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But until then? I have the SWEETEST thing to share with you. Have you read the Worst Day Ever Poem? If you need to start the weekend with a little encouragement?

You can read it here.

I had to move Thistlekeeping because it really needed its own post and today?

Today on Day 11 of “12 Days of Getting Ready for Christmas” with my incredible friend Leslie from My 100-Year-Old Home it’s all about Christmas tree skirts. Remember the first post I ever shared on the blog? It was all about my Christmas tree skirt—or lack thereof.

Trust me. I know how important Christmas tree skirts are.

They make the tree so much cuter.

So I did a little research and found 14 tree skirts that are the CUTEST.

Let’s GO.

Before I share all the Christmas tree skirts with you? It wouldn’t be a Christmas post without a little DIY

I wanted to give you some DIY ideas you can add under the tree:

  • Tree Urn: Instead of putting the tree on the floor? Add it to an urn instead.
  • Sled Skirt: Instead of a traditional tree skirt, use an old wooden sled as a base.
  • Snowdrift Skirt: Create a winter wonderland at the base of your tree by shaping white blankets or faux fur into gentle snowdrifts.
  • Vintage Suitcase Display: Stack vintage suitcases of different sizes under the tree instead of a tree skirt.
  • Floating Ornament Garland: Hang a garland made of a clear fishing line adorned with hanging ornaments just above the floor. It creates the illusion that the ornaments are magically floating beneath the tree.
  • Wooden Crate Village: Arrange wooden crates in a village formation around the tree.
  • Quilted Tree Skirt: Make a tree skirt from a patchwork of old holiday-themed quilts or blankets.
  • Book Tree Skirt: Stack vintage books around the base of the tree.
  • Decorate With Pinecones: Add pinecones to baskets around the base of the tree.
  • Toolbox Tree Skirt: Place a toolbox against the base of the tree instead of a tree skirt.

And now?

Let’s look at some of the tree skirts I found.

1. Sequin tree skirt

An entire tree skirt made out of sequins.

Let’s go.

You can see the sequin tree skirt here.

2. Faux fur tree skirt

Look how soft and furry this tree skirt is.

It looks just like snow (and it’s under $11).

You can see the faux fur tree skirt here.

3. Double-sided Reindeer Tree Skirt

This is almost like two tree skirts in one.

It’s reversible and ties in place.

You can see the double-sided tree skirt here.


4. Burlap Sleighride Tree Skirt

I hear those sleigh bells jingling.

Look how cute this tree skirt is with Santa and the reindeers.

You can see the burlap sleigh ride tree skirt here.

5. Candy cane tree skirt

Make a bold statement under the tree.

This tree skirt is so sweet.

You can see the candy cane tree skirt here.

6. Wooden Tree Collar

Change it up with a tree collar instead of a skirt.

This rustic tree collar is such a great alternative for the tree.

You can see the wooden tree collar here.

7. Blue and white snowflake tree skirt

The only thing cuter than blue and white?

A tree skirt with blue and white snowflakes.

You can see the blue and white snowflake tree skirt here.

8. Woven Tree Collar

This woven tree collar is one of the best-selling tree skirt alternatives.

It’s a tree collar classic.

You can see the woven tree collar here.



9. Galvanized Tree Collar

This tree collar looks like it arrived from the Christmas tree farm.

I love the graphic and the galvanized metal exterior.

You can see the galvanized tree collar here.

10. Red Ruffled Tree Skirt

This tree skirt has ruffles for days.

It takes a basic tree skirt to the next level.

You can see the red ruffled tree skirt here.


Here are a few more tree skirt options:

One last idea?

If you don’t have a tree skirt?

You can always wrap a blanket—like this plaid throw here—in a pinch.

It works amazingly well—especially because it was covered up with presents.

Happy tree skirting.

You got this.

And now?

My amazing friend Leslie from My-100-Year-Old Home is sharing all of her favorite ideas for under the tree.

You can see all the inspiration here.

I put the entire collection together here.

You can see them over here in my Amazon storefront.

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.

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  1. Image for Elle Elle

    Thank you for the great poem! I waited until I read it—both ways—until the tears started. Today is a brand new day.

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Thank you KariAnne. I don't just try, I make sure I recognize the beauty and wonderfulness of every day. Yes I get down, yes sometimes I feel so alone and empty, But I am not. I have so much goodness and gratefulness just being here, alive on this crazy spinning ball we call earth. Thank you for the poem it reminded me today to smile, And give Thanks. Tree skirts were nice also. 😊

  3. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Loved the poem—clever and so true! Can’t decide if I like #3 or the swirling peppermint better. For years I used the top of an old treadle sewing machine and filled its drawers with old dolls and toys. Now I’m using a patchwork skirt that my sister made. Hubby doesn’t miss the struggle to get the tree in the stand through the sewing machine top!🤣

  4. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    I live the every day is a new day motto. Having a nonoperable cancerous brain tumor really makes you realize that every day is a new day! I found out that I am 9 months cancer - free this week. Since I have already beat the odds living every day is a new day works for me! Thanks for sharing all of the tree skirt and collar ideas! I have several of them already and want several more!

    1. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

      The only thing better than the tree skirts and KariAnne’s awesome blog is the great news that Teresa is cancer free! Praise the Lord! I’ll add you to the list on my “Prayer Posse” group! Stay well and enjoy each day of good health!

  5. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    I found a tree skirt at an estate sale once that I completely fell in love with. It’s made from cream felt and has jeweled (silver and gold) Christmas trees spaced around it. It’s very old but in decent shape. Has a few water marks but they add to the charm. I use it on top of a larger cream tree skirt and the “jeweled” trees reflect the light from the Christmas tree. Magical!

  6. Image for Rizae Rizae

    My granddaughters like to use my tree skirts as Christmas skirts to wear! I love this and always make sure I have some really cute ones on hand. So.... I am definitely getting the candy cane one!!! LOL... Big Hugs,

  7. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    GREAT tree skirts, KA! I bought a woven one when I first heard about them years back when they were SO difficult to find and spend 3x as much for one then. So anyone reading this - Karianne found a nice looking one on the cheap for you. Trust me on that. Wish I could return mine now, and rebuy there to save. LOL.

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