Where Have All the Don Drapers Gone?

Where Have All the Don Drapers Gone?


If you are an avid reader of this blog, you know I wake-up my house every morning.

But did I mention that I talk to my flowers?

It is such a one-sided conversation, but so totally enjoyable.  I do all the talking and they do all the listening.

Currently we are having an in-depth discussion on the latest season of Mad Men…..

                              …..and (please don’t be a hater)…..how I am a little disappointed.

Disappointed in the new season.



I mean we had been waiting….the peonies and I. 

Waiting with great anticipation for the next season to start. 

Patiently waiting for March 25 and Don Draper.

You see we have been a fans from almost the very beginning.  Along with the roses and the hydrangeas and the clematis and the azaleas.  We were fans of Mad Men before all the hype and Newsweek covers and Today Show antics and bobble head dolls.

We adore Don Draper and Joan and Pete and Betty and Roger Sterling.  Don was our hero, back when he used to be married to Betty and was living a life of amorous intrigue in the midst of a haze of cigarette smoke and 9 o’clock in the morning Gin and Tonics.



Don used to be so romantically cynical and world-weary, but yet always showed up to work looking like he was ready to take on Madison Avenue.

And now?

This season?

What has happened to Don?

Where is the Don Draper we knew and loved?



Now…..this season Don is being meekly ordered around in his newly starched shirts by his new wife as she calls the shots while oddly singing “Zou Bisou Bisou.” 

A hen-pecked ad-executive.


Is this what Mad Men is coming to?

This is not the Don we know and love.

And we miss him.


And why is Pete suddenly running the agency?

And Peggy Olsen is telling off Roger Sterling?

And why is Joan divorcing from that adorable doctor war hero of hers?

It’s like they have all lost their minds.


Are we the only ones who yearn for the Mad Men of several seasons ago?


So, I think we are moving on…..my flowers and I.

And I think they are fine with it.

They were more interested in “The Victory Garden” anyway 🙂

PS  Don’t tell the flowers….but I’m going to start weeding with my toes 🙂

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  1. Well, I do not know where have all the Don Drapers have gone…I will look in my hydrangea bushes…maybe he is hiding there…totally embarrassed by the new season…hiding from disappointed fans…:(

    I see hostas and other lovelies?…I am assuming you do not have those pesky flower eating, hosta loving deer…….Maybe if I talked to my flowers like you, I could tell them to say bad things to them so they wouldn’t eat them…

    Now I am looking forward to the new season of Revenge…now that’s a show you can wrap your toes around!!!

    • OH be still my beating heart!! I just recently learned about revenge…. no T.V. you see… okay we have a TV but don’t have cable, or satellite or even an antenna (we could have any one of those services but we got so used to not having it when we lived in Alaska where the only option was a 4 FOOT satellite dish which would have cost $1200 plus $100 a month for service… so now no real TV… just Hulu) I spent two days watching the ENTIRE season since I couldn’t do anything but sit with my foot propped anyway… and then I’ve had to wait until now……

      Never seen Mad Men. But your peonies are making me weak in the knees… 🙂

  2. I only talk to my laundry and I don’t say nice things about it or the people who put it in the laundry room. I also think there is a show for you on HGTV…. The Toe Weeder. Why not they have everything else!


  3. Yeah, Don is not the same man this season. He’s gone AWOL. I think things will heat up though. I loved it when Lane gave Pete a beating on last night’s episode.
    Your flowers are just gorgeous. Maybe I should try talking to mine.
    Have a great day.

  4. well my friend — i do not know much about flowers — i believe yours are gorgeous!!!!! i was kind of born with a black thumb but talking — well talking i know a lot about so maybe i should give it a go! don’t worry — don will be back — i know it — i feel it!!!! things are mixing up because it is approaching a new era…but one thing — i am glad joan dumped her war vets butt — do you remember what he did to her? i never understood why she married him any way! lol!!!! one thing though — don always looks like don! i thought it was funny — john was on john stewart and and said that it won’t go into the 70’s because there is NO WAY he will wear a leisure suit!!! found that so funny! hugs…

  5. I don’t know where Don has gone, but I see a garden I love! Your Hostas and Azaleas are gorgeous. Mine are long gone, maybe with Don! Okay, we have the same rabbit! You know what they say, “great minds…” I had better go check maybe my rabbit hooped to Kentucky! Your garden is lovely! XO, Betssy

  6. I don’t know where Don has gone, but I see a garden I love! Your Hostas and Azaleas are gorgeous. Mine are long gone, maybe with Don! Okay, we have the same rabbit! You know what they say, “great minds…” I had better go check maybe my rabbit hooped to Kentucky! Your garden is lovely! XO, Betsy

  7. Hopped to Kentucky! Not hooped! Yikes, I’m no typist!

  8. Never watched “Mad Men” so I can’t really comment.

    But yes, we all understand how depressing it is, when a fav show, changes…. -pout-

    “(Children) still believe in God, the family, angels, devils, witches, goblins, logic, clarity, punctuation, and other such obsolete stuff…. When a book is boring, they yawn openly.”
    ~Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1978

  9. Totally agree about Don. He has become a touch boring. I have a feeling he will slip up on Megan in the future, so hopefully the story line will get jucier for him. I thought it might get better last week when he ran into one of his old flings and then there was that bizarre dream that he had. It will be too difficult for him to play the good boy role for too long. Don needs to be Don! I am also looking forward to having Betty back, and maybe Joan will have an affair with Lane and they can raise Roger’s baby together. And Pete, I am not sure he is much good in the bad boy role. It’s just too weird! Anyway, hopefully it will get better and you and the flowers can enjoy dishing about Don and the gang once more!

  10. How jealous I am of your beautiful garden. Up here in the chilly north, we barely have buds on the trees, and certainly no Peonies! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Wow…your garden is loving you BACK! I never got into Mad Men even though I worked on Madison Avenue in advertising twenty years ago…I watched it once but too late in the game to figure out the players. Your blog is beautiful.

  12. Dear Don Draper:

    You are now a boring has been. Your young wife is just young and not in any way a trophy…

    Dear Joan:

    You should have never married that jerk Doctor anyway…not after what he did to you in Don’s office on your first date. What a creep!

    Dear Pete:

    You are wet dish rag.

    Dear Thistle’s peonies:

    You are stunningly beautiful… Someday the likes of you will grace my yard.

  13. First off, your flowers are fabulous! You must have quite the green thumb or should I say tongue! ha ha Now, on to serious business. Don Draper, ahhh…
    He is still dreamy no matter what he does although I agree with you about it being a little weird right now. I applauded when Lane beat the ______ out of Pete. He is such a slimy character. I really miss Betty but they are letting her have time with her baby. I think we will see her soon! I think I am going to use Netflix to get all the back tapes of Downton Abby. That might become my new TV obsession. I try to only have one obsession at a time!

  14. Well, I don’t watch Mad Men, so maybe he is lurking around my house somewhere waiting to jump out and convince me to mend my ways. Your yard looks beautiful Still waiting for my peonies to bloom. They are getting close here in central Kentucky.

  15. Kari Anne,

    Where have you been all my blogging life? I plan on having tomorrow’s morning coffee here reading your past posts! Seems we have much in common, although I am not giving up on Mad Men yet. I did enjoy watching Lane punch Pete.
    Thought you’d get a smile from my Mad Man


  16. I have never watched that show. I know your jaw is probably dropping open right about now. I’ve looked at it a few times because of all the hype, but just couldn’t get into it. Don’t know why. Your flowers are beautiful, btw!

  17. I have never watched it. Strange I know, especially seeing as I own two vintage shops and I’m certain I would love it just for the fashion, jewelry and decor alone! Perhaps when it ends I’ll have marathon weekends where I watch episode after episode like I did with 24. Your flower are gorgeous, I am not very good with plants, especially flowers.

  18. Don HAS changed…I thought he was back for a minute when he killed that girl in his dreams and stuffed her under the bed!! OMG…..but I think he’ll start acting up again……I can’t stand Peter but maybe Ken will become famous writing about Peter’s lame life! I love the clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, everything (except the decor)…LOL Although I love Roger’s office…..where is his wife anyway?
    Oh dear……the peonies are beautiful! mine have HUGE buds but haven’t opened yet. I LOVE the scent but can’t get them to live when I cut them. I’ve cut the stem open, pounded them with a hammer….nothing works…do you have a secret?
    Blessings, Lorraine

  19. Oh dear. We are big Mad Men fans, but haven’t been able to watch the new season so far. We’ll probably wait until it comes out on DVD. I’m sad to hear that’s it’s been a bummer so far. 🙁

  20. 🙂 this post makes me smile! I heart your blog I heart your commentary, I heart your garden and I heart your love for Mad Men! 🙂 Just thought you might want to know!!!

  21. Funny…I was just getting ready to dive in to Season One of Mad Men, to see what I was missing. Should I still do it? I have never watched it, but the hubs has all of the seasons on Apple TV, so I was considering it.

    I can’t really think about Mad Men while distracted by your gorgeous peonies! *SIGH* I love peonies. They don’t grow well here in SoCal. I guess it gets too hot and dry? 🙁 All of your flowers look gorgeous! And I say bring on the toe weeder!!! 🙂


  22. I am sorry I can’t comment about Mad Men- never seen it, but your yard is looking lovely!

  23. I have never watched MM so I am not disappointed in the least 😉 LOL.

    Hate when a fav show looses its mojo though 🙁 So I’ll be sad with you.

  24. Not a fan. Sorry. But, hopefully your Don will find himself and return for your pleasure.

    Your rabbit’s brother lives at my house. His name is Theodore. Maybe they were separated at birth. Theodore looks a bit weathered compared to your nice clean fellow. I’ll have to have a chat with him.


  25. I don’t watch television, but now I kinda wish I did, haha.

    As for your flowers and garden – whoo hoo gorgeous!

  26. well, I’m clueless on the Mad Men topic haha! But your garden is beautiful!! Hubby and I were just talking about how we thoroughly enjoy the time we take to “stop and smell the flowers” when we get home! 🙂

  27. What a beautiful day in your garden…great photos have a wonderful week.

  28. Yes I knew you talked to your flowers and I know flowers like it when we talk to them, I love your rabit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,moving onto mad men I have never seen the show yes I have heard of it and have seen the shorts to it on telly but I have never seen it………………….

  29. That is what I have been doing wrong! i must speak to my flowers LOL!~ Your gardens are gorgeous!

  30. Well I don’t know much about Don….but I do know your flowers are just beautiful!!! Weeding with your toes???? Sounds like a plan to me 🙂

  31. You are so hilarious, Karianne, weeding with your toes!?!?! I don’t know anything about the Don Draper’s of the world, but I do know that you have an enviable talent with flowers. It must be because you talk to them, they are so gorgeous! Your whole yard is TDF!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  32. We are Downton Abbey and Real Housewives sisters but you lost me at Mad Men!

    But I do adore your peonies and your pedicures!

  33. The colors of the flowers and foliage in your yard are amazing!

  34. Like you I was an early ‘Mad Woman’ for Mad Men from the beginning ….

    And, like you, am seriously disappointed that cool and suave Don has turned into “Don the Droopy Drapes-er” …



  35. I have a confession to make… I don’t watch much TV at all. So I can’t make you feel better about your show. But FLOWERS! We can talk flowers all day! Your garden looks so beautiful! I love the knock-out roses and especially the peonies!

    Angie 🙂

  36. What the? I go on Spring Break and come back to find that you’ve redone your blog and it looks fabulous!

  37. Peonies… sigh… <3

    Mad Men… sigh… sigh…. still want to <3.

    We even threw a Mad Men themed costume party for the Season 5 Premier
    {blogged about it here: http://doublewideinthesky.blogspot.com/2012/03/one-mad-event.html}

    But, the BIGGEST thing I am disappointed with?!?!?!

    That LAMPSHADE in Don Draper's Bedroom is like from TARGET!!! I kid you not. I TOTALLY called it out right away! From TARGET!!!!!!
    Such disappointed in the set design crew. I am utterly ashamed for always talking them up, too. Hang my head in shame.


    I think there will be something that is just going to totally explode soon.

    I'm waiting… just waiting.

    I'll go talk to my rosemary now…..

  38. I have been a Mad Men fan since day one. I found myself hoping that Don had actually cheated on his blah new wife instead of just hallucinating about it. And why is Betty hardly around and what is happening to her??!! This french new wife is no good. Pete is an idiot, and I still love Roger! Ok enough of that, first time here, love your blog! New follower on facebook!
    Barbara @Chase the Star 🙂