You Know Your Place Setting is Southern When…. (And a Giveaway)

You Know Your Place Setting is Southern When…. (And a Giveaway)

boxwood wreath place setting

My friend, Kristy Woodson Harvey wrote a book.

It’s called Dear Carolina.  I read it months ago and I couldn’t put it down.  As in stay-up-all-night-when-you-should-be-sleeping-and-glance-at-the-clock-at-3:45-in-the-morning-and-wonder-where-all-the-time-has-gone kind of book.

It’s about a beautiful designer named Khaki who is a blogger with an incredible sense of style and it follows her incredible, poignant journey to becoming a mother.  So to help promote the book, we thought it would be fun if we partnered with Mikasa and challenged some bloggers to create a table decorated from the perspective of Khaki, the southern designer.

So with much fanfare and milk glass….

… know your place setting is southern when….

place setting dining room

place setting nest

1.  Your place cards have two namers

As in Mary Caroline.

Or Elizabeth Grace.

Or KariAnne.

Yep.  That’s me.

I’m a two namer.  My mother didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to add one more family name to the mix.

place setting stemware

2.  You use your dessert fork for pecan pie

Pecan pie that your grandmother made.

And her grandmother made before her.

With real sugar, extra butter and pecans your dad shelled from the yard.

nest place setting

dining room summer table setting

3.  Your glasses are full of sweet tea

Brewed that morning and poured over extra ice.

And served with lemon wedges.

And when you finish the tea and get up from the table, you’re “fixin’ to go get some more.

monogrammed linens

4.  The linens are monogrammed

And you got them from your mother.

Or grandmother.

Or bought them at your best friend’s sisters boyfriend’s mom’s with the same initial’s yard sale.

And they are crisp and white and starched to perfection.

dining room place settings

And when you set the perfect southern table and pour the sweet tea and set out the cornbread and the biscuits and homemade strawberry preserves with corn casserole and green beans and chicken and dumplin’s and your guests oooh and ahhh over the food and the table….

….you pause for a moment and then duck your head and sigh.

And tell them all you ordered out from the Cracker Barrel.

Then you truly know your table setting is southern…..

….when it (and all your guests) “blesses your heart.” 🙂

summer place setting

Need a little more place setting inspiration?
Here’s some beautiful southern tables from some of my favorite friends:

And now in the spirit of true southern hospitality,

Mikasa is offering to give away a 16-piece place setting of this beautiful white china.

The pattern is called Loria and it’s simple and classic with a tiny polka-dotted edge with extra personality.

In addition, I’m also giving away a copy of the book, Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey.

Contest details and entry below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. OOOH, KariAnne! I would love to be at your Southern table! (Alabama girl, here). To the party, I would bring my Grandma’s famous squash casserole!

  2. The table is so beautiful! I would bring a strawberry salad!

  3. Thank you for sharing so much beauty and humor! Thanks also for this giveaway. If I’m responsible for one of the menu items you mentioned, I’ll be bringing the corn casserole! Otherwise, I think I’m in the mood for a spinach strawberry salad. 🙂

  4. Corina Molinar :

    Looks so beautiful! I would bring a potato salad. 🙂

  5. I loved looking and reading about this beautiful place setting!! Also, the 2 names on place cards… interesting! I never would have thought of that.

  6. A beautiful book written by a beautiful writer….and a beautiful pattern by Mikasa….love the table KariAnne!

  7. I would bring my macaroni and cheese that everyone loves. Table is beautiful.

  8. What a beautiful table, KariAnn – adore the chargers!! Thank you ever so much for helping to pull this giveaway together and most of all for loving Dear Carolina – you’re the best!!

  9. I love your blog! You have the best writing style!

  10. I would bring deviled eggs!

  11. I would use these dishes for my family. Thank you!

  12. I now have another book to add to my ever growing stack. With your stamp of approval, this one will make its way to the top of the heap the second it arrives. LOVE your tablescape…place settings. As always…you are the true rock star!

  13. Theresa Kane :

    Lovely! I’ll bring something chocolate! 🙂

  14. I would bring either my macaroni salad or baked beans.

  15. Love your posts. 🙂 I would bring a broccoli corn casserole!

  16. Will you be serving fried chicken on those beautiful white dishes?

  17. I found Dear Carolina in the Beaufort Linen Co. a few weeks ago. SUCH a good book! The kind you grieve a little when it is over because you miss everyone so much! Read this book – you will love it!

  18. First of all, this table is gorgeous! Second, I can totally relate to every single thing you mentioned above. Especially the sweet tea. I’ve always got a glass in my hand. Love this post!

  19. Robin Madden :

    These dishes are beautiful! I absolutely love them with these white linens and reminds me of the ones my cousin just brought me back from Italy! Thank you for the inspiration!

  20. Dreamy…just dreamy! Please make my biscuits gluten free 😉

  21. Love all of your posts and this one in particular. It reminds me of when my Mom used to always say “bless his/her little heart” – she would say that at least once a day. Now that I’m “at that age” I find myself saying it too–hah!
    Thanks for inviting me to the party, I’ll bring some black eye peas and rice!

  22. Robin Madden :

    I would bring ginger-peach shortbread cobbler 🙂

  23. I love that white china. Simple and classic. You can use it for most anything. It’s a work horse on the table. So pretty.

  24. Hmmm, I would make a delicious bread pudding
    made with Kentucky bourbon sauce! I adore this
    table setting and the cute polka-dotted china! : )

  25. Love your posts, so many ideas…I would bring too many things because I love to cook.

  26. Macaroni and cheese – got to have that!

  27. I would love an invitation to your table and what a gorgeous table it is! I’ll bring the sweet potatoes.

  28. I just swooned at this post.

    Being Canadian, I feel like I need to visit and experience everything first hand.

    What to bring… what to bring…
    I’m sorry, I still can’t wrap my head around shelled pecans FROM the yard!. AMAZING.

    Back to:
    … what to bring?, what to bring?…

    I will bring wine. (I am totally that type of person… wine and chocolate for all!)

  29. Love the white dishes, linens . . . I’m a Texas girl (okay, old girl) living in Alabama the last 27 years . . .

  30. Your blog has the perfect combination of inspiration for the soul, and inspiration for the home! I look forward to every post!❤️

  31. Mikasa is a great brand & I had already been checking their china earlier this week. Sweet table arrangement, it is something that makes a dining room pop.

  32. Bless your heart! And, the monogrammed linens don’t have to have the same initials — they could be your great-grandma’s twice-removed cousin’s nephew’s daughter’s before she married that no-good…. Just sayin’! Love your morning post as usual!

  33. Dessert. Always dessert.

  34. Your table is so gorgeous. I think we need a good coconut cream pie with this meal also.

  35. Your table is so gorgeous. I think we need a good coconut cream pie with this meal also.

  36. Would make a peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert. My downfall are pretty dishes

  37. In the summer I would bring a pasta salad and maybe a Creamsicle cake.

  38. I (Becky Sue) would bring my Grand- Mother’s (Helen Lilian) Cranberry Sherbet. She would freeze this yummy goodness in her metal ice trays. Do you remember the ones with a handle that would pop the ice right out and if you didn’t hold it with a tea towel, your fingers would adhere to it? She always served the cubed sherbet in eched crystal dessert goblets and had Cranberry Sherbet available all season long.

  39. What pretty pretty images! You certainly are a sweet (and talented!) soul, KariAnne.

  40. So pretty and timeless!

  41. Teresa Harral :

    Beautiful Southern tables–for everyday!!Dinner ain’t ready till the table is properly set. I would bring potato salad and not just any potato salad. It would have to be my mother in law’s because she makes the best with her secret ingredients that keeps people at her table sneaking just one more little spoonful! I would also ask to invite my mother in law to the party for I know that Brenda Sue would be a delight and have so much to share with us of true Southern cooking!

  42. Maybe Mikasa could rename the giveaway set LoriaJean, you know, keeping with the southern theme and all 🙂

  43. I LOVE a good southern table with white dishes and standard southern comfort foods!

  44. Who would like a piece of our lemon swirl cheesecake? It will look beautiful on those plates!

  45. I would bring my Aunt Melba’s baked beans!

  46. Love your blog!

    I would bring a roasted veggie and orzo salad…

  47. Love your posts. I would bring peach cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream.

  48. Beautiful table setting! I love white dishes and would love to read this book! Thank you for the giveaway.

  49. Jenni Farnes :

    Bless your little ole heart….thank you foe the fabulous giveaway…all this reminded me of my grandmother….who didn’t have a single southern gene in her body, but should have been a southern belle. she had all the right stuff….bless her heart..

    • Jenni Farnes :

      dang….i forgot to tell you what i would bring to the table…i hope this doesn’t cancel me out….i would bring a peach croustada l(ala ina garden’s apple one, only peach) and homemade vanilla peach ice cream to go on the top.

  50. Beautiful post! I live so far south in Louisiana and I can relate!

  51. I would bring southern style macaroni and cheese- the really thick cakelike kind.

  52. I’ll bring a strawberry pie made with freshly picked berries!

  53. I would bring homemade vanilla ice cream. Your table looks so pretty!

  54. Beautiful setting-I have a love affair with nests:) I would like to bring my Grandmama’s pecan pie!!!

  55. I would bring pickled shrimp for an appetizer and maybe Huguenot torte for dessert!

  56. Hmmm….I think I would bring deviled eggs and a chocolate dessert. Must have chocolate.

    I’m partial to polka dots so these plates….LOVE THEM!

  57. I would probably bring a rich chocolate chip bundt cake – because you know all is better with a bundt!!!

  58. I am just sure I would bring a dessert. How about a fresh berry pie and my homemade vanilla ice cream?

  59. Good Morning!
    I love your tablesetting!
    It’s probably a good thing i don’t have a bigger budget because I would need to have a much bigger home to house all the dishes I like!!
    Since I’m from Southern California I would like to bring Coco Meringues and strawberries. But not just any Coco meringues Vegan Coco Meringues. Believe me, you wont know the these aren’t the real things!!

  60. Love all white dishes, and these are so beautiful! I’d make my almost famous, loved by many macaroni salad! My mother always had linen napkins at the table, even at lunchtime. She didn’t like paper napkins, and she loved to iron. (Good thing!)

  61. I would bring a big white platter of Brandywine, black Krimm, green zebra, Carolina gold and rainbow tomatoes, garnished with purple basil. (I assume you have the Duke’s mayo in the fridge)

  62. I love this. I adore a well set table and yours is gorgeous.

  63. Your table is beautiful and so are the dishes! Dots are always in style at my house. The book would make great summer reading.

  64. I am as Yankee as can be but my ancestors came from the Southern Part of Ireland so that is where I must get it. I starch and iron ALL my tablecloths and napkins. I love to iron (don’t ask, it is a sickness) and what could be better than beautiful dishes. I would probably bring rice pudding with chocolate sauce and whipped cream served in those beautiful bowls.

  65. Sally Christiansen :

    What a pretty table, I am the Activity Director at a nursing home in Iowa and we are hosting a table setting contest in July. I would bring Southwest Chesecake to the party.

  66. tracy henderson :

    I always enjoy your posts. They make me smile to myself and a truly feel as if you are a close friend. Thank you.

  67. Love the white dishes. I would bring sweet potato casserole.

  68. This Kari wants to come have lunch with KariAnne at your gorgeous table; I would bring my mom’s recipe for pickled cucumbers and onions and a squash casserole with a Premium Saltine topping!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Kari Dawne Cox
    p.s. I’m just called by my first name, not both 🙂

  69. What a beautiful table and lovely ideas for a memorable lunch!

  70. What a yummy looking table setting. Makes me want to sit right down and “gobble up some goodies”!

  71. Hmmm, since it is strawberry season here, I would bring fresh strawberries with sour cream in a blue bowl and brown sugar in a milkglass bowl, so you could dip those berries, if you wished.

  72. This two namer Southern girl would have to bring vine ripe tomatoes and fried okra!!

  73. Ahhhhhh! Love Southern. Love your blog. (Truly) Love to cook so I will bring yummy bread pudding!!

  74. If I was lucky enough to attend I would bring my corn salad….

    5 ears of corn (cooked for 3 minutes – placed in cold water- taken off the cob)
    1 small red onion
    fresh basil (cut from the garden)
    3 Tbs olive oil
    3 Tbs apple vinegar
    salt and pepper to taste

    Awesome! I love your setting and what fun it would be to arrive and have that table waiting!

  75. I would bring fresh from the garden snapped beans and vine ripe tomatoes!

  76. I love Mikasa dishes! And white dishes are the best! These would be great for serving a good old fashioned Southern Sunday dinner. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuits, and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Oh yum. 🙂


  77. I’d be bringing biscuits that are better than Cracker Barrel or Lovelace Cafe in Nashville. Nice dishes too!

  78. If I were coming to your party I would bring fried corn with peppers and onions, YUM.

  79. I’m always asked to bring my baked mac & cheese to our family get togethers.

  80. Cindy Smith :

    I will bring a cheese and fruit plate with crackers and wine!

  81. I would bring macaroni salad! What a sweet evening it could be filled with wonderful friends, delicious food and thoughtful book discussion!! Love the dishes and the birds nests.

  82. I love white dinnerware…your blog and all things Southern!!!!! Thanks for the great giveaway and the tons of inspiration along the way!!!

  83. Donna Marie :

    (You’ve done it again girl!!!) I’d have you come out to the backyard and we’d have homemade ice cream!!!

  84. Love the table settings. Love ALL china from antique Haviland to Pier One funky. I would bring homemade peach ice cream, hand cranked in the backyard of course. (The linens look too fancy for watermelon LOL)

  85. Jordan Troublefield :

    Roasted baby potatoes in a homemade mushroom sauce. DELICIOUS.
    Beautiful plates. White is so sleek.

  86. Your table is beautiful! I would bring summer tortellini salad.

  87. Green bean bundles!!!

  88. Your table looks wonderful. I really love the simplicity of the white dishes, I don’t have any but do love the look. I would bring deviled eggs to this party.

  89. Ordering a copy of the book today! I love reading!
    Oh, and using great-mamaw’s sterling silver with every family dinner~

  90. I’ll bring a rum cake or a corned beef brisket (marinate for a week, slow cooked, finish in oven w/ a bourbon mustard glaze). YUM!

  91. Beautiful table! I would bring pimento cheese and my very Southern, precious grand baby Ruthie-Kate named after her 94 year old, recently deceased great great grandmother <3

  92. I was “made in Virginia, but born in Connecticut” maybe thats why I love all things southern. Only given a “one namer” I would love to be your guest at dinner and listen to your stories over sweet tea.

  93. Francesca Mahoney :

    The table is gorgeous!!! If I were lucky enough to receive an invitation, I would bring a sweet potato casserole!

  94. Love the birds nests!

  95. So pretty.
    I’d be glad to bring a Hummingbird Cake.

  96. I would bring fried okra from my garden and banana pudding. I have a great microwave recipe!

  97. Love the table setting!! Genius idea!!

  98. Good Morning from WA. state; I would bring Salmon which would just pop on those white plates from Mikasa; set alongside a fresh salad of spinach & strawberries topped with pecans and a vinaigrette of rasberry & walnut. I am getting so I can not wait to read your post each morning it always brings a smile to my face . You truly are gifted person. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

  99. China and a book- my two favorite things! Yes, I would love to win!

    • I would bring a fabulous tablecloth to put under that China and a beautiful chocolate cake!

  100. GREAT TABLESCAPE!!! Love the grape wreaths and the white starched linens.

  101. Ann weisman :

    I would probably bring a layered salad. Mostly because people always say what is that and then they say “Wow, that is so good”. I wish most of all that I could bring my dearly departed Granny so she could make sure everyone minded their manners!

  102. Such a beautiful table KariAnne! Think I’d bring cornbread salad to this delightful potluck! Sounds like you’ve got all the majors covered!

  103. Debrah Nash :

    This southern girl(born in Greenville Mississippi) loves your beautiful table!! I have my grandmother’s damask table cloth that gets starched and ironed along with vintage napkins to be the beginnings of a table scape! I’ll bring the Fried Green Tomatoes from a recipe found in a cookbook “Blue Willow Inn” located in Social Circle, Georgia. My husband and I ate there and met Miss Billie who has the restaurant in a beautiful old Antebellum home. You eat off of mismatched dishes and silverware. We heard of the “Blue Willow” from Lewis Grizzard’s column many years ago…. Can’t wait to sit down and share a meal, laugh, let my southern girl shine through along with my accent that emerges often and sip a Mint Julep on the Veranda!!

  104. Love the table, I would bring My famous coleslaw

  105. I would bring a hollowed out watermelon rind with watermelon balls and blueberries. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  106. You nailed it! I would bring my grandmother’s potato salad and coconut cream pie. 🙂

  107. BEAUTIFUL!! Love the bird nests!! Very unique! And the dishes are classic and elegant! I would bring a cucumber summer salad!! YUM!!

  108. I’don’t add some bourbon to that pecan pie. Yum!

  109. WELL, I may be a Yank, but I tell you what – I have enough Belle friends to know you nailed it right on the noggin with your post here today. Well done. (And oh my golly what a beautiful tablescape!)

    The dishes are to die for awesome – I have chippy cream ones (should have gotten Mikasa to begin with, so much for cheap imitations) that I so need to replace, and my white plates I gave to my daughter who just moved back from years in SoCal who did NOT move her stuff back with her, and has started over in life close to home now and gets married in August……………… for the book, whether or not I win it I think with the kind of recommendation you gave it : stay-up-all-night-when-you-should-be-sleeping-and-glance-at-the-clock-at-3:45-in-the-morning-and-wonder-where-all-the-time-has-gone kind of book……tells me I need to just get it if I don’t win it.

    Thanks to you and Mikasa for this opportunity.

  110. Love this post and your story telling!! 🙂

  111. Lovely, I would bring a rhubarb pie!

  112. PS

    OK: what would I bring to the party? I would bring my older sister’s 6 layer pea salad. It brings lots of nutrition to the table but in a delectable yummy way – and looks so green and pretty and gets lots of OOHS and AHHHs too. : – )

  113. Cynthia Riley :

    I would bring homemade vanilla icecream to top the pecan pie!

  114. I’m not a southern girl by birth but should do love a well-set table.

  115. From the Midwest and now the west coast, I was absolutely delighted reading your post “You know your place setting or table is southern when…” I have been using a set of Mikasa Just Flowers dinnerware since the early 70s. I now find all white dinnerware so appealing. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  116. perhaps I would bring some fried green tomato’s . your southern table looks perfect.

  117. Cathy Farmer :

    Love the table it is beautiful this southern girl loves her sweet tea.

  118. I usually bring my Mamaw’s broccoli rice casserole or banana pudding; people request both. 🙂

  119. Your table setting is so pretty! Light and lovely and welcoming…just perfect! I think I would bring Orzo salad. I don’t think it’s traditionally Southern, but I’d keep it light with fresh herbs and a lemon/olive oil vinaigrette. And smile and laugh the afternoon away 🙂

  120. :

    I would bring my favorite key lime bars. Love the white plates. They would go great with my Hartstone Posy patterned plates.

  121. Beautiful table! I would bring pie 🙂

  122. I love this! The white dishes are perfect! I would bring C hocolate Cookie Sheet Cake for dessert! Yum!!

  123. Christopher :

    I would for sure bring deviled eggs, they are one of my specialties!

  124. I would bring deviled eggs!

  125. I would probable bring something from “take out” also!!!!!

  126. O, Kari Anne, this was the perfect post for my day. Bless your heart :0. I am hot and tired from working in the yard in these temps and humidity so if I came to a gathering I’d toss together a big fruit salad in clear glass bowl and call it good. O, yes, and I would wear big earrings, a cool cotton dress and my best red lipstick….

  127. Thanks for such an inspiring post! I just love it. We may be moving soon, but I’ll always be southern in my heart. Love you!

  128. Ooh KariAnne, my friend! This looks so beautiful. And I love all the southernisms! I would bring my mom and sister’s Sweet Potato Casserole. Adapted from – who else? – an old Southern Living cookbook!

  129. Delightful posting with such sweet pleasures from the gorgeous inviting table that makes you want to sit, take it all in, knowing this was created for you. The dishware looking quite cozy with the earthy touches of twigs and greenery, I can imagine the aroma from the kitchen would be just another layer of pure enjoyment and anticipation. I believe I would bring a sunny platter of devil eggs, totally down home but still leaving room for pecan pie. Oh yum!

  130. Gotta love a Southern table with monogrammed linens & all the fixings!

  131. I’d bring pasta salad!

  132. KariAnne,
    I’m a Yankee but Southerner at heart.. Love your posts – everyday – and your table didn’t disappoint. I’m not much of a cook, but a watermelon after all these delicious ideas sounds very refreshing to me! Would love the white dishes on my table too. Gonna have to look them up for a closer examination.

  133. I would love to bring you some of my giant, fluffy, white hydrangeas to add to the tablescape. Then for after dinner, I would also bring some of my blue ribbon winning (Lake County Fair, Crown Point, IN) sour cream cinnamon loaf to enjoy on the porch as we watch the fireflies light the evening sky. Love your blog!

  134. Oh I love a good southern meal especially on a beautiful table setting. Those dishes would be perfect for my dining room. I would bring y’all my hashed brown potato casserole and homemade cranberry butter to smother the biscuits.

  135. I would bring a peach cobbler. Your table looks so great! Love the grapevine wreaths and I always love little nests.
    Many thanks for the chance to win.

  136. Robin Stephens :

    I would bring two things. I’d bring Tangier Island Corn Pudding. My momma always made this for special events. Pretty sure it dates back to the 70s. Best corn pudding ever. I’d also make Lavender Limeade, a newly found drink that is amazing. Steep for 15 minutes 1/4 cup edible lavender buds and the zest of two or three limes with 1 cup sugar and 2 cups boiling water. Cool. Strain, pressing buds/zest through a sieve. Add the juice 3-5 limes, depending on size and add to the cooled base. Add more water until you have the sweetness level you desire (2-4 cups). The light lavender color and amazing taste is incomparable! And, thanks for the chance to win!!

  137. I love your blog and I would love to be at your Southern table! I would bring my whiskey pecan bundt cake.

  138. I just started following your blog. I would bring homemade pie.

  139. Love the table, the China and the sweet tea! I would bring a big 4 layer Coconut Cake to enjoy out on the porch after dinner.

  140. I’ll bring a chocolate pie, yum. Love the dishes! Thanks so much!

  141. Jennifer Williams :

    I just love your personality. I would bring my world (ish) famous (sorta) faux Rumaki for an appetizer.

  142. Book sounds perfect and the more dishes the merrier!!

  143. If I came to your table…I would bring Slovakian roll-ups…it was my Grandma’s recipe that I’ve tweaked! 😉

  144. I would bring a rum cake, made from my German Oma’s family recipe that has been handed down for generations!! It is AMAZ-BALLS!!! 😉

  145. Lovely giveaway. I love the Taylor design. So hard to pick just one.

  146. Karianne, since I live in Georgia,I would bring lemon for our sweet tea. Maybe some chicken salad for those who don’t eat chicken and dumplings. Also think a fruit salad with whipped cream would be striking on those dishes. I would bring extra whipped cream for the pecan pie.

  147. Your table is so fresh and pretty. I especially love the grapevine wreath “chargers”.

  148. I would definitely bring Bourbon Slush. Contains all that is good, sweet tea, lemonade, orange juice, bourbon and a hint of mint. I’m not really a fan of bourbon, but when frozen and shaved into a pretty glass, this concoction is SO delicious! Also, I’ve been wanting to go all white with my dinnerware (inspired by you :0) so this would be the perfect start!

  149. Laura Sielbeck :

    I would bring strawberry butter for the biscuits!

  150. Sherry Fisher :

    Jalapeno Popper Casserole!

  151. Humming bird cake with thick frosting

  152. Always Mac n Cheese!!!!

  153. ….and also fried okra and black-eyed peas. Love your sense of humor as well as your decor ideas. I do have a few mismatched pieces of Mikasa (Goodwill) and would like to have more. ThANK YOU FOR SHARING!

  154. Blueberry cream cheese pie! Beautiful table, great blogger!

  155. So inspirational!! I’d bring my Mother’s Should Be Famous Blackberry Cobbler for dessert….and vanilla bean ice cream (that I’d confess I bought at Kroger).

  156. I would say that your table is probably the most beautiful, romantic, “Southern” with a capital S, gorgeous I’ve ever seen!!! I LOVE it!!! Thank you for the darling story and beautiful pictures. And by the way, I’m a “one-namer” with a “two-namer” heart!

  157. I’ll bring the sweet potato pie!
    Karen U

  158. What a talented writer you are. I’d bring my Grandma Helena’s rhubarb pie with French vanilla ice cream.

  159. Mary Diesner :

    Dear KariAnne,

    Such fun to read your blog each day. I would bring my Homemade Ziti in a beautiful white dish. I know, I’m so New York.

  160. The book sounds amazing and I am over due to have some of those “get lost in a book and don’t care what time it is” nights! I would have to bring some baked mac and cheese. YUM!

  161. Those pictures are beautiful. If I won I would be putting lots of dish photos up and trying my best to set that Southern table. Starting with biscuits.

  162. I’d bring macaroni salad that is my mother-in-law’s recipe.

  163. You made those dishes shine! What a gorgeous table. No one’s saying bless your heart here. Wink wink.

  164. Oh I am so in need of a new set of china and white would be my choice. I love Mikasa too. I would bring some cheese grits and a fresh spinach salad and a corn casserole. I have a two part southern name too. Jackie Lou(after both my mom and dad). I immediately ordered Dear Carolina and read in a couple of days after you mentioned it on your blog. I LOVED it and have recommended it to all my “readin” family and friends.

  165. I’d bring my family’s traditional dessert–lime Jell-O with cream cheese, pineapple, & crushed walnuts sprinkled on top. It’s at literally EVERY holiday meal & they just wouldn’t be the same without it!

  166. Lourdes Garcia Ambrosio :

    You continue to inspire me all the time! Every time I want to change something around the house and need a little inspiration, I immediately log on to your blog! I’m crazy about this set! So beautiful!

  167. VintageBeachgirl :

    I’d bring a scrumptious tart sweet lemon meringue pie piled high with a lightly browned fluffy top, it will look lovely on those white plates. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  168. Love the table setting and I would bring me, myself and I because it would be so much fun to be sitting there at that beautiful table!!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  169. I would bring vast quantities of diet coke. 🙂

  170. I love your blog, KariAnne! I have Mikasa china and love it. I would love to add this design because white goes with everything! I would bring another gallon of sweet tea (there is never enough) and pecan pie bars.

  171. Oh my…those little nests are just adorable! And I love the monogrammed linens. The whole affair is just stunning. Bravo, sweet KariAnne. I would love to sit at your table and bring some lemon amaretto scones drizzled with a bit of honey and confectioner’s sugar.

  172. I would bring a pie baked with fresh summer fruit .

  173. I will bring over Peach Sweet Tea made with the sweetest peaches in Ruston, La. And perhaps, a peach cobber for dessert!

  174. Just love the fresh green and white with those twig chargers! I would bring ambrosia…i cant remember a time when we have not had it at family get-togethers in the south! Thanks for a great post and giveaway.

  175. In middle Georgia here and these are so true 🙂 Love this post

  176. I would bring a pasta salad. Love the table setting!

  177. Love your name. My daughter is Nancy Ellen, but I am the only one who uses both names. We are from Philadelphia. I would bring a bowl of strawberries.

  178. Beautiful table setting! Now I’m hungry and craving pecan pie! My mom makes a really great one with a caramel topping that is to die for!

  179. i usually arrive with two dishes…..a huge, healthy green salad filled with fresh veggies and a most decadent dessert♥

  180. I’d bring corn bread and sorghum. Takes me back to my dad’s roots in Ohio.

  181. What a lovely table setting…bird’s nests are one of my favorite things to decorate with, too!
    The white dishes would be so cool…

  182. Beautiful table! Love those dishes!

  183. I love the BEAUTIFUL table setting a little country,milk glass classy and gorgeous with those lovely white dishes… I’ve perfected a great mac-n-cheese recipe and maybe some banana bread too!

  184. I love how pretty the bird’s nest sits perfectly in the bowl…and the “nest” charger…love…love…love…

  185. On behalf of the rest of the Thistlewood family, anyone bearing homemade food is welcome at our house at any time, no questions asked. Chick-Fil-A and Cracker Barrel are also accepted.

  186. I love your posts and would love to win the book and/or the dishes. I too am a southern girl.

  187. Beautiful dishes, beautiful table!

  188. I would bring my famous spicy meatballs

  189. I’ll bring the Southern Fried Chicken….Thanks so much!

  190. Kathy Schermerhorn :

    Yes mam, those are all proof positive that you set a southern table!

  191. Beautiful table! I’ll be right over for dinner.

  192. I chuckled and nodded my head in agreement as I read this. Being a southern belle myself I could totally relate. American by birth, southern by the grace of God!

  193. The two name thing made me smile. My Mississippi born and bred Mom came from a family of six kids and they ALL had double names (even the boys!)….except her. She was the baby. I guess they were plum worn out to come up with another name combo.

    I’m all about dessert so I’d bring something yummy.

  194. Terri Herman :

    Potato salad made with Duke’s mayo for sure!

  195. The use of the two-namer meant I was in some kind of trouble – Rebecca Lynn – usually followed by a stern, hand-on-hip, finger-wagging tongue lashing …or worse.

    I don’t know what the dish is actually called, but for me, no Southern style dish is truly complete without marinated cucumbers and onions. Some people add tomatoes too, but we never did.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such lovely dishes!

  196. I would bring sliced tomatoes, warm from the summer garden.

  197. I would bring banana pudding! From scratch!

  198. Love your beautiful summer tablescape! I would bring a crunchy green pea salad with cashews and bacon.
    Thank you!

  199. Anita Jackson :

    Dinner party? I would bring that jar of home preserved pickled zuchinni relish ~ pikalilli

  200. Anna Starner :

    Such a pretty nature inspired table. I have been assigned the baked beans for so many different gatherings so I believe you will enjoy them.

  201. I would bring a cheesecake!

  202. I would dearly love to have a set of dishes like that. I would bring pork roast with artichokes and cornbread.

  203. Love the tablescape! You can never go wrong with milk glass on a Southern table!!

  204. My signature dishes are a twice baked potato casserole and a strawberry trifle!

  205. Lisa Robinson :

    I would bring a hash brown casserole!

  206. I’d bring grilled asparagus and my appetite!

  207. Every…single…bit…of…that…is…me!!!

    P.S. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Beautiful tablescape, Kari Anne!!


  208. I have a to-die-for chocolate cheesecake recipe that I would bring. Thanks Mikasa for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed!

  209. Well, I might be a Yankee transplant who loves the South, and I giggled all the way through your blog. It sounds like many of the beautifully decorated dinner parties I’ve been to since moving here. Bless their hearts!!

    I sooooo enjoy your blog. Beautiful writing. Beautiful design. Thank you.

  210. Beautiful table! And very southern!!

  211. A plate of cookies

  212. Easy to do…great, fun post and on my to do list of things I do NOT need but really really WANT…to add some all white dishes to all of my generous collection. My Fiesta Colors make everything work together no matter what and some incredible WHITE would be the perfect FINISH to a lifetime of collecting dishes I don’t need but so enjoy using.

  213. I’d bring something fresh from the bakery!

  214. Melissa Richardson :

    I would bring a sweet potato casserole to add to the very Southern table!! Great food served on beautiful dishes!!

  215. Very creative table! Can’t wait to view the others.

  216. Oh I love the south! Use-to-be Alabama girl here!

  217. I would bring a fresh fruit tray with our family’s famous fruit dip. It is sweet and has pineapple, coconut and lime in it… SO good!

  218. Just love the way food looks on white dinnerware.

  219. I would bring truly Southern BBQ with homemade sauce (Mama’s recipe)!

  220. My Granny’s banana pudding!

  221. Patty Soriano :

    Oh, couldn’t I use a new set of dishes! The set I have is chipped and scratched, having been bought for my hope chest long before I was married 30 years ago. I’d bring a fresh corn salad made with tomatoes, green onions and bell peppers! All the dishes sound so yummy!

  222. Thank you, KariAnne, for the lovely posts every day, as well as a thank you to Mikasa. I’d like to bring you a delicious Ambrosia Salad.

  223. Such a pretty southern table. If I were a guest, I’d bring peach cobbler.

  224. KariAnne! What a stunning table! You have as always, done it again! I can’t wait to read the book. By the way, I just picked some collards out back and would be more than happy to make a nice mess of greens to add. Also, I think a gelatin would be appropriate. Just let me know when to bring it on by! Thanks, KarenLynette

  225. I would have bring a dessert, maybe a trifle of pound cake cubes, fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries and freshly whipped cream…. and of course served with some dark chocolate syrup on the side… yum!

  226. My dad was military, so we lived all over. But I’m a southern girl…. always will be!

    I would make my mother’s chicken and dumplings! They are delicious!!

    Awesome giveaway! Those dishes would look so great with a big ole’ serving of chicken and dumplings ladled onto them! 🙂

  227. Sharlene Piscitelli :

    I would bring a rice dish with broccoli and cheddar cheese.

  228. I would love to bring a layered lettuce salad! Beautiful table!!

  229. I would bring a fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil salad.

  230. Your table is just waiting for good company and food to arrive. White, classic and I love the nesting look. I’ll bring my Southern biscuits, which everyone loves. They are the best of the best!

  231. This is gorgeous. With the talent you have for making sweet tea and setting a beautiful table, you could totally make Chicken’n Dumplings if you set your mind to it!

    Hmmmm,..I’d bring my Triple Delicious Strawberry Pie. It actually won 1st prize at the Cass County Cooking Contest in 1992!

  232. What a beautiful table, and those dishes are gorgeous!

  233. I’m not from the south but the sweet tea sounds great right now.

  234. Banana pudding is what I would bring….these comments are making me hungry!

  235. KariAnne…wow what a fabulous dinner party and based on all of the comments I might need to invest in some stretch pants…seriously good food will be enjoyed! I think I would have to bring my sweet mamas banana pudding and homemade cheddar bread…they will both make you swoon!
    You nailed the perfect southern table… Takes me back to my childhood…thanks for that!
    Have a wonderful day and know that so many of us are thrilled when we read your lovely, funny blog! Bless your heart you are the best!

  236. Great giveaway-I would bring a nice southern dish of pimento cheese.

  237. This southern girl would bring carrot cake!!

  238. I must confess . . . I ‘m not a Southern girl . . . I just can’t do the sweet tea thing. But I would still love to come and I’ll bring a cold fresh corn and tomato salad.

  239. Debra Milam :

    I would bring my bread pudding made with French bread and warm bourbon sauce, or maybe Mama’s banana pudding, of course my Red Velvet cake is always a big hit. OK, I’ll bring all three.

  240. I would bring rhubarb crunch!

  241. The tabletop is gorgeous and I love a pretty table. It just makes the food and fellowship more fun. If I were coming to your dinner, I would most definitely have to bring my Mama Kelly’s homemade Caramel Cake. It would defnitely make you “slap yo Mama”! I too enjoy reading your blog – keep those posts coming.

  242. I couldn’t believe you didn’t include “using bird nests as placeholders” in one of your you-know-your-lace-setting-is-southern-when… Love your words and the dishes. I have some ALL-colors fiesta, but am pining over changing to an all white!

    • I’d bring a bottle of wine and a cooler of cold beer. Yes, that’s how we roll… And my name, although crammed together in one, technically, word, is pronounced like two: Jo Lyn

  243. Lana Mitchell :

    Having now lived in North Carolina for the past ten years I equate “Southern” with great hospitality , family and fun. I am right now infatuated with tomato pies, and would also bring a berry pie made with berries we picked ourselves from a local farmers patch. Pies just taste better when made from fruit you and yours picked.

  244. I would bring a salad topped with strawberries, blackberries, feta cheese and candied walnuts.

  245. My daughter is getting married in October and I keep telling her to register for white dinner plates because they never go out of style. Hope she listens to motherly advise.

  246. Deb McKathan :

    Just lovely! The dishes would fit very well into my southern home – yes ma’am, they would. Thank you for the opportunity and hope to see you again at Chapel Market!

  247. Thank you for reminding me how special it is to live in the south. Love the rustic with delicate white. Thank you for the inspiration to use our china and linens. Can’t wait to set the table and hopefully win…lol…

  248. Mary Stewart :

    I would bring Banana Pudding!

  249. Love some sweet tea!

  250. What a beautiful table setting! And those dishes are wonderful! Such a generous giveaway…keeping my fingers crossed! LOVE your blog and following you on Instagram!!!

  251. I love place setting, its so bright and cheerful.

  252. Bless your heart! I would bring pecan pie.

  253. Fran Gospodarek :

    The family prayer would be said.
    “Father we thank thee for this food,
    And all the blessings of the day.
    Help us to give our love and thanks,
    By being kind and good we pray. Amen.”

  254. Debbie adair :

    I so know the 2 name thing you can’t say mine without a southern tone to it deborah jean. I would bringyou banana pudding .

  255. Linda Southworth :

    I am coming to the party! Bringing my mom’s warm mashed potato salad. Looks like there will be plenty to eat!

  256. I would bring a strawberry jello salad and a bouquet of flowers for the hostess. Love your blog.

  257. I love your place settings, the nests are darling! I would bring a Key Lime Pie!

  258. LOL the Cracker Barrel!!! Your table is so beautiful & inviting!!! I am an Italian girl from the east coast but I think I have a touch of the south in me because I love pecan pie and like my hair big hair so I think I would fit right in!!! 🙂
    I would bring white lilacs to match your beautiful place settings!!! The book sounds great!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  259. Linda Carter :

    I would bring lemon ice box piiiie……

  260. Lynn in Florida :

    I would bring my Grandma’s Apricot Cake—sooo yummy!

  261. Hi Karianne ! Well going with gorgeous theme that I’ve never seen anywhere before, I would bring Bird’s nest sandwiches with Turkey, cream cheese, swiss cheese, cranberry sauce and alfalfa sprouts for the nest effect and Bird’s nest soup. 🙂

  262. KariAnne,
    What a nice cozy post. I love to read and the book sounds right up my alley! And dishes too! Winner winner chicken dinner!

  263. I would bring garlic cheese grits!!

  264. I would bring my Mamaw’s Jam Cake!

  265. Hey -I’m a Southern Georgia girl and love everything you write — and iit is so true! My name is Southern because it is my middle name, and nobody ever uses my first name/Linda. My aunt taught us early about a proper ‘table setting’ and wish she could have seen all your articles, she would have LICvED them. When we visited her we would always drive around and look at beautiful homes in Atlanta, and she would take us shopping for beautiful bedspreads, things for the home — and to this day — I love all things for the home and looking at yours — and everything you write – bless your heart!! Thamk you so much……

  266. Love the wreaths. Such a beautiful table! You knocked it out of the park…

  267. I will bring chicken and dressing.

  268. Kari Ann, you’re a Southern belle and then some. My morning isn’t complete until I read your blog. Thank you for sharing yourself. I feel like we’re sitting at the breakfast table together. Your table is so great. I collect milk glass too!! The white china with polka dots would complement my settings wonderfully and I plan to bring the corn bread casserole. Yummy!!!

  269. I’ll bring the tomato sandwiches with homemade mayo.

  270. Stunning! Beautiful! Inspirational! I’m moving to the south (after living my whole life in NY) this weekend! I can’t wait to use some of your ideas.

    • Oops! I forgot to tell you that I’d bring a big bowl of salad from organic garden I’ve planted in my dreams (and can’t wait to start next spring once I have my new yard!) and some Hawaiian ham sliders.

  271. Oh, Bless your heart, Miz karianne… doesn’t have to BE from the South, or LIVE in the South….to be “Suthun”….LOL Or to have a drawal…..this is a true story: many years ago when I was a young working mother, a salesman was calling on my boss and I needed to interrupt them for something. As I was turning to leave the room the salesman said to me, “what part of the South are you from?”. I was slightly taken back with that, and I slowly replied, “ummm….the South part of Kansas City….”. He burst out laughing and said, “No, really…where?”. My turn to laugh because I was born and bred in Kansas City, MO. And yes, it is pronounced Mizzuruh! From that day on I knew in my heart I was truly Southern!

  272. I would bring my homemade pickled watermelon rind. Love the beautiful place setting.

  273. I would bring some big ole cat head biscuits with molasses to go with. Or some fresh peach preserves.

  274. Michelle Turecek :

    I love the bird nests with the pretty dishes. Very pretty.

  275. Jennifer Essad :

    I’d bring along my Nana’s recipe for Peach Cobbler, this time of year the peaches are amazing – this is an awesome contest thank you!

  276. I’d bring a fork and an appetite! Thanks for another great post!

  277. Lemon tarts for all!

  278. I would bring Potatoe Salad and Cole Slaw. Yum. I would love the dinnerware and I do enjoy books that keep me reading until the end.

  279. I would bring something chocolate! MMMM… I love the dishes!! Thanks for the chance.

  280. How fun!! I’d bring cream puffs, stacked high and drizzled with chocolate!!’

  281. Homemade macaroni and cheese!

    Love your tablescape, Kari Ann!

  282. Oh My Word! Thanks for the delightful post, views of an absolutely gorgeous table setting and the opportunity to win a set of dishes I have dreamed of owning.

  283. Kristy’s book sounds like a really fun read…I’ll have to check it out! But oh m’gosh…what a breathtakingly beautiful table you have set here…I would’ve never thought to have added wreaths to the table, but I love how they set off the lovely white dishes! And, please forgive me, but I had to laugh when I saw the thistles on the table…I just spend the later part of the afternoon digging thistles out of my yard…there were enough there for a hundred such table settings! But you know what…I really do love the look of them and the uniqueness of them and since they are the namesake plant of your blog, that alone makes them special! I just dig how you think, girl! ~Susan Dawn~

  284. I will bring the homemade pimento cheese!

  285. Lizzi Galland :

    That table is awesome and being southern is so much fun! I’m in love with the wood limb chargers! Where did you find those??? So cute!

  286. Cathy mortensen :

    Love, love creamy white dishes! I’d bring fried okra. Everything tastes good deep fried, even okra.

  287. Thanks for the chance to win. Such a great gift! I would bring my homemade coleslaw, tastes like the one from Kentucky fried chicken.

  288. I would bring a big container of butter beans seasoned with pieces of ham… OK NOW I am starving…TY

  289. You know you are Southern when the entree is Gumbo

  290. I would bring scones with real clotted cream and put the jam on first as is only right. But only right in Devon or is it Cornwall but as I’m from Sussex it doesn’t matter . Now for all you not from the UK you will now have to google what I mean

  291. Love the look! I would bring a potato salad or a chocolate dessert!

  292. Well, since you already have the pecan pie covered, I’ll bring the Vidalia Onion Casserole.

  293. I’d bring bread pudding to the party.

  294. How about a healthy salad balanced out by yummy lemon bars…. I love any white dish with detailed edging! Thank you for the opportunity.

  295. Love this tablescape! I will bring my mother’s most requested Shoe peg corn salad.

  296. I would bring my mom’s Strawberry Pretzel!

  297. love, love, love the book. Hope she writes another. Best summer read yet.

  298. always enjoy a sweet glimpse into the traditions that make the South so, well, Southern! Beautiful table

  299. What a gorgeous table! I love all the natural elements. I would probably bring something sweet… Loved that book by the way!

  300. Peanut butter fudge, I’ll bring my peanut butter fudge to add to the desserts, everyone will love it!

  301. Mini biscuits with strawberries and cream

  302. I’d bring my grandmother’s “Corn Pudding”.


    I would bring my Mama’s pecan pie

  304. Hailing from “SOUTHERN” Minnesota, I would bring my often requested chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream. Loved your tablescape and storytelling.

  305. Courtney Cloe :

    I’d bring my chocolate sheet cake!

  306. Love this table setting. I can’t believe no one is bringing hash brown potato casserole so I’ll bring that!

  307. Tina Matteson :

    I would bring some hot rolls fresh from the oven!

  308. I would bring my corn bread casserole. The golden color would look beautiful on this table!

  309. I’ll bring the blackberry cobbler!

  310. I’ll go slow, as this is hard to follow.
    I am from the south. So. California.
    I live in the south. Florida.
    I’m marrid to a real southerner. He’s from Tennessee.
    I’m going to be moving back to Missouri………oops, that’s midwest. Dang!!!
    I need new white dishes………as we are retired and I desparately need a change! LOL

    I would bring my much loved Texas Cavier. Go figure. I’ve never lived in Texas!!!!
    🙂 Ter’e Lyn

  311. pretty! I think I might bring strawberry cream cheese bread, in honor of the strawberries. Or maybe grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream. Love the south!

  312. I would bring a homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting!

  313. Strawberry shortcake

  314. Strawberry Rhubarb “topping”. It’s a mixture of strawberries and rhubarb (obviously) that my grandma use to put on top of summer desserts like shortcake and ice cream. We also use to pour half and half in it and just eat it like that. Mmm…

  315. Of course you need banana pudding!

  316. Jane Hansen :

    You know it’s old south southern when your plate is full of fried food like fried fish, fried okra, and hush puppies. But I would probably bring strawberry cake.

  317. Nothing is as good as white china! and this is beautiful!
    Since everyone is bringing such delicious things, I would add my Aunt Estelle’s lime pickles, sliced ‘real’ tomatoes, pickled onions and cucumbers. and another Ice Box Cake…..the one on the ‘Famous Chocolate Cookie’ box. and enjoy all of it. With home made lemonade with sparking water. Reminds me of our country ‘Old Folks Singing and Dinner on the Grounds’….everyone’s best dish

  318. Love your tablescape and wonder how difficult your men would find eating their collard greens (which I’d be bringing) with those grapevine wreath chargers????????????

  319. Jocelyn Trimbach :

    For your beautiful table, I would add my delicious cherry pie with the sparkle sugar lattice top. The ruby red color of the cherries really stands out when plated on an elegant white dish. . . . Sweetness!

  320. liz piccione-volger :

    I would bring a peach cobbler and to add my own little italian “country” twist I would bring a caprese salad. That white china with polka dots from Mikasa is super sweet. I love it!!

  321. Nancy McCaslin :

    I would bring ambrosia salad to the party.

  322. Anne Marie Petralia :

    Kari Anne – I also read Dear Carolina & wish I could join your party. As you can see I have the required two names. When I lived at home, my father would say they had the wrong number if anyone called and asked for Anne instead of Anne Marie.

    I would bring strawberry shortcake (you can never have too many deserts). I’m sure it would be a great time. I would love to have the Mikasa dishes to compliment my tables. Wish you lived closer to New York.

  323. Oh Kari!

    LOVE this! the table is so inviting and warm…….If I was lucky enough to be invited I would bring wild mushroom lasagna………

  324. Deb Henderson :

    Why honey, I’d bring my sweet self!

    I’d sashay in, wearing my white cotton faille dress–the one with the fluttery skirt and the glorious pink roses and pink piping and tiny, apple green leaves. Mama’s pearl necklace–the one she gave me for my Sweet 16–looks so pretty with it and I’d wear my pearl earring studs Mama and Daddy gave me. Pink Pout lipstick and Passionate Pink on my nails and nude ballet flats would have me out the door in nothin’ flat.

    Oh, and I’d take a plateful of crinkle-top molasses cookies with a dustin’ of powdered sugar. Grannie and Mama would already have everything else!

  325. Reminds me of my grandmother – classic, timeless. She made a great banana cake.

  326. I would bring banana pudding. Love, love, love it but I haven’t fixed for quite a long time.

  327. Something sweet….chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting..yummy!

  328. I would bring a decadent creme brulee. Yum!

  329. Oh my, I was so enthralled with the place settings yesterday I failed to say what I would bring! I would bring Waldorf Salad and a stacked Refrigerator Cookie Cake made with chocolate cookies and homemade whipped cream.

  330. Kelly Minyard :

    LOVE IT! I would bring some yummy, cheesy Texas Hominy…. and maybe a pitcher of margaritas as well 😉

  331. I’m not much of a cook, though I love setting a table and planning a party, so I’d bring my corn, avacado and tomato salad. And just because your so sweet I’d spend a little more time in the kitchen and make a peach cobbler.

  332. I would bring my favorite, Strawberry Pretzel salad! So southern!

  333. I would bring my mother’s secret recipe blackberry cobbler.

  334. Deborah Wilkins :

    Love the tablescape, KariAnne! I would bring my “world famous” potato salad (wink, wink)! Love the wreath charger. So fresh! Enjoy your weekend!


  335. Such a lovely table – elegant yet inviting!

  336. In keeping with “southern” where is the pig? lol. I could bring it….A big old shoulder roast- cooked all day smothered in bbq sauce……with a side of cucumber and onion salad. Our southern table has several canning jars full of goodness— bread and butter pickles, pickled beets, corn relish. honey. Ok so now you have motivated me into having all the kids home for the weekend….

  337. I would bring shish k bobs with chicken and veggies on them plus some sweet corn from the Mitten state with fresh strawberry pie for dessert. Yum!

  338. Love to read blog from Southern Ladies and I would bring to the table skillet fried sweet corn, homemade muscadine jelly for those hot buttered biscuits , chocolate pie. Will be buying the book and thanks for the suggestion

  339. I would love to bring a casserole 🙂

  340. Fried chicken…Kentucky Fried Chicken, that is!

  341. I’m a Southern Mississippi girl who LOVES being from the South. I would probably bring a casserole or my famous potato salad and some sweet tea and a peach cobbler! Absolutely love your blog and all your wonderful stories. Your home is gorgeous too.

  342. Because it’s so blazing hot here in the Portland, Oregon, area I would bring a pasta salad to go with the sweet tea. Blessings, Karen

  343. I’m a little late to the party it seems. I know these two words don’t sound like they go together but I’d show up with cornbread SALAD. Google it ya’ll.

  344. Youre table is so lovely I would bring my glazed fruit salad It really would go down with that sweet tea YUM

    thanks for the giveaway please enter me

    Linda m

  345. I love white dishes! Oh who am I kidding? I love dishes period. Now after reading all this I’m SO hungry and it’s 9:30 p.m. 🙁
    I would make a hummingbird cake. You cannot have a southern party without a hummingbird cake!

  346. I would bring a flan!

  347. What a clever table setting – of course I would bring grits! Please enter me in the giveaway!

    Thanks so much for an awesome website!

  348. Amanda Tonar :

    I am not a baker, so I would bring a yummy cake from the bakery!

  349. I’d bring Aunt Fanny’s squash casserole.

  350. It seems like Loria Dinnerware should live in the house of A Lori, don’t you think??!! You made a beautiful table. I would bring Strawberry Pie!!

  351. I love being a sweet tea-loving southern girl! Love the southern garden them table! I love how the plants make it look so fresh and alive!

  352. Your table is lovely and inviting! I love dots! The dishes would be the foundation for beautiful tablescapes.
    If I were coming to dinner, from Michigan, I would bring a cherry or blueberry pie. Maybe some fresh caught lake perch lightly fried in coconut oil…..yum! And my 2 name tag would say Peggy Marie.

  353. I hit enter without leaving my comment!

    I would bring okra and black eyed peas!

    Love your sweet site!

  354. What a beautiful table you’ve set! Love the white dishes with natural greenery & vines; so fresh! I would bring slow cooked BBQ green beans to your dinner.

  355. Thank you for the giveaway, KariAnne. I would have to bring my mother in law’s world famous potato salad. It’s famous in our little corner of the world anyway. 🙂

  356. I am not much of a cook, but I make a mean vegetable plate (not the pre-packaged, store bought kind). I prefer to pick out my own veggies, wash, and slice.

  357. And the food is always blessed before you eat. Beautiful table.

  358. My name’s Kari Lynn! So nice to see someone spell the Kari part the same way! I would bring homemade mac-n-cheese.

  359. Beautiful table scape! Love the birds nest… that’s kinda my thing! I think anything would look good on this beautiful setting… but I do make a lovely quiche that would look great!

  360. When I meet someone with two names I always ask where they are from, knowing it’s the south! I would bring watermelon to take outside and eat on that cute swing you painted with ruffles!!

  361. i love the story here! The dishes are gorgeous, too!

  362. In my southern home our place settings never looked like this (lovely). And when we said bless your heart it was genuine…Only when you say it behind someone’s back is it said in that catty way. But we had a lot of cornbread! And biscuits. And red velvet cake. And big Southern Baptist churches…..

  363. I would bring homemade buttermilk biscuits!

  364. Since we are talking Southern, I think I would bring deviled eggs. And, I would sit at the placecard with the name KathyBeth…which is what my cousins, aunts and uncles used to call me.

  365. :

    I would bring French onion soup!

  366. I would bring Bourbon Slush, I hear it can be a tad bit humid in the south.

  367. Louisiana girl l would bring my mom’s and grandma’s buttermilk southern fried chicken and yee haw deviled eggs .

  368. Beth Schmidt :

    Texas here and I would bring watermelon and Coke-a-Cola cake. Two things that are truly southern.

  369. How elegant, and my apple pie would be so well received at this table

  370. How sweet of you to invite me! I would be happy to bring red potato salad with bacon and some banana pudding.

  371. Tonya Atkinson :

    I would bring my baked mac n’ cheese

  372. Deviled eggs!! Love the giveaway!

  373. Love the post and idea – hadn’t thought of ordering a takeout dinner from Cracker Barrel. Bless your heart indeed!

  374. My grandmother’s blackberry cobbler!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  375. My grandmother’s secret recipe fried chicken!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

    • OOPS!!! I’m sorry!!! When I entered the first entry it said duplicate entry, so I tried my other entry!!! Sorry!!

  376. I would bring hash brown casserole,chess squares(dishes I BEST HAVE at our family get-togethers) and sweet tea with lime wedges!!My new favorite drink , i learned from someone around here,LOL

  377. I would bring fried chicken, hush puppies , and shrimp and grits. Yum!

  378. Hi Kari Anne,
    This was a darling post, really enjoyed it, and the table is gorgeous. Great job! and how exciting for your friend
    to have published a book, that sounds awesome, and to have the great support of friends. That is just how it should
    be………but so often isn’t!! Those Mikasa white dinnerware takes my breathe away, as I love white dishes…….as
    does most of blogland I think!! lol

    Let’s see think I would make for a summer party?? I think a 24 hr. salad, some call it a 7 layer salad, because any
    time I have make it for any event there is never anything left!! or a jello type salad, called Strawberry Fluff, it is
    awesome and has the same affect on people……….lol

    Bessings, Nelllie

  379. Love the table! Probably one of the most unique and beautiful table settings I have seen. I’ll bring the pickled onions!


  380. From someone who spent every Sunday at her Granny’s house with 50 other relatives, I’d have my Granny’s fried chicken and home made biscuits, red velvet cake and Mississippi Mud pie. I miss her….love the dishes!

  381. Susan McCabe :

    Beautiful dishes…lovely table settings…gorgeous room. Sure would love to see my name on one of those place cards!! I love the warmth and humor of all your posts, KariAnne. It’s like getting a daily letter from your good friend–you know, the funny one.

  382. I would gladly bring blackberry cream cheese squares, delicious! They would also look great on a dessert dish! 🙂

  383. Cindy Wheatley Holland :

    Scalloped Potatoes… 🙂

  384. Julia Molewyk :

    Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful dishes. I would bring my fluffy sweet potatoes with orange flavor. I made them for the holidays last year and they were a hit. Beautiful table!

  385. What a great giveaway! Thanks! Macaroni and Cheese!

  386. I just love your table, it’s absolutely beautiful. I would bring fruit salad, the kind with little marshmallows 🙂

  387. Your table is simply stunning! I would bring Graham’s Tawny Port to go with the lovely desserts!

    Thank you for sharing at Brag About It link party (Monday’s at Midnight) on VMG206.
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  388. Stunning table! I’d love to bring mini cherry pies.

  389. I love the entire setting. In awe of how pretty it is. I’d bring lemon cheesecake.

  390. That is so true… and a pretty table setting too.