Looking for quick and easy chalkboard decorating ideas? Here’s how I decorate my oversized vintage chalkboard 12 different ways.

Chalkboard decorating ideas

When you are a true junker or a yard-saler or an auction-goer or a shop-by-the-side-of-the-roader or a thrift store shopper, there is one mantra that you live by.

Hope springs eternal.


No matter how many broken dishwashers you find at the end of the yard sale rainbow.

No matter how many times you dig through boxes of junk at the auction and find nothing worth anything.

No matter how many times the “GIANT MULTI-FAMILY YARDSALE” sign lets you down.

You know that you know that you know….

….the next great find is just around the bend.

I know.

I get it.

I understand.


Here’s one of my favorite vintage finds. You know. One of those finds that makes all those empty-handed shopping trips worth it.

Here’s where it started and where it ended.

And 12 ways I decorated it.

yard sale find Chalkboard decorating ideas

Here it is.

When I found it at my favorite thrift store, I was looking for absolutely nothing.  I’ve found that’s the best approach.  It’s when you are looking for absolutely nothing….

….that you find everything.

I rounded the corner back by the glass shelf of figurines that look like the seven dwarfs and there it was.


I know….right.

Can you see why my heart started beating faster? I didn’t even know what it was. But I knew I needed it.

Good thing they tagged it “vintage pool cue stand” or I might have never figured it out. You can see the spaces at the bottom for the pool cues. It’s worn and wonderful with a patina from years and years of pool games.

piece of architecture Chalkboard decorating ideas

The top still had the indentations where the cues rested and a bar across the top to hold them in place.

Have you ever seen anything like this? It’s so heavy and made out of solid wood.

I lugged it home from the thrift store and my husband added a board behind it painted with chalkboard paint.

And now?

It looks like this.

You can see it in the background of this picture from yesterday’s post.

It’s an ever-present fixture in my kitchen now.

A fixture that I’ve decorated over and over and over again.

Ready for some chalkboard decorating ideas?

Let’s GO.

Chalkboard decorating ideas winter

// metal vase holder with glass vases //

12 Quick Chalkboard Decorating Ideas

1. Winter

Here I made a snowball garland and draped it over the edges of the chalkboard.

Then on the ledge below, I added sprigs of boxwood from the yard in mini vases.

Here’s the link to the metal vase holder with glass vases (it’s PERFECT for a quick arrangement with flowers or sprigs from the yard.)

You can see how I made the snowball garland here.

Chalkboard decorating ideas Valentine's Day

// preserved boxwood wreath //

2. Valentine’s Day

The amazing thing about a chalkboard?

You can write anything on it and that counts as decorating.

Here I hung a preserved boxwood wreath (perfect wreath for spring) in the center (I’ve used nails and command hooks and ribbon to hang the wreath from the top of the chalkboard).

Chalkboard decorating ideas spring

3. Spring

I looked for a better picture of the chalkboard decorated for spring, but this was the best one I found.

You can see a eucalyptus garland draped over one side. I think garlands are so much cuter sometimes when they are asymmetrical.

Then I hung a spring nest poster from the top of the chalkboard.

Chalkboard decorating ideas flowers

// wood vase with glass bottles //

4. Summer

I love built-in vases like this that have a wood frame with multiple glass vases.

They come in different sizes and shapes and it makes it so easy to create an arrangement with a few flowers I clipped from the yard.

I add the vase to the base of the chalkboard.

Chalkboard decorating ideas pinecones

5. Fall

Are you ready for the easiest chalkboard decorating idea ever?

I just added pinecones to the base of the chalkboard.

It would also look cute if you dipped the pine cones in white paint halfway so they were color blocked and then lined them up along the base.

6. Giant spider web

Here’s the perfect marriage of two vintage finds.

This is a spiderweb I found at a vintage shop.

I tucked it inside the frame of the chalkboard and it held it in place perfectly.

// spring flashcards for a spring chalkboard //

7. Flashcards

Another fall decorating idea I used the chalkboard for was to display flashcards.

I bought these vintage flashcards off Etsy.

Then I just tucked them into the frame.

// cardboard deer head //

8. Cardboard deer head

I found this cardboard deer head in the Target dollar spot bins.

The deer head was attached to the center of the chalkboard.

Then I hung a winter wreath from the center.

(total aside: don’t tell the other chalkboard decorating ideas—but this was one of my very favorites.)

9. Christmas Tree

I made this Christmas tree on the chalkboard one year to decorate it for the holidays.

It was just leftover garland cut into pieces and attached to the center of the chalkboard.

Then I taped a star on the very top.

10. Stockings

This is one of the easiest ideas to decorate a chalkboard for Christmas.

Just add stockings.

I hung the stockings off the pool cue spaces at the top.

11. Christmas cards

When our Christmas cards come in the mail?

Some years, I’ve decorated the chalkboard with them.

I tuck them into the sides of the chalkboard (kind of like the flash cards).

// Christmas tree poster // doorknob bottle brush trees //

12. Bottlebrush Christmas trees

Here’s my bottle brush tree collection.

I added the collection along the bottom of the chalkboard.

Then I hung a Christmas tree poster from the pool cue spaces at the top.

And with all these ideas?

And as amazing as this pool cue chalkboard is?

Sometimes it takes a fine yardsale connoisseur to appreciate it. When I first showed it to my husband with great fanfare accompanied by tiny dolphin claps and hand-waving and asked him if he could add the board to the back he seemed extraordinarily underwhelmed.

He stood there for a moment and raised his eyebrows.

And then sighed…..

….and asked me which way was right side up.

I think he was done with truly appreciating a treasure 477-yard sale signs ago. 🙂

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Such a wonderful find for you Miss creative. And wonderful ways to make use of it. Have a great Friday. I'm sure its warmer there. We hit our high at 17 degrees today. Come on spring.

  2. Image for Lisa Lisa

    How clever, Karianne. They're all super cute and I have to say y favorite is the one with the Christmas tree posters and small row of little trees sitting on the sill. Sweet ideas, as always. Happy weekend to you.

  3. Image for Denise Fonda Denise Fonda

    Karianne, such a great piece, so inventive in your decorations. I love the Christmas Tree poster, I have been looking for something similar. Do you remember where you got it? I would love to find one or something like it. Stay warm, it’s freezing here in NY. Thanks

  4. Image for Lora Bloomquist Lora Bloomquist

    This post proves to me that we are vintage junk decor sisters; our brains definitely think alike! Love your pool cue piece. I had noticed it in a post & wondered what it is; great score!

  5. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    KariAnne as usual you lift my spirits! I read the first blog and got so tickled at your lack of photographic skills. I bought an Iphone and couldn't understand why the same picture I took was blurry and my child's picture was perfect. I had been told Iphone took wonderful pictures. So my son looked and said "Mom, you keep touching the lens and it is dirty! Sure enough now my pictures are clear. LOL Your pool cue find is wonderful. Your decorations were unexpected. You are one clever girl!

  6. Image for Susan burrows Susan burrows

    Love, love love!! I hauled a beautiful frame all the way from Mexico city with the same beautiful patina as yours. It has beautiful carved hearts all around it. I too turned into a chalk board. Now you have given me more ideas!!!

  7. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    I absolutely love this! You have such a knack for finding unique pieces……I love the green balloon mold you have too! My favorite of your blackboard decorations is the antique spiderweb! Just love it!


    KariAnne, this treasure is just like you -- so precious and amazing! I love how your dear hubby added a chalkboard to this -- and then to see how you have decorated it for each season! Thanks for sharing this wonderful treasure with us! You always give us such great ideas. Your posts are always a treasure! Have a wonderful weekend!

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