Why Everyone Needs a Hand-Drawn Turkey and How to Make a Gold Duck Tape Wreath

Why Everyone Needs a Hand-Drawn Turkey and How to Make a Gold Duck Tape Wreath

I was compensated by Duck Brand Products for this post. But all opinions and statements are completely my own.

duck tape wreath diy

There is a box in our attic full of treasures….

….worth more to me than the finest exhibition on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Stacks of tiny dishes that closely resembles plates painted a brilliant shade of bright pink with initials carved into them.

There are butterflies made out of paper plates and baby food jars full of confetti and a santa with moveable arms and caterpillars painted from thumb prints and a popsicle log cabin.

Masterpieces each and every one.

art project with duck tape

I remember when they were first made.

How the tiny artists burst through the door with bright eyes brimming over with enthusiasm proudly displaying what they had created at school.

Waving and jumping and dancing and pointing out how they traced their hands on a piece of construction paper….

….and turned it into a turkey.

create art project

It didn’t matter to either of us that the turkey’s feathers were five completely different sizes with one single red feather and missing googly eyes that had fallen off in the backpack.

Because the magic was simply in the creating.

In making something all their own.  Something that was absolutely perfect.

Just the way it was.

creating art

And then one day….

….they took the art class away.

Oh…they told us that the teachers would still have art in the class.

And I know they tried.

I understand.


I get it.

But you see…the teachers were busy teaching reading and writing and this strange new way to do math and filling out mounds of paperwork and trying to make sure no one stood on the chairs in the classroom.

And somehow the hand print turkeys with one red feather and a missing googly eye got lost in the shuffle.

create art

We adjusted and at school we concentrated on reading and writing and remembering that 6 x 8 really is 48 and making sure we didn’t stand on any chairs.

And we created at home.

No one was going to stop us from making art from the most random of things.

Like a chalkboard menu and painted notebooks and tape dispensers ready to party like it was 1999….

…and a gold wreath made from Duck Tape.

PS Arts 2014 - Don Diamont, Mark Feuerstein, Cindy Ambuehl, Rob Riggle

But what about the others?

What about the kids who don’t have a mom who writes a blog and happens to have a master’s degree in Pinterest and loves a blank canvas better than chocolate brownies?

Who would be their voice?

Who would speak up for them and find a way to bring art back to the classroom?

I’m honored to be part of the movement to bring back art education for every one.  So proud to be part of PS Arts 2014 and an ambassador for Duck Tape Brand.  This incredible event was founded to bring awareness to art education and to enrich and improve the lives of children through art education.

This event helps to remind the artist in all of us….that creating is everything.

That it’s music to the soul and life and hope to those in challenging circumstances.

And that sometimes art is found….

….in the simple joy of a hand-drawn turkey. 🙂

And now….here’s an easy Thanksgiving project for the artist in all of us.

duck tape wreath

How to Make a Gold Duck Tape Wreath


gold Duck Tape

wood wreath form

duck tape project

  diy duck tape wreath

cut out leaves

wreath diy

duck tape wreath diy how to

duck tape wreath diy

When you are done it hang it on the back of a chair and add a decorative name tag for Thanksgiving dinner.



And the perfect project to compliment your hand-drawn turkey. 🙂


PS  A giant shout out to Cindy Ambuehl and Duck Brands for reminding all of us the importance of art and creating.

PPS  Around here one of the artists truly thinks she’s the one in charge.

Here’s a few behind-the-scenes pictures I happened to snap when the artists thought I wasn’t watching.

Priceless. 🙂

create art

sisters creating

sisters diy project

the look

  I was compensated by Duck Brand Products for this post.  But all opinions and statements are completely my own.

how to make a gold duck tape wreath diy

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  1. Regena Fickes. :

    The apples do not fall far from the tree, do they? They are beautiful, just like their Mom. Have a little of her spirit, don,t they? Thank you for the post.

  2. KariAnne,
    Your twins are adorable and so,sweet looking! I love gold, oh how I love silver and gold, this is right up my alley!

  3. Your daughters and their art are adorable! Great use of duct tape…can’t believe it now comes in gold? My kids all had art class, and I always thought it was important…I still have boxes of their art too! (And my kids, are all grown and gone!) 😉

  4. Cute project and most especially your girls:) I have pottery pieces that my daughter made in grade school- bet they don’t do that anymore:( I cherish them!

  5. Beautiful project and even more beautiful girls!

  6. I just laughed so hard when I saw those 3 funny pictures at the end!!! Adorable girls! Loved the gold wreath, too, and your pictures and story will make it “stick” in my mind!!!

  7. perfection! nothing makes me happier then when my kids want to go to the craft room to create a masterpiece. Their most creative works of art are most most treasured pieces!

  8. oh my gosh, I giggled thru all your photos, and looked at them over and over! They are “a chip off the old block” oh! And love the duct tape wreath!

  9. Love this post, I too have that box in the attic and still things hanging on the walls and in use for over 20 years that my kids made! Our school system still has a full time art teacher and an amazing art-room where kids can go to for open art during their recess time. The creations are fabulous! I recently opened a studio/vintage/home decor shop and we are having classes twice a week for kids and adults. The response has been wonderful. Thanks for encouraging creativity, through duct-tape. I may use this craft in one of my classes!

  10. Way back when I was in school, junior and senior high, Art was actually a class, just like English, math, history. It was an elective, as was music or choir, but still a part of the curriculum. It was as necessary as all the other classes we signed up to take. The world she is a-changing for sure.

  11. Your girls are beautiful, and they look just like you!

    Love the wreath….

  12. My daughter’s school decided the kid’s art teacher could be sent elsewhere since the are only required to have Art one semester. My 1st grade daughter came home and told me that and my heart sank. My world is all about creativity, designing and making. My favorite teachers growing up were all my Art teachers. From then on (for the past 2 months) I go in and volunteer in my daughter’s class and teacher Art. The kids are so fun and they love making projects. I know once the Art teacher comes back in January, I will be devastated. It will be sad to give it up and I will probably ask my daughter’s teacher to volunteer for other classroom activities to fill the void. 🙂 P.S. Your girls are beautiful! Love the gold wreath, so simple and elegant!

  13. We need to do this in our home daycare. Thanks, and looks like you have the happiest kids 😉

  14. How is it that they find funds for other things and not art?? Being creative is just as important as the reading and the math. How is it that I went to a little brick schoolhouse — 3 grades per room. We had art and music and we all learned how to read and do math. Most of us went on to higher education. Your daughters are adorable and as I’ve said before the acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Those art projects in the attic are priceless.

  15. Hey! The second guy in the P.S. Arts pic is the guy from Royal Pains!! (I know, because that is our current binge-watching show on Netflix . . . ahem . . .)

    Very cool movement! I need to do some research on that – maybe it’s something the library can help with!

    Cutest artist awards go to your girls, though! Love the pics!

  16. Love the project and what beautiful girls! Your photos are so sweet! Have a great week.

  17. KariAnne, you did it again! Made me laugh and cry at the same time! I’ve got the box of magic art in the attic and now must bring it down and dress the tree. Your girls are adorable and I can see the same twinkle in their eyes that you have! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  18. A lovely treat for Thanksgiving and your girls are just beautiful and full of your personality!

  19. Love that you are part of PS Arts 2014. Our elementary school happens to have a rockin’ art teacher (but now that my son is in middle school, and is in band, he can’t also take art class–boo!!!!!). I believe that music and art are SO important to the educational process.

    Gold duct-tape wreath–only you could come up with that! You are so fun and creative.

  20. The wreath is so cute and simple (which I love) but your daughters are adorable! What a great cause PS Arts serves! And Cindy has such a nice site too!

  21. What a lovely post and so, so, sadly true…Art can/should/could be done everyday in the classroom to give an enlightening understanding to ALL of the subjects. Your duck tape project looks fabulous and fun to do. Thanks.

  22. It is sad they have taken the spice out of schools. Well rounded kids need art in some form. So glad there are people like you who share so much. Thank the girls for their beautiful thanksgiving gift. Now I’m off to find some gold duck tape!

  23. Art, music, phys Ed, recess….so sad that they are becoming things of the past. My generation had all of those and we still learned math, science, reading, and foreign language. Like you, I get it. My kids did not have music, or phys Ed after rhe early grades. I am like you…I was able to provide music Ed, art, art history. I was always told…well, you will make sure that your kids will get this stuff. And I always thought, and said, but what about the families that cannot afford markers, paper, art supplies, etc. Often teachers buy things out of their own pocketbooks to furnish an activity. I do not have the answers. Wish I did.

  24. As a former elementary teacher, I know how much Art means to the students–and as a retiree, I am one who finds Art music to the soul, . My grandchildren are still blessed to still have Art in their curriculum, and I am blessed when they say, “Nana, can we come over? We want to make something.” I love your blog, and I applaud your efforts!

  25. What a wonderful post KariAnne, those artists happen to look an awful lot like their mama 🙂
    Yay for keeping art alive and going, xoxo


  26. Your daughters are precious and very pretty too. I didn’t realize how blessed my grandchildren have been to still have art and music in school. What a shame that school systems don’t get the funds they need. Our priorities have changed for the worse.

  27. Bravo, Kari Anne! My schools still have art and my boys love it. I couldn’t imagine a school without art or music. And even though I am a reading teacher I try to let them create as much as humanly possible.

  28. A sweet and pretty piece of art by beautiful girls. Wish more schools would realized the importance of the arts for our children. Luckily the charter school my daughter attends was founded on this belief.

  29. That’s such a great, any age, craft. LOVE IT! It’s so sad that many of the things that make us unique aren’t part of the school system. My son had an opportunity to take a fly fishing class. You should have heard the sarcastic comments about his education and side remarks about his “grueling” schedule. You know what? He has built several rods from start finish. It’s a skill and an art, and HE LOVES IT! There is more to our children than the once a year tests they give. They are unique and wonderfully made gifts each with their own bends and need a chance to express that from math to art and lots in between.

  30. Tears and smiles, here! Your girls are just beautiful! And they can create beauty too!!! What a combo! JUST like their Mother! XO

  31. So sad to hear that some areas of the Country are dropping what they think are the unimportant “arts.” Happily, some parents are able to provide art at home, & even better, are strong enough to “fight” for it being returned to their school curriculum in some way. Kudos to you for being one so involved!
    I have long had some of our kids’ art in frames on the walls as constant reminders of our sweet memories! I LOVE the duck tape wreath … it has both a child-like quality & a kind of sweet sophistication! I might take supplies to Austin so the g-kids can do these w/me ~ I’ll need eight! (And I’m really liking the return “popularity” of gold accessories!)
    Your girls are “mirror-image” beauties … & well on their way to being as talented as their Mom, I bet!

  32. …Kari Anne, I love the wreath your girls made… It’s really beautiful….
    Your girls are gorgeous…
    Hugs and Blessings…. Barb xxx

  33. It’s amazing what you can do with duck tape! Love the gold wreaths and your daughters are adorable! Art is so important and it’s such a great feeling to see others appreciate and be inspired by it.

  34. Very clever and pretty, and your girls look just like you. But I have to tell you, it’s not “duck” tape…it’s DUCT tape! ;o)

  35. What a lovely story. I really like the thought that you have a master’s degree in Pinterest. I really love the wreaths, they are beautiful. I can’t wait until my granddaughters are old enough to do some fun arts and crafts like this with them!

  36. Hi KariAnne. Greetings from Nashville! I am new here but I have to tell you how much I love your blog. You are so talented and adorable as are your girls. — Sabine

  37. Wow! Beautiful young ladies, just like their Mama and talented like her too!
    Thank you for sharing! This would be such a fun project for the holiday breaks
    from school!