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Have you ever seen those posts on social media that say “I was today years old when?”

And then that phrase is followed by something amazing.

  • Like the fact that owls have extraordinarily long legs
  • Or if you replace the “W” in what, where and when with a ” T ” you answer the questions.
  • Or that California has a bigger population than Canada.
  • Or that the word breakfast comes from “breaking your fast”
  • Ctrl Z erases your last keyboard stroke

This is the story of my life. I can’t even tell you how many times I discover something new that everyone else already knew about.

Like amazing game-changing products.

For example, I was telling my friend about this grout pen that you can use to completely change the color of your grout (kind of like a paint pen) and she ALREADY KNEW about it.

Of course she did.

So just in case you haven’t heard about these products? I had to share.

Here are 11 products I wish I had known about sooner.

// shoe clips //

1. Shoe clips

I think my mother wore these all the time when I was in high school.

Of course she did.

Because she’s brilliant.

I kind of forgot all about the shoe clips until now. You can change the look of ANY SHOES with a simple clip that costs about the cost of a fancy cup of coffee.

I have these black flower clips (they are SO MUCH cuter on your shoes than on the listing).

You can see the shoe clips here.

// grout pen //

2. Grout Pen

Here’s the grout pen that I have.

It’s kind of a game-changer. The downstairs bathroom has 50-year-old grout that will NOT come clean no matter how hard I scrub and how much I clean it.

And then?

I found this grout pen that works just like a paint pen. You draw a line with it on top of your current grout and it looks so white and new. And it holds up, too. I used it several months ago and it still looks white and clean.

You can see the grout pen here.

// garland hanger //

3. This stick on garland hanger

I’m actually doing an entire post on these so stay tuned, but I wanted to share them here because it’s garland season.

Looking for a super easy REMOVEABLE way to hang up your garland?

These unique command hooks are designed for cords, but they work PERFEC TLY to hang up your garland.


Just attach them like a regular command strip and then wrap them around the garland and loop them at the top.

You can see them here (and thank me later)

products that make life easier under sink organizer

// under sink pull-out organizer //

4. Under the sink pull-out organizer

Where do you keep your sponge?

I used to keep it on the edge of the sink. I even ordered cute sponges that matched my kitchen. The challenge is that all sponges start out cute and then it’s downhill from there (can you tell I’m watching skiing as I’m typing this)?

The sponges get so icky after a while that I didn’t want them on the sink. So I’d put them under the sink and they’d get lost and glumpy and mix in with everything else. I’d be kneeling down trying to find the sponge or a cleaner or the dish soap or these cute blue and white reusable dish towels and I’d get so frustrated.

And then I found this pull-out organizer.

I’ve used it for about nine months now and I love it just as much as the first day it was installed. It keeps everything organized under the sink because you just pull it out to use it and put everything right back where it goes.

Every time I pull it out it makes me so happy.


You can see the pull-out organizer here.

// chair leg floor protectors //

5. Chair leg floor protectors

I have old wood floors in my house.

Older than the internet wood floors that need extra TLC.

Every time someone pulls a chair out or moves furniture around? It scratches the floor. But not now because I found these chair leg floor protectors.

They come in a set of 40 pieces for all the chairs in your house.

You can see the entire chair leg floor protector set here.

products that make life easier

// snap and click containers //

6. These food storage containers for the fridge

I eat so many fruits and vegetables (which are so expensive now) and I wanted to keep them fresh (and organized) in the fridge so they were ready at a moment’s notice. I want to bring them home from the grocery store, clean and wash them and put them into a container so I have them ready. Then there are no excuses not to eat them. I tried so many different containers and other products that are designed to make life easier and I figured out three things about myself:

  1. I really, really like harder plastic for food storage containers. I think it cleans up better and holds up better over time and I like how clear and see-through it is.
  2. I am kind of picky about my plastic. I wanted to make sure I was using BPA-free plastic for food storage.
  3. I LOVE the snap-and-click with a container. You know. The whoosh when it seals and then the click when it clicks into place. It is SO satisfying.

These containers fit all that criteria.

I have two different sizes. These containers hold 3.2 cups.

These containers hold 4.7 cups.

// lambs ear garland //

7. This lambs ear garland

I was looking for a garland to take me from fall to Christmas and I found this one.

Why had I never thought of lamb sear? You can see the one I found here.

It so affordable and looks so real and you can add pumpkins or pinecones and it still looks just as perfect.

The key to this garland?

I added two strands of it and layered them together.


That’s it.

You can see the lambs ear garland here.


// plate hangers //

8. These plate hangers

I was looking for ways to hang up my plates on the hutch (or even some of my Christmas decor) and I needed a simple hook.

These invisible plate hangers are a GAME CHANGER.

I am so all about them.

I’ve used them for a while and they have worked for me without any problems.

You can see the invisible sticky plate hangers here.

products that make life easier earring organizer

// earring organizers //

9. These spinnable earring organizers

I literally feel like I’m earring shopping with these earring organizers.

They automatically extend your earring wardrobe because you can see everything with a spin.

The organizers are four-sided and have hooks to hang the earrings from. With earrings with backs, I don’t take the time to thread them through the holes. Instead, I just add them to the hooks with the space between the earring and the back.

You can see them here.

// Molly’s Suds //

10. Molly’s Suds

I found Molly’s Suds about 2 months ago and it has changed the way I do laundry.

It’s a miracle worker.

It makes my sheets and towels and slipcovers whiter and brighter. You can see the before and after of my slipcovers here.

And you can find Molly’s Suds here.

products that make life easier drawer organizers

// drawer organizers //

11. These drawer organizers

I posted about these a while back and they were my best-seller for two weeks in a row.

These drawer organizers are amazing.

I’ve tried several different iterations of this product and these are by far the best value for the money. One of the best products that make life easier—they come in a set of 25 and there are four different sizes of containers so you have so many combinations and ways to set them up to fit any drawer. They have these little rubber feet on the bottom that completely hold them in place and prevent them from moving around and they even fit inside each other (you can see the small chalk bin and the small thumbtack bin actually fit inside the larger square bin).

With all the individual containers and compartments in the drawer, you can use something and put it right back in its own little container so it all stays neat.

You can see them here.

Have you already used all these products?

Did you already know about them?

I hope I shared at least one thing that was new.

And if you have anything that’s been changing your life?

I’d love to know, too. 🙂

If you like these ideas?

I’ve uploaded over 90 organizing products that I’ve either ordered or they are on my list.

You can see them all in my Amazon shop here.

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post

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    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      It’s a little bit confusing on the website – – the button is actually down at the bottom of the listing, and it kind of floats as you scroll down! I just checked, and they are still in stock right now! Sometimes when I go on my mobile I get confused and I think it’s out of stock because of the floating button at the bottom! Hope this helps and sorry for the very long comment and exclamation! Lol!

  1. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    I have purchased some of the same items and I wondered where the item had been all my life! Haha. I love the drawer organizers and the under-counter pullout shelf. Great post. I always enjoy your great finds! Karen B.

  2. Image for Kimberly Westby Kimberly Westby

    I am loving the Little Green Bissell machine you suggested, my outdoor furniture cushions have never been cleaner. Kim

  3. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I bought 3 of the pull out shelves! I use mine in my laundry room cleaning closet and linen closet. They are worth every penny! Great suggestions Big Hugs

  4. Image for Miss Sissy Miss Sissy

    Hi, Karianne, I just went to your Amazon store. Looks like some amazing items... But there was no description or way to purchase thru your shop. Is it meant to be just list?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      You are the sweetest to reach out and ask me about it! I so so, so appreciate you! It’s a little confusing – – and I wish I had a way to explain it better. The way those Amazon lists work is that I put together an entire list – – and then, if you are ever interested in shopping any of them, you just click the item and it takes you right to the item I put on my list. In other words, it opens up an entire listing on the item. Then – – if you hit the back button, you can go back to the list again, and find other things you might be interested in! Sorry, it’s also confusing! I hope this helps! happy day, karianne

  5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Just purchased to lambs ear. Picking them up tomorrow. I love the look of two together. Thank you Ms. Crafty. My mantle will look gorgeous.

  6. Image for Cristie A Morton Cristie A Morton

    Kaianne, I wanna try the Plate hangers BUT I worry that when I decide not to hang them anymore that I won't be able to take the sticker hook off.??? Some of my plates are antique or vintage collectable.... Can you advise? Love ya girlfriend 💕

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I wouldn't use these on vintage plates or antiques! You can get it off---but it leaves a little residue! Also---I would worry it make come off! Mine haven't at all---but I used this on thrift store plates! Happy day! KariAnne

  7. Image for Kim Kim

    Karianne, once again you came through for us. I just bought the shoe clips, the command strips to put on my dining room chairs to hang little wreathes on with ribbon. and the grout pens. You make life so much easier. No fuss, no stress just easy solutions. Thank you Kim

  8. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    Thanks for this list! I am using the old-fashioned spring plate hangers. Not so pretty. I like the ones you recommended much better, as they won't be seen. I'm a retired elementary school principal - two years ago, we decided to switch to the chair floor protectors in our classrooms. They worked quite well and were nicer to look at than the tennis balls that had been put on the chair legs! (Funny aside - we called them chair condoms! -- Not in front of the kids, of course. But if teachers needed them, they'd ask the office for more chair condoms...)

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