Yesterday a friend of mine was at my house.

We were talking and laughing and telling each other how much we’d missed us and ourselves and how we love coffee in the morning and why do I wear random outfits that never match first thing in the morning and that Texas is so much better when it’s colder.

And then?

She asked me about my branches—this branch in particular.

Where did I get it?

Where did I find it?

Where did branches with tiny pinecones come from?

I literally laughed out loud and told her the branch came from my yard from one of the storms.  And the pinecones?  They just showed up from one of the tubs in the attic.  That’s right.  All you need for a fall decorating idea like this is a glass vase, a branch from your yard, a stem of faux pine cones, a stem of leaves that dry in place and 10 minutes.

Those are the best kind of decorating ideas.

But more importantly?  Friends that make you laugh and drink coffee with you and ask you about your branches and tell you that you’re brilliant?

Those are the best kind of friends.

In case you are still falling-it around your house—here are my best 10 minute fall decorating ideas that are unique and clever and fun.

No lameness allowed.

Simple fall centerpiece

Start with a bay garland.

Drape it across your dining table.

Twist it and turn it a little to look like you decorated.

Tuck pumpkins in between the leaves.

Do NOT overthink.

Leave cute alone and get a cup of coffee.

Fill glass cloches with pumpkins

Most of these pumpkins came from the dollar store.

You probably have a bin of these upstairs.

Group three cake stands or cloches or glass covers.

Lift off the cover (this is the most important step).

Place pumpkins inside and cover again.

(total aside:  just between us—don’t tell the other ideas—this one actually takes 3.5 minute idea—but I allowed extra time to find the pumpkins)

Pumpkin topiary

Find an urn.

Place eucalyptus inside.

Stack pumpkins on top.

Real or fake or orange or white or gray pumpkins work well for this.

Monogram it

Take a set of vintage keys.

Glue onto a faux pumpkin.

This only works if your letter is straight without curves.

If you have a curvy letter—here’s another monogram idea.

Take a coaster.

Glue it to the front of the pumpkin.

Replace the wreath

Here’s a clever idea if you aren’t about wreaths this year.

This is a table runner.

I know, right?  SO MUCH FUN.

I just thumbtacked it to the top of the door (duck tape would work well, too).

It’s the perfect accent for something a little different with your fall door decor.

Urns with branches

Take an urn.

Insert flowers.

Add some branches from your yard.

It gives height and texture to your display for FREE.

Fill a toolbox with pumpkins

Whenever I clean out my fall boxes upstairs, I always have tons of pumpkins that need a home.

I took a vintage toolbox and placed all the pumpkins inside.

This makes a fun centerpiece or a table display or an easy mantel decorating idea.

Add a leaf

Take a regular, every day, ordinary pumpkin that’s minding it’s fall business.

And then?

Cut out a leaf from a book page and tape it on top.

From ordinary to extraordinary in 10 minutes.

Create falling leaves

Have your leaves fall off your mantel.


Cut leaves out of craft paper and crinkle at the edges.

Create a tree with branches from the yard and jute twine.

And then tape the leaves so they fall from the tree.


Fall doesn’t have to be hard?

It’s all about the details and the leaves and the pumpkins and the table runners and the 10 minutes.

And wonderful, incredible, amazing friends like you.

Do you know how thankful I am for each and every one of you that read this blog?

When I count my blessings you are at the very top of my list.

Happy Friday.

And thank you.

For simply being you.

PS  If you see any lame ideas on this post that I overlooked.  Please let management know and they will be removed immediately. 🙂

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  1. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    Such sweet ideas, Karianne! My favorite is the pumpkin topiary! If it lasted, I'd keep it all year long! Fall weather finally hit here - - getting in the mood to decorate and you supplied the ideas!

  2. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I love it when a plan comes together! ;) My favorite thing I did this year? I found a trifle bowl at TJ Maxx for $6. Since I'm dieting and don't make trifles, I filled it with gourds, small Indian corn, and tiny pumpkins and put it on my hutch with my "Autumn Leaf" pieces! It's amazing what a cheap, easy idea can do to a display!

  3. Image for Terri Terri

    Just gorgeous ... every single picture is just gorgeous!!!! Hey.... can you tell us :... where did the carved pumpkin come from ????? With or without a cutout leaf.... it is perfect !!!! Happy Friday to you and yours !!!

  4. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Love all of these ideas! I have a feeling fall is going to go by so quick like every other season and I won't have a chance to do all of these...but I'm going to try! By the way...I love found branch decor. Nancy

  5. Image for Jen Jen

    All of them are beautiful! In the last photo, there is a garland with pinecones and what looks like wooden beads that resemble acorns. Did you make that yourself or buy it somewhere?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Carol, I did! I just went to the store and bought wood slice stems and them wrapped them around into a circle and hung them on the door. To help hold it all in place---I ordered the sign! Happy day friend! karianne

  6. Image for Michelle Michelle

    We are grateful for you too! Love these ideas...especially the table runner door decoration. Brilliant! And you reminded me I have some pine cones stored away...somewhere around here...

  7. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    There are always dead hydrangeas..I use when I pretend to be a decorator like you. Oh why could your family not have been from Webster County?😂 enjoy them and I am thankful for you movie and shining star friend! PS if you ever need a project I still have no pics on the wall 😂😂😂 yep almost 5 years. Promise will try soon.

  8. Image for Mary C Mary C

    Lesson learned about real pumpkins in cloches- they rot FAST. I now make sure the base is a little off kilter so the air circulates. Otherwise, use fake pumpkins.

  9. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    I am so thankful for you and your silliness and beauty and everything else and one of these days, I hope we can sit down and have a cup of coffee together. Have a great day KariAnne!

  10. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Ok...all the ideas are awesome 🍁. My favorite part is that you got to spend some time with your friend. That is priceless. Have a wonderful Fall weekend!!

  11. Image for Natalie Natalie

    I love all of the ideas! I would love to know if you made the garland on the mantle on the last page, and if so, where you got all of the luscious, textured pieces. Just gorgeous!

  12. Image for Alice Genzlinger Alice Genzlinger

    Went for a walk yesterday and came home with my hands full of rose hips, some type of white berries and a yellowish berry, , all gathered on my walk. They are lovely in an arrangement of small pumpkins of different colors and in a yellow pitcher. I liked the arrangement so much I sent pictures of them to my daughter and nieces to give them ideas of what to look for on their walks and what to do with them when they got home.

  13. Image for Charley Charley

    HA! NOTHING women have to say is lame. Exempt are unkind or unnecessary critiques! Varying opinions aside. Did FB get hacked or not, THAT is the question............

  14. Image for Constance Colvin Constance Colvin

    Oh Karianne, I do love your blog! AND........I have a question for you that is totally from out of left field! Way back when, I read your opinions about your seagrass rugs and how much you loved them. So I ordered a huge one to replace my beautiful Arts and Crafts wool rug which had been steadily decimated by two boys, four dogs, and two cats! Kept my fingers crossed! I've loved it......but now I really need any suggestions you might have for getting rid of a GIANT and moist doggy poo! I think I might have to toss the rug......I picked it up straight so that it wouldn't smear, then covered it in baking power and let the hairdryer blow on it. I thought that I could just "pick" the dried stuff out after. But, instead, it seems that the wet poo has settled down all in the "twists" of each thread. It's like they're dyed! So then I put more baking soda and a little vinegar to bubble it out and then quickly dried with the hairdryer. No luck! I'm left with a huge yellow-brown stain! )-: I'm not counting on your being a doggie poo expert but do you have a suggestion? I would be so grateful!!! Thanks for the meantime, I'll be making a sticks and pine cone arrangement! Sob, sniff, wahhhhh

  15. Image for Shelia Shelia

    I swear Karianne, you just make my day! You always put me in such a good mood! You were definitely born with the creative gene. Where do you get your dried eucalyptus you always have hanging out of your urns? I for the life of me can’t find any that looks like that and it’s making me crazy trying to find it! Help!, I know how you feel about the Texas heat girl. We’re still burning UP down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, whew! Have a great day! Shelia

  16. Image for Shelia Shelia

    I swear Karianne, you just make my day! You always put me in such a good mood! You were definitely born with the creative gene. Where do you get your dried eucalyptus you always have hanging out of your urns? I for the life of me can’t find any that looks like that and it’s making me crazy trying to find it! Help!, I know how you feel about the Texas heat girl. We’re still burning UP down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, whew! Have a great day tomorrow. I’m reading this pretty late. Shelia

  17. Image for PJ PJ

    Well, Karianne, I thought I was finished with pumpkin ideas for this season until I saw that pumpkin with the key monogram. Fortunately my monogram has straight lines. Now to find some skeleton keys! Have a lovely fall weekend! I will be cleaning up the vegetable garden and raking leaves.

  18. Image for Carol Carol

    So many great ideas! I especially like the table runner idea! I finally got a fall wreath made, but it still need something. Pine cones! Why didn't I think of that?? And the black pumpkin with the orange things on it? Explain that. Looks really good! Thanks for sharing your talent! Carol in IA

  19. Image for Jaybird Jaybird

    I am very thankful for you too!!! I don't comment often, but I love reading your blog. You have such a cute personality, and you address many things that I find interesting. I love it when you show us what you are doing with sale items, stuff you find around here and there, and yes....sometimes even roadside treasures!! Keep up the good work....there's an old lady down by the Brazos River, who thinks you are wonderful! Blessings, J

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