Looking for easy ideas for handmade gifts you can make for Christmas? Here are 11 projects and some craft kit ideas that make fun gifts, too.

handmade gifts

This is the time of year when handmade gift ideas start popping up on my to-do list.

I can’t help it.

It’s tradition.

If you are new here to the blog, my sisters and brothers and I exchange handmade gifts every year. We try and teach ourselves a new skill and make something that’s special and handmade and out of the ordinary.

Like the year I taught myself to stamp silver and made necklaces.

Or the year my sister taught herself to make lampshades and made a shade for us out of our father’s slides.

Or the year my brother taught himself to carve wood and made this for me.

Maybe it’s the thrill of learning something new.

Maybe it’s the joy of making something handmade.

Maybe it’s the fun of a handmade gift competition with all the siblings.

But it’s one of my favorite things about Christmas.

So today I’m sharing 11 handmade gifts you can make in an afternoon. I also included some cutest craft kits at the end of the post that I found (if DIYing is a little overwhelming) you can use as a starter to make your own handmade gifts (and they make the perfect gifts, too.)

Here’s to a handmade holiday.

handmade gifts soap

11 Handmade Gifts You Can Make In An Afternoon

1. Felted soap

The process of felting is so easy.

Here’s how to felt wool and make a wreath (all you really need is a wool sweater).

Here’s how to make felted soap and wrap it up as a gift.

handmade gifts heart garland

2. Wood bead heart garland

This is a fun project.

I made it with a heart, but it would make a cute gift with a tree or snowflake, too.

See the entire DIY here.

handmade gifts DIY planter pots

3. DIY planter pots

Create a DIY pot and fill it with a tiny plant or mini evergreen.

You could also wrap a plaid bow around the top of the pot.

See the DIY here.

handmade gifts stopper

4. Handmade bottle stopper

You can make these bottle stoppers in 15 minutes from vintage doorknobs.

Then fill the bottle with scented soap or dishwashing liquid and give as a gift.

See the DIY here.

5. Monogrammed sign

This DIY looks like you branded the wood.

The secret? A brown stain pen and a monogram.

See the DIY here.

6. Monogrammed pillow

And as long as we are talking monograms–why not a pillow?

You can make the no-sew or sew version.

See the DIY here.

7. Hand-stitched tray

Take a vintage wood tray from a thrift store and hand-stitch it with a message.

It’s so much easier than it sounds.

See the DIY here.

Hand-written Recipe Towel

8. Hand-written recipe towel

Take a recipe and make it into a gift.

All you need is a set of flour towels and a fine-tipped marker.

See the DIY here.

9. Pom pom throw

This project starts with a throw and then you add the pom poms.

Perfect for a cozy Christmas gift.

See the DIY here.

10. Make your own house pillow

This house pillow was a Christmas gift from my sister.

She made it from linen scraps.

See the DIY here.

11. Wood block name letters

We made these out of pieces of molding and chipboard letters.

Easy personalized craft you can make in an hour.

See the DIY here.

And just in case you were looking for some creative ideas to make your own gifts? I put together some of my favorite kits I found (all the images are clickable). They would be the perfect start for your own handmade gift or the perfect gift for the crafter on your list.

Here’s a list of my favorite craft kits:

Here’s to all the holiday that is just around the corner.

Wishing you one that is merry and bright (and handmade).

With all the joy of the season. 🙂

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  1. Image for Barbara Barbara

    How heartwarming to know you and your siblings plan and work like secret elves on gifts for each other. That is so sweet. The joy and giggles you must have while thinking of each sib's reaction to your gifts. Precious memories made.

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