Who Left the Lights On?

Who Left the Lights On?



This is the laundry room at Thistlewood Farms.

The center of our home.

Someone is always running in and running out and leaving muddy tennis shoes or beach towels or stinky socks….

…and leaving the lights on.


If I had a dime for every time I turned this light off….I could buy a small island in the South Pacific.

Not any more.

The lights can turn themselves off now.


All because of this.

The Lutron Occupancy Sensor Switch.

You can install it and adjust the settings and when you enter the room…..the lights automatically go ON.

And when you leave (after a pre-set time of 1 minute to 15 minutes)….the lights automatically go OFF.

This sensor works with all light bulbs, including incandescent lights, halogen and fluorescent bulbs.


It works like a charm.

I know.

After Lutron sent us a few to try out….we installed it….and then enlisted our personal testers.

They walked in and giggled….watched the lights turn on…..then walked out and giggled and watched the lights turn off.

Over and over and over again.

Here’s a quick video of how we installed the Lutron Occupancy Sensor Switch in the laundry room.

We turned off the power to the room and the light switch at the circuit breaker.

Next we disconnected the old light switch from the wall.

Then we connected the ground wires.

(if you don’t have a ground wire present….be sure and contact a licensed electrician).

Next we connected the power wires ….one black wire on the Lutron to a black wire in the box and then the other black wire on the Lutron to a white wire in the box (please note….sometimes the other power wire in the box might be another color than white).

Twist all wire connections tightly with yellow caps that come in the package.

For installation instructions from Lutron please check out these PDF files and as always….

…..if you have any questions about the installation make sure you contact a licensed electrician.


Lastly, we attached the plate cover.

When we finished it looked like this.

Here’s where we enlisted the help of our testers.

Here’s a video I filmed of the actual testing with the cutest hand raisers on the planet.

You have to see the amazing reaction when the lights come on. πŸ™‚

Giveaway and Coupon Code

And now for some fun!

Lutron is also giving away two of the occupancy sensors with dimmers to two lucky Thistlewood Farms readers!

You can enter the giveaway through Rafflecopter below.

There’s also a coupon code available for

25% off Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensor dimmers and switches on LutronStore.com PLUS one free Claro single-gang wall plate

Β ($4.90 suggested list price)Β with each qualifying item.


Promo Code



Code expiration date

Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS Β The giveaway is in collaboration with my awesome friend Jessica from Four Generations One Roof so be sure to jump over and checkout her Lutron Sensor Switch installation.

I can’t wait to see her video!

disclosure: Β I was compensated by Lutron for this post….however…..all opinions on the occupancy sensors are completely my own. Β 

For more information…please check out my disclosure policy….here

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  1. I absolutely love your laundry room. I remember your before post. I’m so impressed. Mine is a small room off by itsel so I forget to even decorate it. What color paint did you use?
    Your children. So well trained. How did you do it?? They are happy to do laundry. They even smile in the laundry room. You are a no. 1 parent!!!
    Oh I like your labels. Junk. Junk. Stuff. Odds and ends. Makes sense to me!

  2. I’m the one guilty of this in my home. In fact, as I’m writing this, I see I left the hall light on. Oops!

  3. Lights on lights off! how great is that! My vote is for the laundry room also….the only room you walk into with your hands Always full!


  4. So much better than having to do the “clap clap”. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Linda Andersen :

      My husband!!! Every time he comes in or goes out through the laundry room, he leaves the light on!!! He’s worse than a kid…really !!!!

  5. Thank you for your sweet girls and your handy husband and your heart that is you and the things you teach about making a home. All combined, it is blessings to all of us that read!

  6. I’d love to install one in my pantry because everyone leaves the lights on in there. Maybe my husbands closet too, cuz I think he’s way worse than the kids! πŸ™‚

  7. These things are genius. I’m the guilty one in our house for not only the laundry room but the garage too! Why didn’t I think of that before? Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Perfect solution to a common problem!

  9. Bethany Paterson :

    My Mud Room needs this! Love your laundry room!

  10. This is an amazing amazing idea, my ten year old is forever leaving lights on

  11. I could look at your laundry room all day long. It is so pretty. Wow, what a great idea. Not to mention the fact that hauling a load of laundry in or out usually means no free hands for a light switch.

  12. What a great idea. We could all use those. xo Laura

  13. Beautiful room. Ingenious switch. And those are most definitely the most cutest hand raisers EVER!!! Cute video! Made me smile! πŸ˜€ (P.S. I am sure I am much older than you, but will you be my mom too? πŸ˜‰

  14. What a great idea. I like it in the laundry room, but really I’d use it for the basement light – someone in our house is always leaving it on when they come back upstairs (and to protect the guilty, he shall remain nameless) πŸ™‚
    I love your laundry room – so chic.

  15. I agree, Nancy! I could be HER mom, but I still want her to be MY mom. Lots of laughs and smiles in that house!

  16. I need a case of these! One for the master closet, the garage, the attic, the laundry room, the kitchen…… My husband is the culprit in our home.

  17. Hall Bathroom, no one seems to remember to turn it off!

  18. Sheryll & Critters. :

    You have two very beautiful girls to help you test. Sounds like a good thing to have this sensor.

  19. Love this! I sound like my parents always asking who left the lights on in the office. Because you know, the dark bedroom on the other side is so spooky and we must live in a haunted house. Nope. No ghost would ever live in this clutter is what I always say. Love this solution!

  20. My husband is the guilty one in my family = I would install this in the bathroom although he is guilty of leaving lights on in every room!!

  21. My husband would say we need one in every room of the house. I think they eventually grow out of it, when they have to pay the electricity bill. Alaina

  22. What a great idea. I’m usually the guilty one in our house. My husband is always turning out lights behind me! By the way, I love your laundry room!

  23. My pantry NEEDS this!! – and will get one whether I win it or buy it! My little grandsons love to go in and out for *snacks*. Soooo needed. Great product! Cute demonstrators of how it works. πŸ™‚

  24. I need these everywhere. My husband leaves the basement light on every single day. I don’t even say anything anymore, I just turn it off as I walk by. My oldest son has two lights he leaves on every night. Maybe it’s the y chromosome?

  25. I leave the kitchen light on all the time.

  26. I put a motion sensor light in my laundry room in my house in Georgia about 7 years ago. I thought I was the most brilliant person on the planet for doing that! I’m trying to think what room in my current house this would go in….probably the stairway to my basement since our hands are always full coming and going into that area.

  27. Ter'e Crow Lindsay :

    Just like shopping in the frozen food section of Publix!!! I would install mine in the office. For sure.

  28. Oh my laundry room, too, and my bathroom bc the boys can turn on the light but amazing they think the switch only goes up, not down. Cool products!!! Thx for the giveaway!

  29. I need this for my kitchen. I leave the pendant lights over the island and the recessed pot lights on since I’m in and out of the area a lot. Sometimes I end up in another area of the house or upstairs for extended amounts of time and the lights are still on! Might save on the electric bill. hanks for the opportunity to win one.

  30. I love your laundry room… and the video with your very impressive product testers! I can see how the sensor could be useful since I am usually the one guilty of “leaving every light in the house on”.

  31. I love this, it is genius! My 20 year old son has his bedroom in the basement. He is ALWAYS coming in the house through the garage and ALWAYS leaves the light on in the entryway. It drives me crazy!

  32. I could use one of these in my daughter’s closet. Her bedroom is on the 2nd floor and the closet is the only room I can’t tell if the light has been left on from the bottom of the stairs.

  33. My husband leaves the light on in the bathroom a LOT! I’d love to win the light switch.

  34. I must admit…I am the culprit who leaves the lights on all over the house. I’m running from room to room all day long and figure I’ll be right back, but then get distracted somewhere else. Husband comes home…and I get the electric bill lecture once again. These look like they’d be great! The first place I’d put one is the basement. Laundry and craft area are down there and I am usually walking in with my hands full so it would be really beneficial there. Thanks for the videos!

  35. The husband is worse than the kids a lot of times. But he loves technology so something like this would be right up his alley (and mine)! It would definitely be interesting to see if there would be any impact on the electric bill.

  36. I could use these in every room, but if I had to pick it would be the basement.

  37. If my laundry room looked like yours, I wouldn’t care if they left the light on. But alas, it is on my to-do list so I could totally use this product. Also thought it would work in the. Entryway when I have to let the dogs out at 4am.

  38. great idea…great idea…great idea!

  39. That is so cool! Love to have one in my kitchen.

  40. First, I love your laundry room, it is my dream room now. Second, I knew they were twins before I heard you say that! They are too cute! I have the best of both worlds, boy/girl twins that are 13, here we go middle school. Third, you make me laugh every single day when I read your blog. You are really funny, smart, talented, and a joy to read. Thank you for your blog. Love it!

  41. Tina Matteson :

    This is a great idea. We have occupancy sensors in our kids’ bathroom and walk-in closet, cause we had the same problem!! I love your laundry room, too.

  42. This is so cool! I could really use one in the pantry. My husband always forgets to turn it off!!! Although I do know when he’s been sneaking for snacks! ~~Angela

  43. Laundry room-beautiful!

  44. My mudroom needs one!

  45. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, Virginia :

    I love your laundry room!! I’d be in it doing laundry all the time. Nah. But I do love it (:

  46. Just between you and me, I ‘m the culprit…
    I need one in every room of my house!

  47. My walk in closet has it’s light left on all the time! If it would go off all by itself, I’d be over the moon!!!

  48. Our pantry needs one of these! Thanks so much for a chance to win.

  49. What a great idea! I would put one in my son’s bathroom. I’m forever having to turn off that light! And maybe our playroom too. Your testers were adorable!

  50. I so need one of these – my kids forever leave the lights on

  51. My {NOT SO LITTLE} kiddos…21,18 & 14 do..and their daddy! Oh YES, we could use one or ten! HA..thanks for the giveaway! Blessings!

  52. Perfect!!!! Works for husbands too!!!!

  53. I need them all over the house. The hubs is Mr. Green everywhere else. I mean the man saves every plastic tray, extra napkins he gets at the fast food shacks but then comes home and flips lights on everywhere…evidently he wants it to remain light as day throughout the house at night too! I was always taught that if you weren’t in a room you needed to turn off the light and fan…he must have missed that day at school….

  54. They had these lights in my dorm at college. Geneous! I never thought about putting them in the home, but they sure would make my husband happy because I leave a lot of lights on! I just hate turning them off… it’s so permanent! πŸ™‚

  55. I love this idea thanks for the chance.

  56. That is a great idea! Loved the video…your daughters are so cute! And, I got to hear your voice…cool! πŸ˜‰

  57. What a genius idea! My teenage boys are notorious for leaving the lights on in their bedroom. It would be great to install one of these in their room. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  58. Cathy Johnson :

    My wonderful husband leaves the lights on in our house. I would love to win one of these so I would put it in the bathroom. My wonderful husband would love it also!!!!

  59. I am always surprised more people don’t use these. They cost a little more than regular switches, but the savings…!!!???!!! Oh, my.

    I am rebuilding my house (alone) and have these everywhere. Bathrooms, laundry, shower, garage, attic, crawlspace, closets, hallways, front & back porch lights, mudroom, and will have them out on my barn, too. Solar. I considered pressure switches in some rooms like closets, but realized DH left those doors open so the lights would continue to be on. Motion it is!

    When I moved into this house, I had a husband who thought he lived in a Christmas-lit-up Cathederal. It was crazy. What I didn’t know is installing these switches would drop my AVERAGED power bill by $35.00 a month. A MONTH. And he had light everywhere he went. No more whining about attackers in the dark. (We have dogs, for God’s sake!)

    I put a bowl of water on my bathroom counter. My cats jump up there to drink. This triggers the light. This is a fantastic way to have irregular lighting on and off when I’m away. My laundry room is also triggers the same way, and my dogs trigger the mudroom and back side light going in and out.

    I don’t know why commercial buildings don’t put them in their bathrooms. I worked in downtown Washington, DC at a law firm that did and it saved them $1000s over the course of the year. You can set the timers on them so you aren’t always waving your hands in the air while crawling around on the floor looking for .. the other shoe or something.

    Excellent giveaway and excellent energy savings recommendation. One of my most enthusiastic recommendations, too!

  60. Well, I don’t have 2 beauriful twin girls that leave he light on in my laundry room…In fact NOBODY goes IN my laundry room but me (and my beautiful blonded haired daughter) When she and my gorgeousgrandgirls come for a visist..and she always turns the light off..( I taught her well)…However, I yes…….. ME……. amy….. always leaves the light on in out Master Bathroom…..I Know….I should know better πŸ™‚ So yes I sure could use one of those mind reading light switches….not for my laundry room, but for my bathroom…You sure do have the cutest hand waving girls I have ever seen……They look like their beauriful Mama…..with the gorgeous laundry room….Love it!!!!!

  61. Your girls are adorable and little mini-me’s of you! I would have loved to have this like of light switch in my home when my daughter was leaving all the lights on. She was here recently for a visit for a week. She still leaves the lights on and she is 23!

  62. I don’t have any young children, but I do have an old husband who can’t seem to figure out how to turn off a light or put a toilet seat down. I could sure use one (or ten) of these!

  63. I love this idea! I have several rooms I could use that in. We have a light in a hall closet where we keep the vacuum that gets left on all the time (I wonder who does that?!) I could really use it in there because once the door is shut, you don’t notice it’s been left on!

  64. Man, could I dig these…especially since I could install them myself!

  65. Tracey Weaver :

    My son always forgets to turn the lights off in his bedroom!

  66. The kitchen! More for the lights on aspect since we have to walk through the kitchen in the dark to get to the switch and then walk back through the kitchen in the dark once we’ve remembered to turn the lights off. I know, it’s weird!

  67. I would love to have a sensor in the bathroom!

  68. I have six kids, and they are ALL guilty!! I would love to install one in our family room.

  69. colleen from Alabama :

    The bathroom. Didn’t even hesitate. Lights. are. never. off. It’s killin me. This would be a fine and dandy fix for that little problem. Thanks for the idea!

  70. The bathroom!!!! I think sometimes my kids just walk by and flip the switch just so I will have to turn the blasted thing off!!!! Growing up we constantly heard “turn off the lights..”… And I now realize…I have become my mother…lol..thank you for the giveaway and as always, your home is beautiful.

  71. And I’ve been bribing my light-turner-on-er with iTunes cards to turn them off. This solution seems much easier. And cheaper …

    πŸ™‚ Linda

  72. Karianne,
    Adorable twin girls – how lucky!

  73. What a great idea… can’t wait to try these in our home. Hope the (presumably) extra cost will pay for itself. Now if I could just find something like that for the water hose when the hubby forgets and leaves it on!!! =)

  74. Love this cute little laundry room! I am the one that sometimes leaves the lights on in our house….


    Seriously, it’s pretty awesome. Love the idea of the light switches. We have them at our work office so I don’t know why it never occured to me to put them in our house. DOH!

    Would be great since “someone” (and I won’t mention names but there are only 2 people in my house and it’s not me) leaves every light on, in every room they pass through in the house.

  76. Thanks for the opportunity to win these. Love your laundry room.

  77. Great giveaway ! I love your laundry room except where is the ‘doo hickey’ box?????

  78. I am the guilty one in my household. I would love one of these in my closet!

  79. So awesome. My laundry to is Grand Central Station too. Definitely showing my husband this post. πŸ™‚

  80. This cutest dang laundry room ever! I love the black and white accents – OKAY – I need this for my laundry room too. I am the guilty party though – I get my hands so full, I can’t turn off the light switch when I leave so……that’s why I need these! I would also use in my pantry. I love these.

    thanks for sharing your cool new toys!


  81. What a fabulous product! My three boys leave the lights on in our downstairs family room. I would love a sensored switch! I always notice the light is on after my boys are in bed, this switch would save me the hassle of having to turn the light off before I go to bed each night! I’m sure I’d have help with testing too. I envision a pack of boys, from all over the neighborhood, gathered downstairs to check it out. Instead of giggling there would be lots of knuckles, high-fives and excited declarations of “cool”!

  82. Wow. This would be so awesome for my “light leaving on” family! πŸ™‚

  83. I’ve decided that my children are allergic to turning off their bedroom and bathroom light! These look like a super idea. And I’m seriously in love with your laundry room. If I were you, I’d keep the
    light on and the door open just to see it!

  84. My kids always, always, always are leaving lights on. And my husband’s not much better. Would love to put one in our downstairs bathroom – probably the most frequently used room in the house!

  85. Excellent instructions! This is also a great security feature and would be very useful for elderly and small children. Thanks for sharing!

  86. My husband, followed by grandchildren are all guilty of this in my house. I would like to install in all baths and kitchen!

  87. These little things are fabulous and guess who’s hand is raised for leaving the lights on…you guessed it…ME! lol!!!!
    sending hugs my friend and I was laughing because you always seem to go to the post right before the post that features you all the time : ) LOL!!!!! hope you are having a wonderful day!

  88. dianne anderson :

    How great it would be to have The Lutron Occupancy Sensor Switch in my long hallway!

  89. Hey, Miz karianne! How adorable! That’s an all-inclusive adorable, by the way. Absolutely love the laundry room. And you SOUND every bit as cute as your twins LOOK! When are you going to show off more than your sailor-man’s hands? Sigh, I’m needing this light sensor. Actually, I could use two or three. My husband is the world’s worst at leaving the lights on! I’m pretty good about turning them off…..usually. It’s really hard to “nag” him about leaving them on if I do it, too….lol…so I try harder than he does! Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. My kids bathroom for sure!

  91. That is soooo funny~!~ In our house, my husband is the one who ALWAYS leaves the lights on & he works at Home Depot so I coerced him into buying those sensors to save us money (and same me following around after him)!! Now if they only made a device that closes all the kitchen cabinet doors!!!!

  92. It would have to be a toss-up between the laundry room and the bathroom at our house. My hubby is of the belief, “Why turn it off, when you’re going to be going back in there soon?” Ugh! We could sure use a couple of these bad boys!!!!! πŸ™‚ BTW ~ Your girls are adorable πŸ™‚

  93. I bet my boys would love for me to install one of the motion sensor lights. The are forever leaving the lights on in the basement. I think I may install one without telling them just to see their reaction.
    Your girls are adorable and boy do you have them trained well.
    I have to say I’m a bit jealous of your laundry room. Mine is the size of a postage stamp and probably my least favorite room in our house.
    Great instructions. Thanks for sharing.

  94. Stacey Iadevito :

    Sadly who doesn’t leave the light on πŸ™‚ We are really bad about it.

  95. I NEED this! I have a son who has high functioning autism. One of his “quirks” is to leave lights on in any room he has been in. This would be such a big help, as I wouldn’t have to constantly remind/instruct my son about turning off lights. I’d love to win so that we could see how it works for us. Thanks for your recommendation and to your daughters for their testing!

  96. Oh I can giggle and laugh now.. that was me a few years ago. The culprit the boys.. the place, the bathroom! I grumbled, I begged… but a 2 year old and a 7 year old just didn’t grasp the idea of a power bill. So the Mr installed one of these censor switches. Luved it!!
    Now I need one for my youngest’s bedroom. The boy can fall asleep with the light and TV on every night.
    Hugs, Gee

  97. Should I admit that I m ones that leaves the lights on the most?? Nah…I will blame my hubby.

  98. I need one for my laundry room and bathroom!

  99. I think EVERYONE in my house leaves the lights on…just depends on what room you’re talking about !

  100. my boys always leave lights on…husband and son! and when our son in law visits…him too! seriously guys, what’s up with that?

  101. They have these in the bathrooms at my mom’s assisted living residence, really a Godsend for the elderly or disabled. I would love to put one in my basement!

  102. I love this product. I need these for my whole house. Guys just don’t know how to turn a light off.

  103. Great idea and solution. I adore your laundry room it is such a beautiful place to do a task that we just have to do everyday. I think it is important to have a pleasing place to work and take care of this task. Wouldn’t mind winning one!


  104. I’d love to add one of these to my laundry or powder room πŸ™‚

  105. my husband would love this for me. i am the light ” leaver-oner” in my house.

  106. I’m the only one guilty of leaving lights on in this house and it’s usually the basement laundry room… out of sight, out of mind…… LOL!

  107. Would love to have one of these!!! I believe I will go out this weekend and look for them!! Great give-away!!

  108. Definitely my kids so either of their bedrooms would be great!

  109. This is fantastic! I live with all men- hubby and two sons, and all leave lights on everywhere they go. Sometimes I feel like all I do is follow them around (unintentionally, of course) and turn off the lights in their wake. First place would have to be the master bedroom’s closet. Can’t even count the times I’ve walked into the connecting bathroom, and it’s been on since my husband left for work-hours earlier.

  110. These are awesome! I’d want to put one in every room in the house! I would start with my kids rooms, since I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who steps foot into the laundry room ;P

  111. How adorable! You have a lovely family!

  112. now that song “who let the dogs out” is playing in my head…get it? who left the lights on? oh well…
    i’d love to win the sensor as my dear husband is always fussing about all the lights being left on…he says we keep alabama power in business! bless his heart!

  113. My children leave the lights on in the bathroom all of the time, so I’d love to have one there.

  114. Sheila Miller :

    I would love the sensor in my laundry room and while we are at it, how about in the bathroom?

  115. If there’s a fix..you’ll find it..great idea

  116. This is a great idea and I’d love to win! Your girls are cutie patooties…

  117. Okay, I’ll just describe what I was doing and saying as I read this posting BEFORE I saw there was a drawing for a prize… “Oh, wooow!” πŸ™‚ Love it!

  118. I love this! Could use it in my kitchen.

  119. We put Lutron throughout our house, but I didn’t see these! I wish I had these for the light by the garage door and the back hallway and the foyer. My daughter is pretty good at turning the lights on, but terrible about turning them off behind her.

  120. It would be much easier to tell you which rooms I wouldn’t put them in! We have a power bill here that could use some “thinning” so I think I’d install them in the kids’ bathroom and the upstairs hallway! Ingenious. I knew such a thing existed for commercial use, but I’m lovin’ this!

  121. Can I come live with you? I’ll just live in your Laundry Room, thank you! Fabulous! Your twins are the best! I used to have a sensor in my laundry room when I lived in another house. I LOVED it! I would say I’m fairly guilty of leaving my kitchen light on too much. I think one of these sensors in every room would be great and great for our environment! They’re kind of like the sensors in Kroger that light up the section of food you’re looking at, and then, turn off when no one is looking!

  122. Been wanting to try these out!! What a great concept!

  123. My daughter has got to be one of the worst offenders of “leaving the lights on” in the nation! This girls NEVER turns off a light, except for maybe the light in her room when she goes to bed! I have looked at other brands of these as well as the thing you just attached to the light itself, but haven’t found anything that has had great reviews. I NEED ONE OF THESE!

  124. My husband leaves lights on. He had a stroke and has some brain damage.

  125. I am afraid it is me who is guilty at our home. I like lights on and tend to leave them on when I’m out of the room. I also love little ambiance lamps all over the house. It drives my husband crazy–but I love light…

  126. Husband and grandkids leave lights on at our house. Not Me…my dad was a stickler concerning turning off lights and I guess it rubbed off on me.

  127. I could use one of these in EVERY room of our home. The light-leaving-on culprit around here is the HUBBY!
    You are so right, you do have the cutest hand-raisers around!

    Norma Jean

  128. KariAnne, the installation seems easy enough….thank you for sharing. I’m excited to check out this product in detail and see what else they have available! Yes, your twins are adorable!!! xoxoxo

  129. I’m the quilts one who leaves the light on. I would have the Lutron sensor installed in the kitchen the most used room in the house. Thanks!

  130. Wow! What a great idea! My kids are grown but my husband leaves lights on. I think one in our closet would be great!

  131. Ahhhsome product AND the most wonderful product testers on the planet!! THNX for sharing!

  132. Oh man, I leave the lights on. And my husband. But me mostly πŸ™‚ In the garage, after I’ve done the laundry, and my arms are full, and I mean to go back and turn them off…but I forget. I’m usually being productive when I leave them on though, in my defense.

  133. when we remodeled four years ago, I had my husband install and automatic light in the utility, because he never shut the lights off. it definitely has it flaws and will turn on when the dog walks in. I would love trying this version to see if I have better results. anything would be an improvement over running a light for 10 hours with no one home!

  134. Laundry room too. Switch is difficult to reach and so gets left on. Motion sensor control would be perfect.


  135. I need one for the garage, the bathroom, the front door entry area , the main hallway at the back of the house etc. In short, I need a brunch of them!

  136. how clever!

  137. The kids always leave their bedroom lights on.

  138. Totally COOL! I have a few lights that get consistently left on as well!
    Karen U

  139. Def. the laundry room! …..and it is usually my husband that is guilty. Would love to be the winner!

  140. Magic! I bet your sailor is thinking he found himself a super bonus, what with you getting all these tools and electronics and stuff. Maybe until he has to install it…

  141. my son does pretty good except for his bedroom, definatly need one in his room

  142. my kids…always leave on the bathroom lights and gameroom! I am guilty of leaving lights on for ambiance, like lamps and such and my hubs goes around turning them all off!

  143. With five little tornadoes roaming the house…every room needs one of these in my home! πŸ™‚


  144. I am the one getting scolded for leaving the lights on around here- in the kitchen and hallway mostly. Have gotten better with aforementioned scolding from hubby but would love a fancy light switch to help me out!! πŸ™‚

  145. Brilliant idea!!

  146. sadly, i leave the lights on.. but in my defense, the light switch to the bathrooms are behind where the doors open and no window (in the main floor anyways) and so you have to go in, close the door, then turn on the light.. so i leave the light on so my almost 4 year old can go to the bathroom herself.. i figured the electric bill is worth not having to drop what i’m doing for every pee and hand washing break.. esp since i have an 18month old too!

  147. This is awesome. I’m always telling my family to turn the lights off! They don’t listen!

  148. Great idea!

  149. The hardest thing to do is is to remember NOT to touch them. You can set them as long as 20 minutes, I think, but if someone turns it on ON. I didn’t find bedrooms, the den, family room or kitchen smart, since I hold still. I got tired of waving my arms to turn the lights back on. Everywhere else in this house? THE best investment (other than our solar water system and solar panels) EVER.

  150. Kendra Cameron :

    I must admit that I am the one who leaves the lights on! Can’t even blame it on the kids. I think I would put a sensor switch in my laundry room. Every night when I head to bed, I find that light on!

  151. Definitely the kitchen!

  152. Garage and hallway – I wonder whether pets would trigger the sensor!!

  153. My husband and son. I am constantly turning off lights.

  154. I would have it installed in the bathroom

  155. Fun! Toys for adults, right?

    Laundry room and hall bathroom, I think.

  156. My boys are always leaving lights on…so I’d love to have one in both the kitchen and the bath. Thank you!

  157. Great idea…a bathroom fan timer would be good too. Silly story… Our local middle school installed motion activated lights in classrooms,including the gym. Great idea until the 8th Grade Graduation dance. The lights wouldn’t turn off because surprise, the 150 students couldn’t hold still. Not a good thing for the DJ & light show. Luckily a handy man dad zipped over to school & fixed the problem so the Party could go on & on.

  158. It’s me.. Always.. But thus would be SO Cool in my laundry room!

  159. Curly, my almost 3yo, likes to go from room to room turning on ALL the lights. Fun times here!

  160. What a wonderful idea! Would love to have this for my kitchen.

  161. VERY, VERY COOL. Seriously. I need one of these for my BASEMENT. We go in the basement so seldom that when we DO leave a light on, it could be left on for DAYS. Ugh.

    70 degrees at 11am on August 16? I’ll take it! πŸ˜‰

  162. Oh man. Your girls are so precious it hurts me. Our roommate leaves lights on AND cabinet doors open. Can’t. Handle. It. I would love it if our main living spaces had the sensors! πŸ™‚

  163. This is my all time favorite of your “cutest ever” posts…love those girls!!!!…Great giveaway Kari and I can use one of those in every room as my hubby leaves the lights on all around the house…seriously!!!..

  164. This is a great idea! I am the guilty one leaving lights on in my office or shop area!

  165. I am constantly cutting lights off in our home!

  166. My husband is the culprit at our house!

  167. The stairway to my basement! We all try really hard to turn lights off when we leave a room, but somehow the basement stairway light seems to get left on a lot.

    Your girls are beautiful!

    And I love the laundry room.

  168. I love your laundry room! πŸ™‚ The “guilty” one in our house is my husband; the light in his office is always on but seems like he’s never in there at the time!

  169. I confess… it’s me that leaves the lights on! I have every intention of going right back to that room but I often find something in the other room that captures my attention. It’s usually my sewing room light that is left on. Now if only they had one of these magic switches to turn off the tv or radio I left on in the room too!

  170. No more yelling at the kids to turn the lights off in the bathroom!

  171. Karianne! This is just the greatest invention ever for the inside of the home! Hmmm……I can think of several rooms to use this switch in. I’m guilty of leaving lights on all the time! My whole life I’ve been getting yelled at for leaving lights on. This is just the best post ever because we got to hear your voice and your daughters are darling! Your hubby did a great job explaining how to install the light switch.

  172. Holy crow, your girls are ADORABLE.

    Annie XO

  173. Would love to win this giveaway. I really need one in my laundry room too.

  174. MY three girls are CONSTANTLY leaving the light on in our entry closet. Just the other day I told my husband (whom this bothers much more than it bothers me) that I was going to look into a motion sensor for that room so he could stop fussing about it. This would work perfectly. Now, if only I could figure out how to make the doors close by themselves πŸ™‚

  175. Both my husband and kids leave lights on and it is one of my biggest pet peeves! Energy wasters! πŸ™‚

  176. That is such a cool giveaway!! I love this!

  177. We ALL leave the lights on, ok, maybe not the dogs but I bet they would it they could reach the light switch! Especially in the laundry room!

  178. I could use this in my oldest sons room!! He falls asleep with the lights on EVERY night!!

  179. That is an excellent little gizmo! I must put one in my husband’s office, where the light is ALWAYS on, “in case he goes back in there”.

  180. I have to agree with putting it in the laundry room. It’s high traffic in there and the light gets left on….a lot!

  181. I am probably as guilty as anyone about leaving the lights on in the house when I shouldn’t.

  182. Equal Opportunity Offenders in our house! We are all pretty bad about leaving the hallway lights on.

  183. Whaaaat? That’s amazing! I want one! Your girls are adorable too πŸ˜‰
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  184. I could use one of these in my garage. I’m always leaving that light on.

  185. I have to confess it is me that walks out and forgets to turn the light off and then notice that there is light peeping from under the door. What a fab invention. Hugs Julz