnson Mildred Johnson

    Love all of your ideas. I’m decorating a cottage with coastal decor. I’m trying to find bed covers like yours with no luck. Can you tell me where you purchased yours?

  3. Image for R Newton R Newton

    Kari, I too love the "coastal" vibe along with blues and have some in most every room in my home. While I love close to a lake and not the ocean, still love the look and the summer season!

  4. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    If I close my eyes tightly I can imagine that Highway 60 noise is actually waves crashing, and the humidity is the soft Atlantic Ocean breeze … Sigh. Love it, KariAnne!

  5. Image for Jan Finger Jan Finger

    Karianne, I'm hoping you will have a post about your daughters' college rooms. I'm so curious to see what they chose. Jan

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