Family Room Farmhouse Christmas

Do you know that I write my post in my head when I’m working on a project?

And I have an entire conversation before I’m even finished.

About how easy this project was.

And how cute it would look on your tree.

And did you have any extra popsicle sticks I could borrow?  Because Wal-Mart is 32 minutes away……and I’ve already been there seven times this week.


And while I was hot-gluing and painting and winding ribbon….there were a million other things I needed to tell you.

Like how I’m almost finished Christmas decorating and that I found the best candle smell called Frasier Fir and how I just figured out that if you stir your hot chocolate with a candy cane… is delicious and that today when I was driving…..I saw a satellite dish today completely covered with decorative ivy and I couldn’t decide if I should say “bless your heart” or applaud such overwhelming creativity.

Really important things like that.


So here’s the tutorial that was written somewhere between popsicle sticks, hot glue and satellite dishes. 🙂


Star Ornament


Star Ornament



popsicle sticks

hot glue


tacks or small nails



Star Ornament

 Step 1:  Cut popsicle sticks

Cut rounded end off of popsicle sticks with scissors.

Cut each stick to 3 1/2 inches.

You will need 7 sticks for each ornament.

Star Ornament

Step 2:  Hot glue sticks together

Place two sticks to use as base.

Glue one stick cross-wise to the two base sticks.

 Star Ornament


Step 3: Repeat with the remaining four sticks.

Continue to glue popsicle sticks until a square is formed.

Paint completed square gray.

Let dry.


Step 4:  Tack star to painted square

Draw star on a piece of paper.

Place paper on top of square.

Place tack at each point and lightly hammer into popsicle stick square.

Star Ornament


Step 5:  Remove paper 

Remove paper leaving tacks behind.

Wrap ribbon around tacks to form a star and tie-off on last tack to hold in place.


Star Ornament Tree

I love this project.

It was so easy and there’s nothing better than popsicle sticks and hot glue and a good friend and conversation to make a December afternoon a little brighter.

Thank you for listening.  🙂


PS  You have to tell me if you’ve ever used a satellite dish as a yard ornament……

…..I’m always open to suggestions.  🙂 

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  1. Image for Funky Junk Interiors Funky Junk Interiors

    Oh my word... your home is magnificent! I don't even know what to comment on first! And your ornament is genius! It looks like a baby pallet... and you KNOW I gotta love that. :) What a gorgeous post!

  2. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns come up with the cutest the star...and as you said, the best part of the project is spending the afternoon working on it with a good friend and good conversation...

  3. Image for Lauren Lauren

    Hi KariAnne, This is so cute and it looks like a mini pallet. I think I may have to give this project a try with my kids. Everything you make is so creative and your home is gorgeous! Oh and I love the ruler, we we lived in Allen, Texas for many years and we went to a few Allen American hockey games, never got a ruler though, lol : )

  4. Image for Mary@athomeonthebay Mary@athomeonthebay

    Very cute ornament KariAnne! I thought I was the only one that wrote my post in my head while doing the project. The problem with me is when I get in front of the computer I can't remember any of it. :D

  5. Image for Beverly Beverly

    I don't have any popsicle sticks, but I can do a WalMart run for you. These are great, KariAnne. I love the simplicity of the design. Your family room tree looks so pretty. Can we pull a few of those BINGO cards? I love to play BINGO. Twenty more working days. ;)

  6. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    That is so cute! I want to make some!! It's easy and fast, right? :) I love your star ornament...and hot chocolate with peppermint - I'll be there in a bit, ok?

  7. Image for Lynn @thevintagenest Lynn @thevintagenest

    Popsicle sticks I have. Don't know why I have them but I have them. :) I had to smile as I read your post this morning KariAnne as I too am constantly writing post in my head as I drive, vacuum, decorate, etc. When I was painting my porch rug (future post) I had a full conversation with myself the entire time. Happy Sunday! xoxoxo


    I LOVE stars!! In fact they were the starting point of my decorating this year. You can read the post about my stars here...... Would you believe I decided on using stars last year the week before Christmas, crazy girl that I am!! Love you story and the star ornament, you are a hoot. I think I would say, Bless their heart about the lawn ornament!! Have a wonderful day. Kathysue

  9. Image for Becca Becca

    Gorgeous, KariAnne! Love your star ornaments ... and the tutorial is one that even *I* could follow ... thank you! Your tree is spectacular ... love how you placed your stockings, too! Happy Holidays.

  10. Image for Jessica Cramer Jessica Cramer

    Adorable! I also love your vintage Bingo cards on the tree, very unique. I would love to try and decorate our satillite dish but I think my husband would freak. I can't imagine they get very good reception that way either.

  11. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I have conversations with myself all the time, but they turn out waaaay different! Cute ornaments! Popsicle sticks...I have a whole bunch, but you'd have to travel much farther than 32 minutes! Have a blessed day! ;)

  12. Image for Sandra @Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls Sandra @Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls

    So cute. If I could only draw a good star--- As for the satellite dish, well--- I heard yesterday about somebody who has one of those inflatable things in their front yard. It is 15 feet tall, and is a depiction of Jesus. The owner said it is an excellent representation of what the season is all about. Did you notice that giant inflatable in the yard with the satellite dish? Bless their hearts.

  13. Image for Liz Thomas Liz Thomas

    God bless you for having the patience to tackle a project like that. I know what you mean about all those thoughts popping into your head. You should start recording them. Perhaps on your phone so you don't forget them. I do that or call them into my home phone or work phone answering machine. Otherwise the idea is gone as soon as the next one pops in! We wouldn't want to miss any of your wonderful ideas! :)

  14. Image for Mary Beth Schwarz Mary Beth Schwarz

    The little wood square made with popcicle sticks can be used for many things. What a great idea to make a star since we all love them! You have a lovely tree. THANKS, MB

  15. Image for Diane Mansil Diane Mansil

    Such a gorgeous idea! Love your whole tree. (And I really love that little bit of rug I could glimpse...can I have that?) Satellite dishes...I don't have satellite service any longer - waste of my money and I'm one cheap broad - but they left the dish plunked in my yard on a pole. I needed that pole. I had a bird house that really, really, really needed to be there. And a clematis that wanted to climb it. So, after I wrangled the dish off the pole and attached the bird house and planted the clematis, I had this shallow, metal...birdbath! It's temporarily attached to a piece of old toddler bed that has been wired to my fence but in spring, it will get a proper installation and most likely, its own personal climbing something or other. And maybe some mosaic tiles to really pretty it up. The wrens that live in the bird house love it.

  16. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Karianne, These Ornaments are just darling!! I need someone just like you to come and decorate my home just like yours!! It's Gorgeous Karianne!! Huggs, Nancy

  17. Image for Jill Flory Jill Flory

    That ornament is darling! That is one craft project I could have my kids do that I would be delighted to keep! Several of these for next years tree - this years is already loaded!

  18. Image for Brenda Brenda

    You're almost done decorating, and I'm almost started!!! i need to get my butt in gear. gosh. I love the ornaments - I too think they look like tiny little pallets! Everything you've done is beautiful - looking foward to the next 10 days!

  19. Image for Krista Krista

    oh honey, i write the best posts while I am painting. or in the shower. or cussing while i am working in the yard. but of course by the time I get to my computer I am brain dead and cannot remember on witty thing that came to my mind hours before. oh, a!nd thank goodness for spell check...just a random side note on that! hugs to you crazy girl!

  20. Image for Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation

    How adorable! I love the sweet star and you're right -- this does look easy! I am loving this series already, and it's only Day 2! YAY! Thanks for sharing with us!

  21. Image for Barb @ Grits and Glamour Barb @ Grits and Glamour

    Ok, you are NOT going to believe this BUT I am looking for one of those old satellites. I will send you the picture but you are gonna slap yourself silly for not thinking of this. They took the dish part of the satellite and turned it upside down, and placed it on top of posts, and THEN they let the ivy cover it and it was beautiful. Since you don't have a picture, you gotta trust me on this one. Now, if what you saw is ivy growing on the satellite dish as it sits in the yard ready to "satellite" well yes,...."bless their hearts." :-D

  22. Image for Ann Ann

    Hi! I really liked the star ornament, purchased everything to make. What do you do with the nails sticking out the back? How long were your tacks and where do you find them? Our Walmart's smallest size was 5/8" The tacks pulled out when I am tied the ribbon off. Your decorations are beautiful!

  23. Image for lisa lisa

    Funny you should ask......just this week I was in my parents backyard for the first time in a very long time. I noticed this "Gazebo" that I had never seen before. I asked my mom what it was and she said my dad had gotten an old satellite dish and turned it upside down, put some iron poles on it and it seriously looks like a gazebo! My mind was going crazy with ideas for it when she told me he made it when he was going to fence in a place for a calf and that would be its shelter from the rain. Now that's country!

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