Yardstick Stool Project

Yardstick Stool Project


If you have read this blog for a while.  You know I adore, you.  Right?

I mean, you have really hung in there.  Through the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Toes and the exclamation point projects and the bless your heart pillows and the salamander escapade of 2012.

And when you look back at the archives of this blog, let’s be honest.

There is an occasional project or room reveal or paint job or piece of furniture being photographed in a field while eating fried chicken.

But on the whole….

…..there is a lot of randomness going on here.

Post after post of utter and complete randomness.

Where does it all come from?





This is where all the randomness that is….me….finds a home.

In my notebook.

In the kitchen in a drawer, I keep a notebook of things that I intend to blog about one day.  Blog post ideas and things that make me smile and projects I wish I were talented enough to make someday and observations that makes me wonder why.

And those ideas go in here.

In my notebook.

Because I discovered within two weeks of writing the blog that if I didn’t write them down, those fleeting thoughts became just that….fleeting.  So I started writing them down and now I have pages and pages and pages of ideas.



Pages of ideas like this yardstick stool.

Because when I found a bunch of yardsticks at a thrift store, yardstick ideas made the notebook.

I think I wrote them down on page 235.  Just kidding….you know I don’t have that many pages in my notebook.


It was page 228 🙂




And when I planned out the posts for this week, I knew I wanted to make a yardstick project.

I took several old yardsticks I found at a thrift store and a chippy old stool.



And cut the pieces of the yardstick to fit the top of the stool.

It was so easy.

You can use a simple saw and cut the pieces of the yardstick so that the seams are staggered on top.



Like this.

(Aren’t you always so relieved when I put those arrows into an otherwise vague tutorial).

I really love a good arrow project.


Elmer's Glue


And then after the pieces are exactly lined up, glue them down with this.

Let the stool dry overnight.



Here’s the finished stool in the upstairs bathroom.


Yardstick stool.

Project completed.

And I’ve crossed off another idea from the pages of the notebook.


Only 230 more bits of randomness to go 🙂


For more furniture projects….click here to check out out my furniture projects page.

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  1. Not only clever but very cute too!

  2. Love this lil chippy ol stool! The yardsticks just add such vintage charm! nicely done:))

  3. Anne Presley :

    Even without a notebook, ideas would be generating themselves – you a amazingly creative and the ideas never stop. Enjoy your day!

  4. Love your ideas! With you at Haven in spirit! You will shine…light up the room even! —gina

  5. Glad I am not the only one who has to write things down or they are gone. I have stick it notes sans the sticky stacked on my kitchen counter. Yep, that is where I jot thoughts down.

    See you at dinner!

  6. I have a notebook, too, and if I could just find it I might actually make something. Love the stool and hope you have a great time at Haven.

  7. If you see a tall girl with red sunglasses and a huge black floppy hat standing on the street, it might be my spirit…. Just nod and keep walking.

    Tweet me, baby.

  8. Ah, yes — the notebook!! I know it well (at least the Heidiopia version!). Thank goodness for notebooks. 🙂
    Love the project and can’t wait to see you tomorrow at Haven!! If I’m a nervous wreck, please forgive me!!
    xo Heidi

  9. That is adorable, Karianne! I love the red chippiness of the stool, too. I’ve seen yardsticks at some of the antique marts. I did buy one ~ to use as a yardstick. I know. How predictable! I couldn’t find my old one after we moved. I’m sure it was under $1.00, so this would make for an inexpensive project.

  10. Too flipping cute! Love it.

  11. I’ve been saving yardsticks for a project since I started blogging. So of course I love your bathroom stool. Ewww. You know what I mean.


  12. Your clever gene is much healthier than mine. I have millions (perhaps only thousands) of ideas for posts, I even start to write them in my head but I never write them down, hence they never get written. A notebook – didn’t occur to me, thank you 🙂
    The stool, as everything always is over here, even the gosh darn chicken, is adorable.
    Safe and fun travels!

  13. Two weeks? You get two weeks?? Within two minutes of a brilliant thought, it is gone. Two seconds, if someone is talking to me! 🙂
    Randomness is part of your charm. That, and we have it in common. 😀

  14. I have french yardsticks from my Paris trip but haven’t been able to cut them up…yet…we’ll see! I have a notebook too! Clever girl that I am, I carry it with me everywhere…it’s just that I lost it recently and OMG….I had been adding things into it for YEARS…..I am devastated….I mean really devastated……I’m too old to think of ideas now. I started a new one and I still have to carry it because inspiration hits everywhere but this one fits inside my purse…….sigh.
    Glad you still have yours so we can see what’s going on inside that pretty head.
    Blessings, Lorraine

  15. All the better to measure you with, my dear. Love this, KariAnne.♥

    Have fun. We’ll all be waiting to here about your adventure.

  16. A notebook? really? wow I feel so lame because I used to keep notebooks for everything but now… umm I’m embarrassed to say not so much! OH the shame…. doom, despair, agony on me, if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all! Sorry, flash back to my childhood. Okay, and who can tell me what that is from? Have a truly delightful time at Haven!! Are you going next year? Are you flying or driving? I am saving my pennies so hopefully I can make next year’s trip…. we shall see! OH I am just so excited for you!!!!

    And do you want to hear something crazy??? Yardsticks sell for $3 to $5 around here and they NEVER make it to the thrift store!! Okay I’ve seen a couple but they were still close to the $5 mark. Really folks? $5…. for yardsticks you were given for FREE! Okay rant over…

    have a great day! and a truly wonderful time at Haven! and I’m going to follow your lead and start back with my notebooking! now back to my homemade frappe and a little embroidery for Lily’s new pillow….

  17. You have given me an idea with your notebook . My posts have be getting farther and farther apart , I just can’t seem to think of anything to blog about , maybe if I jot my ideas down as they come to me I will be able to blog about them when the time comes , I need a small notebook to keep in my pocket otherwise by the time I get to the notebook I will have forgotten the idea. Love your little stool !

  18. look at this and your creative self! love this cute stool! just yesterday, i picked up a picture frame…made with rulers! i didn’t make it, but, its still cute:)

  19. have fun at haven!!

  20. this is sooo great!! And loving that exit sign sitting on top!!!

  21. The notebook is a really good idea, actually. My thoughts tend to fleet too. 🙁 And it goes without saying – but fantastic job on the stool!

  22. Have a great time! Can’t wait to hear and see what you learn!

  23. Love the randomnes! Keep it coming C:

  24. I have that same little stool just sitting and waiting for a makeover 🙂 Have a wonderful time at Haven!!

  25. Firstly, love the cauuute stool! Going to need to file that in my inspiration notebook=) Secondly, how I wish I was going to haven, so I could meet you! I suppose it wouldn’t be very motherly of me to leave my 3 month old baby, though. Perhaps next year?? I look foward to getting the low down about Haven!

  26. Bliss’s potty humor just made me laugh. I so so am dying to find yardsticks at the thrift store. But, alas, nothing. Nada. So my yardstick dreams remain on page 387 …



    Have fun at Haven!

  27. Love the simplicity of thsi project and it turned out great!

  28. It really turned out cute! Were the yardsticks old? Or were they new, and you distressed them??? I’ve found on pinterest where women make new things look old, and thought perhaps you had heard about that too. Just curious. I really like your stool!

  29. I love that project! It turned out so cute. Looks perfect in the bathroom. I don’t have any yardsticks in my possesion, so I’m out of luck with this project uness I start collecting them. I like the old ones that you used. Looking forward to meeting you later today!

  30. That is SO darn cute! I have been on the hunt for old yardsticks, to no avail. Your project turned out great! I was gonna say that your stool looks so cute, but then I thought about Bliss’s comment, and changed it! That girl is FUNNY!!

    See you tonight!! Can’t wait! 🙂


  31. My yardstick coffee table would like to meet your yardstick bathroom stool for a date and possible long term relationship. He mentioned it to me this morning while he was holding my coffee cup, my computer, and lamenting the large (and apparently heavy) stack of unread magazines that he’s holding for “when I have time”. He’s a good guy but hasn’t found anyone who could measure up to his rather lengthy standards, that is until today. Apparently he was spying on me while I read your post. I’ve moved into my office to type this. Let me know if she’s interested. After Haven, of course. I should warn you that he now views your Pinterest board as the yardstick equivalent of “match.com”. You should probably rename your board “match-stick.com” or something a little more catchy because, let’s face it, yardsticks aren’t the sharpest tool in the closet…just sayin’. Don’t worry, my coffee table doesn’t get out much so I’m sure that he’ll still be available when you get back. Have a glorious time! xo, Kimberly

  32. Gee Singh Newbanks :

    I have been wanting to do a yardstick project for such a long time. Now I am def going to.
    Too cute stool.
    Sitting here giggling. Every time I read you blog post I giggle. I want to just lay aside what I am doing and walk across the street and meet you. But alas, the street is only in my head. So, I just giggle.

  33. What a great idea..my mind is sometimes blank…

  34. Yardsticks, sniff, snivel, I love them. But you can’t find one anywhere around here come hell or high water! I guess folks realize that if they have one, they covet it like gold. There is one that we use at the store where I work. It helps us old hens turn the electric power bars on and off, and there is a notch cut in at one end that we use to reach high things off shelves etc. It saves us hauling out the step stool, it’s our lazy tool. I love seeing all the things made from them, and I dream of finding one. One day. I swear I would not be able to cut it up. But rather lean it casually against the fireplace for all to see, that I have a yardstick. Rare and precious. Patty/BC

  35. Well, this is just too stinkin’ cute! I love yardstick art. projects, etc.! Adorable! It looks perfect in your bathroom!

  36. Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  37. Your blog has become one of my absolute favorites. This idea is soo clever. I had to add it to my idea notebook (pinterest) can’t wait to see what’s on your next page 🙂

  38. Whew, I was about to make fun of your 235 page notebook but since you clarified that it’s only 228 pages, I can no longer guffaw since that is the perfect notebook page amount (haven’t you heard)?!

    Love yardsticks – they are slowing building as I hit thrift shops and estate sales so that one day I too can create a fabulous yard sale stool or table or bench or mirror or …

    now look what you’ve started!

    ps – take good care of Flat Kelly at Haven – don’t let her take one of those bus tours to find the Real Housewives of Atl!

  39. I just LOVE this project! That little stool is so perfect for the bathroom 🙂

  40. I wish I had become a blogger BEFORE I got rid of the 75 old yardsticks I had in the shed of my last house…

  41. oh my girl!!! I think we are twins! I have an overflowing notebook as well & it even included a yardstick stool (Ha!) but you beat me to it – I’m only on page 198! hmmmm now on to page 299 with another idea for those yardsticks I’ve been collecting! I’m so glad I get to ogle yours – your post cracked me up – thank you – exactly what i needed! xo as usual

  42. Number 1: your photos are awesome! What do you use to edit them? They always look amazing. Number 2: That’s a great idea about the notebook, because I never plan posts ahead of time, and I know I should. Number 3: The stool looks great, of course! 🙂 Have a great time at the conference.

  43. Love your stool!!!
    I have a couple of yardsticks but not enough to do anything with yet, I am keeping my eye out, but they are as rare as hen’s teeth here!

  44. I adore you and every word your write!! I love this project almost as much as I love your blog. This is the cutest darn thing. I love anything with yardsticks and I am so stealing this idea.

    The notebook is genius! I used to put everything in my phone, I would have memos for my memos, then completely forget about them, because I can’t see them, unless I go the ap, scroll down it, etc. I think I have a spare notebook around here, tonight it is getting written in!

    Thanks as always for sharing.

  45. That is the cutest stool project! I just get up every day and wing it on my blog.

  46. Um yeah, so I heart it!
    XO Becca

  47. I love your project, Karianne! I’ve been saving yardsticks for quite awhile for a future project, too! And if I didn’t write my ideas in a notebook or pin them to Pinterest…I’d never remember anything lol!

  48. I’ve been dying to do a yardstick project, too! And I LOVE your stool – it’s awesome. Not sure what page the yardstick idea is on in my little black book of ideas, but like you, I figured out pretty quick how fleeting ideas can become if I don’t write them down! Hhhh, blogging minds think alike! Have fun at Haven 🙂

  49. Love this! How adorable 🙂

    Have fun at Haven!!

  50. I love this stool! the pics are gorgeous too. Maybe i should keep a notebook, I might get more done lol. Have fun at Haven. I cant wait to hear all about it.

  51. This is just as clever as it can be… bracelet?? hummm hugs ~lynne~

  52. It looks so cute and I just knew that the arrows would be making an appearance as I scrolled down 🙂

  53. I love it! I have a bunch of old yardsticks. Right now they are displayed in a large glass container but i have plans to someday do something fun with them like this. I pinned this – hope that was ok!

  54. Ok I read Yardstick school project instead of stool project and I was wondering why the hell you were doing a school progject but than I read the post and relised it was about a stool project which makes more sense the a school project although any parent of school aged kids have done school projects at some point because that is what a parent does…………I am sure I wasn’t the only one to do my kids school projects………………..lol Ok back to your yardstick stool I like it a lot……………….

  55. I love a good arrow project too! Especially those super cool RED arrow projects 😉
    Love your stool….oooohhhh!!! That didn’t sound too pleasant did it?? HaHa….Must be the sizzling hot weather, melting my brain cells! Seriously, this is a super cute DIY! You have awesome thrift stores in your area….yardsticks????? Wow, thrift stores here just usually sell ashtrays, 80’s stereo components and really sad looking 90’s dried flower arrangements! Hope you have tons and tons of fun at Haven and I hope you remembered to bring your notebook!! Hugs, Heather 🙂

  56. I’ve seen a couple of yardstick projects but this the first time I’ve seen a yardstick stool. Very cute and clever. Brilliant actually!

  57. I just can’t keep up with all your cleverness! This is just an adorable idea, along with all those other wonderful ideas on Pinterest. Have fun at Haven!

  58. The stool is too cute! I love it! I also keep a notebook of streaming ideas and sketches just like that! Awesome!
    It was great meeting you at Haven!
    Robyn @Everyday a la Mode

  59. Love this, and the way you have it all styled up with your other goodies! I have a question for you about your grout! We are thinking of using similar tiles in our bathroom remodel but I don’t want to use white grout. I was thinking more along the lines of a light gray. Lo and behold, that looks like what you have done, too. Am I right?

    I am not a twitterer, but I am going to go check it out so I can follow you at this conference! Have a great time!

  60. This is precious. Have fun this @ Haven!

  61. I have often thought I putting my ideas down on paper.I will randomly think of an idea.But I just forget to write it down and I forget about it.
    Cute stool idea!

  62. Darling stool!!! Writing all those great ideas down is a great idea! I have trouble even remembering where my purse is these days!

  63. LIke you, the yardstick stool is beyond adorable. Cheers for randomness!!

  64. Your yardstick stool is so charming 🙂 Now you’ve got me thinking about what I can attach some yardsticks to! And your blog notebook is a great idea – most of the time I can’t remember why I walked into a room, nevermind what I want to write about on my blog!

  65. That yardstick stool “RULES” !!!!….Cannot tell you how much I love that bathroom…and I finally got my organizer/notebook filled with Martha Stewart lovelies….now just have to transfer the hundreds of sticky notes I have all over the house!….

  66. Oh this is adorable!!

  67. Very clever!!!