Looking for ideas on how to add a little spring kitchen decor? Here are 11 easy ideas to decorate your kitchen for spring.

A bright and inviting spring kitchen space adorned with a refreshing array of potted plants and flowers, accentuated by a chic chandelier above.

Does anyone know who invented Daylight Savings Time?

I want to send them a thank you note.

I’m sitting here waiting for my fake tan to dry and using a gua sha tool to try and train my forehead and I still had time to completely weed the two front flower beds outside in the garden.

All thanks to that extra hour.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished with all those additional minutes.

Plenty of time to use for spring decorating in the kitchen.

And my spring kitchen decorating was inspired by something I discovered at Walmart for under $20. I literally blinked when I saw the price and thought I still had the Caribbean sun in my eyes.

It hopped into my cart and it arrived on Tuesday and I spent the afternoon adding little spring sunshine to the kitchen.

And now the kitchen looks like this.

A cozy and elegant kitchen featuring a blue island with a marble countertop, white wooden stools, a chic pendant light, and open shelving stocked with dishes in the background.

And this.

An elegant and neatly organized open shelf displaying a variety of white dishware and serving pieces, accompanied by decorative plants and a classic table lamp, creating a cozy and welcoming kitchen atmosphere.

And this.

A cozy corner in the spring kitchen decorated with a rustic white bench adorned with floral cushions, a sign for fresh flowers and strawberries, and decorative wooden ladders on a shiplap wall, evoking

// similar pillow covers here //

1. Add a spring pillow

And look at this little corner now.

I just updated it with my new find.

See those embroidered lavender pillows? Aren’t they the cutest?

(Edited to add—you all sold out this pillow cover in under an hour. I found some similar embroidered pillow covers to try and be helpful. You can see them here.)

(total aside: can you see where I added one of the artist houses to the FARM letters my brother made).

A decorative cushion with a botanical pattern and tassels on a white shelf.

Elegant embroidery featuring white and blue flowers with intricate brown stems on a textured fabric, perfect for spring kitchen decor.

Elegant embroidered cushion with tassel detailing, adding a touch of sophistication to home decor.

Two decorative throw pillows with floral patterns and tassel corners, resting elegantly on a white bench.

Look at those beautiful embroidered branches with tiny white embroidered flowers—absolute perfection.

The description says lavender, but I’m calling it a thistle.

If I look at it and squint?


It looks just like a thistle branch to me.

What do you think?

(Edited to add—you all sold out this pillow cover in under an hour. I found some similar embroidered pillow covers to try and be helpful. You can see them here.)

A serene kitchen scene with a clean, white aesthetic, featuring a modern faucet and three potted plants basking in the natural light from a large window on the kitchen island.

2. Add topiaries to a window

I added a row of topiaries to the kitchen window.

Here’s a quick topiary tip.

If you have a pot that doesn’t match your decor? Wrap the base in paper cut from a paper grocery bag.

Elegant kitchen interior featuring a stylish chandelier above a kitchen island with a decorative wicker basket filled with fresh green plants and flowers.

3. Use a basket to decorate the island

I found this basket years ago at Hobby Lobby.

I’ve searched and searched over hill and over dale to try to find one that’s similar and I’ve never been able to find another one.

It’s the perfect base to decorate with for spring. You could also use a large tray or even an oversized piece of wood as a base, too.

A cozy interior scene with a rustic wooden table topped with a marble surface, elegantly decorated with a woven basket containing an assortment of green plants and flowers adding a touch of nature, under the warm glow of a classic chandelier with crystal accents.

4. Decorate with greenery

I used things I collected over the years to create the display, but I was able to link a few things in case you want to create a similar look. You may have tons of things in your spring decorating closet that you can use already–if so–just use this for inspiration.

A neatly trimmed topiary plant in a white pot, set atop stacked books, with various potted plants and a decorative house model in a cozy home setting.

5. Use books for height

I put the basket flat on the center of the kitchen island.

Then I placed a large stack of books in the center (the gray striped book actually opens up—so I use it for storage, too).

Next, I placed another smaller stack of books on the right side.

Books are the perfect way to layer in pieces in your display.

A collection of green artificial topiary plants and a eucalyptus in various pots and baskets, arranged to create an indoor decorative garden setting on a kitchen island.

6. Decorate with topiaries

I’ve made my own topiaries before (you can see how I DIY’d a topiary with a coat hanger here).

I scattered my topiaries around the books and inside the basket.

I added a little mini topiary in front of the stack of books.

Then I added this $3.97 boxwood sphere in front of the topiaries. The key is just to keep fussing until it makes you happy. I still rearrange it sometimes when I walk by.

A line of neatly trimmed topiary plants in terracotta pots displayed on a wooden shelf against a chalkboard background, with botanical illustrations hanging above.

A hanging educational chart showcasing various bird eggs, a nest with eggs, and two bird species, with small decorative topiary bushes lined up below it.

7. Add vintage spring posters

Then I added a few more bits of spring.

This nest poster is under $10.

You can see a super similar version here.

A miniature model of a white house displayed on a rustic wooden stand, surrounded by fresh green plants and vibrant flowers, creating a cozy and charming home decor vignette.

8. Add vintage or handmade pieces

Remember the story of the house that an artist created that’s a miniature of my house?

I couldn’t put the houses away for Christmas and I added most of them to the hutch in the family room.

But this house? It’s special. I added it to a tiny pedestal and added it to the kitchen island.

Elegant white wooden chairs with woven rattan seats, showcasing the beauty of classic home design details, perfect for how to decorate a kitchen island.

9. Add woven textures for spring

I love these kitchen stools at the end of the kitchen island.

They have a rustic woven seat and great detailing on the legs.

The stools look so high-end, but they are actually really affordable.

You can see them here.

An elegant and neatly organized open shelf displaying a variety of white dishware and serving pieces, accompanied by decorative plants and a classic table lamp, creating a cozy and welcoming kitchen atmosphere.

A neatly arranged home interior with a collection of decorative items, including a white table lamp, porcelain dishware, a small potted plant with yellow flowers, and a stack of books arranged on a white-painted wooden hutch.

10. Add flowers

Nothing says spring like flowers.

I got these at Trader Joe’s (thank you so much for all the Trader Joe’s tips this weekend—I’m making my way through the list).

The base came wrapped in paper and I think it’s such a clever idea for spring pots.

You can see tons of other ideas for creative flower containers here.

A stack of white ceramic bowls secured with a rubber band on a marble countertop, suggesting kitchen organization or meal prep readiness, demonstrates how to decorate a kitchen island.

A close-up view of a water droplet resting on a slanted, smooth white kitchen island surface, displaying surface tension and the reflective qualities of water.

A stack of white, clean bowls on a white countertop, creating a minimalist and tidy kitchen island aesthetic.

11. Faux marble dish drying mat

My last tip is kind of spring decor and kind of super-extra-helpful and useful.

Our dishwasher broke several months ago. It’s so expensive to fix, so I started washing dishes by hand. We don’t really have a ton of dishes and I discovered I actually like doing the dishes by hand and not having to dread emptying the dishwasher all the time.

I was using a towel on the counter, but the towel would get wet and the dishes wouldn’t really dry that well if I just left them on the counter.

And then?


This Panutta stone dish drying mat that looks like marble. It’s truly a miracle worker. The dishes dry super fast because the stone is extra absorbent and the stone sits on these little silicone feet so your counter doesn’t get moldy and it looks so pretty just sitting on the counter. It’s such a good size to hold tons of dishes when they are drying. I have marble countertops already so it just blends in.

You can see the stone here.

A bright, welcoming kitchen featuring white subway tiles, stainless steel appliances, and a contrasting island with gray cabinetry and a marble countertop, adorned with a woven basket and green plants, illuminated by natural light from the window.

This kitchen just makes me so happy.

Almost as happy as knowing that there’s an extra hour of sunlight just waiting to be celebrated.

And my house and I?

We have big plans for those extra 60 minutes.

As soon as my spray tan dries. 🙂

Bring the freshness of spring into your kitchen with these 11 inspiring spring kitchen decor ideas featuring flowers and charming miniatures for a cozy atmosphere.

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  1. Image for Barb E Barb E

    So many beautiful ideas! Thank for the faux marble drying mat idea. I too have struggled with finding something functional that also “looks good”! Happy Spring 🪴🌼!

  2. Image for Ethel Alderson Ethel Alderson

    Your kitchen is lovely! Your spring deco is good. What white paint is used in the kitchen? Finish? Where can I purchase the lamp over the counter? What self tan do you use? Complete details, please Give us a post on baskets to be used under benched, on shelves. Looking forward to your next post!

  3. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Aww KariAnne, you are always surprising us with your beautiful decor. I love the look. And I agree with you, thistle. Even the color. Everything is so pretty. Happy day

  4. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    KariAnne I always learn from your blog. I had to look up gua sha tool to see what it was. Then the drying mat. Never heard of that either. I was skeptical but when I read your blog about how it dries I may have to try it. I use a drying mat now. I hate having a rack on the counter. Thank you and enjoy your extra 60 minutes Diana

  5. Image for Shelley Shelley

    KariAnne, thank you for all of your beautiful, creative decor ideas! The pillows are gorgeous, great texture! I bought a couple of large baskets at Kirkland's that are beautiful, and still available. ( Remind me me of Provence, France) I love the topiaries! ( Thinking about purchasing) May I ask details about the artist that created your house? I love it! Oooh, I love the birds nest too! Thank you for posting!

  6. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Good Morning, I too wish to thank the person responsible for daylight saving time! I think it should be permanent. Now to ask a question I have wondered about for a few years... where do you store all the seasonal and holiday decore stuff you use? Do you have an extra little home called your decore house? LOL... Have a great day and thank you. Big Hugs

  7. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Your house always looks great! I too want to know what self tanner you used. I think you told us b4 but I didn't write it down so... out of my brain, lol Thanks. Love your blog look forward to it everyday. 😀

  8. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Love all the ideas! We are expecting snow tomorrow! I have my fingers crossed that my pansies will make it through! Thanks for making me smile ❤️

  9. Image for Tracey E Tracey E

    These spring ideas all look so pretty and give me hope that Spring is just around the corner for us too. It’s currently snowing here!

  10. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Hope they bring back those wonderful pillow covers. I'd have loved to have purchased at least one!! I LOVE your marble dryer mat. I have it in my cart cuz it's a perfect gift for my elder daughter who has an all white kitchen. She will love it so much. I must respond again to your sweet mini house that lady made you. Yes, it needs to be out all year every year. It IS that special. Thx for the inspiration, KA!

  11. Image for Mildred Hoppe Mildred Hoppe

    Kari Ann, What do you call the wooden piece in the kitchen that has the birds/nest poster on it and topiaries across the bottom? Thank you, Mildred

  12. Image for Jack & Polly Jack & Polly

    Kari Ann, love your house could you tell me where did you get your white bowls in your kitchen with the blue trim, they would match with what I already have please. I love when you go junking and show how you fix them for your house!!!

  13. Image for Lois Lois

    Hi KariAnne, My 18 year old dishwasher died and I replaced it with the VERY popular, high end, great review one. Well, here is my suggestion, keep the cutlery basket from your old dishwasher before you discard it! The old one will be much betherr than the new one. I wish I kept the bottom rack too! :)

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